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  1. Hi! I literally just joined BI forums, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or the failure to comply with any etiquette's. I recently made this chart that's basically a intuitive, visual, and at least somewhat imperial infographic on the penetrating power of the vanilla weapons. This was done entirely manually, aside from the one bullet tracing script by Naught. (Mostly due to the fact that I have absolutely zero experience with scripting.) I placed little flags as markers as to where to stand to get consistent screenshots, but that was incredibly tedious, time consuming, and still totally variable. I'm currently working on the next version of this chart, as some would call me a perfectionist. Some of the improvements I'd like to make include making the entire chart much more rigorous. Basically, I'm looking for a way to automate much of the process of collecting the data. What I'd like the automation to do include: Switch to the next weapon based on a configuration file/GUI, teleport to the right place and right direction, fire a shot, return to the exact position and fire again, repeat until the magazine is empty, then teleport to a position and pausing for 5 seconds or so, allowing me to manually take the screenshot, then repeating from the start. This not only would make my work much easier, but it would also make the bullet spread in the chart directly indicative of the accuracy of the weapon. I'm fully aware that this is very much a complicated request but it would seriously aid in the production and quality of V3 of this infographic. I'd absolutely love any thoughts or feedback about the chart itself as well. Thank you for your time. PS - I'm going to try the option of inserting the chart via image URL, even though I have no clue as to what it'll do. PS2 - Oh that's what it does
  2. Sarogahtyps Simple Crew Spawner - SSCS - 1.2 Fills your vehicles with AI on all seats you want to. This script was initially thought for creating a place where you can drive any vehicle to to fill the empty seats where can be shot from with AI. Now it has a much wider usability range. You can spawn AI at any seat maybe by a chance or absolutely random. You have various options for spawning AI for an empty vehicle or for use of a player which is inside of vehicle already. You are able to set side and faction of the AI, randomly determine it or using players side and faction. Also Pilot seats will spawn pilots and crew seats will spawn crew units. It can be used in any trigger or in an addAction or just by another script. Its intended to be executed server side. It needs the vehicle object as parameter. All other parameters are optional. Why server side? Because AI which is controlled by server uses it's AI-Mod. That means if the server has VCOM AI installed then the spawned AI will behave using VCOM AI as long as it is located on server. This way you could fly a helicopter and the AI on its guns uses servers AI mod even if your client has not installed any AI mod. Integration in addAction is described in this post: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222484-release-sarogahtyps-simple-ai-gunners-ssaig-v-11/?do=findComment&comment=3348933 DOWNLOAD SSCS 1.2 SSCS code: Usage Examples 1. vehicles init line, driver/gunner/commander spawn, all FFV seats spawn, no cargo spawn, AI has own group (not players), side west, random faction, delete AI after 1 hour _d = [this] execVM "SSCS.sqf" - if a player is inside vehicle during script execution then side will be the players side and random faction of players side. 2. vehicles init line, no FFV seats spawn, driver/commander spawn - no gunner spawn, spawn 80% of cargo seats, AI joins players group, side east, faction FIA, delete AI after 10 min _d = [this, false, 6, 80, true, east, "eastfia", 600] execVM "SSCS.sqf" - if no player in vehicle then AI get it's own group (not players) - if player of side east is in vehicle then side will be east and faction FIA - if player of other side than east in vehicle then AI spawns on players side with random faction 3. vehicles init line, spawn 50% of FFV seats, spawn no driver but commander and gunner, spawn no cargo, AI has own group, side west, random faction, no AI deletion _d = [this, 50, 3, false, false, west, true, 0] execVM "SSCS.sqf" or using nil for default values _d = [this, 50, 3, nil, nil, nil, nil, 0] execVM "SSCS.sqf" - if no player in vehicle then AI spawns as side west and random faction (NATO or FIA) - if player in vehicle then AI spawns as players side and random faction Changelog V-1.2 - added possibility to spawn AI by chance for cargo FFV seats (Fire From Vehicle) - added possibility to spawn AI by chance for common cargo seats. - added all usefull unit classes of vanilla without any DLC classes - added side and faction handling (see argument/parameter description on top of script) - added workaround for bug with CUPs BMP-3 (https://dev.cup-arma3.org/T3216) - added possibility to spawn AI (or not) on driver, commander and gunner seat (look at 3rd parameter description) - deleted spawn restrictions, AI can now be spawned in any case as long as a vehicle object is given. - renameing the script into Sarogahtyps Simple Crew Spawner - SSCS because of wider usage possibilities. Changelog V-1.1 hotfix 1: - fixed bug where AI joined players group but player was not leader Changelog V-1.1: features -added option for timout after which AI gets deleted -added option for spawning (or not) cargo AI which can fire its weapon from vehicle (FFV) -added option for spawning cargo AI which can not fire from vehicle -added AI joins players group option (may cause Multiplayer conflicts but this is not tested) -added option for suppressing hint messages bug fixes - worked around a CUP mod bug where more seats are returned by CUP as really exists in vehicle. CUP is not able to fix this bug on teir own. Changelog V-1.0: -added script If you have any questions then just ask, please!
