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  1. My suggestion would be to delete it and try downloading it again. Sounds like a corrupted download as I'm not having this issue at all.
  2. Zee Identity Pack

    Looks damn good!
  3. VSM - Release Thread

    Leave it be. The thread was unlocked so I'm sure there was an amicable decision between the parties involved. No need for this useless bickering back and forth, unless you're trying to get the thread locked before Van can even comment on his stuff.
  4. VSM - Release Thread

    While there was proven to be ripped content in the pack, I believe the unlocking of the thread proved there was no ill intent. As all VSM content is down and not publicly available at the moment, one would assume that the all the items in the pack are being looked at before anything is made public again. Let's not get this thread locked again before the author has the chance to respond and make a statement?
  5. Project Zenith/VSM

    While I understand the concern, is there no such thing as Private messaging before putting something out there like this that almost constitutes a Witch hunt from someone who has been transparent from the get go on where his models came from?
  6. PLP Markers

    This is awesome man! they look damn good!
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    A wild Cunico appears!
  8. Project Zenith/VSM

    I noticed that a lot of your uniforms are lacking an image when they're placed on the ground, or its the whole body of the uniform rather than a folded uniform or something similar. Not sure if this would be a quick fix or not. Something for the next update hopefully?
  9. Vidda

    He just released Alpha on the workshop. Are you sure you're asking in the right thread?
  10. Project Zenith/VSM

    Keep plugging away man!
  11. Yellowstone Terrain

    Looks good from the images. I'll download and explore once I'm home.
  12. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Could be possibly due to the tank update?
  13. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Asking for updates on this forum is considered spam. As modding is a hobby sometimes people have other obligations come up.
  14. Project Zenith/VSM

    I didn't have those errors pop up. Nice quick fix though!