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Found 13 results

  1. Engima's Civilians v0.90.40 by Engima Description: Engima's Civilians is a script that adds dynamic civilians to an Arma 3 mission. Civilians spawn near player(s) and are removed again when they are far away. Works on maps with enterable buildings. You can customize how many civilians there will be, civilian units classes, the maximum number of groups to use, minimum spawn distance, maximum spawn distance, and blacklist markers to define areas where no civilians will be. You also add callbacks if you want to do something when units spawn or being removed. Script works in singleplayer, multiplayer, hosted, dedicated, for JIPs, and on any map with enterable buildings. Media: Youtube video - How to create a quick mission with civilians. https://youtu.be/OVirxev6wjw Download: Download Link at Armaholic. Also released as CPack Engima.Civilians for the TypeSqf Editor. Installation: Manually: 1. Copy folder "Engima" to root of your mission folder. 2. Create the file "init.sqf" in your mission folder (if you don't already have it). Add the following line to the top of the init.sqf: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Engima\Civilians\Init.sqf"; 3. Customize the script in the file "Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf". TypeSqf 1. Open the CPack console and run command "install Engima.Civilians". Usage: Here is the simplest example that starts the civilian script with all default parameters. This code is to be put in Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf. [] spawn ENGIMA_CIVILIANS_StartCivilians; Here is an example that uses all parameters and first saves them in a variable named "_parameters". The function call (or spawn) that starts the civilian script is beneath. This code are to be put in Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf. // Set civilian parameters. _parameters = [ ["UNIT_CLASSES", ["C_man_1", "C_man_1_1_F", "C_man_1_2_F"]], ["UNITS_PER_BUILDING", 0.1], ["MAX_GROUPS_COUNT", 100], ["MIN_SPAWN_DISTANCE", 50], ["MAX_SPAWN_DISTANCE", 500], ["BLACKLIST_MARKERS", []], ["HIDE_BLACKLIST_MARKERS", true], ["ON_UNIT_SPAWNED_CALLBACK", {}], ["ON_UNIT_REMOVE_CALLBACK", { true }], ["DEBUG", true] ]; // Start the civilian script _parameters spawn ENGIMA_CIVILIANS_StartCivilians; Documentation and a complete reference of set up parameters can be found in file "Engima\Civilians\Documentation.txt". How to update from older version: Manually: 1. Back up your own customization file (Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf). 2. Replace the folder Engima\Civilians with the corresponding folder in the download package. 3. Replace the original ConfigAndStart.sqf with your own ConfigAndStart.sqf that was backed up in step 1. TypeSqf: 1. Open the CPack console and run command "update Engima.Civilians". Change log: v0.90.40 - First version. Requirements: Arma 3. Other releases Engima's Traffic Engima's Simple Tasks The ASCOM protocol
  2. Hello dear members of the Arma 3 community. Will it be possible to make a script that I can add to my mission that automatically downloads a Zeus lightning bolt over the head of anyone who kills a civilian? Do any of you have the knowledge to do it? I want to ask you for this favor because I am tired that every time I do missions with my friends there are always a couple of them who kill 5 or 6 civilians for shooting everything that moves. Their excuse is that civilians cross the line of fire... but no one else does the same.
  3. By Phronk DESCRIPTION: Adds a "firedNear" eventHandler to all civilians in mission to flee into a random nearby house and also play a random frightened animation. (Check example on how to make it work for spawned civilians) VIDEO: FEATURES: Supports a few maps by default: -Stratis -Altis -Tanoa -Chernarus -Takistan -Zargabad Adding support for other maps is easy Civilians will flee into a random nearby house when they hear a gunshot Upon hearing the gunshot, civilians will play random frightened animation TO DO LIST: Improve efficiency Add ArmA 1 maps from CUP:Terrains Delete civilian's waypoints before ordering them to move Possibly replace doMove with addWaypoint command KNOWN BUGS: Sometimes the civilian can't get into the house Sometimes the civilian can walk through objects/structures Civilian may continue to next waypoint if he already has one, after running to a nearby house INSTALLATION: NOTE: Demo mission requires CUP:Terrains & TalibanFighters, the script is standalone and does not require any scripts to use Copy & Paste "init.sqf" from demo mission to your mission, if you only want the civilians already placed in the mission to be effected Done! (OPTIONAL) If you want spawned civilians to be effected, do the following: 1-1. Also copy & paste this code into your "init.sqf", in addition to the rest of the above example: civFlee={_this select 0 addEventHandler["FiredNear",{ _civ=_this select 0; switch(round(random 2))do{ case 0:{_civ switchMove "ApanPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_G01";_civ setSpeedMode "FULL";}; case 1:{_civ playMoveNow "ApanPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_G01";_civ setSpeedMode "FULL";}; case 2:{_civ playMoveNow "ApanPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_G01";_civ setSpeedMode "FULL";}; default{_civ playMoveNow "ApanPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_G01";_civ setSpeedMode "FULL";};}; //nearestObjects[ PositionOrTarget, ["List","Of","Classnames","To","Look","For"], MaxDistanceToSearchAroundTarget ]; _nH=nearestObjects[_civ,nH_List,100]; _H=selectRandom _nH;//Pick an object found in the above nearestObjects array _HP=_H buildingPos -1;//Finds list of all available building positions in the selected building _HP=selectRandom _HP;//Picks a building position from the list of building positions _civ doMove _HP;//Orders the civilian to move to the building position //Remove the eventHandler to prevent spamming _civ removeAllEventHandlers "FiredNear";}];}; 1-2. In your civ spawning script, right after the civ is created (Example: _unit=createVehicle["C_Man_01",_pos,[],0,""];) paste this after: [_unit]call civFlee; 1-3. Done! v0.1 (Jan 1, 2017) DOWNLOAD LINK - (Google Drive) DOWNLOAD LINK - (Armaholic) Change-Log: (2017.1.1) Initial Release
