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  1. CrazyCorky

    Arctic Latitudes

    Would this be something you could do for Livonia?
  2. I was wondering if this was possible. Thank you!
  3. Am I overlooking all the new PMC clothing that was in the Dev branch? I can't seem to find it in the VA.
  4. CrazyCorky

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    No they are now incorporated as part of the terrain itself.
  5. CrazyCorky


    Does this mean ravage will finally be the best mod out there for persistent mp survival?!
  6. CrazyCorky


    Is there a ravage discord? I thought I read some where there was.
  7. CrazyCorky

    NATO Replacement HQ

    Welcome back!
  8. CrazyCorky

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Can't wait!! Looks awesome!
  9. CrazyCorky


    This would be nice for those of us that use ravage with Exile for sure!
  10. CrazyCorky


    Thank you for keeping the key the same! So if I'm understanding what's been talked about. Zombies not dying from 1 headshot is due to how the damage EH coefficient is set?
  11. CrazyCorky


    Sadly no. Separate DLCs
  12. I've noticed a bunch of unused textures. But wasn't sure if there were models to go with it or which models the textures were tied to.
  13. Wait? Theres an unused hoodie?!!
  14. CrazyCorky


    I just imagined Adam's Family.. can't be unseen!