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Since Exilemod forums are going offline : "Our forum is going offline at the end of July. We suggest moving all discussions to Discord. Exile will stay on Steam. Thanks for a great time!" I thought we all still need a place for the community to have a proper forum based conversations (rather that mish-mash no future references or whatsoever coherency discord chats).

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  2. What it does: Blocks connecting,connected,disconnected etc messages from systemchat. (Working only with the English localisation atm). 1. ExileClient_object_player_event_hook.sqf add below addMissionEventHandler ["HandleChatMessage", { params ["_channel", "_owner", "_from", "_text", "_person", "_name", "_strID", "_forcedDisplay", "_isPlayerMessage", "_sentenceType", "_chatMessageType"]; _channel = _this select 0; _text = _this select 3; _ltxt = toLower _text; _doNotShow = ["connected","connecting","modified","disconnected"]; if(_channel == 16) then { { if(_ltxt find _x > -1)exitWith{true}; } forEach _doNotShow; }; }]; 2. ExileClient_object_player_event_unhook.sqf add below removeAllMissionEventHandlers "HandleChatMessage";
  3. At its current state its not supported imho. It is possible to rework the whole thing to work with 1.0.4, but so far no one've done it. Going 5 years back, thats when the original GR8 Humanity was last updated, Exilemod was like v0.8 and a lot have changed since then. So take that into an account.
  4. Hello all, I was curious to see if anyone has managed to get GR8's Humanity system https://github.com/josemaripl/ExileMod-HumanitySystem working with Exile 1.0.4? Or if anyone would have any tips or tricks on where to start updating it. Thanks for any help 😊
  5. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content Map Markers Concrete Mixers Radiation Zone Loot Positions https://anonymousfiles.io/EhgPdzi5/
  6. If you don't have moderate experience coding, and a lot of experience installing addons, this probably isn't for you. This is all of my client and server files from when I hosted Harsh Environment Gaming. Included: An ATM hacking mission, an updated and improved Xtended Base Raiding MechaniX, a perk system that ties into many scripts included like a safety deposit system to store your most prized possessions in a safezone, a virtual hangar, revival perks, base spawn perks, and a few others i think?!?. There are a couple other simple things included as well. There is no instruction other what little info I remember off hand and leave here, and I'm offering no support for this as I haven't touched any of this in years. The schema is included to create the db. All configs are included from my napf server folder. Most of these require items to be placed in the editor, those that do have a file in the serverside pbo with my previous locations. You'll just need to replace the coords for the ATM placements, you'll need to also replace the coords to match the new placements in the server-side config. DMS is required for the ATM missions as well to spawn AI, you only need it loaded, you don't have to use the missions. Virtual Hangar is accessed through the air craft vendor (can be changed in config.cpp). I take no credit for Enigma Revive, and Base Spawn, I just left them in because they're tied in with the perks. I only take minor credit for the Hangar as it is just a reworked virtual garage that was released before they were implemented into the mod. Sorry if I missed anything that isn't my work. All of the menus are branded for Harsh Environment Gaming/HEG so you'll want to change them. Good Luck, and enjoy. If anyone gets this working and cares to to repost with instructions, you do with it what you wish. EDIT: I noticed that this does NOT use ExtDB3 (I removed the bit about ExtDB3 from the original post), at one time I had extdb3 working on a test server and these came from my main server. I have picked through a bit of this code, and it will take quite a bit of picking through the overwrites as they include a TON of other scripts I didn't write or bother to keep because I wasn't expecting the forums to just drop off the planet. You can find out what scripts are what mainly by going through the client side init, description, configs.. so on so forth, they may still be available elsewhere, but I haven't bothered to look. Here it is!
  7. Crito

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Updated on Github I replaced the sqf with the original version because I forgot the one provided is one I use on my server and has a bunch of RHS loot that will probably thorw errors if you are not using RHS.
  8. Update >> Rio Grande Trader here now moved to Dahor
  9. goodfella66

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Damn man, that is awesome, i'll have a look
  10. Crito

