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  2. x_DarkSpecter_x

    NO, BIS, NO.

    They could if they wanted to is all I'm saying. I mean, the have a CDLC from the cold war, why couldn't they make one of the years leading up to this war? And again, I understand that there's new content even without the aliens, but again, in my opinion aliens is very backward to what Arma has always been. You say I'm generalizing "all streamers" when in fact I said "most popular." There's quite a big difference there. But sure, to humor you I'll bite. I'm not generalizing, but you have to take into consideration view count because it is directly related to what people like/are interested to. You will find that many (again, not all, don't misrepresent my argument) of the top channels are based around MilSim ops, set in a realistic contemporary or historical setting. Channels such as OperatorDrewski, Shermanator, Jester814 and Dslyecxi. You said yourself "next gen stuffs are rare to see" but don't ask why. Perhaps the reason is people are in fact more interested in contemporary/historical assets? But you're right, I should have been more clear about Youtubers using vanilla assets. What I meant was more pertaining to vanilla CSAT/NATO units (as in a scenario of just NATO vs CSAT infantry). Personally I don't see the top Arma 3 milsim channels using those, but instead using RHS/CUP etc but hey maybe that's just me. And just to be clear, and to quote myself once again because you didn't seem to understand what I was getting at, I'm not complaining about the aliens or the futuristic setting, but I understand why people aren't a fan. Yes, there are mods for modern day/WWII etc, but they can't guarantee the same quality as BI. BI could, if they wanted to, make an expansion of pre 2035, and it would be very popular (I would argue more popular among the Arma community than aliens) so why not? Also, mind you there's also a lot of non current day "stuffs" flooding the workshop too (including aliens) so by your logic, no need for alien "stuffs" in an expansion right? You know what, let's just ask BI to cancel all upcoming expansions because we have the Steam workshop.
  3. lordfrith

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    this is really interesting stuff! The military cargo buildings (especially cargo HQ and cargo Tower) are a bit of a nightmare for building patrols, looks like this could help. 👍 Is the plan that this would work dynamically for any defined buildings (eg. as part of random patrol script)? ah, thats a good idea too, i'll try that 😄 🖖
  4. Hi Tried the startLoadingScreen command in my mission in init.sqf file but nothing happens. Is the command broken or how do you get the load screen to show up? Also not sure when to call this function because missions also have their own loading screen Tried this: startLoadingScreen ["Loading My Mission"]; thx
  5. polish straw is stronk straw i'd love to create new buildings using the textures of the new assets. If it's EBO i cant do anything with them effectively.
  6. shadeops21

    Inducing a texture load error

    I've actually tried doing that on purpose: keying in both a unit and uniform asset with "TEST" class names and filepath it to a .paa texture that does not even exist. It's funny, when you think about it. When you want everything to work, errors occur. But the moment you try to deliberately create the error, you can't.
  7. TPW MODS 20190525: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [CORE 1.71, FOG 1.75, SOAP 1.47] Added preliminary support for Livonia DLC terrain. [ALL] Added global delay to all mods to allow all TPW CORE functions to complete initialising. [CARS 1.66] Improved range of default Arma3 vehicles spawned (more vans and trucks). Prevent cars from running out of fuel. Better stuck car removal code. [CROWD 1.18] Improved idle animation speeds. Distant simulation disabled civs will now disperse if cars nearby. Injured/dead crowd civs will now be removed after 30 seconds or so, if not in view of player. [HUD 1.74] Simplified unit dots brightness will match overall HUD brightness (thanks Zakuaz). [MUFFLER] Reduced engine/rpm pitch correlations (ie engines won't rev to such high rpm). Vans now get more appropriate diesel MRAP sounds. Trucks get more appropriate Ural sounds. [PUDDLE 1.03] Will use Livonian puddle objects if available. I’ve broken my long standing injunction against using the sometimes flakey dev version to get my hands on the Livonia terrain. Pretty impressive for a prerelease, let’s hope they sort out the poor urban performance, shrink the buildings a little, add a bit more diverse content and get the background ambient noise sorted out. In the mean time , TPW MODS will help you enliven it. Currently the ambience is Russian, I’ll get to work on a Polish pack.
  8. lordfrith

    Inducing a texture load error

    i manage to... acheive this invisible uniform often enough when making mods 😉 I'm a little hazy on the exact technique but you could try making a dummy mod of one uniform, getting drunk and putting a few typos in the file paths for the model? then you could just load this uniform for all the screen shots
  9. Today
  10. Is it possible to add? shooting speed if AI have lmg https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceWeaponFire and how many bullets can ai shoots
  11. +1 to .kju's request. That would help get people to actually promote and buy the DLC!
  12. Arcurus

    NO, BIS, NO.

