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  1. Cole_

    Super Miller Land

    Great stuff. I wouldn't exactly call it groundbreaking, but its definitely the culmination of a lot of effort in so many different areas (scripting, modelling, animation, GUI, audio). Each have been executed very well.
  2. I put in all my mapframe sampler details but it resulted in the trees being placed over 12360x12360 when my terrain is in fact 15360x15360.
  3. Cole_

    Hand Anim can only move left hand

    Been out of ArmA for about a year now, so forgive me for vagueness, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with inverse kinematics. Try setting it 0 for the right hand in your config.
  4. Cole_

    [WIP] Black Powder mod

    Nothing better than the sound of drums on the battlefield. "His tricorn hat, his nankin breeches, his white cotton stockings, his shoes decorated with silver buckles, all announces that he is in the walking out dress of summer (petite tenue d’été), and that he left his barracks to enjoy a moment of freedom under the terms of a permit which he will not misuse. He has the high face, the square shoulders, the developed chest; his tanned skin, his slightly hollow cheeks, his aquiline nose, give to the whole of his figure an air of gravity which impresses on first sight. He walks with ease; but he preserves, even while walking, something which points out the practice of the regular step; all, in his pace, indicates the feeling of a superiority acquired on battlefields; this bearing, this assurance, are without pride, without affection." - St. Hilaire (description of the a French guard) I saw your first thread you created a few years ago, I'm excited to see you are resuming work. If you're working on this by yourself you might want to think about slowly releasing the mod and adding content as it is finished. Gives you something to be proud of and inspiration to keep working on the mod while also stirring up a following (hopefully).
  5. Cole_

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    I am by no means experienced or good at texturing, but it is a bad idea to directly sample your textures like that. The blue concrete can be easily created with a flat colour and normal map, lattice work for the fly screen bars can be made in Photoshop, even the text on the sign would look better if it was text made in Photoshop (clearer). The gutter on the side of the roof could also be modelled, a dirt alpha and some reflective specularity could make that look very nice. By all means take some artistic license as well, the general shape of the building/posters on the wall don't need to look exactly like your source photographs.
  6. Thanks Monkey. I don't understand the relationship between my weapon model and the bone for it. When putting my rifle as a reference mesh onto the skeleton, where is the bone in reference to my weapon mesh? In the weapon .p3d, the mesh is on the centre of the grid. Does the bone reference off the centre of the weapon .p3d grid as well?
  7. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/436076195942049090/2D125DD24B871EAB5A8C77905FD427C595749A71/ This is the outcome, and it's not the correct pose. The pose I keyed in Blender is the rest pose at -0.5, then the idle hand anim at 0 to 1. This is the process that I went through (and have done it multiple times doing little things differently to check if I made a small mistake) http://imgur.com/a/pni7p Thanks
  8. Cole_

    Uniform Workflow

    First image looks like the parts that are going through the ground are unweighted. Go through the selections and find which vertexes aren't coloured, and weigh them by pressing "N" (brings up the weight tool). Second image looks like the forearm mesh isn't aligned to the skeleton. Open up male.p3d in the TemplateRTM folder (which is inside your Samples_F), find edit 2, export it to your modelling program and import your mesh on top of it.
  9. Cole_

    Russian Railways mod

    You're a really good 3d modeller and texture artist. Jesus Christ just look at the train in the virtual reality terrain...
  10. I'm pretty sure you can model a uniform (just like a vest) and weight it to the skeleton via selections? Or do I need to create a whole new character? Can I just create the uniform to put over basicbody (basically utilising the new ArmA 3 modular gear e.g changeable vests, uniforms)? If so, what is the workflow for creating a uniform and how does it differ from creating something like a vest of headgear?
  11. Yes you need to set the .rvmat to to material slot.
  12. Cole_

    No Clutter

    nothing really stands out, however you don't have a texture defined in your layers, define a texture there and I have a funny feeling you'll see clutter also make sure you're using Mikero Tools PBOProject https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files with check references files and full build checked
  13. Cole_

    No Clutter

    hey kcgb! I remember you from a long long time ago on the NZFF forums! anyway, it seems that your cfgSurfaces is the exact same as your cfgClutter. I'm not sure if you copied the same thing by accident, but if you haven't - the mask tells the layers.cfg where to paint different ground textures. Those two are linked, standalone together (layers.cfg and your mask image). Then your cfgSurfaces defines which ground texture you want your clutter painted onto, and also which character of clutter to paint there, which is defined in your cfgClutter. Your cfgClutter then defines all the different clutter files directories you want under a name, which is referenced in your cfgSurfaces as the character. A sample cfgSurfaces can be found in "a3\map_data\config.cpp". If it is the case that you have accidentally pasted your cfgClutter as your cfgSurfaces, everything seems working to me. Post your layers.cfg as well.
  14. Cole_

    Looking for help

    I'm sorry but we don't need your > Charles Grey Founder Roleplay Project RPProject.net stuff here dude, go do your pretentious stuff in another community