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JSRS SOUNDMOD is a sound modification for ArmA3. The purpose of this modification is to bring new sounds to the game, making it more exciting. Many would say it makes the game much more realistic, but that is not the initial purpose of this modification. Even if some sounds are authentic to what we call "modern warfare", the main purpose was just to create a certain type of sound feeling.


Visit the new JSRS-Studios.com website for more information about my work!




In addition, I have a small selection of supported modifications:


The Armaholic mirror version:

JSRS Soundmod









The mod can be subscribed on Steam Workshop and will update automatically!
Once its in there you have multiple options. Either you start up the game, go under settings and into the "expansions" menu and select the mod and restart ArmA3. Or you use the integrated ArmA3 launcher that you can find in the ArmA3 main folder, go under parameters and select JSRS Soundmod (and additional) under mods.



JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0419

- Tweaked firing sound for Zubr revolver, was way over the top
- Tweaked firing sound for M4 rifle family (CUP and RHS)
- Tweaked fring sounds for all vanilla weapons plus all CUP/RHS compat weapon sounds
- Tweaked many minor tweaks all across the soundscape
- Added new sounds/cfg for vehicles of Tank DLC


JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0417C:

- Tweaked some volume values for M249, M240, AKM, AK74, SCAR and more weapons as they used a wrong layer.
- Tweaked new sounds for DSHK and M2 50cal


JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0417:
Again: New signature Key. JSRS_Soundmod_2020_V2. Admins be aware!
(Do to some issue with the signing tools, it had my keys deleted!)

- Tweaked small arms pistols volume and overall power
- Tweaked Mar10 to be more powerful (SD sounds still missing the cracks)
- Tweaked close explosion sounds have a bit more bass and sound clearer
- Tweaked vehicle engine sounds. Tested a new idea and it came out pretty good
- Exhanged/New engine sounds for Offroad, MWB, SUV, Van, Van_02
- Tweaked M249 and M240 sounds, tho I'm not quite happy with the results yet
- Made some adjustments to have a better immersion playing Old Man Scenario

- Deleted all reloading sounds out of RHS compat files as these cause RPT logs during multiplayer



Attention: NEW KEY!
JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0331:
NEW KEY signature. JSRS_Soundmod_2020

- Fixed some weapons where muted interior
- Tweaked some sounds and explosions



Old Changes:


JSRS Soundmod Update CE.19.1114:

- Fixed Missing healing sounds for self healing first aid kits
- Fixed rocket and grenade explosion sounds. Rockets hitting vehicles are still to loud and will be played twice, ArmA related thing, not JSRS!

- Tweaked some distances, volumes and general maintenance
- Tweaked some new layers into the weapon sounds as part of "prove of concept work"


JSRS Soundmod Update CE.19.1114:

- Fixed the key... again! New Key, new signatures, hope this works this time *eyes rolling*

- Tweaked weapon sound volume, had to bring them down as the current state distorts the sounds a lot
- Tweaked multiple distances and volumes for various effects such as the movement, way to dominant
- Tweaked explosion sounds were just a distorted scream without bass, kinda tried to fix them back up
- Tweaked some of the weaopn sounds during my "its been months, let's hear how it sounds like" routine


JSRS Soundmod Update CE.19.0829:

- Tweaked whole configuration structure
- Tweaked many soundsets and shaders to rather inherit controllers instead of creating new ones constantly
- Tweaked multiple volumes and distances
- Fixed some ram leaking problems
- Fixed some performance and fps drop offs
- Further improved WW2 weapon sounds for IFA3 and FOW and prepared for first release of JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.0829 IFA3 AIO Mod Sound Support


JSRS Soundmod Update CE.19.0822:


- Tweaked volume cutoffs

- Fixed weird attanuation and filter issue causing all sounds to come out way to dry and flat

- Preparation for WW2 weapons collection and GM support


JSRS Soundmod - CE.19.0819 Changes:
Updated the modification to a complete file instead of its modularity. Hence the CE in the versioning for "Complete Edition".

- New explosion sounds and minor changes
- New Distance sounds and weapon effects got slightly tweaked
- New movement volumes and changes to the behavior
- Massive merging of several sound sets to reduce the stress during the game
- Multiple tweaks around the mods structure in order to work more fluid

- Added several new weapon sounds in order to support other mods (RHS, CUP)

- Due to time reasons I cutted SMA and NiArms out of my loop for now. They caused way too many issues and I couldn't find the time to fix it, so I delete them for now


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0728 Changes:

- Fixed MX Weapon sounds changed by enoch/contact dlc
- Many new sound effects, many updated or changed completely since the last 6 months. Especially soniccracks, weapons and explosion sounds!


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0130 Changes:


- Fixed Missing M197 Gatling sounds for RHS AH64 Apache
- Fixed Wind sounds were way too loud
- Fixed Wrong bikeys in some RHS Compat versions


- Added Ricochet Shell sounds for 20-40mm and Shell rounds


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0127 Changes:


- Added Very close distance cracks (Loud, screamy)


- Tweaked Soniccracks got one more step (4 sets of cracks per ammo type)
- Tweaked Distance sounds got a bit more bass
- Tweaked Increased distance volume and distance values
- Tweaked Distance filter threshold


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0126 Hotfix Changes:


- Fixed Distance firefights around 300 meters were barely audible
- Fixed Soniccracks were too low


- Tweaked overall loudness of firefights


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0126 Changes:


- Tweaked Explosion volume and distances
- Tweaked Weapon sounds are a little more poppy
- Tweaked Volumes for overall firefights
- Tweaked Soniccracks to have more variants
- Tweaked Weapon distance effects to have more variants
- Tweaked 3D Processors for explosions and weapons


- Added Wood creak sounds for moving inside wooden floor buildings
- Added Tiles sound effects for moving inside tile floor buildings


- Added RPK74 was not covered
- Added Launchers to the covered weapons
- Tweaked multiple vehicle sounds
- Added New vehicle effect


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0114 Changes:

- Tweaked multiple vehicle driving sounds and volumes
- Tweaked Rocket and missile sound effects
- Tweaked Vehicle weapons interior firing sounds

Update JSRS Framework with hundrets of new sounds for upcoming compat mods like CUP and RHS vehicle sounds
First release of CUP Weapons and vehicles Mod sound support


JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0109 Changes:

- Tweaked most land vehicle volumes for interior and exterior sounds
- Tweaked some of the helicopter volumes
- Tweaked all weapons firing sounds to sound more bassy, metallic, modern FPS shooter like - Drastic change!
- Tweaked open field weapon firing reflections
- Tweaked all weapon firing volumes and distances
- Tweaked 3D processors for more environmental awereness
- Tweaked Vehicle weapon firing sounds for more interior feeling when the camera is inside the vehicle
- Tweaked Increased audible silenced weapon distance
- Tweaked Interior weapon firing silencer volume
- Tweaked Increased bullethit sounds volume and audible distance

- Added New environmental weapon firing reflections for urban and forest areas
- Added AD97 into vanilla content
- Added New interior vehicle firing sounds (Being in first person)


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0820 Changes:

- Tweaked All silenced weapon sounds got tweaked
- Tweaked Volume of direct reflection while on meadows got lowered
- Tweaked Almost all weapon reloading sounds got reworked
- Tweaked Movement on solid surfaces more audible
- Tweaked Reloading sounds are sounding more metallic
- Tweaked Separated RHS compat configs in all for variants (AFRF, USAF, GREF, SAF)
- Tweaked All RHS compat configs got overhauled
- Tweaked Massive Soniccracks overhaul (Finally new field recordings)

- Added Weapon shaking sound effects when firing
- Added All weapons got new silencer sounds, more different weapon types added
- Added New Soniccrack sounds based on field recordings
- Added New Reloading sounds for SMA weapons
- Added New sounds for warhead launchers
- Added New reflections for launchers
- Added New BiKeys for RHS compat (jsrs_soundmod_rhs_compat.bikey)
- Added New sounds for M590 (Shot, Reloading, and Pump) (RHS)
- Added New proper sounds for the Type115 ARX .50
- Added New sounds for GMG20, GMG40, and MK19 (RHS)
- Added New DSHK sounds (RHS)
- Added B_12Gauge_Slug to compat

- Fixed Updating base classes for SMG01 and PDW2000
- Fixed Compat updating base classes for RHS weapons
- Fixed GMG20 and GMG40 were using the wrong sounds
- Fixed Some reloading sounds were not synced (incl. RHS)


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0726 Changes:
- Tweaked Explosion sounds got a little sharper
- Tweaked Movement sounds volume got a tiny increase
- Tweaked Crawling sounds volume got increased
- Tweaked Tiny details on reloading sounds

- Fixed Pbo that contained config files contained both, .cpp and .bin

- Added New sounds for the weapon Phalanx AA
- Added New explosion sounds to  UXO cluster ammo


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0722 Changes:

- Tweaked Lowered weapons volume on distances
- Tweaked Volume got increased for crawling in first person view


- Fixed Missing sounds for flares
- Fixed Missing rotor sound for all helicopters (Rotor bench)


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0719 Changes:


- Added New Smokeshell/grenade sound effects


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0718B Changes:
- Fixed Warning Message: No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgSoundShaders.jsrs_close_step"run_soundshader'.
- Fixed Warning Message: No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgSoundShaders.jsrs_close_step"walk_soundshader'.
- Fixed Warning Message: No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgSoundShaders.jsrs_close_step"sprint_soundshader'.


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0718 Changes:

- Tweaked Rain sounds got lowered a little
- Tweaked Weapon volume on distances
- Tweaked Environmentsounds lowered
- Tweaked Overall dynamics
- Tweaked Weapon volumes and explosion dynamics
- Tweaked Movement sounds lowered, dynamics, more details

- Fixed Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_air_vehicles\sounds\mq12_falcon\int_main.wss  not found !!!
- Fixed Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_land_vehicles\sounds\engines\mbt_02\mbt_02_low_ext.ogg  not found !!!
- Fixed Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_weapons\sounds\shot\skyfire\close2_2.ogg  not found !!!
- Fixed Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_air_vehicles\sounds\shared\\gear_up_in.ogg  not found !!!
- Fixed Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_weapons\sounds\shot\closure\cannon_reload.ogg  not found !!!
- Fixed Updating base class Rifle_Base_F->Rifle_Short_Base_F, by jsrs_soundmod_cfg_weapons\config.cpp/cfgweapons/pdw2000_base_F
- Fixed Updating base class Rifle_Base_F->Rifle_Short_Base_F, by jsrs_soundmod_cfg_weapons\config.cpp/cfgweapons/SMG_01_Base
- Fixed Missing Bipod sounds

- Added New movement sounds for wet surfaces during raining or humidity
- Added New sounds for random noises during movement (Slide, stone hit, branches crack)
- Added New explosion sounds for rockets
- Added New echo sounds for firing and explosions
- Added New sounds for Bipods



JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0629B Changes:

- Fixed Updating Base Classes for multiple weapons
- Fixed Updating Base Classes for RHS ASFR/USAF/GREF
- Fixed Inheritance problem for RHS made AI use pistols (Kinda still do...)
- Fixed A dependency for ASR AI was inside on of the pbos


JSRS Soundmod - 6.18.0629 Changes:

- Tweaked Movement volume for footsteps
- Tweaked Weapon tails distance and volume
- Tweaked Helicopter exterior volume where too loud
- Tweaked Lowered general volume and texture for most ambient sounds
- Tweaked All weapons got reworked / exchanged
- Tweaked All vehicle noises got reworked
- Tweaked Combined all air vehicle sounds
- Tweaked Combined all land vehicle sounds
- Tweaked Overall volume and normalization
- Tweaked Combined all warfare sounds (Cracks, Snaps, Hits, explosions etc...)
- Tweaked Combined all cfg files into several big ones to prevent lagging
- Tweaked Added new layers to mechanical parts of weapons
- Tweaked Added new pop sounds for distance weapon sounds
- Tweaked Combined all weapon sounds into one big file
- Tweaked General revision and maintenance
- Tweaked Movement/Gear noises
- Tweaked overall soniccrack appearance and volume
- Tweaked Increased volume and distance for gear noises
- Tweaked overall texture of movement sounds and stance noises
- Tweaked Soniccracks got more punch and are louder/normalized
- Tweaked Distances for movement
- Tweaked Drastically reduced appearance and volume of reflections - there was way to much noise going on
- Tweaked Soniccracks in medium distances got improved
- Tweaked Overall movement volume and gear noises
- Tweaked Gear sounds while running was too loud
- Tweaked Framework got updated with new stereo panners
- Tweaked All explosions cause a shockwave sound when close and in direct sight (WIP)
- Tweaked Huge explosions cause a drastic echo reflection and a huge explosion tail for giant distances (WIP)
- Tweaked Increased Volume for all explosions
- Tweaked Reloading volumes
- Tweaked Explosion sounds on various distances, increased punch and volume
- Tweaked Added distortion to short explosions and made them way louder
- Tweaked Overall punchier reflections for explosions
- Tweaked Overall rain appearance, heavy rain is needs highest rain value
- Tweaked Soniccracks and bullet snaps got improved
- Tweaked Overall explosion volumes and distances
- Tweaked Explosion reflections for forests, houses and meadows
- Tweaked Overall movement sounds, volume and distances
- Tweaked Movement sounds for various surfaces got improved
- Tweaked Overall nature soundscape got tiny tweaks
- Tweaked Each surface has a different volume, forest or grass is way louder than solid road or even a carpet
- Tweaked Running through bushes cause louder sounds now
- Tweaked Vegetation noises are now way more random
- Tweaked Silenced weapon firing got improved
- Tweaked Handheld weapons cause louder and sharper reflections
- Tweaked Improved weapon tails when in the open
- Tweaked Explosion debris is more precise to where the explosion appears
- Tweaked Overall distance weapon sounds to better spot the location of the shooter
- Tweaked All weapon sounds have a sharp attack curve, more popping sounds
- Tweaked Click before the shot got improved and slightly displaced
- Tweaked Some reloading sounds where too loud
- Tweaked Interior firing reflection volume got increased
- Tweaked Urban wind noises triggered too early
- Tweaked Reduced distance gear noises
- Tweaked Reworked the CAS01 cannon sound

- Added A few hundred new distance warfare sounds
- Added Offroad vehicle sounds
- Added Truck_01, Truck_02 and Truck_03 vehicle sounds
- Added New reloading sounds for all weapons (JSRS_Soundmod - Realoadingsounds)
- Added New sounds for all vehicles
- Added New sounds for all weapons
- Added New sounds for amphibious vehicles in water
- Added New distance walking sounds
- Added New soniccrack sounds for various distances
- Added New debris sounds for 'houses' areas
- Added Revised vehicle debris sounds
- Added New thunder sounds
- Added New debris sounds for explosions
- Added Close explosion shockwave sounds
- Added New sounds for running through bushes, foliage
- Added New crawling sounds
- Added New wind sounds for low and high wind speeds
- Added New tiny details to silenced weapon firing (weapon shaking)
- Added New reflection sounds to handheld weapons
- Added New vehicle attenuation filters and 3d processors
- Added New shorter weapon closure sounds (tiny click before shot)
- Added New reloading sounds for RHS weapons (AKM, Ak74, AS VAL, SVD, M16, M4...)
- Added Support for CUP (JSRS_Soundmod CUP Weapons Support)
- Added New sounds for M134

- Fixed Missing bullethit/wizz sounds
- Fixed MBT3 Kuma sounds were odd (still is)
- Fixed Missing Minigun sounds for AH6 Pawnee
- Fixed Missing distance crawl sounds
- Fixed Close MK18 firing and distance firing were out of sync
- Fixed Varsuk MBT03 went silent after start up
- Fixed Some explosion volumes where over the top
- Fixed Mortar explosions were too loud
- Fixed Some explosions caused sound stuttering
- Fixed Birds react to weapon firing and warfare
- Fixed NormalEXT surface was using wrong surface movement sounds
- Fixed Some thunder noises where way too loud
- Fixed Minigun sounds on AH6 MELB in RHS was missing using JSRS


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1222 Changes:

- Tweaked New MX Sounds for firing have changed - see Fixes
- Tweaked All weapon sounds got revised for correct stacking in the audio engine - No more independently working sounds in distances resulting in multiple pop of only one shot

- Fixed MX Weapon entries were mixed up
- Fixed Wrong inheritance for jet sounds
- Fixed SoundSet.frequencyRandomizer': Missing ';' at the end of line
- Fixed CAS1 Main Cannon sounds restored to (not correctly working) sounds
- Fixed AAF Buzzard were missing all engine sounds - still heavy WIP


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1218 Changes:

- Added New Jet sounds got added - WIP

- Tweaked Gau8 sounds got changed, not really working great because of missing SoundSet system
- Tweaked Cannon sounds for Blackfoot and Kajman
- Tweaked Interior vehicle weapon sounds were too loud

- Fixed RPT "Sound: Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_helicopters\sounds\shared\\gear_up_in.ogg not found"
- Fixed Sevaral RPTs "Missing ';' at the end of line"
- Fixed Missing Cas01 cannon sounds
- Fixed CTD after Kajman firing main cannon


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1206 Changes:

- Added several new gun mechanic sounds for silenced firing

- Tweaked Volume and distances for close firing
- Tweaked SD weapon sound volume and gun mechanics
- Tweaked Weapon sounds for all AK family weapons (AKM, AK12, AK100+, AKS74U, AK74M...)
- Tweaked Weapon sounds for some of the M4/M16/HK/SPAR family weapons
- Tweaked 4Five Pistol weapon sounds now sound more like .45

- Fixed Updating base class for M_Mo_120mm_AT made guided missiles inaccurate (Cfg Soniccracks and explosions)
- Fixed SMA M4 weapons had no firing sounds for full auto
- Fixed SMA Tavor had no Silencer sounds
- Fixed Weapon MMG1 Navid used wrong weapon sounds



JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1129 Changes:


- Added Multiple sounds for reflections and tails to all weapons


- Tweaked Performance for general sound usage
- Tweaked Volume of SD weapons and close firing of non-SD weapons
- Tweaked Reduced explosion sound shader limit
- Tweaked Controllers for different environment types
- Tweaked Reduced occlusion and obstruction filter factor
- Tweaked Tail and Reflector usage


- Fixed Missing interior sounds for M9 Beretta and M1911A1 (RHS)
- Fixed Missing sounds for PCML


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1110 Changes:


- Added SMA "Specialist Military Arms" Weapon sound support
- Added New soundset for AAC 5x56mm rifles
- Added New soundset for Scar 5x56mm/7x62mm rifles
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS USF MP7A2
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS USF M24 SWS
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS USF M40A5
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS GREF/SAF Sa vz.58
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS GREF/SAF Sa vz.61
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS AFRF Mosin SBR (suppressor)
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS AFRF T-5000
- Added JSRS soundsets to RHS AFRF (suppressor)
- Added RHS Vehicle sounds support (WIP)


- Tweaked Reduced 3D procession for tails and reduced distances
- Tweaked Tail system got improved
- Tweaked Silenced weapon tails got improved
- Tweaked Minigun Sounds
- Tweaked Tail volume and distances got improved
- Tweaked Tails reflect environment more powerful
- Tweaked Weapons have less tail samples but a higher repeat rate, no stuttering anymore
- Tweaked All distance tails got improved or exchanged with new ones
- Tweaked AK100 series sounds got improved
- Tweaked AkM and Ak47 family sounds got improved
- Tweaked Soniccrack Volume on further distances was too loud and noisy
- Tweaked Soft surfaces such as concrete and dirt roads made a solid step noise
- Tweaked Most weapons had a too strong frequency randomizer applied
- Tweaked Volume for distance weapon tails were too low



- Fixed Missing RHS Mk14 EBRII soundsets - set to Mk18Ebr
- Fixed Servaral missing RHS indoor soundsets for M107, M2010, PP2000 and so on
- Fixed NIArms G36 was missing JSRS sounds for burst mode
- Fixed NIArms HK53 and HK33A2 were missing JSRS sounds for burst mode
- Fixed Missing RPG7V interior shot sounds
- Fixed Missing ASP Kir firing sounds
- Fixed Missing Minigun sounds for various helicopters
- Fixed Missing firing sounds for Nlaw
- Fixed Missing soundshader 1700m to 2500m Distances
- Fixed File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_helicopters\sounds\wy-55_hellcat\int_main.ogg.ogg not found


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1102 Changes:


- Added New distant silenced firing sounds
- Added New Minigun sounds for all vehicle miniguns


- Tweaked Shorter distances
- Tweaked LowPassFilter got improved
- Tweaked Using "SoundSet Parameter" on Miniguns
- Tweaked Silenced Firing weapon sounds got improved
- Tweaked Range Curves for close sounds
- Tweaked Shorter distance values for reflectors for performance reasons


- Fixed Weapons using 5.56mm Ammo caused interior noises in forest areas (Incl. NIArms and RHS)


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1026 Changes:


- Fixed Missing Firemode on AS VAL (RHS AFRF SUPPORT)
- Fixed Missing Firemode on HK416 (RHS USAF SUPPORT)


- Tweaked Bush noises where too loud and present
- Tweaked Frequency entries were locked
- Tweaked Movement frequency randomizer to 1


JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1025 Changes:

*Massive Framework overhaul!*

- Asset Categories Combined
- Distribution of pools
- Linking multiple contiguous CFG files
- Insert SoundSet and SoundShader files
- Splitting of CFG classes into several .hpp files
- Summary of all weapons as well as vehicles in superior ranking
- Shorter process paths
- Optimization of volume and file flow
- Adding several new weapon effects for third party support
- Splitting RHS content into three individual modifications
- NIA Arsenal in the support with (complete, with error momentarily)
- Execution of minor errors and RPTs


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0820 Changes:


- Tweaked Indoor shell falling noises got improved
- Tweaked Lim85 firing sounds got improved
- Tweaked Volume and distances of soldiers gear noises got tweaked
- Tweaked Distances and volume of general footsteps and movement got increased
- Tweaked Overlay reflection sounds for interior firing


- Added New distance sounds for interior firing
- Added New deploying sound effects for APERS Mine Deploying device


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0807 Changes:


- Added New interior firing sounds for all weapons


- Tweaked Explosion sound volumes for Mortar and Shell impacts were too low
- Tweaked Weapon firing sound volumes where too low


- Fixed Error message Config: array does not have 2 entries
- Fixed CAS2 weapon sound distances had a wrong numbering


JSRS Soundmod RHS - 5.17.0807 Changes:


- Fixed Conflicting addon JSRS_SOUNDMOD_AK103_RHS


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0804 Changes:



- Added New MG Chain/Belt noises when firing Mashine guns



- Tweaked MX Rifle family sounds
- Tweaked Explosion distance "cracking" sound
- Tweaked Shortend distances for weapon firing sounds
- Tweaked Closure sound effects (Preshot sound)
- Tweaked Quadbike ATV High Off sound samples to be a loop
- Tweaked Quadbike ATV config
- Tweaked Volume of distance tails in 'houses' and 'forest' areas were too loud
- Tweaked Added volume curves to multiple shaders that got cut by range only
- Tweaked Close Soniccracks have no volume curve
- Tweaked Soniccracks within 25 meters spatialized



- Fixed Some explosions had a wrong numbering in the cfg
- Fixed Wrong entry in range target for SD Interior sounds
- Fixed Multiple conflicting Addons due to compression


JSRS Soundmod RHS - 5.17.0805 Changes:



- Tweaked AK74, AK74U and AK100 Series using different closure effect now
- Tweaked M249, M4 and M240 firing sounds



- Fixed Missing AK100 series Burst firing sound
- Fixed Missing AK100 series Silenced firing sound
- Fixed Multiple "Missing ';' at the end of line" RPT's


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0705 Changes:


- Tweaked Soniccracks were changed drastically
- Tweaked Bullethits got updated with zipp/whizz sounds
- Tweaked Soniccrack Wizz sounds got removed
- Tweaked Arty Mortar incomming sounds
- Tweaked Shell fly over sounds
- Tweaked Bullet sub sonic and super sonic sounds got separated
- Tweaked Distance sounds using mono sounds
- Tweaked Bullethits now have additional zipp/wizz sounds on further distances
- Tweaked Mortar Shell incomming sounds have been improved



- Added New Soniccrack sounds for close, medium and far distances
- Added New Bullethits and Bullet FlyBy sounds
- Added New sounds for walking on interior surfaces (No High Heels any more!)
- Added New ATV Quadbike engine sound effects



- Fixed RPT jsrs_soundmod_p_weaponsounds\shot\ugl\mid2 (3).ogg not found !!!
- Fixed RPT jsrs_soundmod_p_vehiclesounds\tires\grass_ext_all.wss not found !!!
- Fixed Shells caused a long fly over sound after they exploded already


