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  1. thesneak

    Bohemia on the right way with Arma 3?

    "Is Bohemia going the right way with Arma 3?" "we took everything we could from ‘Game 2’ in terms of content, and adopted a more conservative approach to the technical side of things. The library of content present in Arma 2 is simply overwhelming, and in hindsight might not be commercially justifiable for a single game. " - Merek "No sir. I don't like it" - Mr. Horse
  2. Ok, I do have everything but A1. Do I understand correctly that A3 content is not available when running AIA, will I be able to use the submarine in Altis when AIA is running? And 1 more question. Are the light textures available if I uses AIA content in A3 in Altis? Example being will head light or spot light from A2 cast the same light properties as they do in A3 when used I A3 maps? If so, Does this effect carry over to A2 maps? Thanks. Oh, and I love you.
  3. This is probably the noobest of the noobile questions, but does this MOD actually add content to A3. As in if I were running this Mod in Altis, could I load in several aircraft from A2 and use them in A3, or is it an overwrite mod that replaces A3 content so I would have to choose a plane to overwrite the buzzard and still be stuck with one plane?
  4. thesneak

    Bennys warfare

    "Hey, You can depbo the mission/edit whatever you want I have 0 problems with it (and never had any) as long as it's still called BECTI" - Benny. @Kremotor. Go suck on your "scruples". My estimation of Bennys class act attitude toward fantastic mission making and community relationship stands. You judgment of me and my morals means nothing, and your dictation of "scruples" are sophomoric attempts to rewrite OFP/ Arma community tradition 12 years old. The rules are. If you use a script, keep the credits in the comment //, don't claim shit that isn't yours, don't tell people how to have fun and don't claim to be an authority when you are not.
  5. Well hey, there is a go cart track in altis, and Benny has been reduced to putting Go karts in the light vehicle purchase menu. That sort of helps with the no Bike thing. I'm the Kinda guy who would rather own a Chevy Nova '74 454 and a Trans AM 400 Firebird with my own garage and paint booth as opposed to leasing a 2008 Lotus Esprit with a maintenance plan. I'm not saying I don't like the game, I do. I was nevr happy with all the water and no ships, But then again, you could never really use the water much anyway. Now you can, and it's a main selling point, and still no ships. The artillery load out is nice, but I could have already scripted them in to any game, and I'm no scripter. get map pos, get pos set pos are 1st on the list of scripting Arma for dummies. !AliveArma (weak, awesome, new) This select o.
  6. thesneak

    Bennys warfare

    There is only one Benny. I have never seen him make people ask for permission to run his mission. In the many years I've played it. If it's put in the community, then it's because he hosted it publicly. If he hosted it, then it's in a user cache. Graves ran a BE warfare 'Mo money' edition of BE Warfare, he changed it so you can have 'Mo money', because pimps like mo money better than no money. He did not claim to write the mission. I don't recall Benny complaining that someone broke into his house and stole his mission. There aren't any request in the mission scripts where Benny said "you better ask me first if you want to host my mission". Traditionally there are no mission writers who try to control who host missions with the exception of a few scumbags who pretended they wrote "Nogovo Crimes" and then tried to hijack a life mission based on all the ideas and scripts, but I'll out them some other day. Many of Bennys scripts tell you where you should alter variables so you can change it. Benny is not petty. That's why he is loved. Because he loves.