  3. Hello, this script has been refactored and proven for 1 year already Current version: 1.0 What is it? This is a cron manager for Arma 3. It is a similar for crontab in Linux or Task Scheduler in Windows. It allows you to execute code at a scheduled time, repetitive or not. Script will help to avoid endless loops and make performance optimized missions with greater flexibility in terms of managing your code execution. This script is designed for server-side execution, but also works in SP What's inside? Script contains of 4 functions: RWT_fnc_cronInit - initializes cron manager, executed on postIinit RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd - adds jobs to cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRemove - remove job from cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRun - function that runs the code, when its time comes Example use case? Make an explosion in 30 minutes Periodically run garbage clean up code, say every 2 minutes Any other usecase which requires higher time lags (minutes, hours) How to start using it? Script is packaged according to guidelines of Arma 3 Mission Skeleton, so if you are using it, just download it to your mission's addons folder and run build script. If you are more experienced mission maker or scripter - grab the source from github. To add a task: [{hint str time},[],0,20,0] call RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd; // will display time every 20 seconds Please read the comments and description to functions Source - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/rwt_cron Package - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/rwt_cron/releases/download/v1.0/rwt_cron_a3ms.zip
  4. Shooting vanilla ARMA fish is boring and looks stupid because dead fish just freeze in place. But now we can MAFGA--Make Arma Fishing Great Again--with JBOY_SpearGun!!! Features: Converts SDAR into a SDart gun! SDAR shoots fish with a small spear/harpoon (big thanks to @BadBensonfor the harpoon .p3d object!) Fish bleeds, squirms for awhile, and sinks Fish can be be taken by player, and a fish count variable is maintained for the shooter. This fish count variable can then be used later by other scripts for player to eat fish (for a survival scenario), or sell or trade fish as an item (if someone else wants to modify their trade scripts to include these fish). No Mods required! Works on ambient fish and fish created via script (createAgent) Does NOT work on turtles. I don't know why. But only jerks shoot sea turtles anyway! :) Does NOT impale AI units. When AI goes ragdoll, mempoint positions no longer mean anything, so its impossible to make harpoon stay impaled in a unit. Which is sad, because we would all love to turn an AI diver into a pin cushion! Access the Fish Count variable for a unit: If you are scripting a survival scenario, or a trade scenario, you can access the number of fish the player has as shown in following code snippet. _fishTaken = player getVariable ["JBOY_FishTaken",0]; hint format ["You have %1 fish.",_fishTaken]; Credits: @BadBenson for cool barbed harpoon object. Thanks bro! (Sorry I took so long to publish it...) @HallyGfor awesome blood effects script. Thanks HallyG! I use your scripts in a lot of my stuff, and really appreciate the help. Sample mission to put in Editor: ZipFile of mission directory Steam Link to play demo mission: Demo Mission Enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm still learning to code but I made a simple survival system for a gamemode I am working on. So I decided to share it with you. It includes: A cash system A Hunger/Thirst system Multiplayer supported! Download Current version: 0.2.1 Author: Sciirof DropBox or No Mods Survival system v0.2.1 Changelog Version 0.2.1: Survival system fix (thanks to bad benson) Version 0.2: Player does not instantly die when hunger or thirst is at 0 or below (thanks to bad benson to point me out on this!) (Temp) I am still working on a food/drink inventory UI at the moment. For now it just saids how much drinks/food you have. (How to acquire food/water is in the demo) Demo mission added! Loadout shop in the demo WIP Features that are being worked on: Food/Drinks Inventory UI Arma 3 props used as food/drinks as inventory items for the inventory UI Random spawn positions for the food and drinks props Gun shop UI (Buy/Sell) XP/Leveling system License If you are to modify the scripts make sure to give proper credit to the original creator. If any of these scripts cause any sort of damage I am not held responsible. I cannot confirm if these scripts will work with any other scripts in Arma or your mission. Donate I am not the best out there, so donate only to those you respect or think deserve a donation! I am only a student the only reason the donation button is here is to save me drink. For a proper installation of this system in your mission file, please make sure to read the IMPORTANT.txt file.
