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    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    RE: Hooking... On the plus side, the current implementation means you need to have an above average pilot in order to be able to air lift successfully... Personally, I think the awkwardness is good... but i'm often one to swim the other way. (thats swim, not swing!)
  2. OK - so for now - ACRE is still in testing, and not officially available... albeit publicly available if you look hard enough. Ok i'll wait... and look...
  3. edwood

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    OK, version got tweaked (prolly just params file) and I can confirm the following: Random Spawns not random Still an issue. I know exactly where both teams will spawn on both maps. Paramaters are non-editable, and non-readable Ignore - I believe this was a config issue Re-arming Helicopters is 'buggy' Confirmed - this is definitly a major issue. aside from wasting money on re-arming that doesn't happen, the re-arm script removes countermeasuers (for all veh), and does not replace them. ie. 1st and subsequent re-arm means no more countermeasures. Titan Launchers Heard many players complaining that either: a) can't load ammo in Titan launchers or b) can't lock on with titan launchers Display of numbers in Commander upgrades is screwy As per someones earlier comment, the numbers are all mixedup - ie. its shows level 1/3 for first upgrade, but 1/1 for third. gotta run... really fast now!
  4. edwood

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I'm flat out, so don't have time to test and report more thoroughly, but here are a couple of probably 'bugs' that I believe exist in latest version: (It's always possible that i'm just a noob, and my idea of a bug is simply noobishness) All testing was completed on STRATIS Random Spawns not random After a mission restart, BluFor and OpFor spawn at exactly the same place (3-4 restarts, all the same place - some just #restart, others via #missions). Paramaters are non-editable, and non-readable Many of the params are not editable (ie. only one option available). Many params are not human friendly - ie. set to things like "0" or "1" or "-1" or "3586210". (Instead of "Disabled" / "Enabled" / Inverted / X Minutes etc... Re-arming Helicopters is 'buggy' Re-arm via ammo truck does not seem possible. Rearm via service menu is available, and will happily take your $3,000. However, either no rearm, or partial rearm is executed each time. Sit in pilot seat, select rearm from service menu, recieve initial message, ammo dump, no rearm, receive completed message. Sit in gunner seat - had 50/50 success with this, but even when you get success... rearm never rearms flares I haven't nailed it down, but I THINK you have to sit in the gunner seat and make sure you do nothing between clicking rearm and getting the finished message. I've tried this a handful of times, and had to complete between 3-4 rearms (at almost $3k each) each time. Gotta run! EDIT: NOTE: I've just had a quick play with 0.97 off the server I play on and 0.97 from Steam Workshop... I get different results. Possibly config related? Garrr... now I have to Sprint! Ed
  5. edwood

