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  1. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    One of our guys from BWRU is working to duplicate the FN brochure with some in-game shots of the rifle. Also, should have the video of Lynx receiving his gun done at some point once its edited into something watchable (i.e. not two and a half hours long). Just to bring everybody up to speed, this weapon was created as a tribute to a good friend and virtual comrade (but not the Soviet kind) with whom my group (Blackwater Realism Unit) has played Arma 3 for years. Lynx is never the kind of guy to brag about his accomplishments or experience but he spent a few years with the Belgian Para Commandos as a Sniper and the 30-11 was his service weapon for that time. Some time ago, various unit members began asking him subtle questions about his rifle which proved to be quite helpful. The FN 30-11 has a somewhat storied (if underappreciated) history which stretches all the way back to the founding of Fabrique Nationale, which was organized specifically to build the 1889 Mauser rifle. Over the years they began manufacturing the fabled Mauser 98 for both foreign clients as well as the Belgian military and continued to make them throughout the occupation and beyond. Post-war, the continued production shifted to the civilian sector (both hunting and target shooting) where FN Mauser actions became known as some of the finest available. Fast-forward to the 1970s when various terrorist incidents (hostage-takings and hijackings) made things pretty apparent that a precision sniper rifle was a must have for police forces and the stage was set for the FN Sniper 30-11 to be brought to market. Basically, FN combined one of their precision actions, an adjustable walnut stock with some other parts that were already in inventory (most notably the FN MAG 58 bipod and flash hider and magazines from the FN FAL) to create a very capable sniper weapon. Some of its bench-rest origins can be keenly felt as well, the stock is fitted with an Anshutz or UIS rail which was fitted for both the bipod and an included adjustable sling mount. Another contribution from Anshutz was the diopter sight which usually served as a backup and was adjustable for both windage and elevation. For its time, the 30-11 was a very capable system but in many cases it was priced well outside its own market had relatively few adopters. As represented in NIArms you get three major versions, first being the standard as-issued to the Belgian military FN 30-11 with either the 4x28 FN or 4x24 Kern scope or Anshutz diopter. Next is the Modernized version which has been fitted with a MIL 1913 rail as well as the ability to equip a silencer or bi-pod of your choice (standard and Green camo finish). Finally you have the GOL / Tactical version which features a Stocon stock and McCann MIRS rail system and Harris bipod. Aside from being a bit more compact its also the most accurate variation. The finial variation is the special rifle made for Lynx which is a take on the Modernized version. It features a nice bit of ghillie wrap along with the names of unit members who helped to make this possible. Lynx's gun is a bit of a mix, the original premise was to try to re-create his weapon, as it was equipped when he used it but in the end we decided to stray from that path and add more of the features he'd like to have in Arma (silencer capability and a MIL 1913 rail so he could use different scopes). His weapon comes equipped with a UTG bipod and a Leupold M3A 10x scope. Finally, and I do think I have to say it again, Toadie, you've done an amazing job!
  2. irving_mainway

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is the new M3 MAAWS based on the one from TF47? If so is there any implementation of the TF47 airburst HE detonation?
  3. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    While I like the gun, it is a little bit of a "mixed bag" solution. The trouble with the integral suppressor is that, off the top of my head I think the AWM-C has like a 12 or 14" barrel so there is quite a bit of sacrifice being made there if you decide / situation dictates you to load up super-sonic loads you don't have the legs the standard rifle would. All that being said I think the integrated solution is probably of better quality (both in terms of sound absorption and durability) and increased utility (i.e. putting a suppressor on the end of the standard AWM would probably give you some type of 60" monster) . Overall though I do like it, reminds me a bit of the XM-3 short sniper rifle the Marines came up with.
  4. Was wondering about any info on how the belt linking is supposed to work as I've had no success with trying it. I'm under the assumption that I should just be able to walk up to any ally with a machinegun, interact with his weapon (similar to how you would change the barrel or check weapon temperature) and have the option to link belts.
  5. That kind of sums it up except there is a proximity detonation sensor. I wouldn't exactly call its flight "dumb" per-se as rather than being on a merely ballistic trajectory, there is an electronic guidance system that steers the fins on the missile. Its basically an unorthodox type of inertial guidance system, but as far as I know it accomplishes its goals quite well (fire-and-forget as the operator doesn't have to steer it, probably more accurate than anything manually aimed in most cases and from what I've read cheaper than a homing weapon although clearly not as accurate, especially as it has no way to account for any unexpected movement on the part of the target).
  6. irving_mainway

