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  1. MrFies


    please release it to the main version ;D its really nice
  2. @kimi_uy is it possible to just have metrics and disable imperal ? or I mean to make Metric default ?
  3. Hello Guys, Is it possible to enable Helicopter Rough Landing and Rolling Feature without AFM ? maybe as mod or something ?
  4. Hello Kimi, I have this error message when using the Mod ACE 3
  5. thanks and really good Mod you made there ;D
  6. Hey Grester, I would like to have a Crosshair Only version that would be nice and if possible some different Crosshair versions maybe so you can choose them ?
  7. where is that ?? for me the AH-9 has no HUD
  8. cool but one question in the meantime... Is it possible to just use your HUD for the Pawnee and disable the Modded HUD for everything else exept the Pawnee HUD ?
  9. Can you update it to the new jet dlc ? because I would like to have this for the Pawnee but the jets and Vtols have already a good version
  10. hey zooloo, is it possible to make this mod working clientside only ? would be nice
  11. when will you update the mod to fix the rearm ?
  12. so will all buildings be enterable ?