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  1. I solved this by my self by reinstalling arma 3 tools and only use it for mounting the P Drive and installing bulldozer, to extract the game data i used arma3p. 1. Install Arma 3 Tools 2. Mount P Drive 3. Install Bulldozer 4. Extract Game Data with arma3p
  2. Hello, i have a problem, when i start texturing a car model and want to see it textured in the bulldozer, i cant actually see the texture. When i open the texture in UV Editor i can normally see the texture and i dont know why the bulldozer wont show me the texture. My path to the texture looks like this: M4_Cars\saleen_s331_supercap_2008\texture_ex\undercarriage.paa with this path i can see the texture in the uv editor but not in the bulldozer when i change the path to this:(adding the "P:") P:\M4_Cars\saleen_s331_supercap_2008\texture_ex\undercarriage.paa i can see the texture in the uv editor AND bulldozer but then i get errors when packing the pbo In the options of object builder i have also set the path for textures to "P:\" Does anyone know what could fix this?
  3. Hello, so i wanted to make my project drive ready to use, i created a folder for my WorkDrive and changed the path to that directory in the arma 3 tools options. I extracted the game data, installed bulldozer and when i searched for the "data_f" folder in "a3" it wasnt there. Does anyone know why the "data_f" folder doesent exist, because i need this folder.. My Steps: 1. Created the WorkDrive folder (The folder wasn't in the directory where arma 3 is located) 2. Changed the path in arma 3 tools to the WorkDrive folder 3. Extracted the game data 4. Installed bulldozer