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  1. Hi All, Using the Orbat creator, it doesnt seem to pickup vanilla assets, only RHS and no other mod? Is there any way to get around or fix this? Cheers! Keep up the good work!
  2. Hi guys, thanks for reading 🙂 (Main details bullet pointed at the bottom) TFD is a rebrand of a group that has been going for many years now, aiming to take our "Relaxed Milsim" mindset and give it a fresh lick of paint and a new focus in terms of setting. Since the start we have been focused on making milsim enjoyable, using all the kit and structure you'd expect in such a group but surrounding it with a community of friends rather than simulated military personnel. We put fun first, with a switched-on attitude when required. The aim of re-branding was to bring back a focus, as well as to give the group a direction. To achieve this, we've established dedicated structure, with leaders and admins who know our group and the mods and kit we use. We also shifted the group back to its roots: British Armed Forces. To do this we created Task Force Dagger, a combined effort of Parachute Regiment, Royal Marine and sometimes UKSF elements. This gives us a wide sandbox of scenarios to play whilst making our kit and appearance less random from mission to mission, again cementing a group identity. Our mission style is varied, often spanning planned campaigns with a narrative element including twists and turns which lead to unexpected and interesting in-game scenarios. One week we'll be scouting a position and the next we'll assault it, only to uncover some vital info which takes us on an unexpected mission elsewhere. In terms of joining, there is a small and short element of training, mainly aimed at ensuring you nail down the basics of arma, our various modded systems like ACE and TFAR, and some basic fighting techniques. Once this is done there is also the opportunity to take a specialty or even try for SF training, allowing you access to the riskiest missions and roles. All this is designed to help with nailing down skills, not pounding you with info, and will result in the ability to wield our more powerful weaponry. So, Key points: -Relaxed but switched on when needed. -A community of friends, not collagues (We play tons of other games too). -Fresh focus with a move to BAF and UKSF, using the TF:D setting. -Varied and interesting missions. -Campaigns with stories and twists. -Short training. Opportunity to take specialty roles e.g Medic, Marksman etc. -Currently around 12-15 active members so plenty of room to grow and plenty of time to get the role you want as we grow! OP TIMES: 7:30pm BST, Sunday (Main) and Tuesday. If any of this interests you, feel free to join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/2URUVq It's quiet as we use Steam Group Chat mainly, giving you a perfect chance to ask questions and chat to members, just @ an admin or recruiter with queries. See you on the field!
  3. Maj.Boggie

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to change the activation radius of a sector in altitude? Ie so helis flowing low wont activate a sector? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All, Ive found myself needing this quite alot, this involces ACE3 also. When a vehicle such as a heli crashes and explodes into a burning fire ball, the occupants are trapped inside and go into the ace downed state. They are then stuck in the vehicle indefinitely and the only way from there is respawn. What i want to happen is all units (Players) eject from said vehicle when it explodes so they can be revived. I have tried survivable crashes, however that seems to bug out ACE and just makes everyone insta die. Thanks in advance, Boggie
  5. Maj.Boggie

    Publisher Fails to upload

    @Dedmen Sorry, i didnt realize, it has all been taken down. Andwont be done again. I do appologise
  6. Please see below, Uploaded a mod to the workshop, however i now cannot update it, please can someone shed some light on this? RPT log link is below, i get a steam error code 8 - Invalid Parameter also https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wFPM2CqtkUKhw9OWmcuMPBhDVslxl2Yy/view?usp=sharing Cheers
  7. Maj.Boggie

    Publisher Fails to upload

    @Dedmen yeah its that generic one, ive moved the mods to arma3sync now lol, The thread can be closed
  8. Maj.Boggie

    Publisher Fails to upload

    *Bump* Does any BI Dev have an answer yet?
  9. Maj.Boggie

    LRG Fundamentals

    Hi Pal, Loving the mod, would you be able to add more factions? I know people use Project Opfor alot, including myself, so it would be great if you could add that Cheers :)
  10. Maj.Boggie

    NIArms Release Thread

    Amazing work with the 416's, would it be possible to make them usable with the RHS foregrips?
  11. Ace doesnt have the modules anymore, so it’s all done through the addon options menu in the editor
  12. HI Everyone, Ive got a question, well perhaps an issue, We have prevent instant death on, however when people get shot they insta die, We tested, when shot in the head - die, blown up by explosives die, and sometimes they will go down when shot in the chest, Does anyone know a way to change this, so no matter what they will go into a down state and not die? Cheers in advance
  13. Yeah i understand where youre coming from, However if you restrict the items, they also get restricted from the default loudouts, It would be nice just to have the loudouts, and not have access to the arsenal Its a case of giving them a loudout, and not letting them alter it in any way, ie more magazines ect, Ive found a work around for now, im using this - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23623 Thanks for your help :)
  14. Yeah, provide them with a loudout, but they cant alter it, i guess you could go ahead and just restrict everything if there isnt a way
  15. Hi Everyone, A Question, are you able to restrict the ACE Arsenal? As id like my unit to only use the default loudouts i have made, and not have access to anything else, Thanks in advance Ollie
  16. Maj.Boggie

    R3F Configurations

    Id recommend asking this in the R3F Thread -
  17. Maj.Boggie

    HAFM Submarines V2.0

    Hey man, amazing Mod! I cant get a video, but i did have the same issue, i followed the missile after it was fired, it followed the first 4, and then the 5th, however it didn't go down and attack, it just flew straight on, i imagine its still flying till this day! :P Cheers!
  18. Please dont ask for updates, its agaisnt forum rules. The developers have their own lives, and do this in their spare time. It will be done when its done :)
  19. Maj.Boggie

    OPX MOUT Training Facility

    I think a staging area would be great, along with a space for helos, i understand the map is small, but its perfect for fast rope training onto roof tops and such, Keep up the good work!
  20. Hi Calahan59, i believe this is a PhysX issue, it is known, and will eventually be fixed :)
  21. Hey rock! Loving all the mods man, very good work! Keep it up! :) Just an issue with the foxhound, (Not sure if this has been reported already) When its idle there is no engine sound, when the vic is moving you get sound, however not when you stop, and keep the engine running Cheers
  22. @calahan59 Thats correct. The New Tac-Ops DLC changed PhysX a tad, so the planes will now act differently. Please wait out for a fix
  23. Depends what models youre asking about? If its the US, please look a couple posts up
  24. Got it working everyone, thank you for your help! Adding the 64bit.exe to the Windows Firewall, inbound and outbound rules did the trick! Thank you!