  7. Just so I don't appear 1 sided. I will just list what I do like, what I don't like, and what my hopes are, and what I fear in a short as possible list so per chance someone who cares is listening. What I like: -I love the new graphics that allow ambient lighting to be so useful. I was always very frustrated by prior Arma games that projected a light stream that only illuminated the circle that it was cast on. You were either blind by darkness, or blind by light. This 1 aspect is a game changer. I will be making many TDM maps that utilize flashlights on guns instead of night vision, for that creepy night fighting and tactical aspects. -I love the usable water. It's been a long time coming for a game with so many Island maps. I have and will continue to play with the water insertion and shore egress scenarios. I'm a big fan of the SEAL type sneak up on your enemy fun. -I really like the water behavior too. I have seen many people complain about object reaction to it, but I think they complain in vain. I know what a stretch it must have been to take essentially the same game engine and incorporate it. I can live without the waves. I noticed that wind and rain effects the swelling and rolling of the water.That plus the ambient lighting adds a ton of scenic realism to the game it never had before. -I love the sea floor textures and even the fish. I imagine that soon various life missions will evolve where you can go fishing and actually pull a fish up. I know that it's client side environment, but the models are there, and so the models can be used. -I like the size and layout of the city scapes. They have been getting better with each game, and now they layout looks very realistic and will provide lots of good urban warfare potential without all the lag and need for buggy user placed models. -I like the foliage textures and ground textures of the Island. They didn't skimp on the different grasses, trees, ground clutter, bushes and ground depth. I also like the crater ability on the ground models (even though limited) is still cool. The environment is more effected than ever before. -Some of the AI behaviors are better. Silenced weapons actually confuse them and so are useful. Smoke will make there tracking less accurate. Before these things were only useful in PVP, now they matter to the AI much better than before. -Some of the AI combat behaviors are great. They are good at flanking you and cover firing for advancing. They will enter buildings and hunt you down. This was very limited even in OA, and seems much better now. -I love that most buildings are enterable with interior doors as well. The glass windows in most everything are great too. This is something I didn't like about Arma2. All those pretty buildings, and almost none were enterable. OA corrected this to some degree, but still this is superior by far. -The over all terrain is good. The areas like ports and airports make sense, and the road systems are wonderful. It was their intention to create a realistic Island and the have accomplished it. They have also provided for user created mod maps to be just as good. I feel like we may actually see maps like Fiji or Oahu. -I like the change clothing ability coded into the game. This wasn't really possible before, and it even looks like the modders will be able to use their textures in ways that don't require addons to accomplish new skins. -The Mission editor with the BIS functions, camera scripter and GUI editor That is a partial list of what I really like, and I am not under any delusion that this didn't take a lot of work. Here is what I hate, and most of these are because of what I love! When I had the things I did in Arma 2 I wished I had a few of the things above to make full use of them, and now, I have my wish list and nothing I can do with it; -I hate the generic and limited vehicle availability. especially the one jet. This will kill the modders. Even if they had 4 models of Cessna to work with, they would have turned them into 4 different airplanes to use of any type. If there is only one plane with a class name, then there can only be 1 plane to mod. 3 available faction sides, and they only get 1 plane. It kills any sort of big warfare missions. It kills it for all you're flight junkies, and make no sense in any story based mission that involves the invasion of an Island. This is why I think they should have at least made 6 different class of even the same jet coded in. Then the modders could have bridged the gap. I get the feeling like the devs don't like planes that much, and so didn't care about them for us. -I Hate the stealth helicopters that are not effected by anything. They show up on the radar dial, they are tracked and locked by all AA weapons regardless of range. It seems like a simple thing to deal with. Stealth helicopters aren't even possible that way either and flat plane stealth is obsolete, but I don't nerd over that, I nerd over a stealth helo that isn't stealth. -No fast rope out of the helicopter. The user community scripted it long ago, but has to string light poles together so they don't "magically" float down. Couldn't you have spent a few minutes to model a black line 10m to the ground and incorporated the scripts that the users have written? -No ships, and not enough boats to mod. What fun is being a navy swimmer, if I cant put a mine on a ship? What kind of Island warfare can we have if you don't even give them landing craft, or hover boats. Where is the stealth ships or even commercial ships. Couldn't you have used the shipwreck models unwrecked and put the same crew makers and motors from the 1 attack craft in them. I don't like saying that you could expect the modders to have made us a navy, because its a pain in the ass to gather all the mods in one place to have the war game they always provide for YOU. But they can't even bridge this gap. -The same gun sight everywhere. That is one ugly big red cross. You mean to tell me there was a big problem swapping in A2 GUI drawings or even OFP