  4. Steam workshop link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1618325439 MISSION Russians have invaded the small peaceful island of Malden, and are holding it's citizens captive! Execute missions to weaken the russian presence on the island and set it's citizens free! A randomly generated campaign, execute missions and lead the United States Armed Forces to capture the island of Malden and win the war against the Russian Federation. FEATURES Random AO - One of Malden's cities, the main airport, or the military island base will be selected to attack. Finish one and another is generated. Random Selectable Side Missions - If you want a bit more excitement, you can choose a side mission from the mapboard at base. It will open the map and show you all available missions. Side missions range from diffusing a bomb on your officer, to stealing an enemy supply truck, to finding and rescuing a downed pilot, plus much more. Every time you open the side mission map, there will be different missions at different locations, so if you don't like what's available, just close it and reopen it. Civilian Population and Traffic - There is a heavy civilian presence on Malden, its citizens populate most of the island and are driving cars (shocking!), and walking around everywhere. They aren't hostile to our forces. In fact the reason we are on malden is for them, as the russians have invaded and are making their life a living hell. Recruitable AI - You can recruit AI units from the officer at base. Please allow them a few seconds to get deployed and join your group. If you wish to dismiss a unit, simply walk up to him and select 'Dismiss.' Mobile Respawn - There are 3 mobile respawn vehicles, a 4 door Humvee, an unarmed M113, and an unarmed MRAP. They should have green letters above them saying M.H.Q. 1, 2, or 3. When you die, simply choose which M.H.Q. you wish to respawn on, or just choose to spawn at base. If a M.H.Q. is destroyed, it will respawn at base. Revive - You can be revived by your teammates if you are incapacitated. There is a 5 minute window to be revived before you die. Players can only revive other players, A.I. units do not revive or become incapacitated, they simply die. HALO Jumping - You can HALO Jump by choosing H.A.L.O. Jump from the mapboard at base. You can also choose H.A.L.O. Group to jump with your squad members. CAUTION: if you have joined another players group, it will force ALL GROUP MEMBERS to jump as well! Dynamic Group System - Press the Teamswitch key (Default "U") to open the group menu. Here you can create/disband your own group, invite other players, join or leave another players group. Virtual Arsenal - There is an ammobox at base with virtual arsenal, and all MHQ vehicles are virtual arsenal enabled. You may also call in a supply drop which has virtual arsenal. AVAILABLE SUPPORT (Called with 0-8 on Radio) Supply Drop - An ammobox will drop near you and be marked with green smoke. This box will have virtual arsenal. UAV Recon - Click a location on the map and after the data from the UAV comes in, all hostile and friendly units will be marked for 3 minutes. These markers will not be updated, so be aware units may move around. Artillery, Mortars, Carpet Bomb - Choose one of the 3 from the support menu and click on the map to rain down some good ol' american pop rocks on the enemies. Caution when using in cities, as it may result in lots of civilian casualties, our mission is to protect the civilians, not kill them. Laser Designated Missile - If you have a laser designator, you can call in laser designated missile strikes. You must keep your laser designator on the target until the missile strikes. (There might currently be a bug that removes the missile if you turn the designator off). Fast Travel Transport Helis - A UH-60 and MH-9 are available to transport you around Malden. When you select the heli you want, it will mark an LZ near your location and head that way. Green smoke will automatically be popped at the LZ when the Heli is near. Once you get in, choose "Give a LZ to the Pilot" and it will head to that location. After a few seconds, the screen will go black and you will fast travel to the location. If at any moment the heli becomes bugged out, choose "Detonate Heli Transport' from your action menu to destroy the heli and make the support available again. Paratroop Reinforcements - Click on the map and a squad will paradrop on your location. After the squad has landed, they will fall under your command (Or your group leader's, if you are in another player's squad). Requires both RHS USAF and AFRF. Credits: DUWS by Kibot. Modified Version by BigShot. EOS script & Occupation mission by BangaBob Civilian scripts by Enigma ATM Airdrop HALO script by PokerTour. Defuse Bomb script by Cobra4v320. Thanks to Kempco for the mapsize script. Thanks to FrankHH for correcting the typos. Thanks to Yumsum, Porte and Phil for all their patience in testing.
