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Found 10 results

  1. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Arma 3 Apex Framework Version - 1.5.6 (14/11/2023) Compatibility - Arma 3 2.14 Download (Github) Support (Discord) Email - armacombatgroup <at> gmail Documentation (Github) Donate (Patreon) Enjoy ______________________________________________ Terrains: Vanilla Altis Tanoa Malden 2035 Livonia Stratis (classic & zeus modes only) DLC * Further DLC integration & support is coming Sefrou-Ramal (Zeus mode only) - Western Sahara DLC Cam Lao Nam (Zeus mode only) - Prairie Fire DLC Khe Sanh (Zeus mode only) - Prairie Fire DLC The Bra (Zeus mode only) - Prairie Fire DLC Weferlingen (Zeus mode only) - Global Mobilization DLC Gabreta (Zeus mode only) - CSLA Iron Curtain DLC * Further DLC integration & support is coming Mission Types: Zeus. Disable the objectives and use the integrated systems (including advanced Zeus systems) to support your own custom content. Invade & Annex: Apex Edition. Classic I&A style mode. Sector Control. Domination-style Sector Control mode. Campaign. Insurgency-style campaign mode. Gameplay: Edited Raw Installation Guide: Features: Base Building. We have implemented an early prototype of base-building, with built in base-defense missions. Advanced AI behaviors: suppressive fire, building clearance, logistics & helicopter use, dynamic close air support & mortar support, regrouping, automated medics, vehicle repair, demolitions, house/building suppressive fire, stance adjustment, inter-squad communications, evasive behavior, attack & defend routines, tactical commander, organic intel gathering to decide where to commit soldiers & resources. tracer rounds to make battlefield more visceral, custom jungle spawning & patrol routines built for Tanoa. Custom Logistics. Deployable fortifications and player-deployable game mechanics. Towing. Wrecks. Game mechanic to recover wrecks after catastrophic vehicle damage. Headless Client. Plug & play 4+ headless clients with automated load balancing. Ambient civilians and wildlife. Custom wildlife and civilians at missions, using high-performance techniques to ensure they don't reduce FPS. Geo-typical dynamic weather. Weather for Altis/Stratis/Malden taken from Lemnos data, Tanoa weather taken from Fiji data. Persistent and full yearly cycle. Storm simulation & fog reduction. Dynamic day/night cycle. Accelerated nights, accelerated noon, slowed down at dawn & dusk. Cinematic AO lighting on dark nights. Persistent and full yearly cycle. Dynamic missions. Players can create tasks and objectives for each other. Recruitable AI. Players can recruit AI to help with the fight, either as engineers, fire support, fully integrated automated medics, etc.. Wide range of enemy weapons. Enemies use a wider array of weapons that those defined in config. 70+ custom player interactions. Intuitive and custom player interactions using the action menu (familiar to veterans and newbies alike). Role Selection Menu System. Change role or faction without aborting to the lobby. Custom menu system. Menu system supporting custom buttons, player options and link buttons to your community website. Full difficulty scaling by player population. Dynamic AI difficulty. Interactive side missions. Custom Zeus systems. Keybindings (numpad) to support on-the-fly Zeus missions, including garrison, patrol, attack, suppressive fire, player revive, unit incapacitation, and hunting/stalking logic. Custom Virtual Arsenal. Use either the custom whitelist or blacklist to set up what gear your players have access to. Inventory Saving. Save & Load & Edit the inventory of crates and vehicles easily. Custom medical system. An intuitive and simple medical system for public server play, not buggy! Revive, stabilise, medevac, carry, drag, load, unload, ambulances, field hospitals, AI revive. Custom MOUT operations. urban warfare AOs for Tanoa & Altis. Player damage modeling. Dynamic damage modeling to make playing against AI more fun. Admin tools. Admin