  6. This script enables shotguns to destroy small vegetation like ferns, bushes, thin palm trees and sugar cane. This adds an exciting dimension to CQB in dense jungle or cane fields. You can see this script in action in my new mission Last Tango in Tanoa: Razing Cane. You can support my scripting efforts by subscribing on steam and giving this mission a thumbs up! Give it a try, its fun! "Bush Cutter"...waiting for a smart-ass remark from someone on that. You know who you are. Last Tango in Tanoa: Razing Cane promo video shows this script in action also; Dropbox link to demo mission. Unzip this folder into your missions directory and open the mission in the Editor. Then shoot some bushes, and run into cane field and RAZE some CANE! Required Mods: RHSUSAF, CBA3 Shotguns from these mods should also work: CUP, Massi, KA Other mod shotguns can be supported by adding in their magazine name into the script. Limitation: Only works on Tanoa currently, as I have only collected bush names to destroy for Tanoa. If you want to destroy bushes on some other map, you need to collect the names of those bushes and put them into the _bushArray in the script. A simple way to collect bush names is put cursorObject in one of your console watch variables. Then look directly at a bush, and go back to console and you will see the bush .p3d name and can copy it. The Scripts (bush cutter and flying leaf effects):
  7. In this thread we'll post announcements about Experimental Ports updates. This thread itself will remain closed to allow for a clear overview of announcements, please feel free to discuss these updates here.
  8. ArmA 3 Report Viewer Designed by Rawner135 About: ArmA 3 RPT Viewer is a tool that eliminates the burning patience of having to go through directories, just to view a .RPT file. With this tool, you can: - Select which Bohemia Interactive Game you want the .RPT list to be populated with. - Select which .RPT file you want viewed, thus displaying it within the tool. - Copy the selected .RPT's content for quick pasting such as for Troubleshooting topics that need to be answered. - Save another copy of the .RPT file to your preferred directory. This tool also comes with a refresh button, if you have relaunched the game while the tool is running. Clicking the refresh button will reload the .RPT content list, in case you have deleted an .RPT/s or started arma again. Instructions: For MAC/Apple Users: - Please note that this tool has only been tested in Microsoft Windows' environment. If anything goes wrong such as tool/app incompatibility, I claim no responsibility for this cause. For PC/Laptop Users: (Windows) 1. Extract 'arma3RPTViewer.exe' to your preferred directory. (You can always create a home folder within "Program Files (x86)") 2. Launch 'arma3RPTViewer.exe'. 3. If you want to access it more in the future, right-click on the running app in your taskbar, then select 'Pin this program to taskbar'. 4. Done! Now get out there, and make some cool stuff for your friends, relatives, community, etc.. ;) Download (Dropbox): (v 2.3) DOWNLOAD (ARMAHOLIC): (v 2.3) Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Terms & Conditions: This tool has been designed for ONLY Bohemia Interactive's purposes. This includes: - Official Forums - Official Community - Bohemia Interactive (BI) & Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) Developers. - Anything related to BI and/or their games. You may: - Use this tool at your convenience. - Use its functions and/or features to help create your content in any way. (This includes sharing your .RPT to forum discussions) - Use the tool to help others and/or Bohemia Interactive's business. (Bohemia Interactive & Bohemia Interactive Simulations Devs are welcome to use it!) You may not: - Use the tool in any way to disrupt or use against Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Simulations. - Use the tool for hacking purposes. (If you do so, BattlEye will be aware of it) - Use the tool for other purposes/games such as GTA, COD, BF or any other 3rd Party game/software. - Re-publish the tool for non-commercial/commercial purposes. Only sites, games, etc., related to Bohemia Interactive (such as Armaholic) are allowed to re-publish the tool. - Edit the code/language inside the tool. (If you do so, I also claim no responsibility for any failures) Credits: Author: Rawner135 Cursor: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3) Logo: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3) Changelog: v2.3 ~ Stable Added: Functionality - View currently used .RPT file by game. Added: Functionality - Resizing Program. Added: System - Temp .RPT location for faster viewing. Fixed: Crash - Viewing currently used .RPT file by game. v2.2 ~ Stable Added: Category - Arma 3 (Server) Added: Category - ArmA 2 (Server) Added: Category - ArmA 2: OA (Server) Fixed: Bug - Error prompts on unused .RPT if game launched. Tweaked: Code - App is a little faster when using better control structures and functions. Tweaked: List Box - Hides .RPT used by current game. v2.1 ~ Hotfix (Stable) Fixed: Issue - App prompts error constantly if you do not have one of the games. v2.0 ~ Stable Added: New option for Category - ArmA 2: OA. Fixed: App crashes if you do not have a particular game. Fixed: App crashes if you open a .RPT, used by a currently running game. v1.0 ~ Release