  5. @pierremgi - TvT 50/50 Campaign - You have to help me onesmore. As said earlier I would like to punish players when they kill a civilian (AI). The max number off civilians during the mission will be 6. When placing the script in the unit init it works all fine but only for 2 kills. I have been trying the use the addition codes too but dnt succeed unfortunately. Dnt forget noob here but love doing this - appreciate yr help - thanks quote Posted February 6 civilian men? I can't test it but try: this addEventHandler ["killed",{ params ["_killed","_killer","_instigator","_side"]; if (([_killed,true] call bis_fnc_objectSide == civilian or captive _killed) && !isnull _instigator) exitWith { [side _instigator,-1,false] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets }; if (count crew _killed >0) then { _side = [_killed,false] call bis_fnc_objectSide } else { _side = [_killed,true] call bis_fnc_objectSide }; [_side,-1,false] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets }]; The problem is what you want to protect with that. I guess you can't copy/paste this code in all init fields of the units/vehicles. So you can define an array of units. Never mind the method, just think about edited (3den) or spawned (in game). The second case needs a loop to refresh the array but, without treating the former units again and again. First, the code is: { _x addEventHandler [.....] } foreach AnArrayOfUnits; // can be [bob1,bob2,bob3] but also allUnits for example (men only), or vehicles (as written) or allUnits + vehicles Second, if you spawn some new units, you need to track the new units and "treat" them with EH. Two ways: You treat them, immediatly once they spawn (I kept the case of an array here): { _x addEventHandler [....] } forEach arrayOfNewSpawnedUnits; // just after spawning code or make a loop in init.sqf, waiting for some new arrival, considering general arrays like allUnits or vehicles: [] spawn { while {true} do { { _x setVariable ["treated",true]; _x addEventHandler [....] } forEach AnArrayOfUnits select { !(_x getVariable ["treated",false]) }; // works fine with allUnits or vehicles } }; unquote
  6. Hi. I am making a coop mission where 30+ players are acting as civpop that have decided to become rebels. I am looking for simple ways to make the occupation AI act as if it's never sure of whether a player is legit civilian or whether it's something one should engage. So I'm thinking a lot of different conditions that cycle the BLUFOR player through setCaptive true and false. Does anyone have good ideas, or know of others who've tried? I tried a fair bit of searching, but my wording didn't return any good results. Here are some ways I'm going to try to go about it. Help is much appreciated. 1) Crowds can be treated as hostile. In real life some occupation forces disband the freedom of assembly and impose crowd limitations during curfew etc. I'm thinking of each player running a script that checks how close they are to others. If the script finds 3+ players (or AI civs) within a radius of X meters, they get flipped to setCaptive false. If there's civpop AI, those could conceivably be grouped silently with Resistance. For even more complexity, the script could avoid counting players/AI inside buildings. >>> How would I check whether players are inside buildings? 2) Anyone armed is hostile. The script checks for whether they are openly carrying a rifle/pistol, or are carrying a launcher of any kind. >>> How would I script the difference between a pistol in a backpack not being seen, as opposed to a holstered/backslung rifle being seen? 3) Anyone who ends up setCaptive false must then be un-detected by OPFOR before they can be flipped back to civilian. Not sure how to go about this. >>> Should I maybe check whether any units belonging to side==east have a knowsabout higher than 1 or 2? 4) Anyone running or sprinting while AI is within a certain radius. >>> Are there any isRunning commands that I could check?
