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  1. RSF TheCapulet

    Rush Reforged

    A few minor/major requests I think would improve gameplay: Push the defenders out of attacker spawn on next Mcom set, the way bf does it. Add more vehicle spawns Lower tickets - Tickets never run out before time in 16v16. Better attacker spawn defense. Having things built up a bit at each spawn would help attackers push off spawn killers. On the other hand, randomized spawn locations within the current zone would solve the problem for defenders too. Countdown timer at end of round - A lot of new to the mission players leave after the round in confusion, without realizing they just have to wait till next round. Alternating attack and defense for teams. Let us battle it out from both sides on the same map like battlefield before moving us on to the next. Better kill detection script to combat Arma bugginess making some players deaths appear as suicides (Part of the ticket problem, I think?) Modded versions - Would be very nice to have the thompson, mortars, ak74, etc. Open up the github and discord mentioned on the mod's description page & provide documentation so others can help fill out new locations. This would also allow others to provide more direct feedback on area imbalances.
  2. RSF TheCapulet

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    @spanishsurfer Check this out. We just replaced our forums with a discord embed. Might clear up some of your discontinuity issues between website and discord. https://titanembeds.com/ And I think what most people's problem is with obfuscating the mission pbo is that the rest of the BECTI community doesn't see those fixes and improvements. The guys who are OK with single server progression of the mission have all probably joined your dev team already. The one's left will be the guys who don't want to work on something if it won't contribute to the overall public mission itself. Much of my time editing Benny's latest source has been spent filling in the gaps of OFPS content that had been ripped out. That only indicates to me (And likely any other community dev capable of working on the mission) that further improvements to OFPS will only continue to fracture the community and the public mission.
  3. RSF TheCapulet

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Open it up in editor, copy and paste everything over, move the towns to where they should be, and rename/revalue them. If you're using the old version of BECTI instead of the latest source, you'll have to edit the CTI logic flag in the editor as well to change the town number to how many you have. (remember to count town0). If you're using the latest source, you can skip that part. But keep in mind that you have to name all of the camps individually per town. When done, save and play.
  4. RSF TheCapulet

    Tac-Ops Mission Pack Military Operations

    Only two missions into beyond hope. So far, I love every minute of it. It reminds me a ton of the original Arma 2 campaign. Wide open and totally unforgiving.
  5. RSF TheCapulet

    People putting "Guest" in their name

    They actually appear to be a growing team, atm. I've seen several high level guests rolling with each other, and have even been challenged to an exhibition match mid-game by them. So.. hopefully we'll be seeing plenty more of them. lol.
  6. RSF TheCapulet

    What is your favourite game mode?

    I think raid is the best gamemode for the competitive nature of this game. It's simple, quick, and gimmick free. Out of the three gamemodes, it seems to be the one that favors skill and coordination above all. I think link has a lot of potential. Personally, I think the mechanics of the mission flow are great, but it just doesn't add up to good mission flow overall. I'd like to see a link mode where there was a higher point limit, with 3 mains and no nodes, and no main camping bonus. Clash is a well designed gamemode, but it's a waste of time in "normal" mode. With no UI, you often get lost, often shoot at the heads of teamates that aren't showing up or are too far for the GPS, and can't manage time on your own that the mode requires. Along with that, enemies in spawn areas are much more dangerous in clash than any other mode. But since the UI is disabled in "normal" mode, you can't actually see the mission trying to designate enemies inside spawn zones. With all that together, it ends up being a pretty poor competitive game-mode IMO.
  7. RSF TheCapulet

    Feedback Thread

    I think if we're going to have an easy/hardcore mode, killcam should probably be left out of one. Sure, it helps out in public play to keep glitchers and cheaters down. But it really diminishes the competitive value of the game when you're up against other proper teams.
  8. RSF TheCapulet

    Ranked community servers

    Is there any chance the security issues might be addressed at a later point sometime, or is it just off the table permanently? Couldn't there just be an authentication system that connects to the required stat servers, and either monitors the local server through BE to keep them accountable, or possibly even take control of the local server itself to prevent execution of anything past game-file missions and benign BE commands?
  9. RSF TheCapulet

    Argo Videos

    Latest RSF scrimmage: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158979318 Live rounds start at 5:00 mark. (Possibly NSFW language, no promises)
  10. RSF TheCapulet

    Feedback Thread

    Dude, this is a tactical team-based game. Do you go into RPG release forums and bitch about their total lack of guns, and then about how their game will fail because they refuse to expand to the whims of every possible customer? It's the same damn logic that you're using here, and it's stupid as hell. You've got 3 options: 1. Play this game for what it is. Enjoy it. It's free. 2. Create or wait for the community created gamemode you want to play. 3. Go play a deathmatch game.
  11. RSF TheCapulet


    Happens on raid about every other game for me. I've seen 4 out of 5 people have it at once before.
  12. RSF TheCapulet


    Honestly, I'm often getting AFK kicked in less time than it takes me to finish tying out a message or response in game chat or steam overlay. I think the largest glaring issue with autokick is that I've never actually seen someone AFK get kicked for it. AFKers stay safely stuck in lobby, while the timer has only ever kicked active players in my experience.
  13. RSF TheCapulet

    Feedback Thread

    TDM is exceedingly easy to make with the mission editor. Whip one up, and invite your friends.
  14. Honestly, I have the supporters pack, and I'd like the options to turn the stupid animations off. A large majority of them are pretty lame, and I'd rather just stare you down at the end of the round rather than risk losing my car keys or having a mental breakdown once again. I mean, pushups? Nah, dude. Get your ass off the ground. They do pushups for me.
  15. RSF TheCapulet

    Item issue

    Just keep clicking on it. Sometimes it will eventually work. If it doesn't, it's bugged. (Had a bi-pod issue that had the exact same behavior that was fixed on release patch). If so, post it on the feedback tracker: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/profile/12/