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0630 Changes:


- Tweaked Wind noises were too bassy
- Tweaked Framework volume maintenance
- Tweaked New explosion volume tweaks
- Tweaked Close shots are louder, distance shots are quiter now
- Tweaked Reduced vehicle weapons volumes on further distances
- Tweaked Increased Debris sound raduis



- Added Many new explosion effects
- Added Complete new explosion system
- Added Zipp/Wizz and Close-By bullet effects for close passing bullets
- Added New debris sounds for vehicle explosions



- Fixed RPT ".volume': Missing ';' at the end of line" in Framework


JSRS Soundmod RHS - 5.17.0630 Changes:


- Tweaked Changed M21 from 7x62 to 5x56mm framwork sounds
- Tweaked M4 firing sounds


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0619 Changes:


- Added New Sounds for reflections based on Caliber and not weapon type


- Tweaked 3DProcessors for small arms have a shorter radius
- Tweaked Wepon sounds had a too present tail noises apart from the tail system
- Tweaked Small SMGs preshot timing was too long
- Tweaked GlobalFilters
- Tweaked Weapon sounds now have a greater dropoff after the shot


JSRS Soundmod RHS - 5.17.0619 Changes:


- Fixed AK100 series was missing a sample

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0613 Changes:


- Fixed Multiple RPT entries frequencyRandomizer': Missing ';' at the end of line
- Fixed RPT entry delay': Missing ';' at the end of line



JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0612C Changes:



- Fixed Missing .ogg not found for ASP Kir



- Tweaked ASK Kir Sound where to bassy


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0612B Changes:



- Fixed Versioning in Main Menu


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0612 Changes:



- Tweaked Wind by houses wereto noisy and present even in low winds
- Tweaked Wind noises for low wind speeds was too basy
- Tweaked Thrust factor controllers for vehicles got tweaked
- Tweaked RPM factor controllers for vehicles for a smoother transition
- Tweaked Volume and thrsut factors for wheeled APC engine sounds



- Fixed On higher altitudes the windy meadow sounds were present
- Fixed Empty space in Bullethits CFG
- Fixed Distance Sounds for warheads stage 2 were missing
- Fixed Missing ';' at the end of line on all explosion frequency randomizer entries



- Added New Soniccrack sounds just for minigun weapons to prevent clipping
- Added Plattform updates for future plans and RHS support


- Added JSRS Soundmod RHS Replacements Sounds below:

  - Added M16A4, M4 family and HK416 family sounds for RHS
  - Added Sounds for AS Val, G36 and Kar98K
  - Added Sounds for PP2000, Nagant Mosin and Xm2010
  - Added Sounds for Mk11 and SR25
  - Added Sounds for PKM, Mk32 and M21A
  - Added Sounds for M70 family and M76
  - Added Sounds for M590, SVD and M14
  - Added Sounds for Glock17, M249 and M240
  - Added CFGs for all weapon replacement sounds


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0524B Changes:

- Fixed ADR87 Addons was required to run this mod

- Tweaked MX Rifle sounds were too strong

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0524 Changes:



- Fixed Missing Entry "JPEX_Mid2_SoundShaders" for SPAR rifles
- Fixed RPT "Missing ';' at the end of line" for all CFG entries
- Fixed Snaps sounds were too present in long distances



- Added New sound pool of big calibre weapons for distance sounds
- Added New sounds for MX Rifles
- Added Sounds separated for MX, Katiba, MK20 and TRG21 long and carbine rifles, as well as MXM
- Added Old entries and values for Environmental Sounds got added to new CFG to support third party maps


Tweaks:- Tweaked Multiple Volume tweaks
- Tweaked Bullethits volume got increased, distance got decreased from 90 to 60 meters
- Tweaked Soniccracks volume got increased by around 20%
- Twealed Soniccracks sound samples got pitched and tweaked
- Tweaked Weapon volume range curves have been edited
- Tweaked Weapon and explosion 3D Processors have been edited to wider range
- Tweaked Close helicopter engine and rotor sound volume got increased by 25% and distance by +100meters
- Tweaked Wheeled vehicles volumes and distances got increased
- Tweaked Tracked vehicles volumes and distances got increased
- Tweaked Weapon volumes got lowered by around 10%
- Tweaked Deleted Mid2 Sound classes for a smoother transition
- Tweaked Volume and range of crickets got decreased
- Tweaked Denoised Forest and Meadow soundshaders
- Tweaked Delay and delayRandomizer factor for Birds in forest and on meadows
- Tweaked 3DProession of footsteps got increased
- Tweaked Distance LowPass Filter for footsteps where too strong
- Tweaked Some Footsteps on Sand and Interior surfaces were too loud and noisy
- Tweaked Moving in tactical mode makes less noise and uses walking sounds
- Tweaked Crickets behave more like animals and become silent when the player is getting too close
- Tweaked Increased radius of 3DProcession for Soniccracks and distance for spatial effects
- Tweaked Sound samples of Soniccracks for more stereo feeling
- Tweaked Tank Turret noises were too loud and the distance was too long
- Tweaked Tank engine sounds were too quiet
- Tweaked Wind noises got improved


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0517 Changes:


- Added New Footstep sounds for various surfaces like dry and tall grass, forest and concrete
- Added New windy noises to bushes and trees


- Tweaked Mutliple foley volumes for harder and softer surface reflections
- Tweaked Mods Logo/loading hint
- Tweaked Added big calibre bullets to the bullethit sound cfg


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0504 Changes:


- Fixed Conflicting addon JSRS_SOUNDMOD_Air_Weapons in 'jsrs_soundmod_w_h_air_weapons
- Fixed Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_p_vehicleweaponsounds\dist_shot\cannon\dist_shot1 XXX.ogg not found !!!
- Fixed There was a time between 6 and 10 oclock when the animal where quiet


- Added New distant vehicle weapon sounds
- Added A new pool of sounds for far away vehicle weapon sounds
- Added New Hitsounds for bigger bullets like 20 - 40mm Rounds


- Tweaked Distances of vehicle weapon sounds
- Tweaked Bullethits and hits inside a vehicle sounds got increased

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0501 Changes:


- Fixed Buzzard missing main gun sounds
- Fixed Buzzard missing main gun sounds continued on loop
- Fixed Muffled sounds behind objects (see addition occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor)
- Fixed Missing rolling sounds when laying on ground
- Fixed Class gatling_30mm to class gatling_30mm_base
- Fixed Updating Base Class MX SW Rifle - BaseSoundModeType


- Added New environmental system with 3DProcessing based on Tanoa now added to Stratis and Altis
- Added Around 250 new sound effects for nearly every possible weather and daytime condition
- Added Around a few hundret animal sound effects for a vast wildlife based on Greek
- Added New occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor to all weapon related sounds
- Added Many new movement sound effects for concrete and forest surfaces
- Added New filters and 3D Processors for mutliple new environmental effects
- Added Around 100 new weapon and firefight soundeffects for greater distances


- Tweaked occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor for a softer sound blockage of non-visual soundeffects (e.g. Shooter behind a building)
- Tweaked Vehicle weapon distances and volumes
- Tweaked Removed various unattractive soundsets for handheld weapon for a clean-up
- Tweaked Mixed multiple layers into single samples for a smooth transition and less stutter
- Tweaked Added new trigger-like "fake sounds" before the actual weapon shot sounds to further improve the weapons power feeling
- Tweaked Added a lot more punch to the weapons based on general feedback and own impression (due to new HQ setup)
- Tweaked Almost every sound related to movement
- Tweaked Movement Gear and Stereo sounds where too loud and present
- Tweaked Increased volume of distant explosions
- Tweaked Weapon sound distances and volumes
- Tweaked Removed BaseCore SoundSets from weapons
- Tweaked Removed Jet sounds from Mod due to new updating Jet SoundSets


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0215 Changes:

- Tweaked Config of both CAS Planes
- Tweaked Sound Volume of Minigun Sounds

- Fixed Missing AH9 Pawnee M134 Minigun Sound
- Fixed Missing Cas1 Plane 30mm Gatling Gun Sound
- Fixed Wrong RequiredAddons List for A-164 Wipeout and To-199 Neophron resulting in a mix of BI and JSRS Sounds

- Added First new CAS Gau Sound for a Test. WIP


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0214 Changes:

-Tweaked Deleted redundant sounds[] = {"StandardSound"}; value in GM6 Lynx and M320LRR

-Fixed M320R LRR and GM6 Lynx had Semi Auto firemodes because of wrong superclass

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0213 Changes:

- Tweaked A new logo has been added
- Tweaked Separated the reloading and handling souds into a new mod that requires JSRS Soundmod
- Tweaked Added all the apex content sounds to the main addons folder for clearance
- Added Additional mod for the ADR97 Weapon Official Mod Sound Support


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0210 Changes:

- Tweaked Hunter MRAP vehicle config for later integration of 3DProcessors for vehicles


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0201 Changes:

- Fixed Missing Closure ogg entry for Dagr and Scalpel ATGM Rockets

- Tweaked Volume for very close soniccracks. Volume is also based on calibre now

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0130 Changes:

 - Tweaked SoundShaderLimits for explosions and soniccracks

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0123 Changes:

 - Added New 3D movement sound effects for firstperson view
 - Tweaked SoundShaderLimits for all sound effects for better performance
JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0122 Changes:

- Fixed Wrong decoded sound files ended up being mono
- Fixed Multi-stream Load failed \cwts (7).ogg not found


 - Added Many new environemt sounds for new daytime controller
 - Added New Environment states "morning", "noon" and "evening" to houses, meadows and forests
 - Tweaked Environment Config has now new envi sounds based on daytime rather than on/off switch


JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0118 Changes:

- Fixed Wrong superclass MBT3 Kuma
- Fixed Wrong subclassing for Tigris AA
- Fixed Updating Base Class MK20 FullAuto and Single Fire Mode
- Fixed Updating Base Class HMG12.7mm RCWS

- Added Mission Editor Fixed files
    - You can load these files on game start and load your missions that require old JSRS versions, safe the mission and its clean of JSRS requirements!
      After that you can unload the Fixed Files on game start and have your mission back on track, no JSRS required!
- Added New sounds for all Anti Air Cannon Weapon systems

- Tweaked Explosion sound volume for smaller 20mm HE rounds and 40mm HE Grenades
- Tweaked Increased Volume of Kuma MBT Engine sound

JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0116 Changes:

- Fixed All Editor Savegame Requirements
- Fixed Autocannon loop sound caused CTD after latest x64 update
- Fixed Added requirement for JPEX_GlobalFilters and JPEX_Framwork to vehicle weapons
- Fixed Missing required addons update list for CTAR rifles
- Fixed CMR/DMR07 had no JSRS sounds
- Fixed SMG now have a superclass called Rifle_Short_Base_F
- Fixed Missing AI firemode supports for DMRs and Rifle_Long_Base_F weapons
- Fixed Wrong entry "meadow" for CfgWeapons is not a controller
- Fixed Missing Mk1 EMR weapon sounds when AI uses it
- Fixed Missing firemode for AI on MMGs and MK14
- Fixed Relocated shell interior sound cfg entries into the jsrs framework cpp
- Fixed Missing sound exhaust4.wss for MARID APC
- Fixed Missing tail systems for some vehicle weapons
- Fixed Updating base classes
- Fixed Some parts of the mod were required for saved missions
- Fixed Missing Soniccrack globals/reflector effects

- Added New Core Explosion effects
- Added New footstep sounds
- Added More frequency and volume randomizer to all weapon/explosion sounds
- Added New layer "Solid" and "Soft" to footstep/boot sounds
- Added New Silencer shot sounds based on calibre
- Added new helicopter distance sounds for all helicopters
- Added new Mortar sounds - Mk5 Mortar 82mm
- Added Many new reflector sounds
- Added New curves and filters
- Added CDS to the build
- Added New weapon interior shooting sounds for peformance reasons (Watch for separation in the tweaks down below)
- Added New Tails for all vehicle weapons
- Added New Volume curves
- Added New 3D Processors for weapons and tails
- Added Newly created LowPass Filters
- Added New Distance Filter FreqAttenuation for all weapon sounds
- Added New BiPod down and up sound effects
- Added New Frequency Randomizer for all weapon and tail sounds
- Added Shell interior sounds for various APEX weaopns like AKM and AKSU74 ect
- Added Replaced all stances/handling sounds with new/better samples
- Added New gear noises
- Added New closure effects for all weapons, seperated by type and calibre
- Added New set of explosion sounds for 20 - 40mm HE Rounds

