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  1. Does this stop the loss of uniform/vests bug after restarts?
  2. Sgt Smash

    Enigma Exile Revive

    Over two years later new server, fresh files and install and still get this problem of CUP Uniform getting replaced with bambi suite when revived lol
  3. Ah right, no wonder why it can be so buggy lol
  4. Is that not what the revive script does?
  5. @Crito Did you or anyone else come up with something?
  6. Sgt Smash


    Ah i rememebr now, the problem is the vanilla version uses O_G_Sharpshooter_F as it's class name, and sometimes fails to overrides its gear on a single ai resulting in one of them spawning with a MK14 with a dupe scope, just gotta find a replacement that's Opfor with a gun without attachments
  7. Sgt Smash


    Anyone know how to stop the ai spawning with dupe scope weapons, Noticed one ai on the patrol heli had a MK14 with a scope on and was dupeable at traders.
  8. I tried changed it in that file but didn't change effect in game, Do i need to make an override of some sort for teh customcode bit in the mission file to force the change over to the clients? Sorry i a noob when it comes to the overrides.
  9. Has anyone found out how to edit the Combat Mode Timer? I run a PVE server and would like to reduce it or turn off.
  10. Sgt Smash

    Extended Base Mod

    Thanks mate, Would that be this? "exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn" So is this right? or dose the "e" on the first "exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn" need to be a capital E or stay lower case?
  11. Sgt Smash

    Extended Base Mod

    Anyone know a fix for the loot stop spawning in buildings from the mod? I have the code for loot spawns and potions for both already Just two examples
  12. Sgt Smash


    Na it's nothing to do with real world times, i use this for server restarts So if i stop my server randomly at say 15:45pm it will just auto restart after 4 hours has passed @19:45pm regardless of real world time.
  13. Sgt Smash


    I guess i could manually restart my server at one of them times to put it roughly in sync with the 0,4,8,12,16,20,24 cycle👍, just means i can only upload changes just before them times to keep it on time.
  14. Sgt Smash


    Yeah i fully understand that, but sadly that's not how our server restarts work as stated above so that method is useless for my use case, is there a way to remove the count down timer from the Status bar?
  15. Sgt Smash


    I use the vanilla exile server restarts every 4 hours so they are not set at the same time everyday. In the exads version it let me set the timer to counts down from 4 hours after a server restart regaurdless of the time of day i restarted the server can this version do this too or can i disable the count down clock from the bar?