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  1. donnyx1x

    Module: Sites

    Sounds very cool. I,ll be keeping my eye out for it then ;)
  2. donnyx1x

    X&Z Settings

    I cant seem to find it anymore. Would it be in the main options or somewere similar? Cancel that I,ve sorted it I think. Thanks again :)
  3. donnyx1x

    X&Z Settings

    Ah ok thanks I,ll try to find it and sort it out. Much appreciated mate :)
  4. donnyx1x

    X&Z Settings

    During some Editing I seem to have made a change somewhere that causes both X and Y lines to show up during contacts showing the Enemy positions and their movement. This happens now in both sp and mp game play. Is there a setting Ive changed by mistake or maybe a clash of mods that I,m missing?
  5. donnyx1x

    Altis flooded

    Cancel my last I worked it out. Many thanks for your help dude :)
  6. donnyx1x

    Altis flooded

    Ah ok thanks. Is there a way that I can some how take it out?
  7. donnyx1x

    Arma3 and Steam problem

    Hi, Are you loading your game through a launcher? It could be that steam see,s it as you already having the game running somewhere else. If so try closing it and just running the game through steam directly. Failing that , it could be maybe down to a battleye update but don't quote me on that. Hope this helps.
  8. donnyx1x

    Altis flooded

    @11th Marine Expeditionary Unit- Maps @3den Enhanced @ace @ACE Compat - RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation @ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces @ACE Compat - RHS- GREF @Ares @Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion @ASR AI3 @CBA_A3 @CUP Terrains - Core @CUP Terrains - CWA @CUP Terrains - Maps @CUP Units @CUP Vehicles @CUP Weapons @MCC Sandbox 4 - Mission Making The Easy Way @Project OPFOR @RHSAFRF @RHSGREF @RHSSAF @RHSUSAF @SMA RHS compatibility Patch @Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 @Tracer Mod for RHS- USAF @ZeroReal-NoSway_NoFatigue Jets Orange Tank
  9. donnyx1x

    Altis flooded

    Its one I,m in the process of making myself so its quite possible its something I,ve done myself I was thinking of maybe Mods clashing but this issue seems to have raised its head from nowhere
  10. donnyx1x

    Altis flooded

    I,ve recently discovered that when on Altis the first approx 1.5km inland for the whole Island is under water and I,ve no idea how, when or why this has happened. I,ve not checked the other maps yet but does anyone have an idea what the cause could be and how to correct it?
  11. donnyx1x

    Module: Sites

    When making a Mission in the eden Editor, I want to put an OPFOR site module down but it only seems available as CSAT Forces even if I,m using another opfor faction. Isthere anyway to Change it to a desired faction? If so how?
  12. donnyx1x

    Profile saving problems

    Hi I,m having the same problem. where is it were it says read only? I cant find it.
  13. I,ve got no idea why its happening and it only seems to happen about 90% of the time. when I look through a sight it,s taking a really long time for the reticules to appear upto 15 seconds sometimes. And when I use the sight on the RPG-7 pgo-7 they dont come up at all.So all I get is a blank scope like looking through a telescope.