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  1. Hey everyone, figured I'd make a thread here as well. I made a QGIS plugin to easily obtain the real world data for Arma, in a quite streamlined process. It allows you to download satmap, heightmap, roads and create a surface mask either through OSM shapes or OrfeoToolbox using magical machine learning algorithms. It takes care of all the coordinate transformations for you and exports files that you can plug in TB directly without any extra work, including classifying roads so you can just add a roadslib.cfg and use them without any extra work. It's a largely automated process of Ross' excellent tutorial Keep in mind this only gets you the data required for a starting point, it's not a terrain editor. You can get it on gitlab For general questions, suggestions, problems please use the Qgis_plugin channel in this discord
  2. Can we have .tml files at least? You need those to to be able to even import placed objects into TerrainBuilder, also my placement mod uses it ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1242712395 )
  3. adanteh

    Map Collaboration Tips

    It does but everyone does work in their own project, so you'll still need people to send you the projects. In that regards it's quite close to X-cam. One advantage might be that all saved files are very simple text files, so sharing brushes and so is quite easy. link here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1242712395
  4. adanteh

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    I have some S&D code sitting to be finished, but unfortunately I'm already occupied with too many other systems to do, so probably no chance. If anyone wants to help writing SQF (Or Python) we can make it happen
  5. adanteh

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    Hey for questions the best option is still discord at http://discord.frontline.frl Basically the servers are always online, but we found it easiest to get people in around scheduled times.
  6. adanteh

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    hey @ski2060 that is currently not possible. Our TFAR code is VERY different from the regular code, so they are in no way compatible. If you want to make a ticket at http://issues.frontline.frl maybe someone can take a look at it.
  7. adanteh

    Arma 3 Tools Wont extract game data

    Same problem here. Would be nice if the tools that BIS provides work.
  8. adanteh


    Here's a little video of today:
  9. adanteh


    On that note we will be hosting our first Iron Front PvP test this saturday at 19:00 GMT. For more info please join our discord: http://discord.frontline.frl and drop a message in public channel
  10. adanteh


    We're aware of this. Still need to split up our IFA compabitility and RHS up in their own seperate mods, so they only get used when using their respective server. Just a heads up that you can select the server on the top. The normal one uses RHS, you want to use the Iron Front one which will download the proper mods for that instead. Here's how:
  11. Are you using Addon Builder to build?
  12. adanteh


    Just a little heads up that we have another update out tonight. We'll try to open everything up fully soon, but for now you can drop a message in our discord ( http://discord.frontline.frl ). We will be playing today at 19:00 GMT.
  13. adanteh

    Combining Maps

    There is a merge heightfield option in L3DT too. You can use that and an offset to combine it. You can also make yourself a black/white mask in Photoshop, save that as BMP and enter that in L3DT to filter out what gets imported if required.
  14. I have been working on converting this to CUP, but got delayed a little, also because it was never fully clear exactly how it would be adopted to CUP. In any case the new CUP version has a lot of Jbad buildlings, which I was waiting for too. It shouldn't be much work to get it ported over. Keep in mind it will only be a 1 on 1 port to CUP, I haven't done any fixes yet and probably won't when I pass it over.