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  1. Thanks for the notice. Due the fact that it takes time to check whether your suggestions are followed by the guidelines, I have to postpone the poll until Wednesday (busy week) Your suggestion will NOT be in the poll if - There is no high quality pictures of it - You didn't give the full and correct name, obviously I can't find it - It is already made by some other author - It does not have a pistolgrip. - It is not a primary nor handgun
  2. Again, thank you all for participating in this event. This is the end of suggestions for now, so I hope you had the time to make yours. Tomorrow I start the poll and it will be open until friday 23th :)
  3. @Ltf I might do SIG 516 Patrol Rifle, along with the one that gets most of the votes. Such a beautiful piece of equipment :)
  4. Thank you all for partisipating in this event! I'm glad to see so many of you decided to join and share your wishes with me. Since there is already so many good suggestions I made a deadline for 18th day of this month, so remember to make wishes while you have the chance :) After that day we have a poll, not sure how yet but I'll figure it out. Stay awesome (If you don't see your suggestion in the poll, it was propably out of the guidelines I gave)
  5. I think I have done plenty of weapons that I personally like. Now I have started to think, that maybe I do something that the community needs. And if there is plenty of suggestions maybe we can do a poll. This is your chance to see your favourite weapon in the game! So, i'm open for suggestions with couple of guidelines: - Only primary or handgun - Need to have a pistolgrip - A lot of pictures - Not in any other mod
  6. Interesting, indeed. I always wondered what people meant with Private addons. It's like pointing a city, saying "I built that house"..
  7. This is the reason why I started modding :)
  8. Shorter barrel and magazine and cut-off stock
  9. @corporal_lib[br] Thank you very much. When I first made this addon I made a new function that allows bolting and such so that is not an issue, luckily.
  10. I see that I already reached 70k subs in Steam, thanks goes to all of you for supporting and helping me. Is everything ok with my addon? I haven't played A3 in awhile and there has been plenty of updates while I have been away. If not that's great but if there is something that requires fixing please let me know :)
  11. Well I would get current magazine type, remove all magazines and add couple of current magazines back. Keep it simple.