- Tweaked All Vehicle weapon sounds have more "popping" sounds to fit the handhelf weapon effects
- Tweaked 3D Panner and Processors for all Tails/Reflectors
- Twaeked Changed the functions of Soniccrack tails, reflectors and globals
- Tweaked Explosion sound effects got improved with new additional sounds
- Tweaked Mixed new Close2 Sound effects for smoother transition
- Tweaked Footstep sounds lowered while boot sounds got increased
- Tweaked Reduced the number of distance sound samples to a minimum
- Tweaked Reflector sound samples
- Tweaked All land vehicle exhaust sounds
- Tweaked All land vehicle sounds volume and distances
- Tweaked Helicopter sound distances and volumes
- Tweaked Vehicle Weapons volume factors
- Tweaked Distance separations got enhanced
- Tweaked Seperated close range sounds for Interior and Non-Interior to prevent limitation
- Tweaked Cleared all tail sets and used a pool of shaders for mutliple weapons
- Tweaked Lowpass filters and 3D Processers for all weapons and explosions
- Tweaked Cleared weapons cpps from multiple unnecessary repetitions
- Tweaked Volume and ranges of shell interior noises from 5 to 15 meters at 50% volume
- Tweaked Weapon sound volume close range
- Tweaked Movement sound volume gear
- Tweaked Lowered suit fabric sounds volume while moving
- Tweaked Closure volumes to match EQ levels high/low freq
- Tweaked Deleted unused tail_houses entries and function for all weapons for better performance
- Tweaked Added more audible tails for distance firefights outside of houses/forests controllers
- Tweaked Shorter distance seperations for weapons and explosions
- Tweaked Cleaned Config files and deleted trashy entries or not needed classes
- Tweaked Movement sound samples and error fixing
- Tweaked Movement gear volumes and distances, same for stances


Old Changelog:




JSRS4 Apex - 1.2:

- Tweaked V44-X Blackfish config
- Tweaked CMR76 sounds
- Added new sounds for MB 4WD
- Tweaked new sounds for KH-3A_Fenghuan
- Tweaked new sounds for MQ12_Falcon
- Tweaked new sounds for V44-X_Blackfish
- Tweaked new sounds for Y32_Xian
- Tweaked new sounds for Prowler
- Tweaked ReadMe file
- Tweaked MQ12 Falcon engine sounds
- Fixed missing SPAR17 Silencer sounds
- Fixed beach surface caused running in water sounds
- Fixed missing ah9_pawnee\int_main.wss (wrong entry)
- Fixed missing forest footsteps
- Added new footstep sounds for muddy surfaces
- Fixed entries leading to an old/missing PBO
- Fixed missing CTAR Hex sounds
- Fixed missing LIM85 Firemode FAST sounds
- Added new sounds for KH-3A_Fenghuan
- Added new sounds for MQ12_Falcon
- Added new sounds for V44-X_Blackfish
- Added new sounds for Y32_Xian
- Added new sounds for Prowler

JSRS4 Apex - 1.0:

- Ported on new framework
- Fixed missing forest (6).wss files
- Fixed .wss entries
- Separated Reloading sounds from main sounds
- Added some sort of binaural closure effects
- Added crack tails to all weapons
- Tweaked Ak family shot sounds
- Fixed CTD when using LIM85
- Fixed updating base classes on UGL
- Fixed error message on main menu 3GL/EGLM
- Tweaked reload sound volume
- Tweaked Environmental SFX noises
- Tweaked new crack reflectors
- Tweaked silenced weapon sound effects
- Added new noise layers
- Tweaked CMR shot sounds
- Tweaked stereo sounds for vehicles
- Fixed distortion for vehicle sounds external
- Added different sounds for different SPAR versions
- Added Apex Content sounds
- Added new sounds for AK-12 7.62mm
- Added new sounds for AK-M 7.62mm
- Added new sounds for AK-SU74 7.62mm
- Added new sounds for CMR-76 6.5mm
- Added new sounds for CTAR-95 5.8mm
- Added new sounds for LIM-85 5.56mm
- Added new sounds for PM9M 9mm
- Added new sounds for Protector 9mm
- Added new sounds for SPAR-16 5.56mm
- Added new sounds for Type-115 ARX
- Fixed missing Tanoa footstep/crawl sounds
- Fixed missing class CTAR GL
- Added different sounds for SPAR, SPAR S and SPAR 17
- Tweaked Tank sounds
- Added new Tank Idle sounds

JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN Version 1.4 RC:

- Added sounds for RGN Mini Grenade
- Tweaked reloading sound volume/distance
- Tweaked Closure effects for various weapons
- Tweaked Framework reflector sounds
- Added new Tank engine sounds external
- Tweaked explosion/thud sound effects
- Tweaked snap sound distance/volume
- Tweaked SD weapon sound effects
- Added soniccrack snap effects to various ammunition
- Tweaked explosion sound effect muffler
- Added Server Side Files for JSRS public server support
- Tweaked debris noises for 20mm/30mm/40mm HE/AP rounds (performance)
- Tweaked Gatling Cannon 20mm distance
- Fixed removed tails from 20mm/30mm/40mm HE/AP rounds (performance)
- Tweaked body hit sounds volume lowered
- Tweaked volume and distance for grenade bouncing sounds
- Fixed AP 30mm, 120mm shells caused explosion sounds
- Tweaked snap and crack volume and distances
- Tweaked global snaps louder in forests/on meadows
- Fixed updating base class issues
- Tweaked MX rifle sounds
- Tweaked soldier movement volumes and distances
- Tweaked helicopter gear and hydraulic sound volume
- Fixed wrong Sniper Bolt Action sounds
- Added new Flare launcher sounds
- Tweaked REFLECTOR SOUNDS volumes
- Fixed missing REFLECTOR SOUNDS on MX Full Auto Mode
- Added new OGG file format
- Tweaked mod size due to decoding
- Fixed missing sprint sounds on concrete surfaces
- Fixed .wss sound entries in cfgs
- Fixed missing sound files
- Fixed wrong numbering in environment cfg
- Fixed missing tree wind sounds
- Fixed missing houses wind sounds
- Fixed error message "helicopter landing sounds missing"
- Tweaked handheld weapon handling sounds in cfgs (Reload,Dry,Firemode...)
- Increased performance and faster transaction of sound files
- Tweaked mod loads faster
- Fixed updating base class MXC_Rifle

