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  1. Link to ver. 0.9.12 https://install.appcenter.ms/users/stacker/apps/sflora/distribution_groups/internal
  2. Hi all, I done small manual for sflora. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ao0Oj5mjcuAikptxVeVTf9IzIgRfCA Let me know if something is not understandable written or missing.
  3. First, I'll finish the text version. Then maybe I'll make a video.
  4. Hi, Maximum database size (4gb) exceeded. If you have multiple mask imports, maybe there lift some unused tiles in database, try to create new project from scratch. Or try to split project on half, by using x/y offsets.
  5. New ver. released, see first post. Fixed bug with < 1m/px mask resolution.
  6. Sry, I will add more detailed manual later. "number of tiles" = basically copy this value from TB project. color mapping = color from mask, on with objects will be placed. go back to the full map view = press 'M' or Backspace
  7. New ver. released, see first post.
  8. Sorry, forgot add to archive. Here link on manual: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ao0Oj5mjcuAijN8J0WTIfALl2CDpmg Btw, cool screens. :) To control density you need to play with "obj. count" parameter. and with "MinDistance" param. for objects placed in selected layer. For big trees I recommend use ~1 or 2 m. For smaller bushes 0.5 or 0.1. As overall workflow i recommend to start in TB by setting up objects templates. Setup min/max random size for each object. group objects by type in different templates. Then import TB templates to sflora and there adjust MinDistance values.
  9. Hi, I will try with your parameters, then I think I can tell you how to fix this problem.
  10. Hi, PM me yours project settings.