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  1. manual bolting for PROJECT INFINITY

  2. @arabian76 I suggest that you check the new rules of Arma 3 Photography - Pictures only NO comments! And List your Addons Used!
  3. I'm feeling fine, thank you for asking! I've been too busy for the past month that I haven't had any time for my addon. Worry not, I'm still doing everything that I have promised. Just be patient :)
  4. I would say that is a fair price, depending on the quality. Considering that, if someone is actually good at it and that is the price, I would go with it. I always like to do everything by myself, not everyone have the time to learn to do so, but it's very rewarding when you do. The fact is that if you can do it by yourself, you know how much it worth of :)
  5. I have been asked multiple times if I could make some animations for some projects. Usually my answer is no, so you have to turn up to someone else. I've asked few times how much they are willing to pay and how much people usually ask for. Wonder no more, I did a test with a timer. -10 minutes to animate -5 minutes to export and import -5 minutes to config and testing Total 20 minutes You figure out how much that is worth of :) Here is the file, binarized and unbinarized This animation is free to use
  6. I'm trying my very best to keep this under 20k verts and tris :)
  7. Bnae

    Project Infinite [Poll]

    Congratulations to the winners! I want to thank you all for participating. This topic can be closed or removed now :)
  8. For those who are interested http://www.socimage.com/media/1065378762457536894_1542970437
  9. Seems like most you think that there are way too many 5.56 AR-15 weapons already. I hear you loud and clear, here is what I've been working on behind the scenes
  10. Bnae

    Project Infinite [Poll]

    K2C1 PKP Pecheneg Bullpup HK433
  11. @nikoaton Absolutely fantastic water landing scene. I suppose Dunkirk- movie had something to do with the idea?
  12. During this weekend, I'm going to take the top trio for a second poll that is being hold here at off-topic- section. @PuFu Are these AK's something you're working on currently?