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  1. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    Version 3.1.3 Released Finally created the new outlw.bikey and signed the addon version. Changelog:
  2. outlawled

    Lost Private .bikey

    Yep. Wrong forum. My bad. Thanks for the response, though. And yeah, I'm not worried about hassle, I just dunno what I'm supposed to do here. I feel like it'd be a bad thing for there to be two keys with the same name floating around? Might lead to confusion? Would it be okay if each of my addons had its own key? Is that something that would annoy server admins?
  3. outlawled

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Can we please have "addWeaponItemsCargo" and "removeWeaponItemsCargo" commands with input that matches the output of the weaponsItemsCargo command? container addWeaponItemsCargo [weapon, muzzleAttachment, railAttachment, opticAttachment, [optionalMagazine1, bulletCount], [optionalMagazine2, bulletCount], bipodAttachment]; // adds the weapon with specified attachments and loaded magazines container removeWeaponItemsCargo [weapon, muzzleAttachment, railAttachment, opticAttachment, [optionalMagazine1, bulletCount], [optionalMagazine2, bulletCount], bipodAttachment]; // removes first instance of the weapon with specified attachments and bullet counts of loaded magazines Examples: (backpackContainer player) addWeaponItemsCargo [ "arifle_MX_ACO_pointer_F", //weapon "muzzle_snds_H", //suppressor "acc_pointer_IR", //laser "optic_Aco", //optics [ //loaded magazine "30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag", //mag type 30 //mag ammo count ], "bipod_01_F_blk" //bipod ]; (backpackContainer player) removeWeaponItemsCargo ((weaponsItemsCargo (backpackContainer player)) select 0); It'd also be nice to have an "addWeaponItems" command to go with the weaponsItems command. This one is less important, though, as the only new functionality this would provide would be to give a unit a weapon with an already loaded magazine regardless of how much inventory space they have (don't get me wrong, this would be great, but it's not as essential as the "addWeaponItemsCargo" command).
  4. I reinstalled Windows a few months ago and forgot to back up my private .bikey file, so I need to make a new one. My question is, should I use the same name as I did for the last one ("outlw") and inform server admins to delete the old server keys, or should I use a new name like "outlw2015" or something?
  5. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    1. Yes, you can use it in a mod pack for a server, but you should probably wait until I update it and add a server key. 2. You need a server key if you plan on only allowing certain mods.
  6. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    I'll make sure to do it for the next small update which should be out later tonight or tomorrow. What would you like to see in an update for The Fourth Wall?
  7. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    Version 3.1.2 Released Hey, guys! Sorry I'm really shitty about updating/replying to stuff/being a human being! GiPPO, who is a super great person, took the time to update my broken scripts and send me the updated script version a few days ago, and I finally sat down and re-figured out how to turn scripts into an addon. Hopefully, everything is working now. I didn't sign the addon version because I reinstalled Windows a while back and forgot to backup my private .bikey thing, but I dunno if any servers even use the addon version. They generally use the script version, so the addon version is really just for singleplayer. And you don't need a key for singleplayer, so...yeah. Also, thanks to everyone for the emails and PMs of support and feedback! I really do appreciate it, even if it takes me a while to reply! Here's hoping BIS never updates ArmA 3 again! Changelog:
  8. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    Hey, guys. Sorry for the radio silence. I'm not dead, I just gave up waiting for the scripting commands I wanted the devs to implement and moved on to other games. 8( The original reason I didn't release an update quickly after the RPT error was brought to my attention was that I was planning on releasing a large update and didn't want to release too many updates too quickly. But then I got frustrated about the scripting commands thing and uninstalled ArmA 3. And then the reason I didn't update the mod was because I was unable to test it, and regardless of how small the change, I didn't want to release something without making sure it worked properly. So yeah, long story short, I'm a terrible, lazy person and I'm sorry and here's version 3.1.1 and hopefully it works and I'll try to fix things quicker from here on out and maybe I'll even come back to ArmA modding in full at some point in the future and if you're really lucky I might even learn what run-on sentences are and stop using them, I dunno. Anything is possible.
  9. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    There's an addon version for clients and a script version for servers, Lordprimate. serjames, are you talking about the error mentioned by UK_Apollo, or is there another error I don't know about? I haven't launched ArmA 3 in quite a few months, so I'm sorry to everyone who's been hoping for an update. I'll try to work up the motivation to get an update out to fix that missing semicolon soon.
  10. outlawled