  9. Hello everyone, I've been writing scripts for a while now but never separately released them. I had some time today so I tweaked one of the scripts I've written in the past for separate public release. It's a script simple script that will make a jet or a heli target enemy units. You can decide for yourself which types of units (cars, tanks, air, ...) the jet/heli will attack and to which factions are considered hostile. In total there are 9 parameters provided you can tweak when calling the function. Only 1 is mandatory. The script was only tested in a singleplayer environment but I see no reason why it wouldn't work in a multiplayer environment. Included files: Readme, with boring legal information like copyright and license targetingScript.sqf, the actual script targetingScript.Stratis, a little example mission. To play the example mission just drag the mission into one of the following 2 locations: C:\Users\<yourUser>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<yourProfile>\missions C:\Users\<yourUser>\Documents\Arma 3\missions and go into the editor and play it in singleplayer. It's nothing fancy, just a quick example how it works. Usage: Download the script and include it in your mission. I personally suggest turning it into a function when using it. If you keep using it as a script you can look at the init.sqf in the example mission to see how to use it. If you know how to turn it into a function I don't think I need to explain anything to you :) Requirements: none Bugs: If you find any bugs please let me know either in this topic or make an issue here: https://gitlab.com/stanhope/targetingScript/issues Future plans: Turn the time to attack and time to loiter into params Fix any and all bugs General optimization Download: https://gitlab.com/stanhope/targetingScript Lastly I'd like to kindly ask everyone to not host my work in other places if no major changes have been made to it. Instead please simply link to my gitlab, this is merely a request. If you made a significant change to my script I have no problem with anyone hosting it anywhere as long as it's in accordance with the license.
  10. johnnyboy


    Here's a super simple script to use when you have speaking AI and want to synchronize them moving their lips. The parameters are the unit who is talking, and # of seconds to do do the lip animation. // *********************************************************************************** // JBOY_Lip.sqf // Do random lip for X seconds // Compile in init.sqf: JBOY_Lip = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Scripts\JBOY_Lip.sqf"; // Call: _n = [dude, 3] call JBOY_Lip; // *********************************************************************************** params["_speaker","_seconds"]; _n = [_speaker,_seconds] spawn { params["_speaker","_seconds"]; _speaker setRandomLip true; sleep _seconds; _speaker setRandomLip false; }; Sample usage might go like this: dude1 sideRadio "YouTotallySuckDude"; _n = [dude1, 3] call JBOY_Lip; sleep 3; dude2 sideRadio "ThanksDude"; _n = [dude2, 1.5] call JBOY_Lip; sleep 1.5;
  11. Hello all, Found it a bit of a headache getting the useful links for Arma so thought I should gather them all in one place. I know the list is missing other stuff, but I am sure you will like it either way and will tell me what else to add in there. I am also working on a small surprise that you guys will love, wish me luck with it :) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ueYPCSdme9pvar38JvinvKs3qdQIWp7qPorLJ1wKt3Q/edit?usp=sharing
  12. *********************************************** Sarogahtyps Spawn Script Creator - SSSC Alpha 0.5 the easy way to cache ur units, vehicles and their waypoints by Sarogahtyp Gives mission designers the ability to delete and spawn their editor created units, vehicles and waypoints as often as they want and at the time they wanna. Its partially very similiar to Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning written by @dreadpirate but has complete different way of using and of course very different scripting methods. Actual version: Alpha 0.5 Key Features: units and vehicles spawn with the same behavior, damage, loadout (and so on) as they had before they were deleted waypoints are synced with other waypoints and triggers as they were before they were deleted every spawned object has the same group assignement as prior deletion see the full list of what is stored and reset after spawning in spoiler: How to apply this script to your mission: Download and unpack the .rar file. copy the content of the folder "SSSC" to ur mission root. If u already have a description.ext then integreate the one in SSSC to your own description.ext If u have a whitelist for remote execution of commands in your mission then you have to ensure that the following commands are whitelisted because they are remotely executed (HowTo): setVehicleVarName How to use this scripts functions in your mission: everey function returns true if it is ended. thats usefull for checking if its ended when using spawn instead of call. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. you have to mark one unit of each group which should be handled (saved, deleted, spawned) at the same time: saroSSC_fnc_mark [_unit, _index] call saroSSC_fnc_mark; _unit is those one unit of the group which should be handled. _index is a number chosen by you to differentiate sets of groups to handle. Example: if u have 2 groups ( A and B ) which should be deleted at start of mission and another group ( C ) which should be deleted after its done something then u mark like this: In the init field of one unit of group A and one unit of group B: [this, 0] call saroSSC_fnc_mark; In the init field of one unit of group C: [this, 1] call saroSSC_fnc_mark; now group A and B r marked with index 0 and group C with index 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_save [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_save; Use this function at the time u want to save the actual behavior of ur prior marked groups. At this point all information is saved and your groups will be spawned later with the behavior of this point of time. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_save; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_save; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_delete [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_delete; Use this function at the time u want to delete all objects and waypoints of ur prior marked and saved groups. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_delete; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_delete; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_spawn [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; Use this function at the time u want to spawn all objects and waypoints of ur prior marked, saved, and deleted groups. Ensure that there is a small delay after using this function until all objects are spawned. This is neccessary because this scripts contents are spawned (scheduled environment) and run parrallel to other stuff. This is the only function which uses scheduled environment because it needs some more time/performance. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_destruct [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_destruct; Use this function at the time u dont need the information stored with saroSSC_fnc_save before to free some memory. After using this function u could use saroSSC_fnc_save, saroSSC_fnc_delete and saroSSC_fnc_spawn again on the same marked sets of groups. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_destruct; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_destruct; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_unmark [_index] call saroSSC_fnc_unmark; Use this function at the time u dont like to do anything with ur prior marked set of groups. After using it u have to mark again first before u can save, delete and spawn. [0] call saroSSC_fnc_unmark; [1] call saroSSC_fnc_unmark; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_update_triggers call saroSSC_fnc_update_triggers; This function is needed only if mission designer creates triggers by script during mission. It should be run after such scripted trigger creation to update known triggers. Thats neccessary because SSSC gets all triggers at mission start only. no arguments and no return value. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- saroSSC_fnc_set_options This function can be used to choose which options should be saved and restored. This is useful if u dont want to save everything which is featured. Less saving means more performance. See fn_set_options.sqf header for further informations. this function has to be called before saroSSC_fnc_save. it will destroy all allready saved information because of array structure changes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned features: implement option to pass mission designers custom code for execution after spawning (like EHs) store and reset units trait - DONE store and reset units hitparts - DONE store and reset vehicles hitparts - DONE store an reset vehicles loadout - DONE add killed EH for group leaders to ensure group handling works after leader died - DONE add function to update known triggers (if someone creates triggers during mission) - DONE add options array to switch storing of specific info on/off - DONE relase BETA version add function to copy the whole spawn script to clipboard. with this feature mission designers are able to create their own spawn script without saving all information to memory during mission. release FINAL version armaholic release page Script Download (Dropbox) Example Mission (Dropbox) Known issues: 1. A set of group with e.g. index 0 cant interact with waypoints or triggers of a set of groups marked with 1. If u need to interact groups with the same waypoints and trigger then you have to ensure that they are marked with the same index. 