tank sights and mixing and matching? Please. It would have been faster than making the one you have! -The same colors on the same 10 variations of buildings. Look, I'm not asking for 200 different models of buildings. I saw where you stuck some together, and I like the ones you have, but the solution is simple. Simply swap out some colors with others on the same models. You could have colored some of the roofs puke brown the same color in your pallet as the brick building, some door frames orange, some of the outer wall could have been brown while some of the roofs blue, some of the doors orange and the walls blue and so on. It's a simple thing, but would have made all the difference especially from a distance. -Passing off ancient vehicles as future ones by changing the name, swapping turrets and calling eastern block ones nato. That with the extremely limited number of vehicles as it is it really is obvious that it's a rush job. If this really is supposed to be a limited Mediterranean conflict, then you would see weapons like the F-16, F-18, A-10, AH64, Mig29, SU34, M24 and so on because The USA and Soviets sell those weapons to Europe when we deem them obsolete. The AK, RPG, FAL and Remington 800 will live forever. All these could have just been ported over to A3, the models were already good enough and no one would have complained. The Abrams can be modeled into about 6 different variants in no time as the Crusader and Leopard look almost the same. You already have the model. Now if it's about not using these because of future war, then what the hell happened? In the future we use a handful of Korean war era knock offs the Soviets tossed? You could have put a Gatling turret on top of an Abrams that shot down incoming missiles and and that would have been futuristic. Why not? Users fixed Gatling on Cessnas in OFP, and while silly was still fun. -No bicycle. I know it's a little thing, but it's just one more thing that pisses me off. -No incorporation of SIX updater into the main game menu server browser. I know he don't work for BI, but shit man, toss some of these people a bone will ya? Some of the projects created by your fan base is really making you look dumb, but what is worse is that you act like they don't exist. I tell you this for certain. It's because of the that I have and still buy Arma. That's the trufe If I was forced to only play Arma right out of the box, I wouldn't. It's not that good of a game. Why is BE Warfare so good? Because he uses about 6 different user created tools in his missions. The user created 3d editor, The user created GUI editor, The user created global variable recording scripts, the user unlocked object class names, the user created EASA scripts, and so on. -Just 1 time I would like at least 1 building more that 2 floors that we can fight in. The half-life modders had no trouble with this 12 YEARS AGO! WTH is your problem? I know why we don't have them, because it's the same building with a new paint job isn't it? No more about how much work weren't into "new content" I'm not a fool and I'm not buying it. Next time give someone in the community a few bucks to model some buildings that work and save the plane ride to Greece. If all that trip rendered was an Island full of the same few buildings over and over again, only to be given a fictitious name and no content, then I say get Google maps topographical and make things easy on yourselves and not so lame for us. Should have saved the Greek vacation for after the release of the best Arma yet. I'll break it off here but I could go on. I think you can figure out what I mean. Now My fears. This is take from todays CEO PR. To me this is where most of the problems are. This is the first reference to Dayz, and it's not the last. So much accommodation and back room dealing has been done over zombie sandbox, with hints and rumors that certain modders are trying to make scripting patentable and "protected" that it runs a chill up my spine. 2 things. 1. Zombies are tired, but leave it up to BI to be 10 years behind a trend. When you have a military sandbox, it's just shallow to spend all your time lining up unarmed zombies and mow them down with your 50 cal. So many mass BE bans were given out to protect this mission, but they didn't give 2 shits about Life missions, Warfares, or co-ops. only kill everyone wasteland and zombies. It so fun looking for water and getting shot from some hill side by someone for no reason at all. Nerdy, cliquey and lame. Falls short of this games potential and past fun but it seems someone in BI has a vested interest in this mission which isn't anywhere near as good as many missions and mods created by the community so far and barrows so much from the. Like I said before. Just make "Take on Zombies" and see how well it sells. Sure, there is room for everything, but the favoritism stinks. Yep. The contemporary games at the time were simple shooters and BF1942 (a great game with MANY SHIPS YOU COULD PILOT AND AIRCRAFT CARRIERS AND A SUB!) but OFP brought something new to the table. Massive maps with full terrain like forest and such, big squad based AI controls with scores of commands, many vehicles and open source mission creation and modding abilities. This created a user community that has sold this game for you. You should always strive to remember that the same guys who played the game then, play the game now and have put in way more time on it's creativity than you. Reject it, and you reject a gift. I quit buying BF after BF2 because they started going the way your going now. It has become expensive ass Mario war that always sells you half the game at twice the price. I just got 2 digital trading cards for Arma3 on stream! Anyone wanna buy them off me? I didn't think so. I could give schitt .5 either. Better pay attention to the indie model CEO man. Its about to overrun tour corperate ideals. I don't know about that. I'm no modder, but I think that I have been using the tools I found on Armaholic a long time before, BIS never