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    I have 15 Year's old, At de age of 9 year's i start the gaming, At the 13 Years i started modding (Basicaly traductions, correction, etc.), And Now i have 15 Years and currently i'm working on a traduction for the well know apache longbow, !Let's what i can do in the future!

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  1. Did you set the key for CUSTOM ACTION 20 you have the set a key, if you already set one make sure that you have set one that doesn't conflict the helicopter controls keys i highly recommend you using the Left CTRL key.
  2. Will be great an optional startup procedure like Take On Helicopters, Ya know easy just a few buttoms there and there, BUT also have the option for a more advanced startup, Wich includes a little tutorial for each startup, I mean like the advanced helicopter options.
  3. Pit Gaming

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    Oh,btw are you considering in doing a ac130 with the guns (cause we got one from rhs but is the cargo version and the textures are very awfull), or a an 15? or a c17?
  4. Pit Gaming

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    oh, Ok! btw that gau 8 sound it's freedom in it's pure state :)
  5. Pit Gaming

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    Thanks! is amazing how faster you quote me if was another guy will delay days!. anyways the new ones will be implemented in the update? if it is can you tell the date of the next release? Thanks XPiT_GaminGX
  6. Pit Gaming

    A-10 Warthog Series Standalone

    Amazing Job, but, all the A10A side panel in the cockpit are undetailed (are just bump maped textures.) and that's made me sad cuz all the other cockpits of the A10C are amazingly detailed with all his buttoms... Even more datailed than the Peral's A10C! so, that what i've wanted to tell you, but, any posibilities of working in the A10A cockpit? Greetings XPiT_GaminGX
  7. Thanks Foxhound you made my job less complicated!
  8. Hello! I release the spanish translated version of the project, for now is only the click helpers traduction, but i'm still working on the textures! Link Thanks XPiT_GaminGX
  9. The AH-64D Apache Longbow by nodunit and franze is a great addon, But i'm sure that people are wondering it exist a spanish version of this, so, i'm here to bring you The AH 64D Apache Longbow Spanish Traduction! First of all this mod is developement so it will be updates. This mod for now brings the Fully Translated version of the click helper Toggle but it may some word that not match with the real name cause some words are different in spanish so let's get to it! Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/t24l7w8b4o84ekh/fza_ah64_controls.pbo To Do: Translate the textures of the Screens, Buttoms, Names And other stuff. Changelog: V0.1 Added click helpers translation Main Release Updates will be uploaded betwen 2 to 10 Days (Depending of the level of difficulty.).
  10. Thanks now i can continue my traduction maybe in 1 or 2 weeks will be ready, so stay alert!
  11. Pit Gaming

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Hey. ¿How you do the interactive cockpit?, Cause i want to make mod with interactice cockpit idk how there's a mod or tutorial for that? I hope you can help. Thanks -PiTGaminG
  12. Hello Everyone Well i went to amazon see this laptop with affordable price so i checked how powerfull is and i see that is powerfull enough to run battlefield 1 betwen 20 and 50 fps so i want to know before buying it it's powerfull to run arma 3 no matter if had to run ultra low graphics
  13. Hey i Wanna traduce this to spanish by i dont find the file that contains the click helper words, I.E: APU START. Anyone knows where's this file?
  14. Pit Gaming

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    Hi I tried to find something and so far is 2 addons a AH-64D APACHE and A Peral's A10 Thunderbold you can check the two is you want it