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  1. BvB1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If reading that literally, I think he means for scripting command etc, like xxx moveingunner yyy, xxx assignasgunner yyy
  2. Those were just poles placed in likely landing zones to impede airborne operations. The ones with mines were placed in the water such that incoming landing craft would hit the mine and/or capsizevif they tried to pass them. The gates (element c/Belgian gates) were originally moveable anti-tank obstacles that the Germans recycled from existing French & Belgian defensive works. On the beach they could block landing craft or landed vehicles, channeling their approach into mines, preregisrered artillery, pillbox fields of fire, etc.
  3. BvB1


    I love this map. Not being breadboard flat makes a massive difference for infantry combat, particularly love combat in the built up/green zone.
  4. IIRC they simply have too high a rate of descent. Assume it's config related, little you can do. Someone got the "Rupert" chutes mixed up with the real ones. 🙂
  5. Is the server using a "normal" steam install? In that case it would be -mod=!Workshop\*name of mod*
  6. BvB1

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Question for the makers, is there any way I might have access to an un-obfuscated version of the maps, or at least the Henderson map, to make a map index for the ALIVE mod? It seems someone did this about a year ago but it wasn't handed off to the devs for inclusion so there's none now. Since ALIVE's index creator reads building locations etc to create it's spawn/objective zones it won't work on the obfuscated ones. Thanks if so, and thanks for the continued work even if not. 🙂
  7. Did a quick test with an Alive mission and USN/IJN are definitely working 🙂
  8. First, thanks for more toys. 🙂 One thing I noticed, while the units have the "correct" side=x set (correct in so far as matching with Iron Front, Faces of War etc, Soviets/Red = 0, Axis/Blue = 1, Western Allies/Green = 2), the factions in the config are still using the old side arrangement so they mismatch. This only becomes apparent in specific situations, for example using ALIVE mod with your aircraft, it will fail to initialize the air component as it thinks it's an enemy faction.
  9. Yes please if possible get it squared away with HC. Been using them together for a long time and without VCOM just isn't the same.
  10. Poor bastard, if only he knew it was full of hats.
  11. Have you logged in as admin, and tried #missions, or else set the vote threshold to 1? I remember my server (though win 7, later 10) did this if I did not do one of those. Think it wanted 2 or 3 players minimum by default to activate the vote screen, so unless using the admin command to select a mission it would sit idle.
  12. Hopelly we'll be able to get the full res versions someday. Shame we can't see all the great assets/work you guys do as they are meant to be on our end.
  13. I haven't done a test of non VCOM "danger" behavior since many alive versions ago (well over a year) as I tend to place off map, remove fuel etc. , but back then they could still move if enemies were nearby/fired upon them. When I left VCOM active, if it took over they'd act much more aggressively, 2S3s hunting down infantry etc.
  14. Looking forward to the release. That guy in the chair learned when the feldwebel said forced hydration, he meant forced hydration. 😁
  15. You want to get the part name etc from the config viewer, then use that in the unit's init in editor, script etc to animate the objects to appear as you want. Eg for the Horsa, in it's init put this animate ["cargoBay",1] swap cargobay for canopy or doorL and the respective part will open at the start of the mission. Use script etc. to set back to 0 to close it again.