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Sharing my A3DMS Missions for Arma 3 Exile. These Missions are set up to use reinforcements on both static and bandit missions. Working vehicle, helicopter, and foot soldiers when a defined number of AI in a group are killed the reinforcements will come in. The helicopter will fly around as gun ship it will not drop troops If you enable it may or may not work right has a mind of its own when doing pardrops. Take a look at the bandit mission blackHawkDown.sqf, static missions Saltflats.sqf, StoptheMayor.sqf, and Chelonisipower.sqf to see the randomization these have to offer. I run these on my server and players like the randomization because it never plays out the same and they dont get use to the same exact stuff at the missions. If you use dms you cannot use just the missions out of here it will not work you need the scripts folder and the missions folder due to the changes I had to make to 2 scripts and all bandit missions to get this all to work. Also In the blackHawkDown.sqf is specific cordinates put in each pos case and it runs of choosing a mission location off of chordinates you put in there instead of the normal bandit mission random locations. I did this because the buildings for this mission do not work well on hills. the cordinates that are there are for Altis map so if you use another map you need to get cordinates put in where you want possible spawns to be. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Reworked-A3DMS-Missions
  11. [MR]Exile-Altis-100K-BaseSpawn-Missions-PvP-LOOT+ IP: MAP: Altis MOD: Exile BattleMetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/10021521 New server just started up. Features: Base Spawn Missions Capture Points Increased LOOT PVE and PVE Bambi Loudouts Deploy bikes and quad XM8 APPS CUP Mods
  12. 3 Re-landing 3 weapons will disappear Restart the server and log in again, the weapon will disappear
  13. Hi there, this is my most recent RPT but it is not an RPT from when I tried to run xsspawn so I'm not sure it helps. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks! Vlad
  14. starting to sound like something is not right with your respawn in general. Do you have a recent .rpt I could look at?
  15. Yep, I did that also. It was part of the installation instructions. 😁
  16. sounds like your using infastar you need to go into @infiSTAR_Exile\addons and extract a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo then open EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp and find this section allowedIDDs[] = { /* default idds */ -1,0,4,5,6,8,12,15,18,24,49,54,55,70,72,101,160,174,177,999,131,63,602,301, /* exile idds */ 24001,24002,20023,24005,24004,24010,24025,20021,20017,24012,24027, 20019,20016,24007,20024,20018,24008,24011,24015,24000,24006,24014, 20020,24026,4002,4000,4001,4003,1500, 24033,24030,24029,24028,24031,24034, 4004,21000, // Bounty system and MarXet 8457, // http://www.exilemod.com/topic/9040-xm8-apps/ 65431, // r3f menu fix 6666, // Paintshop 0711, // Advanced Banking 0720,24036, // Virtual Garage 5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507, // BRAma Cookbook -1339,-1340, // custom infiSTAR dialogs (some editor & a private chat menu) 9123, // Bones Service Point Script 86000, // xsSpawn 42289, // SM VG 99990,5280,5581,5589,5590,5512,9918,9919,9920,5981,8560,5281, //Firewill 5160,5161,5180,5166,5167,5175,5165,5162,5163,5177,5164,5168,5169,5170,5171,5176,5179,5178,5225,5172, //Firewill 99990,5280,5581,5589,5590,5512,9918,9919,9920,5981,8560,5281, //Firewill 5160,5161,5180,5166,5167,5175,5165,5162,5163,5177,5164,5168,5169,5170,5171,5176,5179,5178,5225,5172, //Firewill -1,101,1200,2801,2802,2803,2804,2805,2822,2823,1105,1106,1107,1108,1109,1110,1111,1112,1113,1114,1115,1116,1117,1118,1500,1501,1502,1503,1504,1600,1601,1602,1603,1604,1605,1606,2821,2824,61461, //RHS /* main idd - never delete it */ 46 }; Add in the xsSpawn like I have in here, save it and pack the .pbo back up and that should take care of the black screen because infastar blocks it unless you have this added in.
  17. That's correct. The loadout works but no halo spawn option. It spawns you automatically on the ground. BTW, I tried to install xsspawn and use your ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf but when I died all I got was a black screen and no spawn option. Thanks!
  18. Iam not sure I figured it should work without xsspawn. I will need to test this without xsspawn on my test server and see If I get the same results. So from what I understand is the loadout works you just do not get the option to halo spawn?
  19. This is it: * Enables or disables parachute spawning. * * 1 = On * 0 = Off */ parachuteSpawning = 1; Any other thoughts? Thank you!
  20. in your @exileserver\addons\exile_server_config.pbo\config.cpp find this section and make sure its set right. /** * Enables or disables parachute spawning. * * 1 = On * 0 = Off */ parachuteSpawning = 1;
  21. I have just updated the file on my github, includes 9 different UID Loadouts some with launchers and pistols and reworked respect base loadouts.
  22. are you using this? https://github.com/xstremebam/xsSpawn
  23. Hi there, I and my players love this script. Thanks so much for making it available! One problem I'm having is that the Halo Spawn option is not working. When you click respawn it just spawns you on the ground without giving you the option of a Halo Jump. The spoiler below is the script I was previously using. The spoiler below is your script and what I am currently using that does not give the option to Halo Spawn. Do you have any idea why I am not getting the option? Thanks so much for your help! Vlad
  24. Hey I'm new to the exile scene and I've seen you work wonders with creating traders and spawns for unsupported maps, would you any chance be able to create Traders and spawns for Esseker? I've been unable to find a mission file for it with supported traders and spawns.
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