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Thanks for the mission Benny. I've played it a lot in the last few weeks and I really enjoy it. I've spent a little over 1,000 hours in Arma2, and I once dreamed of writing a mission vaguely similar to BECTI (rough cross between the 'life' missions and a milsim). Funnily enough I never ventured out enough to find BECTI in A2. Anyhoo, here's my tuppence... The manual Thanks for including the 'online manual' - I know there's a lot of work that can go into manuals! Is there any more in-depth manual anywhere? I'd love to understand the mission better. I'd love to tell newbies to RTFM and know they will get most of the questions answered. I'd even consider writing some content, but I don't know the mission well enough. Steam Workshop I don't see the actual BECTI on Steam Workshop. Am I doing something wrong? Loadout templates It took me a long time to figure out how these actually worked. There's a bug with it in new version. I spawned as BluFor and can't even create a template with the default kit. The help error reads: "The template could not be created since some items do not belong to the sides equipment" It was a tricky problem to find, but its something to do with the default aviators given to BluFor commander. Bug reports / feature requests I guess the answer may be obvious - but i'm assuming this thread is the official channel for bug reports / feature requests? Civilians It would be nice to have some 'ambient life' and some people actually living in the towns. Obviously with big penalties for killing civilians. I realise there may be some significant performance issues with this idea. GREAT Idea! Some common side missions would really do wonders for the PVP element. Love it! +1
  6. Hey folks, Sorry, I haven't read the previous 600+ posts in this thread. I am looking for the current status for ACRE for Arma3. I was hoping the 1st post in this thread would have a link or current status or something, but no joy. Can someone tell me either the current status, and/or how I would go about finding (monitoring) this? Thx! Ed.
  7. OK, so that's awesome - gives me a bit of a tingley feeling ;) My ultimate goal (and I don't really care how we get there) is to be able to add a mod into an Arma2 / OA mission that does this: From what I understand, we just need a 'trailer' model and then we should be able to use the pin/hole method in order to attach the trailer to a 'rig' (ie. the one from the Sigma 6 pack). Personally, I'm just doing a bit of Arma2 scripting (which I thought was VBS2 - but now i'm a bit confused)... modelling and anything associated with models is out of my league, so I'll grab one of the guys who are doing modeling, and drag them in here... Attaching the vehicles is straight forward because you don't have to do anything special (other than attachto)... although it would be nice to make the player drive the vehicles up a ramp, and use attachto to attach the vehicle to wherever they've parked it on the trailer... (I digress...) Gnat - assuming the pin/hole method is documented somewhere - can you point me in the right direction and/or paste some sample script? PS: I'm not a big fan of re-inventing the wheel, so if someone has already done this, I'd be uber-stoked to use something that already exists!
  8. Care to expand on that Gnat? I've never seen an effective towbar as yet - in VBS2 or otherwise... Has somebody scripted a towing script that functions correctly - ie. pivot point? If so, where is it? I'd love to see it in action...
  9. Anybody ever have any joy with creating a 'towbar' of any descript?
  10. Yeah, I had another issue that was masking some of my fix attempts... However, I did try using the absolute path to Arma2, and it wouldn't work. At some point I may try again. I would rather keep the two directories separate as it makes it easier for updates. Re: linux \; tip - thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
  11. Gaaarrrrr! I been foiled! I finally got everything working pretty sweet... However, I have one final issue that I may find unreconcileable.... I cant get the server run Combined Ops / Combined Arms. I've reverted to windows to try and get it going, but obviously I can't do a 1st time run of the actual game Arma 2 (no decent graphics card on the server)... so whatever registry entries / env variables get created at first time run, don't get created. Long story short, I've tried everything I can think of, and I can't get the server to run any of the combined ops missions and/or what I really want, which is custom content that requires ca. I've tried -mod=<full path to Arma 2>;ca;expansion; I've tried numerous combinations of the above. I've tried merging the entire OA and Arma2 directories into a new one. (This later proved to have worked) I haven't tried going back to linux and just hoping for the best yet... I figure if I can't get it to run ca on windows, linux aint gonna be much better. At the end of the day, i think my problem boils down to this. Ive used Steam to get all the game files on the server, and I can't run the dedicated server in combined arms. :( ---------- Post added at 12:22 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 10:52 PM ---------- <sigh> - ultimately I copied the Arma2 and OA directories together, and its now working!
  12. I'm a noob remember... I figured that NTFS may well be sub-optimal, but I couldn't find anything to back up my theory... I've had another quick look now, and found this table which clearly shows that I will get only 20% of the disk access speeds using the free NTFS drivers... Fine, I will move it over to an EXT3 filesystem when i'm finished setting up. ...I wonder if I can 'mount' the EXT3 drive in windows... Kellys Heroes had a nice guide that included this information: port 2302 UDP ArmA2 game network communication. port+1 2303 UDP Gamespy public server reporting. port+3 2305 UDP Voice Over Net transmission. I vaguely recall I had the ping reporting correctly too... I'll re-confirm (if i remember). Thanks :)
  13. Hmmm... The good news is that I managed to mount the NTFS EBS volume, and thats all going swimmingly! The bad news is that I can't get my server to start up :( I've used a few configs, but I'm currenly using the default server.cfg from the wiki here and I've edited arma2oaserver as follows: I've created ./player/player.armaprofile which contains my profile info from my home machine. ...but when I run ./server I'm inundated with errors. here's the first 20 lines... Anybody have any clues!??! ---------- Post added at 01:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:28 AM ---------- OK, I solved my own problem, but I figure its good to leave my errors and posts in the thread so someone else can find it... To cut a long story short, the Expansion folder, and all the subsequent folders seem to be a little resistent to tolower. I had to do some jiggery pokery with copying and moving files, but now I have my expansion directory, and all the child directories and files renamed to lower case. My server now runs! (I can't see it in the list, but thats for another day) ---------- Post added at 01:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:23 AM ---------- ...and I've solved that one too! Somehow I had the wrong secirty group set on my linux box. I've updated the firewall rules in the security group to include 2302 - 2305 on UDP, and now it appears in the list! These are happy days!
  14. The OP and friends seem to have gone quiet... which is a shame. However, I have been having exactly the same symptoms. I was about to post in this thread, and I noticed my "Expansion". To cut a long story short, the Expansion folder, and all the subsequent folders seem to be a little resistent to tolower. I had to do some jiggery pokery with copying and moving files, but now I have my expansion directory, and all the child directories and files renamed to lower case. Lo and behold! The Server now runs!! Hooray! I can't see the server in the server list, but thats another problem for another day. I'm just glad that I've got this one solved for tonight. Thanks guys!
  15. eddieck - i'm part way through the process you've described. I had to start again when i decided to move my stuff to California... <mutter mutter stupid EC2 mutter lack of regional transfer support grumble mutter...>. I've got a 40G EBS volume that I'm sticking all the game files on. (i'll also put ACE and a few gigs of mods). I'll be using Centos (as opposed to Ubuntu), but that shouldn't make any diff. I'm a linux nub, so i'm going to have some fun working out how to do stuff... I had another thought... Assuming linux is more than happy with NTFS, I can just mount the EBS volume from the linux instance, and i don't have to copy anything anywhere! <-- am i missing something here, or am i brilliant? :) I'm really looking forward to having a play this weekend and seeing if I can get a linux server up and running!