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    I'm sorry to make "one of those" nitpicking requests / tell you how you should make your mod posts but here goes. I like your new M72 that's just been added, its gotten me thinking about the respective carry weights of the launchers as featured in CUP. Without getting into splitting hairs, or another great discussion about ARMA 3's arbitrary mass system which somehow incorporates both weight and volume the weight of some of the disposable launchers (especially the RPG-18 and LAW) seems a little too much when compared to the likes of the AT4 and RPG-7. Off the top of my head, according to the inventory with ACE 3 running, both the LAW and RPG-18 weight in at a little over 10 lbs / 4.5 kg loaded (with the RPG-18 a slight bit heavier) as compared to their 5.5 lb / 2.5 kg weight in reality. I realize that a good portion of the weight comes from the projectile. I would assume that some of the projectiles are weighted artificially high to account for carry volume (so you don't get somebody running around with 27 LAW reloads in his backpack so he can spam them everywhere) but even with this taken into account, both weapons (M72 and RPG-18) tip the scales pretty close to the M136 / AT4 (14-18 lbs in reality, around 20 in game) and RPG-7 which in reality are quite a bit heavier. The main point I'm trying to make is that it may be worth some thought to reduce the weight of both the M72 and the RPG-18 to better reflect their "light" role and the "general purpose" manner that they were usually carried and issued. As far I know both were considered "all-up / wooden" rounds with the launchers considered disposable (all though this is rarely done as the spent tubes can be used in IEDs) and were treated essentially the same as hand-grenades in that anybody who has the room can be expected to carry and use them vs. a specialized AT weapon like say a Carl G or even an RPG-7. Anyway, rant over. By the way I'm liking the new PMC guys, especially their vests, nice job there too!
  7. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    I was having this issue earlier until I downloaded it again after Toadie reported it was fixed. I'm not currently running the RHS comp, but I do have the CUP and ACE compatibilities in there and I have both the 46s. Try re-downloading from this link, http://toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_SAW%20V1.3.rar it resolved the issue for me.
  8. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    I'm not running RHS at the moment however this does happen to me when I have the SAW CUP compatibility.pbo present so that may be causing it as well.
  9. I was wondering because I didn't see it noted in the change-logs anywhere but is it normal to be able to change barrels on all (or at least all of the ones I've tested) weapons? I'll admit it makes things easier when you're using MGs that haven't been configured to have this feature with ACE, but it does leave potential for it to be misused "Oh no, my AK's barrel is over heating, just give me a second while I twist it off and throw on another one..."
  10. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    I too don't have the Mk 46 in the latest update I got from twitter, but I am DIGGING the M249E1 with the old-school wire stock and no handguard.
  11. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    That's a pretty safe bet. There is going to be another round of updates coming up, I wouldn't be surprised to see it then.
  12. irving_mainway

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    *whispers back* stripper clip ;) One thing I wanted to add as well, as someone who's not a modder and is also guilty of making the odd request here and there, one of the other things that these requests lead to is "Oh great you're doing one of those." which invariably turns into "So you said you were doing one like that, is it done yet? Do you have an update on it? When will it be ready? Are you still working on it?" which can be frustrating to no end when you start bringing in entitlement (where's my mod?) and obligation (why aren't you working on it?). All of which can squeeze the life / enthusiasm / ambition out of whatever it is that you're doing.
  13. irving_mainway

    NIArms Release Thread

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31733its been up for a while The only advantage the All-In-One has as far as I know is simplicity. If you are going to run all the NiArms mods anyways, you just get it as one mod instead of 15. The flip side is, because of its nature, its usually takes longer for it to get updated, and its not available on Steam Workshops because Collections basically serves the same purpose.
  14. Does ACE not work for anyone at all who joins the server or just you and a few others? Most often, at least in my experience this is caused by CBA somehow not being loaded properly. If its similar to what I've been experiencing, try checking the ACE 3 options and see if they all appear blank when you are on the server. We had an issue similar where, no matter what mission was loaded or who joined, nobody could use any of the ace interactions / self interactions but ACE features like checking your magazine level and so on still worked fine. What ended up fixing it for us was deleting the @ACE and @CBA folders completely and reinstalling. I've seen people have this problem as well in individual cases (ACE works for everyone else, so probably not a server problem) with usually the same result either the CBA is out of date or else the merged the new version into the old and its still trying to run some older files.