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  1. Arma 4? Can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for the news. Stay healthy, guys. 🙂
  2. Thanks for the update!
  3. Thank you for the update. :)
  4. Megiddo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the update guys. Great work as usual :)
  5. Thanks for these new updates...and improvements :) My humble opinion is that you made the right choice about balancing a bit better the bullet fly-bys, so to say the "snaps and cracks", with a better number of bullethits and ricochet sounds. We've been speaking about that since a little while now and it sounds quite fair with this last update, it seems. Still have to spend more time testing that, but to my sense it is another step in the right direction. Drastically shortening the distance, the radius around the player where the snaps and cracks can be heard, then lowering their volume even inside this radius, and finally diminishing their number, is a good thing. On this point, i completely agree with Cpt.Ghost : A radius from 0 to 20-25 meters around the player seems to be largely enough. Seriously silencing or filtering those snaps and cracks beyond this radius also seems to be the right choice. Beyond the "realism" argument, we could also take the gameplay argument : with several iterations of the mod, we were used to hear a lot too much, regarding the volume, and too many of those snap sounds. their volume was too high, covering and exceeding even sounds that had to be hearable much better than them (gunshots, close to mid-distance explosions or grenades...). So was the number of samples for these snaps. From my humble point of view, it was sometimes difficult, a bit messy, to really know if the player was the target or a mate that is 30-40 meters away. Now, not only we know that we are clearly the target and that the bullets are really close, but the new ricochet sounds also give another clear indication about that. "I am targeted". The wall behind me was hit. The car right left to me took a hit and the bullet made a ricochet. Okay, a gunfight has to be frightening and certainly a bit messy, but gameplay-wise the player now has better informations about his own combat situation. That's only my opinion, but don't hesitate, if possible and if it's also your will of course, to deepen a bit and diversify those ricochet sounds. Maybe a better volume for those that are really close to the player (0-5 meters), muffling a bit regarding the distance...you see what i mean. Also, maybe a bit more diversity about those ricochet sounds, maybe adding some variations for each surface hit, could be another good step. All in all about this point, this last version makes a good job at rendering a bit better the situation of the player. More clearly. The already implemented bullethits and ricochet samples are really nice otherwise. Working on improving the direct environment of the player, the combat awareness and the quality of combat feedback just around the character seems the right way to go. That's great work. Then, also noticed that the filters you made for the distant sounds, maybe particularly explosions, and the mono effect seems to be a bit better to locate the source of a distant sound. On another subject, i'm pleased to hear that your last tweaks, in conjunction with last vanilla updates, seem to have solved the "debris desynch" effect. Now debris are hearable right after the explosion, seems to do the trick very well. Finally, what a pleasure to hear a quad with an actual 4-time fuelled engine :) Many thanks as well to try and begin to cover RHS content, maybe other ones. Those last ones are certainly used by a vast majority of the players, and having such an homogeneity with your content is a real plus. By the way, do you still plan some improvements for the Air content? Choppers, planes, fly-bys...? Really nice work, as always LJ. Your will to continuously improve JSRS, test new things and keep that quality of link with your community deserves total respect. Such as seeing Laxemann and other Quality modders sharing knowledge and advices at the benefit of the community. Keep up the great work, and thank you :)
  6. wow, new Air features, Malden support, fixes and enhancements...Thanks for this nice update. Keep up the great work guys :)
  7. Only had one hour or two in order to try the new version, so i probably missed many details, but for the biggest impressions : - Indoor steps seem a bit too pronounced i agree. Not by the volume by itself, but rather by the effect. Tac shoes sound a bit like metallic heels. It fits well with metallic surfaces of course, but sounds kinda strange on stone or tiled floors. - The new gunshots, the additional effects you added and maybe the sound propagation effects are packing an awesome punch. Love all of them, and their volumes as well. In fact, those last ones fit very well with the "general volume" of ambient sounds and gunfights. The global immersion is better, thicker in my opinion. It is also certainly tied to the environmental system you also applied to stratis and altis. - From what i heard, distant canon/explosion/gunshot propagation and echo effects are awesome. Plain, loud, neat. At first i was surprised that even the gunshots from your teammates that are at relatively close distance, between 0 and 100 meters from the player so to say, had such a volume level and loud propagation effect, but it's very nice. CQB engagements are punchy as hell, but it fits well with both your own gunshots, the enemy ones and here again, maybe this general volume raising you applied to the mod, at least for all that is gunshots/echoes/distant gunshots and explosions. Personally i think that it's even better as it is, compared to the previous version. Now the weapons have a special tone (MXs and SPARs are really different now for example), recognizable, bigger calibers and sniper rifles finally recovered this special punch and echo they had in a previous version (2.5 maybe, not sure). Just a thing, when a building or a scenery element takes an explosion or collapses, you sometimes hear the debris too early, that's not really consecutively. It's as if the debris and the explosion sounds were triggered at the same time. - So many tiny improvements, on volumes, new sound additions it seems...for the weapons, the bullets hits/snaps, the gear or environment effects that seem really nice but just noticed "on the fly". - No errors or weird thing noticed. Will make some more tests in the coming days. From my point of view, that's another notable step ahead. That's not too loud, that's not too punchy. That's great in terms of immersion. Hope you prepare something really special for the jets... :) Thanks for your hard work.