tool menu with a range of options for moderators, admins and developers, including a custom dev terminal. Anti-cheat. A proven anticheat custom-fitted into the mission, caught about 30 cheaters on the development server over 16 months. Anti-troll. A system to resist and counter common forms of griefing. Restart schedule. A custom restart schedule built into the mission to provide graceful restarts, reminding players which server they are on and time-until-restart. Helmet-cam live feed. Players at base can watch a live feed of operations. Enemy capture. Capture enemies and imprison them. Blue Force Tracker. High detail blue force tracker system with dozens of configurations, including custom enemy info on the map display. Earplugs. Weapon lasers. Squad Radar. Suppression Effects. Hit Marker audio cue. Feedback when your bullet hits an enemy. Illumination Flares. Flares fired from weapons and mortars provide good illumination. Visibility & View Distance menu. Magazine repack. Backpack locking. Parachute deployment. Explosives charge 'attach to surface'. Gameplay Leaderboards. Track transport pilot effectiveness, top medics, weapon accuracy, sniper accuracy, and other objective-based metrics. Semi-persistent (weekly ladder). Dynamic Simulation. Server-side dynamic simulation and client-side optional dynamic simulation to improve FPS and performance. Logistics, Towing, Hauling & Mounting, Carrying & Dragging. Custom system to facilitate towing, and mounting of static weapons to suitable vehicles. Also linked directly to ingame Vehicle-in-Vehicle system for seamless logistics. Enhanced Slingload rope controls. Adjust rope length during flight and seamlessly attach Taru pods to Taru helicopters with simple controls. Active Protection System for armored vehicles. Based on Israeli "Trophy" and Russian "Afghanit" systems. Forward Operating Bases. Forward operating bases built directly into the framework, with logistics tasks, respawn tickets, vehicle respawns, ... Aircraft Carrier (USS Freedom). Dynamic aircraft carrier can be toggled on and off with a mission parameter, spawns at random locations, fully supported with vehicle respawns, player respawns, optional defensive turrets, and field hospital mechanics. Destroyer (USS Liberty). Dynamic destroyer can be toggled on and off with a mission parameter, spawns at random locations, fully supported with vehicle respawns, player respawns, optional defensive turrets, optional naval artillery, and field hospital mechanics. 40+ Custom object compositions. Many missions spawn custom scenes to add a fresh and replayable element to the missions. Custom vehicle & uniform skins. A variety of custom and realistic military skins created for this framework. Monetization solutions. Servers cost money, so we have put in solutions to reward players for donating. Custom cosmetics system for patches, uniforms and vehicle skins, and whitelisted lobby roles. Monetization license. You may use this framework on monetized servers. Highly polished. Considerable time spent polishing and ironing out bugs and rough edges, a necessary part of professional development missing from many other mission offers. Performance. Surprisingly high FPS (both client & server) for the amount of action going on, smooth and doesn't stutter. Change Log: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/documentation/_Change Log.txt Mods supported: Blastcore Edited (standalone) by Opticalsnare JSRS soundmod by LordJarhead Mods integrated: Advanced Rappelling by duda Mag Repack Custom skins (third party designers): A sample of the vehicle & uniform skins that come as a separate content pack for use with the framework, purchased from third-party designers. Notes: Do not use AI mods like VCOM and ASR. There is an AI system built directly into the framework. Youtube development channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/QuiksiIver/videos License: Monetization permitted APL-SA (you have permission to modify and publish the modified version for others to download/use).