  7. So with the latest release of Arma, and the new CIV modules, I wanted to look into further enhancing my mission MOD that populates CIV units. I'm thinking the AGENTs may help performance, but have a couple questions I don't know if would work in my mission design. In my mission, the CIVs play the following roles: 1. They have addactions in some cases 2. They have waypoints assigned to travel from building to building (for ambient affect) 3. They can be spawned as enemy threats 4. They play animations I know agent types have some limited functionality to them. I'm just not sure with the mentioned features, if Agents would really be the way to go for my MOD. In addition, i like the civilian behavior they added to the latest patch, but cannot find how i may implement that into my mission on the civilian units. Found the following, but not as simple as just adding it to the units INIT code...: _ID = _unit execFSM "A3\Modules_F_Tacops\Ambient\CivilianPresence\FSM\behavior.fsm"; Because of the roles above, I still need control over spawning and adding code to each unit, so using the modules, or scripting them would not work for me. Thanks for all your help as always.
  8. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all, I have no clue nor experience on how to script advanced stuff, but I've been recently wondering whether it would be possible to check, using some function that I may not be aware of, whether a (civilian) unit is being consciously aimed at/targeted within a certain radius/range like, let's say... 5 meters or something similar. The hypothetical scenario I would like to achieve, is the following: I would like to trigger a predetermined reaction when a certain unit is aware that he's being, like I said before, aimed at by a Bluefor soldier, but I'm not sure if such a thing is doable in an easy and struggle-free manner. Is there a command/function that I may study? Thank you in advance for the suggestions.
  9. Hello all, So I have been working on a mission that utilizes essentially a town full of people. From the start of the mission they'll just walk around (I gave them waypoints), but once the fighting begins, I needed them to run around (using a doMove ... command). It works fine, however, there are some problems. I am now slowly starting to optimize my mission, and having over 40 civilian units each with defined variables takes a toll on fps and performance when executing scripts. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with so many unit icons on the editor map.. Is there a way to just spawn civilians randomly in a zone and have them just walk around until an event occurs causing them to just frantically run? I tried to create a script for this (spawning them, that is), but due to my lack of time and little scripting knowledge I'm smacking into some dead ends. Here is what I have created thus far, in case any of you guys would like to look at it: _civilianGroup = ["C_man_1","C_man_1_1_F","C_man_1_2_F","C_man_1_3_F","C_man_polo_1_F","C_man_polo_2_F","C_man_polo_3_F","C_man_polo_4_F","C_man_polo_5_F","C_man_polo_6_F","C_man_p_fugitive_F"]; _civilianSpawn = ["civspawn1"]; //civspawn1 is a marker on my map _radius = 200; _amount = 0; _grp = createGroup civ; while {_amount < 10} do { sleep 3; _civUnit = _civilianGroup call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; hint format ["the civilian will be: %1",_civUnit]; //hints were just used for testing each line of code.. sleep 2; _markerPos = _civilianSpawn call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; hint format ["the marker will be: %1",_markerPos]; _civie = _civUnit createUnit [getMarkerPos _markerPos,_grp]; _distance = [1,_radius] BIS_fnc_randomInt; // I believe this part and below are the areas that are causing problems _direction = [0,359] BIS_fnc_randomInt; _randomPos = [_civie,_distance,_direction] call BIS_fnc_relPos; }; Once again thanks in advance for any help you guys can bring. Bonus Question: If there are any general methods to optimize a single player mission, I'd love to know! -Jake
  10. Hey everyone! Before anything else, I'm going to say that I wasn't sure where I should post this, here or the Zeus-Editing Sub-forum, but both seem to match what we were looking for. Me and 2 other guys have started working on an Age Of Empires-Styled RTS gamemode, it will/should include features such as constructing almost any building in the game, both civilian and military buildings. Civilians that you can spawn to gather resources that you can spend on buildings and units, and so on. We need a few guys to come help us out. We are pretty experienced with the editor, we have made large scenarios such as: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185375-COOP-The-Dark-Ones-Open-World-RolePlay-Quests-Monsters-And-Creatures-And-More/ AND THIS: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/181576-spcampaignrhs-the-east-wind-rhs-remake/ AND THIS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180420482&searchtext= So if you guys are interested on helping us out with this, add me on Steam. My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crusher4536 Regards, MrCrazyDude115
