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  1. soolafsen

    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    unsafeCVL=1 in the description.ext works just fine, ty. It fixes a host of problems with regards to trader spawn, missiles not firing etc. Unfortunately the Exile code seems to use createVehicleLocal quite a bit so unsafeVCL seems the way to go unless you make a lot of custom code changes. Anybody experiencing server FPS fluctuations after the Arma update? Early yesterday I was hoping I'd be 95% done with server editing, I was wrong :-)
  2. soolafsen

    Arma 1.96 bugs in Exile

    ExileClient_object_trader_create uses createVehicleLocal which is now broken <sigh> Issue that affects trader already reported to Bohemia by someone else: "createVehicleLocal not working in MP" https://feedback.bistudio.com/T146139 /rgds Rusler
  3. Anyone else get issues with traders or mods after the Arma 1.96 server update today? D3S car pack not working and all my traders are gone.. Any advice? /rgds Rusler HardDayZNight