use because the user tools were already much better. Giving up the class names of objects was a little too little too late, and only meant that I had duplicates of everything in my user created 3d editor. Where are the object classes for everything in Arma3? I bet you'll sell them Via steam. I got bad feeling about this drop. Maybe someone else in the community would confirm this claim with more experience if I'm all wrong about this. This must be what DM was talking about when he said that the community pitched a bitch about "future war". So instead this is the "authenticity" we got stuck with? This excuse will never get tired. So every house in Lemos has the same 5 buildings in it? All that trouble for that? All prep and no H. Of course alpha release makes more sense than paying testers. The subtext here though is that you told them you were fine with no aircraft, no ships, no diversity in urban models, no changes in AI path finding over impossible terrain. Well, you tested it, it's your fault. Will they blame us for everything? You just can't get good help these DayZ is suppose. Because we know you were all on pins and needles for the Arma 3 storyline just like all the other Arma releases. Everyone who knows anything about Arma knows that those awesome in depth stories are what makes BI games fly off the shelves. Don't worry, the content you want is coming. More zombies than you can shake a stick at too, don't you worry. So the Arma 2 game evolves and grows for 2 years? If by that you mean the users make good missions over the years, and tools to make good missions, and video about how to make good missions, and endless references and post and tips to help noobs make good missions then ya. If you mean that users make awesome mods, detailed vehicles, complete replacing of crappy sounds, new objects and buildings, maps and weapons, then ya. If by that you mean that the users continue to make people want to buy a 3 year old game full of bugs that have existed for 11 years because the Utube videos promote your product for free because people are interested in a war sandbox and how much fun we have than ya. If your talking about how you have provided fixes and content for free, then your sniffing stupid colored paint. We bought PMC and OA. Full price. The subtext here is "buy our product, we have an army of suckers who will make this game worth playing for free and we'll get the money via DLC and talk about how much work we put into all it NEW content". So the game suites him well, we can go to hell. Now we have excuses to fall back on and a community to blame. Forget about the days when it was a self funded indie project labor of love that was revolutionary. This statement is the most disgusting of all. In other words "we gave the community too much for the money we charged last time to save our company, and can't be expected to do that again. We should have charged more or given you less." AAARRGG. The CEO. That figures. I repeat, not a single cent for DLC, not ever, never. I won't be buying into Alpha or beta testing either. I will wait to see what comes out first, and if I am not utterly in love, I'll buy an indie game that's twice as awesome without all the bitterness of greed. Some smart kid somewhere is going to snap this away and do it for the love, and because of that, get the money too. I would name a few games I have bought from indies for good money, that are just fun replayable games, but I don't want to get banned for advertising for someone on this forum to justify shutting me up. There are plenty of "quality games out there. With quantity too. Arma 2 was one such. Give it better light and usable water, and it trumps this game in a second, but guess what I was playing last night on the second night of Arma3s release? Arma2. It was quality gaming too. Shout out to Benny. Because of CTI Warfare I have played Arma for 8 years now and BE is still the champ. Too bad about A3 huh. They stuck you real good, but it's still the best thing on Altis or stratis, so you may save this game. I think someone should thank you. With money. Oh brother. Did any of you complain that Arma2 and OA were cross compatible without mods? Who complained that OA came with even more vehicles, maps and objects? Anyone? They are still selling the game. full package versions now. The subtext is sickening here too, but I'll let you rip it up. I dare you to update for free. I double dog dare you. Too bad for those who bought the box huh? SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! God knows this has been the cry of the community for ten years now right? Now BI is here to help. For a small percentage. God bless you for helping the little guy Merek God bless you sir. If you repeat it, I'll repeat. Not 1 penny for DLC, not one, not ever, never. I wont mention names for the sake of ban prevention, but my options are not limited in the area of worthwhile things to put money in. Hurry, quick before the community beats you to it! Well, my fears are summed up in the CEOs attitude toward the future of gaming and Arma development. I suppose it's me that should adapt, and not BI, but it sounds like the open source sandbox just isn't as beloved as it once was, and the old school an make way for the new capitalism of DLC half a game for twice the price. I get the feeling like someone didn't have enough control over the community and wasn't satisfied with making a better sandbox for us to play with. My hopes are that He wakes up and realizes that the money sucking model is bunk and realizes Arma is Arma, not some DCS. My suspicion is that Steam will boot offline anyone with a non approved PBO in the folder, you know, the kind that Merek didn't get a cut of.