    Mag Repack

    Do you have any other mods enabled?
  11. I don't believe it will work in missions that were started before you had Moduload installed, so if you aren't already sure that that's not the problem, you should try starting up a fresh mission. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to tell you. Maybe disable all your mods except Moduload and Mag Repack and start a new mission and see if that will work. If it does, start enabling the rest of your mods one at a time (and start a new mission each time just to be safe) until Moduload stops working. It would also probably be helpful to just list all the mods you have enabled right now. Also, more specifics about the problem would be nice. Is the Moduload button always greyed out when you press escape after loading a mission, or does just nothing happen when you press the button? Does the button not show up? Are you definitely playing ArmA 3 and not Take On Mars or perhaps Frog Fractions? Is your computer even turned on? What is a horse shoe? What does a horse shoe do? Are there any horse socks? Is anybody listening to me?
  12. Hm. It's still active even after you've clicked on it? Are you having this issue with other missions or just that one?
  13. Thanks! And as always, you have my permission to edit any file you want! Thanks for the heads up! I'll look into it. And no problem, man. Glad I could help. So, instead of clicking on the button in the escape menu, you want to be able to just press a keyboard key? Is that what you're asking? If that is what you're asking, I'm sorry, but that won't ever happen. All keyDown eventHandlers (which you need in order to have code run when a certain key is pressed) do not get saved along with the mission. That's why this mod exists in the first place. You can define a keyDown EH in the config of the main display, and I don't think that that keyDown EH ever goes away, but those don't stack, so if two mods did that, one would overwrite the other. Which would be bad. So no one should ever use that.
  14. Huh... Well, okay. Here's the thing, Moduload is essentially two mods packaged together. The first mod is CBA-independent. It adds a button to the escape menu which should always be there no matter what. When this button is pressed, code is run which iterates through all of the CBA Pre/Post Init EH config entries and runs the initialization code for any mods therein. The second mod is CBA-dependent. It adds a keyDown eventHandler to the main display (this is what any mod that you have to press a key to activate does). That keyDown EH waits for the escape key to be pressed. Once it has been pressed, code is run which waits until the escape menu is active, and then a line of code that disables the button is run. That line of code to disable the button A.) only works if the escape menu is the active display, and B.) has to be run every time the escape menu gets opened up again. The button doesn't stay disabled when the escape menu is closed. So if the button is disabled when you enter the escape menu, that means that Moduload's keyDown EH is still working. If Moduload's keyDown EH is still working, all keyDown eventHandlers should be. The second Moduload mod is just like any other CBA-dependent mod; it stops working when they stop working. In theory, if you start a mission, CBA mods should be initialized by CBA. So the second Moduload mod gets initialized which means that the Moduload button is disabled. If anything happens to where CBA mods stop working, the second Moduload mod will stop working, but the first won't. So the button will still be there, and it won't be disabled. If you press the button, all CBA mods will be initialized by Moduload. So the second Moduload mod gets initialized again which means that the button is disabled. That is how the mod is supposed to work. Obviously, this is not the case for you guys. I don't play much singleplayer (or multiplayer for that matter) myself, I mostly just hang out in the editor writing scripts and jerking my knob, so I haven't really tested this out with a whole lot of mods. The mods I'm using right now are CBA, Mag Repack, Tao Folding Map, Blastcore, JSRS, and Moduload. To test out some of the situations you guys mentioned, I just started up the Armed Assault showcase, played for a couple minutes, saved, exited, loaded, and had to reinitialize my mods as Mag Repack and Tao Folding Map weren't working. I hit escape, the Moduload button was not disabled, I pressed it, all mods got reinitialized. I continued to play the mission and a few minutes later, I was killed. I hit the "Load" button and selected the most recent auto-save. I didn't need to reinitialize anything, though, because Mag Repack and Tao Folding Map were still working. The Moduload button was also still disabled. I waited a few minutes and hit the escape key and hit the "Load" button again (without dying this time), and selected the most recent auto-save. Again, what I found was that all my mods were still working. So if there are problems with loading a previous save from within the mission, it might have to do with the specific mods you guys are using. If you guys could give me a list of all the mods you are using, and let me know which of those mods you are sure aren't working after loading a previous save from within the mission, that would be tits. And I would appreciate it as I appreciate all things that are tits. And again, thank you for your kind words and for bringing these issues to my attention. Also, if any of this sounded condescending or anything, that was not my intent. I just want to make things as clear as possible.
  15. Wait, is the button grayed out or not showing up? If it's grayed out, that means the mod is working but that your mods aren't in need of initialization. I mean, you should always have to go back to the menu and resume the mission...because that's what the mod is for. It allows you to reinitialize your mods after you've loaded a save-game. If ever the button is grayed out, that means that the mod is working as intended. If the button is not showing up at all or nothing happens when you press it, then there is a problem. Thank you for the continued feedback.