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  1. So I'm pretty experienced with Arma editors, but I've been wondering about this since the Arma 2 days. I know how to remove dependencies from missions, but when I remove a mod/addon and have to resave 20+ missions, it can be time consuming. Is there a universal way to ignore small dependencies without having to edit the mission.sqf? For example, I want to remove a module of ACE3 (medical/explosives), but I'd end up having to resave all of my missions. It is a small change, and would automatically just make the FAK vanilla instead of auto changing to bandages, etc, so it's not like it should crash the mission with the dependency missing.
  2. Broseph_Stalin90

    Sunset over Takistan

    This sounds great, and those units look amazing! I'm really interested in the fictional Green Sea region, so mods fleshing out those factions, especially historically, are really nice to see.
  3. Broseph_Stalin90

    Unsung Redux

    This sounds great! The new DLC is amazing, but it is clearly lacking some of the factions and equipment from Unsung. Will you continue to make use of S&S for uniforms/vests, or will all of the factions use Prairie Fire equipment? Both?
  4. Broseph_Stalin90

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    This is great! This (along with the other LAMBS stuff, like Orks and Suppression) make Arma feel so fresh, especially since I play single player 99% of the time. I've a question about the settings though, I disabled danger.fsm for player group, and that got them following and responding to orders, but what does the other player group option do if I disable/enable it, I think it's called reaction?
  5. I haven't tested it myself, but compatibility with the base campaigns might be as simple as disabling ACE medical and explosives, perhaps repair as well, through the CBA menu. I play single player primarily, and at least for my own scenarios, I rarely run into issues with my scripts or missions as a whole while using ACE.
  6. Broseph_Stalin90


    The new assets look great, especially that G28! Will classnames remain the same, or will older missions using BWMod have to be updated?
  7. If I'm not mistaken, didn't Yugoslavia have a weird mix like that in real life? I know they had their Zastava AK platforms which used eastern block rounds? PKM's of course did, and then I think they also used an MG42 (MG3?) variant.
  8. Broseph_Stalin90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I am so glad to finally see some Cold War/older helos! Even for early Iraq War missions at this point, pretty much all that's available is the AH-64 variants. The AH-1Z variants look far too modern to be the older model.
  9. Broseph_Stalin90

    Project RACS

    Something has always interested me about the Armaverse factions and its fictional nations. From what I remember from the A2 PRACS and the looks of this one, I love the amount of thought and detail going into it (Like that ORBAT).
  10. Broseph_Stalin90

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Are the British (MTP) team leaders supposed to have a randomization script or something similar? I've used CUP units as a base for some custom setups through the armoury, and all the units are fine except the team leaders, who revert to default CUP gear after launching the mission, or reopening the mission in the editor.
  11. Broseph_Stalin90

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've heard similar, not sure if it's true. Regardless, I just couldn't find anything specific regarding modern (2019/2020) Russian issued gear. Seeing as RHS has some goodies like the 6b47, I figured I'd see if I could make some missions using that stuff, if it's in general use.
  12. Broseph_Stalin90

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I suppose this is the place to ask, since I'm using RHS. Would the proper gear for 2020 era Russian MSV and VDV use the 6b47 helmet and 6b45 vest? Or is Ratnik stuff still pretty much not distributed to the regular infantry?
  13. Broseph_Stalin90

    Altis 90's

    I love projects like these, not only expanding on the Armaverse factions, but doing it in an era which is sometimes overlooked. I always feel the 90's aesthetic, stories, and gear is ignored in favour of post 2010 or the mid to late 1980's.
  14. Absolutely amazing map! It feels much darker (in a good way) and the forests are incredibly atmospheric. I also quite like the little extra touches, such as the radar complex just north of the NW Airfield. Quick question for anyone though, does this work with ALiVE? I get infinite loading screens with AI modules down.
  15. I'm still a little new to using ALiVE, I don't know how I've not used this for longer, and I'm finding mission making is a lot quicker with it! I do have a couple of questions regarding compatibility though, does anyone have an updated list of RHS factions that work? I've tried USMC WD and CDF Ground, but neither of those work (Get a message saying faction groups are not set up correctly for the OPCOM, or something to that effect), however I do seem to have luck with GREF Nationalists/NAPA and I think ChDKZ. I've yet to go through every single faction config, but a list could save some time. I'm also fairly certain that it isn't user error, as I have no problem using other mod factions such as the ones from CFP and CUP. Also, does anyone know if this works with Chernarus 2020 from the CUP Maps 2.0? I've tried placing modules in an actual mission and on the blank map (with both modded and vanilla factions), but I consistently end up with infinite loading screens. Thanks in advance!