  8. OK. I'm going to drop the sarcasm. The CEO did some PR work today. I call it damage control. DM insist he doesn't work for BI in any way. This nerd just goes around the forum campaigning damage control and ridiculing me for the fun of it. Well, to each his own. I wonder if BI is aware that he is making a fool of them by making the following claims in their name. 1) Future war was dropped to appease complaining community members."There WAS future, but all the spoiled little brats in the community complained about it, so it was cut. There you go, your future is gone because of people like you." So this is my punishment? More nerd speak. Where are all the forum threads complaining about future war conceopts? Where are all the BI PR showing of the concepts of future war to complain about? Liar. There really wasn't the uproar that we hear now is there. 2) It's only irrational butthurt that leads me to be disappointed in this game where I wasn't disappointed with all of the games past. 3) I'm not anybody to have an opinion of the new release of a game I have been waiting for 3 + years, but his opinion matters. 4) It's our fault for being "spoiled by Arma2" and I should just shut up and tell all my friends to buy the 60$ game that takes a new GPU to run, and forget Arma2. 5)That my statements that I won't pay any money to BI for DLC is "butthurt". 6)That "Since I only really played with my fellow BAS people, Zeus or the Tizzies I never really had any problems waiting for people to green up. No I spent more time waiting for the mission to end after I'd died." is supposed to justify belittling my experience with the community. Spoken like a true nerd. 7)"and now people have a big ole hissyfit when their ALL NEW (except the Buzzard) content doesn't match or exceed the content of the previous 3 games combined." Is a statement that justified 1 sucky not futuristic airplane (not even the Cessna). And magically makes the garbage 30 year old eruo weapons with the turrets swapped and moved something new. I wouldn't care, but there isn't a lot to choose from is there? 8) "And for the record: my butt is far from hurt, I'm posting at the moment loling my face off at how self-entitled most people in these threads are. unlike the rage that I can imagine most of you are posting with because A3 doesn't have your favorite M4 variant," So BI is in a charity service now? I don't know 60$ is fairly entitling and I didn't hear anyone say the game is shit because they don't have a specific rifle. You just cant polish this turd by belittling us. We know exactly why we love Arma, and why we have trouble with this release. I think your not good with the PVP stuff are you? Not much of a team player are you. The nerd says :"As for "abysmal release" well, again, that's your opinion. And your opinion doesn't really matter. On the whole, the game is selling well." That's really the heart of the matter isn't it. I hope that isn't BIS stand but even if it is, soon enough they will see that open source squad control military sandbox isn't dark magic wizardry anymore and may find themselves in competition with their own fan base. It's not like literally thousands of them out class them in programming modeling and people skill. Not to mention knowledge of military sim. I wonder what might happen say if CWR, I44 and benny could accomplish together. When you consider what 144 was able to do in about a year and a half, with no budget, it makes me wonder what BIs excuse is. The fans who's "opinions don't matter" aren't your average shmucks. You don't know much about them do you? Oh, and for the nerds who corrected me on everything The AH9 "Pawnee" is supposed to be a future MH6. But MH6 variants have been way more futuristic since the 70s who's chain gun is invisible now. They chucked in the old one and gave it a "9" The AH99 Blackfoot is a modeled Arma 2 Super Cobra that they used the same gun in both attack helicopters for both sides in A3. Same misses all around. All the same, only the names have changed. Arma3 has a MLRS, that's a 40 year old T-72 chassis with a missile box mounted in the turret position. Not a future weapon. Arma3 "Ghost hawk" is not stealth and flat plane steal was obsolete the minute the F117 hit production. Also it's not stealth again. 7.62x54 is SKS, AK is 7.62 x 39. Ammo now 70 years old. It's Nato because Europe cant afford .308 and the Soviets left it everywhere. The Ammo in Arma 3 is fantasy anyway but even worse is they only had the time to make 4 different ammos by tweaking the ranges. Almost every (that's not many) tracked vehicle in Arma3 is antique East Euro, or a Bradley with no turret. The Tunguska is a old AA track on a old tank chassis. They didn't even dream up new weapons, they just took models of old weapons a swapped turrets. There isn't a "futuristic" thing about any of it. If you ever been a mil sim junkie, then you can always bitch about Arma, Everything comes with the same gun sight, and the same weapons. If details are your thing, then I'm not your problem, Arma is. If your so critical with my lack of military expertise, I ask you for you opinion of BIs? There are tons of people who Mod, Model, skin and tweak weapons on these forums, go ask them their opinion about how much work went into this game. In my next episode, I'll Review todays press release By BIs CEO. Spoiler alert, I kind get the feeling like he told me to go fauq myself, I can't be sure, but it has that feeling. Why didn't they just make "Take on zombies" and get it over with?
  9. At Jakeerod. I love CWR for A2. It Playing Benny war with those maps made a tear of joy come to my eyes. Almost as much as i44 Warfare BE
