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  2. pierremgi

    Object player destruct detection

    Destroyed objects are not repairable. Play with EH handleDamage .
  3. If you have less than a hundred markers, 🙂 just add some triggers on them (anyPlayer Present, non repeatable). You will not see a loss in performance, even in MP. I'd rather don't add CBA for nut.
  4. Service menu tutorial is up, including basic usage and mission setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRurM866hv4
  5. Today
  6. Rich_R

    Dismount Where You Look

    We’re doing a mission on Sunday and will try the mod with six people and see what happens. But sure if it’s still acting up would love to test it with you! thanks!
  7. I am unable to join official servers and get a battleye popup saying "admin ban wlb". At first I thought is was just some hacker doing that temp ban thing, but it seems like I can't join any of the official servers. I’m not having any trouble with other battleye servers, just the official ones. Does anyone know what it means?
  8. @KaidenSmith, This gets complicated fast. Post as much information as possible. A killed EH would do it (can detect collision, too)-- but to be thorough I think may want more than one EH. For example: say the object is a truck. What if the player empties a magazine into the wheels but doesn't completely destroy the vehicle? Can they repair that? Besides that the usual: how is the object created? how many objects can there be? Stuff like that. Have fun!
  9. Kuljack

    Ammo and Crashes

    Both known issues. It used to be worse for crashes, it seems that if you crash before you enter the match or it’s a crash on the server end loosing gear is a 50/50. If it’s a hard crash to dashboard or a connection issue on player side it seems to take gear. Maybe to prevent rage kids from shutting off xbox before they die.
  10. wogz187

    Markers on Death

    @nickaguns this addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; deleteMarker "Victim"; createMarker ["Victim", position _unit]; "Victim" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "Victim" setMarkerSize [20, 20]; systemChat format ["%1", _instigator]; }]; I'm not sure about the details of your marker but if you add this EH to the civilian init properties it'll place a marker where they died and chat the killer's identity. Each time a unit with this EH is killed it will delete the previous marker and set a new one. Have fun! Same as callable function:
  11. I don't think that. I'm telling you to not use it as the game auto detects it. All you can do with that is either nothing, or making it worse. So you should not use it. Then we need RPT/Crashdump from that.
  12. anfo

    Brush Clearing

    Thank you. Maybe later we can figure out how to put it back into ACE self interact under the entrenching tool. 😊
  13. Kuljack

    Threat challenges

    Currently there is the Kill a Threat challenge. Can we see this modified to be Kill or Become a Threat? As it stands, I am dependent on someone else having the skill to kill 4 other players and become the threat before I can even attempt this. It’s been two days now without a threat to kill. I almost had one last night, but the teammate killed his partner and the TK player left before I could see if that kill counts toward challenge.
  14. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Good news - I made a big push on Aurora this weekend and I'm into testing now. Maybe a week or so and it will be out!
  15. I hear what your saying but you'll really burn your bridges at getting help if you insist on showing an rpt with bad mods that will surely cause issue -and you swearing that the same thing happens to you without. Not saying i dont believe you -but why waste your chance to get a real fix to your problem is all
  16. He has the zombies flagged as renegade: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/sideEnemy Essentially, every unit has a "Rating" (score). If you kill civilians or teammates the score drops drastically, at -2000 or below, you are flagged as hostile to everyone. This also works with AI, as you can flag civilians as renegades and everything will shoot at them. He also uses a "fake bullet" to deal damage from the zombie melee attacks, so that the other AI's know they're being attacked. In your case though you might want to go with a different technique assuming you don't want the handlers shooting the guard dogs.
  17. ThePerpetual

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    I hate to be that guy, nagging a creative for release time, but... Can we have hope for this releasing sometime this year, or would we be looking at another 6 months of development? This is the aircraft Arma always needed, the Littlebird of fixed wings!
  18. lv1234


    @haleksBTW does your cleanup function include dropped items in general?
  19. Reproduced and made a bug report. Hangars and the USAF containers and missile carts can also be used for service points. Also, enabling 'Replace Vanilla Auto-Service' in the CBA mission settings will make all vanilla trucks and containers function as USAF service points. Plan to make a service menu tutorial soon.
  20. Darkhound7

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    you could always use the debug Civ rep [10] call F_cr_changeCR; // To increase civilian reputation by 10 [10, true] call F_cr_changeCR; // To decrease by civilian rep 10
  21. gerhart

    Arma3 Videos

  22. johnnyboy

    Brush Clearing

    This is very useful, thanks. And if you don't have an entrenching tool, you can always trim the bushes with Double-Ought Buck! 😀
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  24. wogz187

    Supply drop

    @avibird 1, Larrow's script is tight. It reminds me of how to make a merchant container in Bethesda games. Check your setup is like this, Have fun!
  25. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Arma 3 still a popular title

    @zukov I recently has a conversation with a few individuals from BI and my complaint was the stiffness of Arma. By stiffness, I mean the "clunkiness", the "inflexibility" of it. I mentioned "Simple" things like environment interactions... climbing, digging, picking up sticks and stones (to build a shelter or bivouac). As it stands, there is very little in terms of interacting with the environment. If you've ever played far cry, you'll understand what I'm about to mention.. In arma, when you brush past a bush, you hear nothing different. In Farcry, when you do the same, you hear the rustling of the leaves. In Arma, you can walk through cactus without being injured. Its little things like that which could be improved. There are elements of DayZ which could be incorporated as well. Breakdowns of vehicles, injuries caused by walking over uneven ground, et cetera. To put this into context with ease of use, I will mention Modules such as those found within mods such as RHS and Ryans Zombies and Demons. In the RHS module, it provides for Paradrop, in Zombies and Demons, it provides for the spawning of enemies. To a competent programmer, these thigs are easily solved via scripting. But for the other 80% of us, a module is what is needed. Arma have an opportunity to make the game more accessible to the "average" player, and I'd like to see them exploit this in future titles. Sono nato a Pozzuoli zukov
  26. Is there a garbage collector like what Java has that deletes allocations unassigned from variables? E.g. _a = [] _a = [] versus _a = [] _a = nil _a = [] _a = nil First would leak without a garbage collector.
  27. You need at least one interaction created inside "fn_initInteracciones.sqf". That errors happens if the script doesn't loop through the "Interacciones_Interacciones" variable.
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