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    Session Lost - Cannot Connect

    i have same problem of "session lost" . i cant play anyomore, help !

    Session lost disconnect

    you lucky....i got "session lost" after 10 minutes of play. help
  3. heh...i just got a kind of the same bug. i enter as BLU and i got GREEN respawn points! and i'm considered GREEN to capture a sector. nosense at all :(

    sqs to sqf converter program ?

    i post the file i have to convert, just in case its useful to understand better my trouble:

    sqs to sqf converter program ?

    yeah Haz, i agreee :) to cut it short i have to resume this piece of old work exactly as it is, so i really have to convert it somehow. what you suggest guys...convert goto with functions seems not covering all the possible situations....in fact goto keeps the potential changes in its code and carry them back to the top of the code, seems quite complex to me to reproduce this logic for a complex script...

    sqs to sqf converter program ?

    exactly as AZcoder say, thanks for understanding it :)

    sqs to sqf converter program ?

    ...so the answer is "no, there' isnt any way to automatically convert it" ?
  8. hello guys, is there any *.sqs to *.sqf converter program ? i tried to do it manually, but its a mess...i'm not used to "goto" command and have lot of troubles re-thinking the logic behind the script ! thanks for any help!

    new TDM and DOMINATION server opening!

    ahh sorry i imagined some sort of error on my side. thanks for the help and sorry for the mistake !

    new TDM and DOMINATION server opening!

    ...not a single reply! its the wrong part of the forum, or is noone interested? i accept constructive suggestions eh!
  11. hi all guys ! i just wish to inform the whole community that after many months of test, i can finally declare the official opening of two servers: a TDM server with a gameplay inspired to insurgency, still way more realistic, but fast paced, round based, with arsenal ecc. a DOMINATION server, with a dynamic domination mission, with AI of 3 factions, civilians and so on. can be played coop or TvT or TvTvT ! you can find the servers filtering the name " DWAR " or at the IP: dolfrang.ddns.net on port 2312 the domination and port 2302 the TDM both run vanilla arma3 for maximum compatibility, plus a set of scripts that add a lot more deep to vanilla gameplay (like drag soldiers and some objects, attach explosives on objects/vehicles, dual primary on back, and much more..) to not bore you all, i place more infos about missions running on server in the following spoiler, anyway for more infos contact is : ddelfino@hotmail.com
  12. seems it works correctly with orange DLC too.

    Armachinima: your evaluation systems and votes

    well, in arma fashion, i spend way more than 30 seconds before declare something "not very good". (probably its why i still have not seen all videos) anyway in general i like more the plot than the simple "showcases", so for me : - miller the killer (too fun) - si vis pacem para bellum (nice story) the rest seems all a bit "clones"....dunno...maybe its me too bored by stereotypes! :) hope to find a good third to give my vote to !

    armachinima: up to 3 votes or not ?

    ah ok thanks man !
  15. hi guys! i didnt get a simple thing....we can vote "up to 3" videos we like, or we have to vote 3 videos (not less) ? thanks for the info !