  10. DM. I see you have 4 years on me here, therefore it's undeniable that you are in utter denial. I never asked for new content. OFP Resistance added to OFP CWC. Arma took many Objects, buildings and weapons from OFP, polished up the game a little and fixed the nightmare that was multiplayer. I am sure you spent many hours trying to get into a multiplayer OFP only to have it fail at the "mission griefing" or the never green nerds. Arma2 had a great deal of new content, but also brought in all the old favorites, and didn't skimp on the civilian stuff. A2 OA had even more, and good desert contents, and yet still you saw many things from even flashpoint, point being THEY NEVER SUBTRACTED. But look at this mess. What are they going to do? Add all the stuff we are all too happy with already to Altis in the form of a DLC? Please. Your dreaming. Your dream is a nightmare. I love the new water, and the goodies that go with it. I love the lighting. Old Lighting sucked. That's why I'm mad, this was the big chance to fix the few things that were lacking in the old games. I for one wouldn't have minded if they took all the old buildings from All the games, replaced the textures with a little bit better (Or not), brought in all the cars and trucks, added a few more things, modeled the map from a generic image and skimped out on the billions of rocks so the AI can use the map. Is Altis much better than Nogovo? Hell no, It's just rendered on a new DX. It's the great graphics and great water that "butthurts" me the most, because it was these very things that we wished we had in prior Armas. Even if they put in 20 generic boats with different class names, the modders could have made war ships of them. But look at what they have to work with. Im not asking them to recreate Arma, I'm asking them not to produce this game with what was missing, then take out everything that was cool. Every second spent making that stupid windmill could have been spent porting over A2 content. Don't tell me they broke their ass reskinning that Blackhawk. For the sake of fauq, they could have used OFP gun sights and we would have been none the wiser. They could have made the Ghost hawk invisible to guieded weapons outside of 1 k, with no effort. They could have used a million user written scripts (as though they were ever above that before) to give more capability. Like this; how hard is it to hard script a fast rope on the choppers so the scripters don't have to string light poles together. Oh that's gonna look great in the super graphic Arma deluxe "quality over quantity" game. But hey, why should they, they have the community as there sucker ass slaves. They'll do it for them. Whatever they pay you for damage control on the forum isn't enough. It's a shame to play the nerd fan boy if you have any experience in the progression of this game. Where is my future? This is supposed to be the future. WHERE IS IT? Where are my firkin lasers? where is my adaptive camo?, where is my big dog with a chain gun or hover tank? Mabey a hover tank wouldn't get stuck on so many rocks? Mmm ever think of that? Where is my acoustic gun fire triangulator? Where is my hud helmet or snoot camera. Not even 90s tech. How about my anti missile tracking Gatling on my tank. Where is the future? Where is my stealth that is really stealth? I'm not too worried though, the community will get it, AGAIN. FOR FREE. They have the most talented community in the whole industry, and this is how they thank them. I actually wish EA bought them out, and that's an awful thing to think. it's one tenth of Arma for twice the price on a new graphic engine. ---------- Post added at 17:00 ---------- Previous post was at 16:59 ---------- LOL. I stand corrected. ---------- Post added at 17:02 ---------- Previous post was at 17:00 ---------- At misty. I have never started my own thread here in 7 years. I'm gonna take this opportunity if you don't mind.
  11. Here is an exciting break down of brand new Arma 3 features that every Arma and OPF fan will enjoy! Arma 3 is set in the future, about 50 years in the future. Let's see what the world of tomorrow holds for the citizens of Altis and Stratis. -No bicycles. Who needs them, sure they have been in every game up until now, but in the future zombies don't ride bikes, and neither can you. -2 makes of cars. In the future we don't drive new fancy electric cars, hover cars, or any cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles, busses or motor cycles, 2 cars and a quad bike (how futuristic!), or we run. (from zombies soon, again, I'm sure). -Islands without boats, ships or barges except 1960s era attack boats and rubber rafts. Why would you want them, you can get futuristic rebreathers and swim everywhere in the vast amount of water that surrounds the Islands to enjoy the client side fish. Everything you'll ever need in a future military sim. -Solar power plants and 17th century Dutch windmills together in Greece. It's the way of the future! No need for a Nuclear power plant to script a anti terrorism mission. But without a nuclear accident, I wonder what will justify the zombies were sure to fight. -No women. Mmm. Greece is more progressive in the future than say, some throw back place like Takistan or Charnurus who still have that ancient 2 sex human system. I get the feeling that they will still have all male strip clubs though. -Your choice of Futuristic Homes! Choose between orange clay roofs and blue window frames with real working doors, Mud brick houses with degenerated wood doors, or my favorite, the unfinished 2 story brick building. All models come in either completed or ruined states for those who desire originality. -A balanced ecology. Tour Altis and be amazed to see snakes that open doors, and their food. The rabbit. Don't worry, there aren't any of those scary pigs or dogs you find in the past, they have all been eaten by survivors or the zombie apocalypse. -2 sizes of Radar bulbs to blow up over and over again! what fun! - You can choose what clothes you wear! You don't have to wait for some bright modder to skin clothes for you, Now you can choose your own futuristic outfit. Your choices are almost limitless. 