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  1. Senkaku Islands

    Do what makes you happy! This is your project and mod! If people want it realistic they could learn to make their own!
  2. Senkaku Islands

    That would work I think! Seems like a great idea.
  3. EricJ Release thread

    Dude it's awesome to see your stuff getting updated!
  4. tws move speed mod

    Very nice!! Love more immersion stuff!
  5. Ravage Mod

    I need to dig through ravage and setup a personal mission for it. Seems like the type of stuff right up my alley.
  6. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Difficult no. Tedious yes. As you need weapon class names and the magazine class names to do it.
  7. [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lingor for A3

    I have faith in you!!
  8. That's an awesome goal. The survival series mods could definitely use this. Keep up the amazing work.
  9. [ MAP ] St. George Island

  10. Your ability to do this stuff is amazing. Are you using photoshop?
  11. Insects and Bugs Mod

    Loving stuff like this.
  12. [WIP] No Cure

    A bit of an update on some things in the works. Apartment buildings that are WIP Farm House Fence Ferns Oak Tree All of these done by @DL++
  13. EricJ Release thread

    Real life happens! Glad to see you back!
  14. Why is he mooning me?!
  15. As stated before the idea is awesome Sadly most RP communities have amassed a bad reputation for their ways. However if you're using original content or base arma 3 stuff it would be cool to see fleshed out. Or even allowing the players to use custom content mods. As a survival mod enthusiast I'd love to see it!