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  1. Can you do a version with a more tidy layout separating each traders and the bridge and so on?
  2. What are the chances of our server getting taken down if we run Tavi?
  3. Sgt Smash

    A3XAI Custom Spawns

    Wack everything up and then run Vcom and lambsdanger and have the most fun AI, I can't stand playing with anything less now days as they are no challenge otherwise, But we run a PVE server and don't care about noobs playing on our server. But like ZN Anhor said if you want players(forPVP) probably best to nerf them or not have AI
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply I have had this on other peoples servers too in the past and already gathered it would be script related other wise i would have asked for a fix if i thought it was a core mod problem!, But i wasn't posting here looking for a fix, Just away to get all tile mesages to show in chat. Thanks again😀
  5. Hi everyone i hope you're all safe and well in these tough times I was just wondering if it was possible to make the messages in the little popup tiles be shown in chat like you can with DMS missions vehicle codes? Reason i ask is there is sometimg on our server that sometimes bugs them tiles out and stops them from show. Any help would be great and have a nice day👍
  6. Independent green should work
  7. Sgt Smash

    Tree Remover Object

    This is the mission.sqm after i've added the modules. Is there anything noticeable that could cause a server load up loop? also i've just noticed it adds my steam name into if after i've used the game editor and that has emoji's in it would that cause any problems? e.g ✋WASH YOUR HANDS🤚 Sgt Smash
  8. Sgt Smash

    Tree Remover Object

    Just tried again, still gets stuck in a loop😞
  9. Sgt Smash

    Tree Remover Object

    I'm at a lost with trying to get that module to work. managed to get it so the server didn't loop but the modules didn't work
  10. Sgt Smash

    Base Camera sorting

    Thanks guys all working now All i gotta do now is work out how to change the range from laptop to cameras, as the camera that is on the other side of my bases i can view but can't control unless i use a laptop closer to it then i can control it.
  11. Sgt Smash

    Tree Remover Object

    Can you give any clue as to why it would cause the server to loop? Could it be the way i export it back or something?
  12. Sgt Smash

    Base Camera sorting

    Trying the CfgCustomcode method above didn't work, I've relocated my file into a new folder named "Exile_Client_Overrides" and used your line and don't get an error now. Strange it didn't let me locate it to the other overrides i have in my Custom folder.
  13. Sgt Smash

    Base Camera sorting

    While i got you does any of these need to go in to CfgCustomcode rather than CfgExileCustomCode? Or are these ok in CfgExileCustomCode?
  14. Sgt Smash

    Base Camera sorting

    That CfgCustomcode still go in mission file config like that CfgExileCustomCode but i make it's own class section? Strange that is say's "Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_gui_baseCamera_event_onLoad.sqf with the code below." at the top of the thread.
  15. Sgt Smash

    Base Camera sorting

    Yeah that's why i posted as i can't see why it says that taking in consideration what i posted above, I'm at a loss🤷‍♂️