  8. Thanks a lot for your work and dedication LJ. All seem to be nice changes and tweaks. Will try them ASAP, as for now my little playtime is literally eaten by DoW3 (great game btw). Just to be sure (i saw the credits in a recent sitrep about Jets DLC), i'm not mistaken when thinking that you (and some others) are working in partnership with Bohemia and the team behind the new Jets DLC? If so, that's a deserved reward for you, but also for us. I'm sure you'll get the best from the new sound mechanisms about the jets. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks a lot for the updates and your continuous efforts on error fixes :) If i understood well, the steam workshop version is not yet updated with the last 2 versions, cause these are test versions. I made the update manually by replacing the whole @Alive file in the Arma 3/Workshop folder. Encountered this one though : And this one, but i'm not sure that this is caused by Alive. If not, please forgive my ignorance : Thanks again!
  10. Megiddo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the update. Nice work :)
  11. Hey there, Having frequent error messages since the last update, in particular this one, mainly appearing when i use a good number of AIs. Way less on small scenarios. I'm used to play through editor SP scenarios. I could use some help, don't hesitate to ask if some more informations are needed. Thanks. By the way, thanks for your advices concerning VCOM AI. I'm using it from now on and it's very satisfying. Maybe this error could be tied to the way VCOM can influence Alive? As i often see an "objective" movement waypoint appearing on the game screen, even if i'm out of any squad/group?
  12. Thanks for the new update! By the way, i plan to try a good AI mod again that works great with an Alive environment, now that 64 bit ARMA has better breath. Do you guys have some advices to share about the one currently performing well with this mod? ASR, Bcombat, VCOM? Your choice? Thanks guys.
  13. Thanks for the hotfix and the reactivity guys. Nice work!
  14. If you're playing in single player : - If you have the ADR-97 weapon pack, just copy what is in the Extra/ADR-97 Weapon Pack Official Mod Sounds and paste it in the main @JSRS SOUNDMOD/AddOns folder. - If you have the APEX expansion, just copy what is in the Extra/APEX Content and paste it in the main @JSRS SOUNDMOD/AddOns folder. - The same for the reloading and handling sounds if you're playing single player and don't use servers, otherwise it could cause issues. Noticed two more things : - As it was said, the AI sometimes go "full auto" with some sniper rifles. Noticed that with OpFor mainly. Sounds kinda strange, the rate of fire sounds way too high. Couldn't say if this is normal or not. - About the explosions : sometimes, there is no delay between the explosion itself and the "debris" samples : they're sometimes overlapping with each other, when maybe the debris effects could be triggered after a short delay. Not a big deal.