  2. Download: MIL_DominationDM: Dropbox/Steam Workshop/Armaholic Description: MIL_DominationDM combines deathmatch gameplay with domination point scoring. There are a number of role specific classes to pick from, each with their own strengths and weakness. Kill players or try to stay alive in one of the score zones to earn points. Full description of mission features and available roles are within the mission briefings and are summarised below under spoiler tags. Features: Scoring: Roles: Missions: MIL_DominationDM consists of 6 missions currently, with 1 more being tested and another 2 planned. Currently: - Altis - Urban - Tanoa - Jungle - Ihantala - Forested homestead - Stratis - Container yard - Livonia - Forest valley - Malden - Desert battlefield wreckage Being tested: - Winter Ihantala - Swampland Planned: - Anizay - Urban/Industrial - Anizay - Urban Dependencies: Mods required are RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF and CUP Terrain - Core. Individual missions may require DLC or mods for access to their related terrains. Install: For the Steam Workshop, subscribe to the above linked collection or the individual missions. For all else, download the MILDominationDM.rar file and extract the missions to your ArmA3/MPMissions folder. Difficulty Settings: Most options have been accounted for by mission scripts, anything else can be setup by the host. However, FOR MINES TO WORK AS INTENDED their detection needs to be turned off either in player profile settings (DETECTED MINES) if running hosted MP, or server difficulty settings (detectedMines) if running a dedicated server - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu. Otherwise, the red triangle will still end up appearing around the mine. Media: Promo (3:05s): Known bugs: Hopefully none, I think I've nailed everything down. BUT, let me know please. Credits: @HallyG for his kill feed script and his openness to it being used and edited (I do plan on adding my changes to the thread) - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/204483-code-snippet-kill-feed/ @Larrow for his workaround for selecting briefing subjects - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/224393-selectdiarysubject-help/?do=findComment&amp;comment=3368667 @aliascartoons for his fantastic dust storm script - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800771522 And the community in general as a good reference point, as always. If anyone would like to see this on another map/specific location let me know. Change log:
  3. Hey ArmA Freaks, Back in 2014 I just started a Arma clan called "United German Forces" (UGF) and now in 2016 we started a Server for Arma 1. We saved a lot of Classic missions like Sahrani Life, Evolution, Domination, Warfare, Zombies and more... everything WITHOUT Mods/AddOns. Our Server is 24/7 Online and running without different Mods/AddOns. Everyone who got ArmA Version 1.18 can join us. (Armed Assault, Combat Operations, Gold Edition) Server Name: UGF-Clan Gaming Server Server IP: Port: 2302 (How to connect: Just join via IP and Port over the ArmA Multiplayer) For more Informations, Updates and the Server rules just check out the links. UGF Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ugf-gaming UGF Homepage: http://unitetgermanforces.beepworld.de/ UGF Server Live-Status: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Join us now! Greetings, Sven
  4. hi all guys ! i just wish to inform the whole community that after many months of test, i can finally declare the official opening of two servers: a TDM server with a gameplay inspired to insurgency, still way more realistic, but fast paced, round based, with arsenal ecc. a DOMINATION server, with a dynamic domination mission, with AI of 3 factions, civilians and so on. can be played coop or TvT or TvTvT ! you can find the servers filtering the name " DWAR " or at the IP: dolfrang.ddns.net on port 2312 the domination and port 2302 the TDM both run vanilla arma3 for maximum compatibility, plus a set of scripts that add a lot more deep to vanilla gameplay (like drag soldiers and some objects, attach explosives on objects/vehicles, dual primary on back, and much more..) to not bore you all, i place more infos about missions running on server in the following spoiler, anyway for more infos contact is : ddelfino@hotmail.com
