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  1. it appears that the AMP and AMCU become invisible in the legacy pack. Also the G3 MTP classname has changed to the normal MTP. Any chance of getting the classname back?
  2. Can’t you just make two options one without and one with flags. I have so many arsenal setups with no flag patches with your mod. Please!!!
  3. Any chance of adding stubby vfgs on the cqb versions of the rifles?
  4. Yup the latest update is pretty cool!
  5. 3CB BAF Weapons

    Does the L119 cqb versions have vfg or afg attachments with this version?
  6. Project Zenith

  7. Is it possible to keep the MTP with a G3 version as well? I really love that camo in crye G3!
  8. i reckon put your your username, type of uniform(G3 etc) and official camo designation name.
  9. I figured it out. ASR AI mod was on and it was causing the conflict. Thanks for the assistance!
  10. is there a way to turn that automatic group thing off? I love the other functions i just hate it when you're playing a mission then it splits your group in two when you unit switch.
  11. Yes I am. I'm unit switching in the group then all of a sudden I have two groups. I have TPW mods and ALIVE on.
  12. when i'm using this and i change from one unit to another it automatically disbands the group into two groups. I cant seem to get my squad back together. I've read the manual and i've managed to enable to get the rest of the group together except for one unit acting as a group leader. Any ideas whats happening?
  13. Awesome! will the m4a5 come in sbr versions?
  14. How about this uksf gun?? A very small AR type SBR looks sexy. http://www.eliteukforces.info/special-air-service/weapons/uciw.php UCIW
  15. no as i would like it in existing sp missions. Maybe something that you could activate while playing a mission ingame. ASR AI already has it. Ill just look into that