2. Found a bug if a group waits at a join (or join and lead) waypoint for the other group and then using save, delete and spawn methods at this situation. Both groups r double spawned if that bug encounters and after that they behave weird. I think I know why that happens and will fix it soon. Changelog: V 0.5 Alpha - 07.06.2017 fixed a bug with editor given variable names (thx for report @gavc) added saving of stuff in backpacks, vests and uniforms inside of vehicle inventories. added saroSSC_fnc_set_options - now u r able to set saving options for units and vehicles. see fn_set_options.sqf header for further informations. this function has to be called before saroSSC_fnc_save. it will destroy all allready saved information because of array structure changes. added support for setFace and face added support for setNameSound and nameSound added support for setPitch and pitch added support for setAmmo and ammo added support for setBleedingRemaining and getBleedingRemaining added support for getOxygenRemaining added support for unitRecoilCoefficient restructured some array for faster handling V 0.4 Alpha - 13.06.2016 added new function saroSSC_fnc_update_triggers to update known triggers added vehicle loadout support substituted some forEach with count to speed up things a bit did some clean up work on scripts added killed eventhandler to leaders to get script also working if a leader dies added support for partial hitpoints of units and vehicles. V 0.31 Alpha - 09.06.2016 fixed a bug with muliple deletions and spawns, it was not working - now it is added handling of units trait (medic, engineer, explosiveSpecialist, UAVHacker, camouflageCoef, audibleCoef, loadCoef) V 0.3 Alpha - 08.06.2016 Initial Release Enjoy! *********************************************** Development Section in this section u can get information about the progress since the latest release and you can get a downloadable dev version with an own changelog and an own dev version number, too. I added that section because I want to give mission designers the ability to add all new features as soon as possible without bothering foxhound everytime I added 2 or 3 commands to the scripts. next steps: global: fix bug desribed in known issues (double spawning maybe caused by group unification and seperation) add function to pass custom code which will be executed after spawning. that could be EHs or disable AI commands or whatever u like. add support for allVariables, getVariable and setVariable units: add support for getObjectTexture and setObjectTexture vehicles: add support for setCollisionLight and isCollisionLightOn add support for getFuelCargo, getAmmoCargo, getRepairCargo add support for isLightOn and setPilotLight add support for locked and lock add support for lockCargo and lockedCargo add support for lockDriver and lockedDriver add support for lockTurret and lockedTurret add support for canUnloadInCombat and setUnloadInCombat add support for getObjectTexture and setObjectTexture groups: add support for setGroupIdGlobal instead of setGroupId release: release Beta version actual dev version: none Changelog since latest relase: none download link: none
  13. Hello everyone Again :) So my friends at our community "Arma Team Play" made a new doc which contains the class names for all vehicles and units. Instead of just linking the class Names for units I am going to link all units. If there are any missing class Names let me know and I will add em. Luckily I have access. You will find the docs are well organized (mostly) according to Type, DLC, etc for easy use. Military Cloth Class Names Weapons and Mags Class Names CFG Vehicles Class Names Cheers
  14. Just wondered if anyone knows the time of release for GMT / BST ? Thanks
  15. Hello! I decided to release this mission that I use to test my weapons in-game. The mission is actually extremely simple but fun to play. Makes you feel like being in an action/ military movie :) This mission will be a little bit different everytime you try it. You can add object to the mission if you feel like but there's a chance that the mission won't happen where the objects are. I suggest not to read spoilers and try the mission first for full experience. Feel free to give feedback and suggestions as i'm not an expert when it comes to scripting. Tested and recommended CUP Terrains What's the mission about? SPOILERS... Installation 1. Create a group (BLUFOR or OPFOR) size of YOU + 1-7 AI's. Personally I recommend 1-3 AI's. No vehicles 2. Move the units into a poistion you wan't the mission to be close to. Position can be anywhere except in water. 3. Save the mission after you're happy with the loadouts and position of the units. 4. Copy all the files from MissionMadeByBnae folder to the mission folder you made in step 3. 5. Play and enjoy the mission. DROPBOX LINK https://www.dropbox.com/s/hshbkkgfus4tjvl/MissionMadeByBnae.rar?dl=0
  16. Toni's Barrier Menu v1.0 Alpha Q: What is it? A: It is a Small script contained within an Addon that allows users to spawn barriers. Its good for anything from Milsim to Roleplay to just messing around in the Editor. Q: Didn't Someone Already Make a Script Similar to this? A: Yes, Warnerm14 did for Altis Life Framework but his was based on AddActions. Mine is A full GUI based solution and its modular (Can be used as a standalone addon or ported into a mission framework) Features: Inventory button for easy access, Simple to use GUI, Fully customizable, Portable to a mission file if the addon is not what you need. Download/View Source Code From Github Download From Google Drive Lemme know what you all think and feel free to leave a reply with opinions. Please Report issues on Github! :)