  5. This mission is inspired upon the original (ArmA 2) Domination game mode. * Island Tanoa * No mods (vanilla) * Coop 10+1 (also playable alone in MP mode) This mission is inspired upon the great game mode 'Domination' that was made by 'Xeno' on ArmA 2. This mission is created from scratch so no copy/paste from the original Domination code, but I it is inspired on the original Domi. You can expect the same gameplay/setup, but then towned down to coop proportions. This is mainly an infantary mission now instead of a full combined ops mission. In this version there are no AI retaliation waves after capturing a town and the bluefor base will not be attacked. However, there is a chance that one of the random AI patrols outside of towns will go towards a town to protect it. Roles: *Commander (High command+support ability) *Team Leader *Explosives Expert *Medic *Rifleman *Grenadier *Auto Rifleman *AT Rifleman *Pilot (Chopper+CAS) *Sniper *Spotter Features: * Commander role is able to place waypoints for all teams (CTRL+SPACE) and is able to call in different kinds of support (support channel) for a limited amount of times. * Domination style camera intro * Video outro * Halo jump. You can Halo jump from the flag pole at the base and a Halo jump flag pole will be placed at every town you capture (along with a custom ammo box) * set the mission to evening or morning at the base (atm clickable signs @base, will become an addaction for commander) * Scripted service point for the choppers and rewarded CAS jet. * Respawn players @Base (60secs) * Respawn Vehicles (rewarded vehicles will not respawn!) * Place sandbags (place a sandbag wall at the place you look at) (WIP) * Garbage collecting * Side-Ops with rewards (2 side ops missions) * Dynamic markers for all players * Saved loadouts * More underway... Objective: The objective is to capture all towns just like you are used to in Domination. To capture a town you need to eliminate all OpFor within the AO area and you need to destroy the communications tower. After these conditions have been met a 'Halo Jump' flag pole will appear in the captured town and a new town location that you have to capture will be present on the map. Besides from capturing towns side mission(s) will be available that will give your team a reward if you complete it. Currently a CAS jet and a Ghosthawk will be available at the base after completing side-ops. This mission can be played as a milisim and use choppers instead of Halo, but the flag poles are there just in case you want to play it more casual. In total there are 5 towns to capture. Not sure if it's enough, but it should give a coop team a few hours of fun. Notes: I am still working on the mission and adding things to the mission. Feedback is apreciated :) Have fun! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138392037
  6. Hello everyone, new to arma 3 but not for arma series, i have more than 250hours of A2 arrowhead, and 40+ hours of cold war assault. Not looking for squad or clan, just looking for public servers which is coop, more like teamwork. But i can play with some one time to time, mic 8/10 speech (english) 6-7/10.
  7. Hello, Task Force 1776 is proud to offer a new Tanoa Domination mission for Arma 3. We have all the new equipment & goodies plus all the great features of domination for the new Tanoa Map in Arma3. If you are not familiar with TF1776 we have been running Domination in Arma 2 since 2011 and still have pretty much the only active domination server left in Arma 2. We offer a unique twist to domination that most players have come to identify as the top version of the mission. Please visit us on the server and let your friends know about it. We also have a teamspeak, so feel free to hop on with a few of your friends and use a room to communicate. Thank you, Task Force 1776 Representative Ministry of Bureaucratic Administration and Activity Oversight Compliance Division www.TF1776.com Teamspeak: TS3.TF1776.com
  8. hello! i'm searching an expert scripter for MP/dedicated/JIP environment, to help me make more performance-efficient my domination mission. mission itself its already 100% up and working, i just need to make it "better" ! i will donate for a concrete help. if interested contact me at: Ddelfino@hotmail.com, or steam D-LEGION or here on private messages thanks!
  9. Hello, Task Force 1776 is proud to offer a new Tanoa Domination mission for Arma 3. We have all the new equipment & goodies plus all the great features of domination for the new Tanoa Map in Arma3. If you are not familiar with TF1776 we have been running Domination in Arma 2 since 2011 and still have pretty much the only active domination server left in Arma 2. We offer a unique twist to domination that most players have come to identify as the top version of the mission. Please visit us on the server and let your friends know about it. We also have a teamspeak, so feel free to hop on with a few of your friends and use a room to communicate. Thank you, Task Force 1776 Representative Ministry of Bureaucratic Administration and Activity Oversight Compliance Division www.TF1776.com Teamspeak: TS3.TF1776.com
  10. Hello, i would need help to add extra scoring system for Domination mission (two teams) : basically i would like to add score points to a player who succeed to destroy MHQ of the opposite team. for example: if a Blufor player (X) destroy a Opfor MHQ (BTR90_HQ) he gets several points (Y). with this message in the global chat : "Player X destroyed a OPFOR MHQ, he gets Y points." if the player team kill his own MHQ he lost Y points : 'Player X destroyed a Blufor MHQ he lost Y Points. same thing for OPFOR.