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    Arma 3, racing games, hardware, military stuff and actuality.
  1. Special Forces after capturing an Officier of the F.I.A
  2. Project Zenith

    That ... Was quick lol. I'll let you know if I found any other stuff. Anyway thank you.
  3. Project Zenith

    Amazing update ! Thanks Van. Btw I get an error when I'm in the VA and also while I playing a mission with your 2 new HK416
  4. This is awesome, a great CUP extension ! Arma needed that and you did it. I can't imagine how much work that requires so thanks to all the team. I can't wait for more updates/factions. Have you consider adding a Tanoa Defence Force / Army ?
  5. Project Zenith

    Hi ! Thanks for your amazing work, do you plan to do a ciras without belt and one with MG magazine pouches ?
  6. ACE3 Gen4 Ver L3 GPNVG18

    Nice job, thank you. Any chance that you upload this addon on the WorkShop ?
  7. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Nice ! Your work is awesome, thank you. Does it come with belt variants ?
  8. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Ok no problems ! Isn't that weird ? The shadow on the face It's happening with the G3 and the fleece. +
  9. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I know but Spec4gear OpsScore looks weirds, plus there's just one variants without stuff on them and two camo variants ...
  10. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hi ! Very nice update ! Thank you for your work, but I think some helmets variants without headphone (don't know if it's the right name) could be great, no ?
  11. Combat Patrol

    Indeed it's better that way Thank you !
  12. Combat Patrol

    Hi ! I can't find the sample mission in Arma 3 samples, anyone have a clue ?
  13. Hi ! Thank you for your work. I've a kind of visual effect like if color balance was changed, can I disable it ?