Update 1.1:
- Weapons and explosion volumes for distances
- Louder soundscape overall
- Louder helicopters and jets
- Fix missing reloading sound (what 5.56mm weapon exactly?)
- Fix missing weapon sounds for handheld and vehicle weapons
- Fix missing SD sounds for heavy mg's
- Fix missing building collapse sounds
- Add Flyby Sounds for rockets
- Add falling mortar incoming sound
- Fix missing beach and wave sounds
- Tweak suspension sounds for vehicle Offroad
- Add another soundShader called "first" for weapons
- Tweak "pop'iness" of weapon and distance sounds
- Full RHS support

- Fixed missing sound Twin Cannon 20mm on Buzzard
- Fixed missing sound Cannon 20mm on Blackfoot
- Fixed missing sound Caseless Cannon 30mm Kajman
- Tweak off road rattle and suspension on vehicle OffRoad
- Added FakeFall incomming sounds to shellcore and mortar
- Added interior bullethits for vehicles
- Tweak FlyBy sounds for rockets, missiles and shells
- Tweak sound volume of distance explosions
- Tweak sound volume of distance weapons
- Fixed missing beach and coast wave sounds
- Tweak all air vehicle increased volume and sound distances
- Tweak M134 Gatling sounds
- Fixed missing SD sounds for NAVID HMG
- Fixed low volume building destruction sounds
- Tweak decreased cartridge distanz from 50 to 5 meters
- Tweak explosions of 20mm cannons were to strong/sounded bigger
- Added loop function/sound to gatling weapons
- Added new sound for 20mm cannon
- Added new sound for 30mm caseless cannon
- Tweak increased volume of gatling weapons
- Tweak CAS plane gau loop function
- Added new CAS (gau8) weapon sound
- Fixed Navid HMG background bolt action sound in some samples
- Tweak Increased turbine sound distance of jets
- Added missing CAS missiles 03 and 04 sounds



 If yoi like to support me, or you like what I do here or just want to get me drink, feel free to do so 🙂 Every cent donated to JSRS goes a 100% back into the project!
Patreon or PayPal


Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)

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Is..this..a new JSRS?


Do you want me to lock you previous thread LJ?

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6 minutes ago, ineptaphid said:



Is..this..a new JSRS?


Do you want me to lock you previous thread LJ?


Yeah you can actually do that. I'll want this thread to be moved to the complete section once this has enough feedback!




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Thanks for your continued effort with this mate, and congrats on the release. (one little error on launch listed below).


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Not even 10% of what this has to offer, but here is a little look a things for people, cheers again LJ.


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Yeah, thanks for bringing us an updated version of your sound mod LordJarhead. In my mind this is an absolute essential for optimum enjoyment of ArmA 3.




I'd also like to request a non-steam download link as well. Maybe once the mod is complete.

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So many sound mods, hard to choose which one is better, this one does "sound" amazing

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To me LJ mod is ever the only choice.


This has not only the correct sound, volume etc. even has the gaming idea of the "punch" of a weapon.


Sadly right now the game has the same weapon sound that a poor youtube video and the weapons has no "feeling".


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7 hours ago, jeza said:

Not even 10% of what this has to offer, but here is a little look a things for people, cheers again LJ.



Don't forget you have to activate the Apex content! It's separated in the "Extra" folder and need to be applied manually. Thats why there is no Apex weapon sounds in your video!



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Hi LJ. I have a one word summary of JSRS5: epic.


Thank you!

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11 minutes ago, road runner said:

I subscribed to this, but it's not showing in my steam workshop folder :shrug:

Works fine here. Did Steam download 790MB after you subscribed? Does it show up in the launcher?


LJ, you should probably mention how to enable the extras in installation instruction. It isn't very obvious when you usually just subscribe to WS and be done with it.

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4 minutes ago, Greenfist said:

Works fine here. Did Steam download 790MB after you subscribed? Does it show up in the launcher?

Yeah it's in my main workshop folder as a number, normally it then creates a little @ blahblahblah link, that then shows up in my ArmA3Sync launcher, I don't use the game launcher at all, but might do so to refresh the stuff.

I manually copied it across to the A3 directory instead! :smileee:

Yeas as soon as I load up the A3 default launcher it adds the shortcut so all is good.

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Hey LJ, i posted it in workshop but want to write it here too:


First, it is the best Soundmod ever! Love it since ArmA II... But i found 2 Bugs in this release: Minigun has no sounds, and with supressor you can hear the Weapon echo.


And please, add the Apex Sounds into Addon Folder... Why did you pack them in the Extras Folder? Many Mates wont copy and paste some shit, theay just wanna play with all sounds. I played with spar16 1-2 hours and i was thinking they sound really bad... Till i found the Extras Folder


Keep on!

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Wow, what a nice surprise!


Congrats for the release of this new JSRS version and thank you for your hard work LJ!


That will be a pleasure to try this new build, as always :)



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Congratulations on the release, I appreciate your hard work into this :thumb:


Weapons with supressors they have sound echo, it is intentionally? 

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Congratulations on the release LJH it sounds badass!

I did find a bug though all gatling type guns have no sound anymore. 

Also is there a way to prevent RHS AH-64 engines/rotors from being overridden?  Atm it sounds like a lawnmower not an Apache ;)


Apart from that fantastic work gonna be an essential mod

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Holy shit.


Guys, just put your character in the Tanoan jungle, mid day, with the AK12 silenced. Then go hunt for one or two OpFor squads you've placed in the woods as well.


And just...listen.


Environment, movements, punchy gunshots and echoes...That's glorious.



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The Gatling Minigun 30mm on the A-164 Wipeout has no sound both from outside and inside the cockpit. Confirming the miniguns have no sounds.


I think this may be just me, but do the gear rustling noises seem a bit too loud?

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LJ an idea for you is to move your APEX sounds to a separate mod and just name it JSRS: APEX Extension so it can just be loaded through workshop and don't have to do it manually. 

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LordJarhead, I belong to a group that does a lot of TvT's. We currently do not allow people to use sound mods of any kind because of fairness. Do you know if JSRS would offer any advantages over a person running vanilla sounds? Thank you for your contributions and cheers mate.

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