  15. Well, a bit of humble feedback after some test sessions and missions : With headphones, all in-game levels maxed, windows general volume at a "normal+" 30% setting. All optional sounds, reloading and APEX ones, enabled. To my taste, this is by far your best JSRS iteration. - The environments are alive : The samples are diversified and the volume levels are very satisfying. Wind, Birds, insects, day, night, heavy weather...Special mention for the Tanoan jungle ambience. In a word : Great immersive value. - Your new movement and gear effects are excellent in order to give a good sense of "self awareness" with your character. In 1st person, the 3D effects work very well. The 3rd person sounds are treated a bit differently, the source of those sounds seems more "directional", but it stays coherent, as the camera is placed behind the character. In both cases, to my sense, the volume levels are right where they should be. Not too high, but high enough to "feel" all your movements and how they are tied to the environment. Gameplay-wise, this is a good gameplay feedback for the player, and it favors immersion. Next challenge : Maybe a "holster" sound when switching from main gun to pistol, and the opposite? - All gunshot and weapon effects are simply very well done. The new MX sounds, the AK12 ones, the grenade launchers or the punchy sniper rifles, the heavy vehicle calibers...awesome. The snaps and cracks stay punchy, but keep a reasonable volume level. Distant gunshots effects are well done and the source of the sound is easy to spot. Though, maybe the bullet impact sounds could use a higher volume. Maybe specially when the bullets are hitting different surfaces near the player when he is shot at. Could you make those impact sounds and the snap sounds having approximately the same volume level? Besides, maybe that those bullet impact sounds could be hearable at a better distance when you shoot at something (rocks, wood or metal particularly). I don't know if you can tweak that a bit with distance values or volume levels. - Echoes, distant echoes and reverberation effects are very satisfying : They have some nice punch and the volume levels feel right, particularly in enclosed spaces, between houses, when tanks fire their main canon in the open...And overall in the woods/jungle, where the gunfight immersion is incredible. Even the silenced weapons echoes feel right, from my point of view. This being perfectly realistic or not is not the point. They feel "unleashed", and they're just excellent. An observation though : Explosion effects (grenade, vehicle destruction...), their "blast wave" echo effect sometimes feel weaker in widely opened areas, maybe particularly if we compare them with the said forest effects and volumes. At a good distance, but also at short distance. I guess that explosions (close/distant echoes and blast waves) could use some more tweaks till the final version, and that you're still capitalizing and tweaking on what the vanilla engine has offered recently. - Vehicles sounds are really nice as well. Nothing to say about the ground vehicles, they sound right. Particularly like the pick-up sounds, this kind of V6 or V8 samples are neat. Or the suspension springs that are just awesome. Hearing distances and volumes are nice as well. Just a personal remark : The Quad always sounds as it had an electric engine, and not a fuelled "two-time" or "4-time" engine. Noticed though that some vehicles seem to "occlude" or "obstruct" the bullet hitting sounds too much when you're in : For example, i was shot at with machine guns when being in the IND_F Kamaz, in first person view, and the impacts on the hull, or the windows, were almost inaudible. It also happened when being in armored vehicles and tanks. The same way, i saw a tank coaxial machine gun sending a good burst at a chopper, landed on the ground at maybe 20 or 30 meters from the character. And the impact sounds on its hull were almost inaudible. Here again, maybe the bullet impact sounds could benefit from a better volume level. - You made some good efforts on choppers : Each one has a particular engine tone...The hearing distances are quite good, about 1500 meters as you said, and they have this kind of "presence" over a zone. Maybe you put some emphasize on distant rotor blades effects, but it works well. With this "RC" version, and compared with your previous video, the volumes are quite satisfying. Though, i always think that close fly-bys and the "engine woosh" effect could be a bit more aggressive. More a personal taste than objective feedback for sure. Just out of curiosity, applying some form of "echo" to chopper engines or rotor blades samples is something feasible? On the other hand, maybe that the AH-99 and Kaiman 30mm guns could use more punch, definitely a higher volume level and perhaps a stronger echo effect. Particularly at close or mid-distance, and fading a bit beyond that. Otherwise, the rocket and missile launching sounds are a frank success. Can confirm, finally, that the AH-9 Little bird gatling sounds are missing, both in 1st person or 3rd person, or as a spectator. - The plane's interior effects are still excellent, engines, wind, constraints on the hull, weapons...Totally fond of the Turbofan engine samples for the A-16-4. BTW, noticed that the 30mm gun effects for this one are also missing. Then, to be honest, the exterior effects or engine tones for the planes still need some love. Maybe you're still working on them. Distant engine sounds could use a notable volume overhaul, as well as the fly-by effects. Those effects should tear the air when the jets are passing-by. Well, here again, i'm a bit subjective of course^^. But, in all honesty, that's the sound department where the most could be done, specially in comparison with vanilla sounds. This is one of the last and only JSRS departments where there are some large rooms for improvement i think. - Last point, no error messages noticed in the editor or in mission, and the mod is very "performance friendly". All in all, and as said at the beginning, this is to my sense your best JSRS version. It feels "statefull", "liberated", on several aspects. The whole sound treatment you make in the Tanoan jungle particularly (ambience, gunshots, explosions, echoes, volumes, the whole thing), represents, in my humble opinion, a notable milestone ahead in terms of immersion. A pattern to follow and develop. For me, JSRS is always the #1 sound mod out there. Thanks again to you and the JSRS team, and keep up the great work :)