  17. Custom AI Creator Welcome everyone to Custom AI Creator v 1.0. This is a remake of my previous ones 0.1 and 0.2 in which this time the functions are gets saved in the CFG Functions instead of being read from the mission file. To know more about the benefits of the CFG Functions, click here :) Other updates of this file are now I have re-written the function setAiLoadout to a more efficient version and added a new function parseLoadout. These two together replace the old and awful version of setAiLoadout. This version of the CAC only spawns the AIs and sets their gear, future updates will be creating functions that task those AIs. Already started on those :) I have documented all the functions in google docs. The functions that need you to set them up I have written detailed instructions on how you can set them up :) If you find any difficulty in understanding a function please let me know. I am always on TS: and on the forums here :) Cheers LICENSE: You are free to use the file as you wish as long as you keep the credits. You can edit the functions too as you wish however would appreciate letting me know if the changes you make would be useful to the rest of the community. Re-uploading the file is not allowed without permission (unless on ArmaHolic). I would like to keep tabs on file so when I feel it needs updating I can easily do it. You can re-share this file with others as you wish as long as you do not re-upload it to the public. Cheers. Credits in the document, please read them and please respect them. Do not forget to give me feedback. LINKS Description.ext & Functions File Document How to use Take the description.ext or if you already have one merge it with yours. Simply copy the function's file "Custom_Ai_Creator" into your mission folder and set up the functions that need setting up. Those are: fn_setAiLoadout fn_spawnAiUnit fn_spawnInfantry fn_spawnVehicle That's it, you are set to create your AIs in your mission file as you wish :) Now go over and make your mission then share em with me
  18. Custom AI Creator Hello developers, feeling good?? I hope the answer is yes and hope this functions file makes you feel even better :) The sqf file linked below is a group of functions that would help you create AI’s with your own custom gear, the document is the instructions manual for those functions. The Functions available in that file enable you to spawn a single AI with your own choice of gear, a whole squad, and even vehicles full with AIs. The best thing is when you decide to call one of those functions you can do it on one line, some functions all you need to do is give it the location and it will do the rest. PS. You will need to spend some time setting the gear for each soldier type but don’t worry, there are detailed instructions. I have made this file for my community's use but thought I should share it with all of you and please keep in mind, these are my first functions ever so I hope I get a lot of constructive feedback that would help me get better :D LICENSE: You are free to use the file as you wish as long as you keep the credits. You can edit the functions too as you wish however would appreciate letting me know if the changes you make would be useful to the rest of the community. Re-uploading the file is not allowed without permission. I would like to keep tabs on file so when I feel it needs updating I can easily do it, however, you can re-share the link to the document freely since any changes made there will be seen by all. Cheers File Download DOCUMENT >>> Click Here Armaholic >>> Click Here V 0.2 (01/04/2017) >>> Click Here V 0.1 (30/03/2017) >>>Click Here CHANGELOG V 0.2 (01/04/2017) Changed the switch in "YI_fnc_setAiLoadout" to if-else statements for faster code execution (Document updated as well). Edited the "YI_fnc_squadCreator" to take allow you to choose a faction, default faction is still east though you can change the default easily from the function parameters yourself. Edited the "SER_fnc_spawnVehicleSquads" to allow you to choose a faction, default faction is still east though you can change the default from the function's parameters yourself. Edited the "SER_fnc_spawnVehicleSquads" to allow you whether or not you would like a spawned helicopter to spawn on ground or in air. (Default: Heli will spawn in air unless you specify otherwise) Added the "forceAddUnifrom" command to the document this way all clothes can be worn by all factions. Removed all private variables declaration due to them being useless lines of code V 0.1 (30/3/2017) First Release Other Releases Clothes Class Names Weapons and Ammunitions Class Names
  19. Yeah, looks like the sound overhaul is going full steam ahead. If only the forum upgrade went as well. More like forum downgrade, bet we won't get post autosaving anymore. Really, I remember vBulletin and it had its quirks, but it was quite usable. Whatever we had before... mostly worked. And now we have another step down.