    I'm betting there won't actually be any aliens to fight. Story is probably about abandoned alien tech and the Spetznatz and NATO fighting over them.
  13. Would it be possible to to change range of addAction value? In a way similar to how "mem bullets" works. Such an option would be very handy, as default 50m is in most cases just to much 😛
  14. So, Somewhat unconventional question here. I want to induce an error with my mod in order for me to have no visible body/uniform. It's not actually going to be part of a mod; I'm just making a shortcut that'll allow me to make arsenal icons for things like vests and backpacks a lot faster (no body + blue/green render world = easy cut/deletion of background behind the item I'm making an icon of). Unless a faster method for making item icons (as seen in the left side of the arsenal listing and in the player inventory) for things like helmets, vests, etc exists where I don't spend hours in GIMP and Photoshop manually cutting out vests and such by hand... Anyway, just want to know a quick and easy way to replicate this: Cheers!
  15. Any chance of getting the fix for vehicles and static weapons?
  16. snakeplissken

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    and https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Game_Updater_Manual To run the game in "Dev" mode, run the "Arma3GU.exe" executable that is inside the "GameUpdater" folder that is inside the "ArmA 3 Tools" folder.
  17. Like the map so far, just has that nice mix of everything also some nice choke points. The ai seem ok driving and moving around it, which is good because expected some wonkiness when crossing bridges. Some performance stuff, but nothing that bad. Though most noticeable for me in high veg areas like that little ruin fort in the northwest. So far no big problems standing out, though i wish i could demo the bridges.
  18. Thanks to N Ezhov and his team IFA3 has now a Chinese translation! Subscribe and load along their "Arma III Chinese Localization Enhanced" mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=648503169
  19. @pierremgi Thank you. Never actually thought to test firing a weapon at it while it was in-flight. That actually clears up my suspicion that it was intentional. If anyone is interested I've filed a bug in the feedback tracker. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139722
  20. harper1998

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    DEV UPDATE 001 I figure I should do weekly updates for the time being, my summer schedule may pick up with volunteering so this commitment may be bogged down later. ADDITIONS I have added the Slammer family (including the Scorcher, and Sandstorm) as well as the AMV-7 Marshall which is called the LAV-IV Badger. Since the Marshall has no canon origin nation I am imagining it to be the US version of the LAV-IV in the same fashion as the Stryker being derived from the LAV-III Kodiak. I have also added the CF-39 Gryphon as the main fighter jet of the RCAF. CHANGES I have renamed the Leopard 2A8 to the C2A8 Grizzly since it is a domestic derivative according to the lore of this faction Here's a little preview of what I have so far, I will put together an in-universe PDF document covering all the equipment of the faction and here's my working cover.
  21. I'm sure it's that annoying constant ambient environmental whoosh sample. I also often get the pops when hitting escape, or alt tabbing.
  22. ISparkle

    NO, BIS, NO.

    Pretty sure popular ArmA streamers use vanila assets one way or the other. And you cannot generalize all streamers as going after the same thing as everyone. Some are into milsim, some are in between and runs vanila ops to mixture of using current and 2035 stuffs in between current day stuffs. Some strictly run scifi based ops from their favorite franchise such as Halo, Star Wars, WH40k. I don't know where you got that impression of no one using vanila 2035 assets? Don't tell me you don't consider milsim groups using 2035 'helix' truck as not using 2035 assets. Or using USS Freedom or VLS. Besides, current day stuffs are flooding in Workshop currently. No need for current day stuffs as you get to see it flooding workshop and outside of the game while next gen stuffs are rare to see.
  23. .kju

    NO, BIS, NO.

    Little correction here: People hacked OFP open for modding - Ondrej and Marek were smart enough to keep available However BI never had a dedicated modding support strategy with people assigned full time for it. Essentially all modding is a by-product from BI own efforts, the effort and motivation of BI individuals and the community "forcing" BI to do stuff (like the source model releases or some of the tools or converters to become public). --- Anyhow in regards to the topic here: My best guess would be its the combination of: BI needs their non programmers to work on other projects until Enfusion is ready. RV4/A3 is a solid and stable platform allowing to produce new content with no programmer support. Most content developers need a change after working for years on a theme, have their personal dreams/motivation for a topic or some gameplay approach. And finally the Amsterdam studio is the best creative and story telling driven people from BI as far as i can tell. I am pretty sure the result will be good, and the "Alien" aspect is overestimated, like the "future" one was with A3.
  24. @shay_gman I don't know if you check your GitHub repository's issues or not so I'm just letting you know here about a mission-breaking bug I found. https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev/issues/60 I'm not sure if this is an issue specific to me or not, but I've experienced it across two servers I run and several missions I've made. It happens both in Dedicated MP and Eden MP Preview. I'm not trying to rush you or anything. Just want to make sure you know about it for when you have time to work on it. It is kind of a serious bug though since it completely messes up the way missions initialize.
  25. I'm encountering pretty regular audio pops in my left ear specifically when moving around Livonia, particularly when I get near forests. Environmental sounds also cut out completely when I travel over water.
  26. AveryTheKitty

    NO, BIS, NO.

    BIS isn't just going to do away with the current setting, that'd be silly to think. Also, once again - the aliens are optional and you need the DLC to play with them as far as I can tell. So - honestly, so long as you don't have the DLC or don't have the aliens part loaded, you will not encounter aliens AT ALL.
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