2 colors of striped collared short sleeved shirts, 2 colors of shorts, and a skin tight green striped shirt that is future metro suave awesome. Just what you need for a night out at the all male bar. In the unlikely event you get tired of that, you can always shop at the army surplus store, mix and match camos (no future mirrored suites) to confuse your enemies (and friends). Oh, and maybe a business suit. Every model come equipped with underwear that displays a well rendered package. Painstaking care and extra time was taken to 3d model this area of hundreds of triangle points making this a great improvement over Arma2. -1 futuristic 7 story building that you can only use the first two floors of! Just like Arma 2(only that had about 10 different models and some OFP versions too). The future is full of quality improvements, without all the quantity that you hated about, OFP, Arma 1&2. -Arma 2 quality airport buildings that you are used to, that no civilian can ever use. We don't fly airplanes in the future, or civilian helicopters. I know you were worried that you were going to be burdened by the possibility of ancient OFP, Arma and Arma2 transport variants and possible new stuff, or heaven forbid a few Take on helicopter models creeping in, don't sweat it. The complete absence of any planes insures a quality before quantity product not in anyway like those failures we all bought like crazy it the past. While in Greece, the Devs had a glimpse into the concept of future war. Let's just take a moment and examine what that vision entails. Are you ready to be astounded by the military of the future? -My personal favorite is an awesome reskinned Black Hawk called the Ghost hawk! A stealth helicopter that everything can see and shoot down just like any other helicopter. Complete with a generic cockpit that goes well with every cockpit, a stealthy black paintjob, and a flat surface stealth body the USA deemed obsolete with the F117 after they got past designing airplanes in the 80s with a Commodore 64k! -A reskinned Hughes Bell AH1 Iroquois super Cobra Renamed the AH99 (because in the future 99 is better than 1) and redesignated the Blackfoot in keeping with the tradition of Americans naming their helicopters after a Native Indian tribe for that authentic feel. It has a stealthy new shape and paint job that gets locked and shot down by everything just like it's counterpart the Ghost hawk or a flying campfire with tinfoil wrapped around it.(not good enough for an American tribe name). Hey when I want a new Arma game, I want 1 tenth the content and new skins. That's what made Arma the game to play in the past right? -A jet! WOOHOO! Don't worry folks, In the future the US Marine corps phased out the A-10 in favor of no close air support. They Navy tossed the VTF 23 and the airforce said screw the the F22 and decided to fly the now 20 year old Global hawk. I just wonder why they didn't reskin the A-10 and call it the A-100 ghost hog? Perhaps I will be able to buy one DLC - -The Iranianskis are blessed with some sort of French trainer thing that looks like a cross between a F101 voodoo and a cat turd. The future sure is bright! -A Stealth almost Abrams, too good for the name Abrams. Because everything is painted black in the future. (Stealth not included). -A Marshal APC! Gone are the days of the antiquated Bradley and its pesky TOW platform. Who needs missiles when you have a 60 year old gun to fire? My only question is this, where is it's black paint job? -3 variations of the same futuristic Australian looking outback truck, with a machine gun, a grenade launcher and a civilian version with the same paint job and a knockout in the top where you can fit a gun for fighting zombies! -3 variations of a groovy dune buggy attack car, with machine gun, a grenade launcher, or neither! All three have the same paint job. Dark camo! -The Hemmet big truck! For all your big truck needs! Because you have more important things to worry about than choosing a truck to serve your army, like what color cammo to wear. -Just because we're 40 years in the future, doesn't mean there isn't room for the classics with future names! Like the MH 6 little bird updated to the AH-9 Pawnee (for that authentic American native name feel). Equipped with a futuristic invisible Gatling gun that shoots futuristic 7.62 ammo (you know just like the now 70 year old SKS rifle) and hydra rocket pods to replace the ancient drone version, Tow versions, flir equipped or silent kinds. Comes equipped with the number 9. -Every vehicles gun sight comes equipped with the same exact gun sight without range reference. They know how confusing it was in Arma and OFP to see something different from a Nato Tank gun as opposed to a soviet gun. Now there is no confusion because in the future everyone gets there weapons from the same manufacturer, the Dutch. (makers of the new green power efficient brick and cloth windmills seen through out Altis). -So much water to interact with , and here is what you get to play in it! A 40 year old attack boat, just like the one America traveled around in Vietnam with, but with the heat signature greater than a helicopter! A rubber raft also lockable by heat seeking missiles from 2 km anywhere and you cant shoot from! And the super high tech 4 man submersible that makes all the difference in the world. It has a mind blowing laser designator sight like the one every modern army is hand equipped with today. I cant wait to travel for a half an hour to get 1/5th the way around Altis to have everything on the map see the periscope and shoot at me when I use the laser. -No bothersome warships! You didn't want them in Arma 2, and that's good because you won't get them here either! Not even that static Aircraft Carrier. There aren't any planes, so what would it carry? -Todays technology tomorrow! choose from several different drones that you will never use, as well as the generic UAV view scripted so long ago, but with 3 new color filters. Red, Yellow and digi. - Impossible Technology of the future featured in Arma 3. Like "enemy seeking artillery ammo" that makes use of Get pos, set pos, ultra scripting. This is not to be confused with Battlefields generic artillery drop. