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  1. I am curious if you are going to fix the awfully broken hit animations? And if you are really going to improve the thermal vision in the game? The flawed integration of thermals has bugged me since the release of the alpha. Also, are you going to improve the explosion effects? Something similar to what we had in ACE Arma 2? Looking forward to your release! Best regards.
  2. NordKindchen

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    I would really like that THEY FIX THEIR BROKEN GAME! Theres so much stuff in the game that other companies wouldnt even publish in an Alpha. The effects still look like from the year 2000, the animation system is only half way build in (soldier turning withtout moving their feet, bolt action rifles reloading themselves magically without help of any of the soldiers hands, f*cked up hit animations and so on and so on and so on) I could write an essay over 10 pages about whats absolutely unacceptably broken in Arma 3. It wont change so why bother. What Arma really needs, way stronger than an Addon, is a competitioner who shows them how its really done. Then we might finally see a polished well designed wanna-be-simulation. Oh btw: Bipods missing since Operation Flashpoint. But Arma 3 is "infantry focussed". Jeah sure...
  3. NordKindchen

    Firing from vehicles unfinished?

    BIS strikes again. Yet another unpolished feature that, if we are honest, should have been integrated polished way back in Arma 2. Not to mention Bipods. Oh dear...I could make a list as long as the whole side with unfinished, unthought through, unpolished things in Arma 3. BIS tought me to never buy a game during the Alpha again. Thanks for that at least.
  4. NordKindchen

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    looks nice!
  5. You guy most likely now that a big part of why it is nearly impossible to use camouflage at distance is because the shadows get disabled while looking through a scope. Switch to 6:37 and you will see that this is quite possible with todays technology and brings a huge improvement. Best regards
  6. NordKindchen

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    That was exactly what I wanted to suggest! Armas lighting engine sadly is not capable of giving good results with high area light at night. Another suggestion I have is if you could town down the yellow of the sparks a little bit? The whiter a spark is the hotter it appears. And the yellow sparks sometimes dont really fit. Other than that: I am eagerly wating for the video ;D Keep up the good work!
  7. NordKindchen

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I am curious!
  8. NordKindchen

    Tanks...are you kidding me???

    This is so F***cking ridiculous. Why cant BIS not let you drive the tank as if it was you in the driver seat? The AI messes up with the movement since OPF times and it doesnt even make sense. When you want an AI to drive forward into a tree he should do it! But atm he decided to drive slowly back and forth left and right and eventually goes straight. Its frustrating and unneccessary. The AI should perfom the actions you tell them to no matter what is in the way. Only expection should be waypoints. But the forward, left, right commands should never be questioned by the AI! Design flaws like this are at every corner of the game.
  9. Has anyone tried Red Orchestra 2? I found the weapon handling extremely satisfying there. However due to regulations in my country I never came to shoot rifles myself so Iwould really like to know what people with shooting experience say about RO 2 weapon handling. Best regards!
  10. NordKindchen

    Boring Ragdoll System (1.24)

    The way all big games do it is this: They have a dying animation and if the dead player released to a force while dying (explosion) or after he finishes his dying animation (dying on a stairwell) he then proceeds to ragdoll. What we have now is: Ragdoll. And that doesnt make for very satisfying dying effects... Red Orchestra 2 was mentioned earlier. Actually RO 2 has as I stated above: a dying animation and after that a ragdoll. Its what Arma should have had. But jeah....whatever
  11. NordKindchen

    Imagine What Next Gen In Arma Would Look Like

    Exactly my thoughts! =D
  12. NordKindchen

    Imagine What Next Gen In Arma Would Look Like

    Dude... I am aware of that. It was just a sarcastic statement that should point out that we are still waiting for bipods since OPF times.
  13. NordKindchen

    Imagine What Next Gen In Arma Would Look Like

    I am not quite sure if next gen hardware can handle it but if the possibility exists I would dream of bipods! But I am no fool and know that the hardware is still not quite there yet.
  14. NordKindchen

    Ruin your copy of Arma and your PC.

    Shadow distance is quite interesting!
  15. NordKindchen

    any news on weapon resting?

    Cmon guys! Its only one year since the feature is requested! You need to be patient. I bet if we stay calm for...mh like 3 years we might even eventually get it!