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  1. good evening everyone, I wanted to spawn my compositions, on random locations: everything works perfectly ... except for the elevation. the composition appears well at the place of the marker, in the right orientation, and correctly follow the curves of the terrain ... but it floats above the ground (more or less depending on the original Z of the sqe) ... I tried the function on an object ... same thing: the z of the composition seems to add to that of the target an idea ? Thank you example of sqe : camp insurgé base alpha_1
  2. wollfen

    pb with mikero a3p

    thx, I checked my arma, I no longer have this hash problem. now I have a makepbo error in pboproject: makepbo failed with error code 54 Kerama.pbo not produced due to error(s) Job(s) completed in 365secs on Mon May 4 23:41:01 2020
  3. hello all, when executing a3p, I get an error message: Warning: Bad Sha detected Warning: calculated = '6EC6E5AF107FFCAFDA9FC3402A3338E9254B6399' Warning: should be = '2C76C793B436F089753907BEBD726A4204AF6A8A' Warning: Content extracted regardless DePbo corrupted sha key failed Steam tools and Mikero tools WILL NOT WORK until you fix this error [K]? Do you have a solution ? thank you
  4. hi all, I have just a little problem in my code, between init.sqf and initserver.sqf. Savedata work fine, i have : [INFO] name="test2019"; [OBJ] obj="[["donnees A","donnees B","donnees C",[ "array_A","array_B","array_C"],"données D"]]; in intserver.sqf , for reading datas (only obj values) : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if (_databasefind) then { "récuperation" remoteExec ["hint"]; _data_obj = ["read", ["OBJ", "obj", []]] call _inidbiUN; DATABASE_LOAD = _data_obj; publicVariableServer "DATABASE_LOAD"; }; on init.sqf : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "DATABASE_LOAD" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_data_load"]; _data_load = _this select 1; WPR_OBJ_Handler =_data_load ; }; but WPR_OBJ_Handler is empty .... I would like to retrieve the string of characters contained in db and create a array : //---------db--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- obj="[["donnees A","donnees B","donnees C",[ "array_A","array_B","array_C"],"données D"]]; //-----------------------WPR_OBJ_Handler---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WPR_OBJ_Handler=["donnees A","donnees B","donnees C",[ "array_A","array_B","array_C"],"données D"]; Thx for help
  5. Hi all, kerama is always WIP, unfortunately I didn't have much time for that,.. last year But its design continues with many surprises to come. We integrate Tanoa-derived objects, which involves redesigning some areas, and creating new ones ... for optimal gameplay. See you soon
  6. WIP report : spec ops base : cleaning road removing obstacles Adding flora in the east area konami : ground smoothing Adding a new area correct object placement abandonned airport : hangard cleaning Dam : try to create a supershader for water, and correct clipping correct object placement ground smoothing General : CPP modification : lights and clutters thanks
  7. hello and THx Dirt roads underlying are not a problem, it's just the traces of construction machinery on the road, it's more...realistic hello trees and rocks was erased from taxiway, all you have quoted will be correct, except.......the bridge : we try everything to try to allow the passage, but without success ... we continue to search....sorry good idea, i will clean some hangars, but not the totality to maintain a small aspect "abandoned" the black appearance of the water is caused by water shader of BIS, we will create our own shaders later....... it comes from the engine, and we cant do much with :(
  8. no pb, this map is big, and we are a small team to debug it : that's why your help is important ;) next update in a week propably...
  9. " rock on road near [11517.7,13640,1.13416] roof textures on multiple locations on ground are a bit disturbing gras and stones on road near [9937.12,11849,1.14362] " Thx ! roof textures problem is propably caused by sat map....WIP !! grass and stones on road : fixed
  10. THX ! no, it's impossible because the gride of "angel island" is not the same : Angel : gride of 5 meters kerama : gride of 10 meters I'm going to clean the taxiway, but be carefull, we have always a pb with the bridge: IA cant cross !....if community have a solution !!! ^^
  11. Thx for reply....so, we know the problem and have no solutions for bridges. Kerama is still in beta , and I continue to work on it