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Who wants real artillery that has a trajectory that modern weapons back calculate to respond automatically? -Here are just some of the improvements that the Devs focused on when they weren't reskinning a whopping 20 Arma 2 vehicles, that they say makes the game worth 50 bucks. -Utilization of 2 year old Direct x for improved lighting effects (admittedly I really like this, Arma2 lights are crap). -Very realistic terrain that takes a cutting edge video card to see, that the same ol' Ai has no idea how to traverse. It's so fun to deal with your bots getting stuck every 50m in a 70km square map on one of millions of the same colored rocks. Unlike todays army that traverses where it makes sense, the future army dosn't have the gear ratio to climb hills it doesn't have sense enough to avoid. So fun. -Massive amounts of underwater terrain that you can explore for millions of hours and see a variety client side fish, coral, and turtles, or several underwater shipwrecks perfect for glitching in. All this for no reason at all because there are no ships to sabotage or Oil rigs to invade (the future did away with fossil fuels and replaced them with 17th century Dutch windmills). -More Rocks to glitch in, hide in, or get stuck in than all previous Arma and OFP maps including modded ones combined! All that realistic terrain, just perfect for clobbering your 3d rendering and AI path finding. I sure am glad they did away with that boring old terrain that looked pretty good and the Ai could navigate. I thought this would be another arma game with several big maps that work. About 30 Large cities in Altis that have the same 15 structures in everyone. If you get lost and confused, you can just check your position on your map! Quality over quantity!. They made sure not to bring in any of the buildings from previous Arma versions like they have done before. This is a new Arma, set in the future! I could go on and on, but I am already going on and on. So what happened BI? Did someone slip you a roofy in Greece and made you forget why we buy Arma games in the first place? If you were under the pressure, you could have paid one of your thousands of community member fan modders a nickel and a sad song to skin and port over A1, A2 and OFP content to this graphic engine, and you would have released the best version ever. I bet they would have even done it for free, just to save this game the embarrassment of your bright ideas. Instead you kneecapped all of you mission designers, and modders by providing so little content that they can't recreate enough to use this. Not 1 nickel for DLC. I promise. Not one cent. Never. Not ever. I only pray that the community finds a work around to fix this wreck. I have high hopes that All in Arma will work. I'll donate to them, But i'm done with you. Also, have you seen what's coming out in video games these days? Have you seen the indie scene? Some games are sold because of their brand name, Arma is not one of them. You will never compete there. Get the hint. OFP resistance Got game of the year. Arma2 Operation Arrowhead got smashing reviews. Neither had a detailed campaign or story. Why do you think we are waiting for single player campaign to come out on DLC? WE ARE WAITING FOR WHAT THE COMMUNITY CAN DO HERE AS ALWAYS! Get over yourselves. I bought OFP CWC the first week it released, I have bought every variation of this game and have been a community member for 8 years. I have downloaded almost every mod and have played 1000s of hours online multiplayer with this community. I think my judgment is qualified, and I know this is the same exact game as A1 but with everything I like removed and justified with a new graphic engine. I'm just sayin.
  12. thesneak

    What exactly is ArmA 3's plot?

    Now that I have a good enough video card to support Arma 3, I'm going to Burn Arma 3 to Dvd, then use the Dvd as a coaster to set my urine sample on and reinstall Operation Flashpoint. It has bicycles you know.
  13. thesneak

    What exactly is ArmA 3's plot?

    Too bad I cant up vote this until you are voted for president
  14. thesneak

    Warfare BE

    Anyone who plays BE CTI Arma 2 understands that the best part of the mission is the absolutely massive ability to change the parameters of the mission. Therein lies the genius of the mission. A2 CTI is so full of placeable weapons, objects, bases, win conditions, artillery ranges, squad sizes, squad dynamics, AI strength and behaviors, weather, time delay, missile range, view distance caps, unit price, rearm methods, spawn options, funding options, YOU NAME IT, YOU CAN CHANGE IT. There is no such thing as OP this, or unfair that. Any map was fun, and mod ports worked great. Whatever your server could handle, the mission could accommodate. It is truly the dream C&C sandbox. 1 person can play it all by themselves, and it was still great. The AI was a challenging commander, not to be taken lightly. With the ability to change something like 40 parameters, you can make it just like you want to play it, or set a good balance for server fun. We have played CTI BE that has gone for 2 days straight. With 24 squad size per slot, 3 bases available, cheap helos, and jets, 50 auto defence placements, repair truck firei bases all over Takistan, camo nets on, object collide turned off, and 24 player slots per side, and had to quit only because it was a stalemate and no building on the whole map were left standing. Any bugs in the game were the same ol bugs that have been with us for OPF CWC right up to A3 (Arma 1 with better graphics and crappier AI). If This mission is written with the same abilities as A2, it will be solid. All I want for Christmas is for "AIA (All in Arma)" CTI BE to be available and stable. If that happens I may consider continuing to play Arma3. If not, Ill be back on Arma 2. The drones arn't that awesome. Wait, I COULD NOT GIVE A SCHIT ABOUT THE DRONES (makes me wonder if BI even playes their own game). Altis is big, and we need a big CTI. I promise, I will not spend 1 minute of my time running from zombies in Altis. But I will spend about 2 years playing an AIA CTI BE warfare. Don't change anything Benny, It's a perfect mission in an imperfect game, and good luck with the work arounds. I look forward to it.