  11. CivPopulate A script package that populates areas dynamically with civilians and adds traffic to the roads. * FOR OFP/CWA * Current version: 1.4.1 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6o5w3m4t4y4b0ap/civPopulate_v141.zip CONTENTS: Template Demo mission in Nogova Demo mission in Nogova to test CoC UA. Debug mode on. FEATURES: Populate your towns with as many civilians as you want in as many towns as you want Civilians wander the streets or idle lazily inside or near buildings. You can populate your towns with civilians from different addons to increase the diversity of the population Population changes depending on if it's day or night Just one simple, light script is used to manage an unlimited amount of walker civilians Add any pack of civilians by adding templates *New* Civilian traffic You can now also designate camping areas Populate towns with specific types of civilians Add and remove designated towns and camps on the fly You can pause, resume, reset or completely stop civPopulate You can now really set an unlimited amount of towns and camps (previously there was a limit of 63) USE: MISC NOTES: Traffic: Although there's a minimum placement distance of 300m from the player you'll sometimes see the cars popping up. Traffic: You'll occasionally hear explosions around you. Don't panic. It's just vehicles exploding and civilians burning to death. New clones will replace them shortly. Traffic: Five vehicles is usually enough to simulate the traffic in any island. With more the chances of they bumping against each other, particularly on the initial placement, are too high, and you'll actually see less traffic than with less vehicles (as they keep being destroyed and relocated). Other: Expect huge house parties if there's just a couple of building with preset positions in a town. Other: Lots of civilians = less FPS. If you set your max population to 700 and you enter a "high" town expect a significant FPS drop. This script package places as many civilians as you want in the spots you want. No more, no less. CREDITS Functions: Backoff (createunit2.sqf) Liquid_Silence (distancepos3d.sqf) General Barron (nearestobj.sqf) Tophe of Östgöta Ops (randomBuildingPos.sqf) weasello (rndPosInRadius.sqf) toadlife (shuffle.sqf) Igor Drukov (getrelpos.sqf) bn880 (sortbubble.sqf) Scripts: Mr-Murray (teleport.sqs) Music: Dola Re Dola (by Devdas) <unidentified song> (by Amir Jan Saboori) Kopeika <extract> (by et_) CHANGELOG --- Use this, share this, modify this, whatever you want. Just put my name somewhere if you do so.
  12. schnapsdrosel

    Mercs and Civilians

    NEW VERSION: Desert Mercenaries 1.0: RS.com Mirror: DOWNLOAD DESERT MERCS 1.0 DOWNLOAD QG REPLACEMENT Armaholic.com Mirror: DOWNLOAD DESERT MERCS 1.0 DOWNLOAD QG REPLACEMENT ArmedAssault.info Mirror: DOWNLOAD DESERT MERCS 1.0 DOWNLOAD QG REPLACEMENT ePrison.de Mirror: DOWNLOAD DESERT MERCS 1.0 DOWNLOAD QG REPLACEMENT I recommend to use mercenary face pack with this addon (24 faces in total): download mercenary faces pack Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Civilians v1.0b: Armaholic.com Mirror: Civilians v1.0b ArmedAssault.info Mirror: Civilians v1.0b ePrison.de Mirror: Civilians v1.0b Mercenaries + Civilians v0.5 Beta: - completely reworked the WDL Mercenaries - added 3 more Blackops (new group: "Mercenaries BlackOp") - added a female to the "Armed Civilian" group - added one more female and a farmer to the Civilian side - added 4 more faces to the merc face pack - some minor model changes Download: Armaholic.com Mirror: Mercenaries 0.5b ArmedAssault.info Mirror: Mercenaries 0.5b ePrison.de Mirror: Mercenaries 0.5b Screenshot BlackOps Mercenaries 0.4b: - added Medic Mercenaries - added several Civilians (City) - added Armed Civilians to the Independent side - new SF mercenaries added to the East side (Mercenaries WDL) - added 1 Blackop (Mercenaries WDL) - Mercenary faces added to the profile selection - some minor model changes Download: ePrison.de Mirror: Mercenaries 0.4b Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Mercenaries 0.3b: -new mercenaries added to the Desert and WDL group -eastern mercenaries added (Urban and WDL) -4 female Civilians added -some minor model fixes -QG replacement with new face textures Download: ePrison.de Mirror: Mercenaries 0.3b Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Mercenaries 0.2b: -new mercenaries -new female mercenaries -female soldiers -one female civilian -Queens Gambit is no longer needed Download: ePrison.de Mirror: Mercenaries 0.2b Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot Desert Mercs Screenshot WDL Mercs Mercenaries 0.1b: Salvatore_Lee asked me to rerelease these mercenary units I made some time ago. The female mercs that are also included, are just placeholders for some new ones I'm working on... Queens Gambit is needed Download: ePrison.de Mirror: Mercenaries 0.1 beta Screenshot 1
  13. Can anyone point me the way to information about creating / applying arm patches on my soldiers..? ZNorQ