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  1. Grim_Panda

    S & S

    hey so dumb question, but i didn't see an answer before. is there a full list of assets that can be seen in their UUID format? example... [US] M1 Helmet (Mitchell) = Ground_H_Simc_M1_bitch_low_rot that way people can whitelist assets using the UUID
  2. Grim_Panda

    NIArms Release Thread

    I tried to hit toadie up via twitter, but DM's aren't permitted by the user, so i thought that asking would be ok here? As for it being the authors choice, i agree, and totally understand that, no ones arguing it, as far as i'm aware. None of this was to start kicking a hornets nest or start a new shit storm if there was even an old one that i'm not even aware of. Love the stuff, hope everyone's good regardless. I'll try dropping Toadie a dm on this forum though.
  3. Grim_Panda

    NIArms Release Thread

    Ok so i read through the EULA, specifically https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike within it its basically saying 'don't steal, don't be immoral.' which i'm not doing? I'm asking for permission, which isn't listened anywhere within there, nor is it listed within the first page of this forum post. If you don't want us re uploading it to our weapons pack, something that's literally there just for our group to use so we don't have to download multiple different workshop items, that's cool, we won't. The post isn't to start a pissing match or anything, just wanting to know if it would be ok (which falls under section 2. P.b under moral) so asking for permissions as to that section and part. Again, if its no, totally ok, hoping for a yes, but can't always be that way.
  4. Grim_Panda

    NIArms Release Thread

    I'm sure this question has been asked, but i can't find anything on it... soooooo here i go with a FAQ. But Can my group, put the niarms stuff into our groups mod? Not saying a stand alone mod, but we use steam as our platform for downloading and keeping up to date, would it be alright if in our groups weapons mods, put niarms in with the compats and additional pbos? We aren't looking to take credit, or change anything, in fact credits are listed for anything we use. But we wanted to make sure this would be alright with you before we did so.
  5. what ever happened to the mohican? >.>
  6. we are! been keeping an eye on it, but holding off on using it for a campaign till some of the builds make an appearance again haha, but absolutely love the topography, micro terrain, and the fact that the river actually feels and looks like a river.
  7. if you need any beta testers... my group and myself are pretty good at that :3 so... just say'n... lol
  8. Howdy! Absolutely love this map, just curious as to when we will see the next update? keep up the good work!
  9. Oh that's cool! But I thought unsung was kind of dependent upon their mod as a whole? Or do they allow for cutting it up and dropping pieces that aren't needed?
  10. any chance we might see something like diz?
  11. where does one get this skin!? :D
  12. Hey, so this maybe a dumb question, but i saw that you guys added the m60 patton mags and all that, but no m60? what gives? >.>
  13. Grim_Panda

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Any chance we might see the CZ805, or Evo Carbine? https://youtu.be/dCaBI6QURGg?t=2m52s
  14. sorry let me clarify, the BAM is not a playable slot, i place down a unit like a diver, and the diver is the playable slot. Once the mission is completed, and pbo'ed and loaded into the server, the diver designated as "P1" does not show up as a slot to be occupied.