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  1. BvB1

    Secret Weapons

    Did a quick test with an Alive mission and USN/IJN are definitely working 🙂
  2. BvB1

    Secret Weapons

    First, thanks for more toys. 🙂 One thing I noticed, while the units have the "correct" side=x set (correct in so far as matching with Iron Front, Faces of War etc, Soviets/Red = 0, Axis/Blue = 1, Western Allies/Green = 2), the factions in the config are still using the old side arrangement so they mismatch. This only becomes apparent in specific situations, for example using ALIVE mod with your aircraft, it will fail to initialize the air component as it thinks it's an enemy faction.
  3. Yes please if possible get it squared away with HC. Been using them together for a long time and without VCOM just isn't the same.
  4. Poor bastard, if only he knew it was full of hats.
  5. Have you logged in as admin, and tried #missions, or else set the vote threshold to 1? I remember my server (though win 7, later 10) did this if I did not do one of those. Think it wanted 2 or 3 players minimum by default to activate the vote screen, so unless using the admin command to select a mission it would sit idle.
  6. Hopelly we'll be able to get the full res versions someday. Shame we can't see all the great assets/work you guys do as they are meant to be on our end.
  7. I haven't done a test of non VCOM "danger" behavior since many alive versions ago (well over a year) as I tend to place off map, remove fuel etc. , but back then they could still move if enemies were nearby/fired upon them. When I left VCOM active, if it took over they'd act much more aggressively, 2S3s hunting down infantry etc.
  8. Looking forward to the release. That guy in the chair learned when the feldwebel said forced hydration, he meant forced hydration. 😁
  9. You want to get the part name etc from the config viewer, then use that in the unit's init in editor, script etc to animate the objects to appear as you want. Eg for the Horsa, in it's init put this animate ["cargoBay",1] swap cargobay for canopy or doorL and the respective part will open at the start of the mission. Use script etc. to set back to 0 to close it again.
  10. BvB1

    Port forward question

    I'm not sure if the option in the arma launcher will work for listen/client server, but under parameters, all parameters, host, there is a server port option, which is the -port command run via the launcher. Additionally, in game if you do the multiplayer, server browser, host route, you can specify a port there as well. I've never tried doing that with a client/server, but so far as I know one/both of those routes should work. :)
  11. BvB1

    Port forward question

    You can specify a different port, in the server launch/command line you would use -port= xxxx . BIS wiki on servers Or if for whatever reason you want default ports can try disconnecting any other devices to see if one of them are using the port (smart TV, wireless printer, phone, tablet etc). 🙂
  12. No expert but have you tried connecting via internet? Either direct w/ WAN IP or via internet server browser? May at least rule out that (LAN specific issue) variable since the two others connecting that way had no issue.
  13. In my previous post I'd mentioned hierarchy of AI skill settings, and it's not as hoped. In the userconfig it states that using side specific skills overwrites classname specific, which it does. If this were reversed, it would give the mission maker a lot more flexibility. Currently you can set unit skills to one size fits all/universal, everyon's skills = X, OR you can define classnames, and all undefined will be the universal value, OR with side specific you can give all on each side the same skill (All BLUFOR = X, all OPFOR = Y) . If classname specific skill was applied last, then we can still have the "everyone else" be different per side. To do that now, you have to define every single class, as all undefined classes will revert to the same single/universal setting. Example, with side specific you can set all BLUFOR to 0.6, all OPFOR to 0.4. But if you want to do that except to have snipers and machinegunners be 0.8, you have to define every single classes on both sides, as undefined classes regardless of which side will revert to the same universal skill. Skill settings currently go (Side > Classname > universal), so side is only value used. ideally it would go (Classname > Side > Universal) , so it will be side unless a specified classname. *edit* fiddled with it and this can be accomplished easily enough, swapping the order in the VCM_AIDIFSET portion of the user config, so the side entry is before the classname entry. Imagine having that as default behavior would be desirable, as the only change to behavior is added flexibility when using classnames, but remaining the same if not using them. Default Changed to this
  14. Stupid(?) questions... :) If running the script version, will it still use the userconfig file? Either way, can I do the settings via the VcomAI_DefaultSettings.sqf within the mission? Trying to find the "best" way to use this when changing mod sets etc, having all the settings in the mission vs swapping userconfigs. Next, when using classname specific AI skills, It says it overrides. This is hierarchical, so skill will be what is set for the side, except for units of a classname that is set, correct? Always meant to try this out but stuck with side specific for simplicity up to now. Thanks!
  15. Just downloaded to finally take a peak, uniforms look great! The greatcoats really fill in a gap among the current ww2 stuff available. :) One thing I did notice, the airborne m42/m43 didn't seem to have any carrying capacity/load.