  20. Leaking liquid [script] - v1.0 Description: Idea was to help fellow coders. Created liquid stream with particles effect. It can be used for leaking water, oil, blood, etc ... Included example mission with guy pissing and leaking oil truck. Enjoy. Installation: - place unit / truck in editor - in init of unit enter null = this execVM "pee.sqf"; //unit or null = this execVM "leek.sqf"; //truck Features: - leaking liquid - pissing - leaking fuel from truck untill fuel is empty Planned: - catch fire if leak is from oil - refactor to function - create leak hole in cistern upon fire - create leak hole in barrel upon fire (leaking water) - give option to choose color of stream (yellow, blue, black, ...) - multiplayer/dedicated server testing Changelog: v1.0 - public release License: Use it for public, non monetized purposes only. If you have modifications, use pull request in git repo. Will revise/include them in script. Disclaimer: Do not incorporate this script or portions of it in monetized products or servers without asking for permission and obtaining approval from me! Issues: - please use issue tracker - need more testing Download: https://bitbucket.org/mikehudak/a3_leaking_liquid Preview:
  21. Script name: Arma 3: Slot access control lists Version: 1.0 Release: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/slotacl/releases/tag/v1.0 Issues: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/slotacl/issues Source: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/slotacl Script allows to configure whitelists and blacklist for playable slots. You can restrict/allow certain players to occupy a slot. See video for demo - https://youtu.be/oaP1XGbujjw
  22. Hi all, earlier somebody asked about a "Firing Drill" for AI to shoot at a target/area. I also noticed several other people over time have asked about this and got little response. I've created this simple to use script to allow the above, it could also be used to make ambient shots at a target or for a cinematic if you needed something specific. WHAT YOU NEED - A game logic named "nofireobject" - A named Target to shoot at -WH_Firing_Drill.sqf http://puu.sh/mUJyf/a02e876d1a.txt (Also below in spoiler) HOW TO USE // Place into INIT field of unit you want to use the script with.null = [this,TARGETNAME,timebetweentriggerpull,#OFBULLETSTOSHOOT,waittimeafterallroundsfired]; EXAMPLES:null = [this,TARG1,0.5,6,15] execVM "WH_Firing_drill.sqf";-- Unit fires at TARG1 every 0.5 seconds, unit fires 6 shots and waits 15 seconds to repeat after the 6 shots were fired.null = [this,TARG2,3,2,6] execVM "WH_Firing_drill.sqf";-- Unit fires at TARG2 every 0.3 seconds, unit fires 2 shots and waits 6 seconds to repeat after the 2 shots were fired.null = [this,TARG1,2.5,30,10] execVM "WH_Firing_drill.sqf";-- Unit fires at TARG1 every 2.5 seconds, unit fires 30 shots and waits 10 seconds to repeat after the 30 shots were fired. TO DO:- Allow complete end of script, so unit no longer shoots at targets. - Ability to choose what weapon type to shoot instead of just what is currently held. [iE Missiles or Miniguns in a Pawnee] [Or a mixture?] ISSUES: - After firing loop, AI looks around for other threats
  23. G'day guys, I'm proud to share one of my best work used for my upcoming mod...DSS! (You can find the page in my signature) Repair Wheel and Engine Script Repairs the wheel or engine of a car or truck. If the wheel or engine is already fixed, it will terminate the request. This script is also MP and SP compatible. USAGE AND TERMS: This script is under protection by the "ADDON MAKERS FOR AUTHORS' RIGHTS": http://amar.arma3.fr/ If you are to use this in your server, mission, etc. Please do give me credit! For those of Altis Life, BP (Breaking Point), and other major mods, you will have to ask me permission in order to use. This script was more intentionally for my upcoming mod, DSS. But since this is a community, I felt generous to contribute a bit of my stuff. ;) To PM me for permission to use or you are have troubleshooting, here is my profile: https://forums.bistudio.com/user/800011-ranwer/
  24. STABLE build : 1.48.131785+ branch: STABLE (note: PROFILING/PERFORMANCE/RC is compatible with STABLE) password: -not needed- ^ this password unlocks specific (branch) on steam *noteworthy: memory crashes fixed, allocation crashes fixed, (crashes from KOTH, BreakingPoint, Wasteland, Epoch etc.) and many generic crashes, tweaks for better performance etc. play IT, break IT, report IT http://feedback.arma3.com/ atm. tracking serious crash bug ! Purpose of this testing is stress test the servers to extreme if there is lag/desync or other issue then we can capture it to try fix it ;) note: make sure you don't select DEV branch (1GB+ from stable to DEV (same apply from DEV to RC)) note: if you get kicked for some BattlEye script restriction (e.g. #22) goto Editor, load Altis, exit editor, try-rejoin the server note: KOTH mission restarts when team reach 100 tickets on capture, next session auto-start soon after note: server might be restarted if needed, I will announce it in global chat ahead note: VON lag/stutter still unsolved for global/side channels (really problematic bug) note: guide how change branches : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149411-How-to-change-Arma-3-branches-between-STABLE-amp-DEVELOPMENT-versions-STEAM-client Reddit post http://www.reddit.com/r/arma/ STEAM discussion post http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/ BIForum post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?187697
  25. FallujahMedic -FM-

    Exploding Cow or Rabbit

    Years ago I played a mission where cows or rabbits (cant remember which) would attack the players. The players had to kill the animals before they got within a certain distance of the player or a satchel would detonate (that was attached to the animal). Does anyone else remember this mission or who made it?