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  1. Hi LJ, Thank you for continuously improving your mod! The silenced HK417 in the SMA pack is still way too silent compared to HK416 sound. The unsilenced version is spot on though.
  2. Hi LJ, can you please look into the silenced sound of the HK417, it's way to silent (compare to the 416, which indeed sounds about right)?
  3. thank you LJ, very much appreciated!
  4. Thank you LJ!! Time to fire up Arma again to get my ears something to enjoy
  5. Biflioi

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Thank you!! Much appreciated
  6. Biflioi


    @Haleks, Tpw has a furniture scrip included in his mod, and his daughter and the community did the placing. from my understanding, he covered already most if not all of the vanilla buildings. maybe it's worth checking it out
  7. Biflioi

    Forums Upgrade

    same here on android chrome...
  8. Biflioi

    Observation Night Sky [BETA]

    Beautiful! Do you think there's a way to get the Milky Way working for other maps (obviously not correctly aligned to the other stars at the firmament) but it's just to cool to be missed.
  9. You can file a DMCA complain when clicking the report flag.
  10. Not sure if that is you, so just leave this here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=965267215&searchtext=
  11. Thanks for the update tpw! I really like how you managed to get that ambient sound subtile and diverse enough to not annoy over time. The few times I was playing without it made me realize how sterile it feels to hear only me ;)
  12. Did the survey as well. Looking forward to what you come up with :)
  13. Biflioi

    Pilgrimage Ported Variations

    Testing took a while, but it turns out ASR AI "killed" it. I get relatively fast in the setup screen but then it just doesn't load up. Just with CBA and i'm in the game in about 15 sec, so its working after all. I hope this helps.
  14. Biflioi

    Pilgrimage Ported Variations

    Will try again tonight, without additional mods in case its one of them causing the issue. I run Taunus on dev so performance there is less of an issue (i7-6820HK @4.1Ghz; 32Gb Ram and a 980M 8Gb). I ported SaOks WLA to Taunus and it runs quite well, given my nonexistent skills, so my guess is a mod is causing my problems with Pilgrimage. I'll report back if that was the case.