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  1. Awesome job man, the attention to detail is amazing, I take my hat off to you
  2. How many sub models is this beauty being broken up into? bloody huge.
  3. Tip my hat to you man, these are looking epic 😉
  4. Introduction The Undesirables (UDS) is a milsim light arma 3 group based in Australia. Started in 2017, the undesirables is a culmination of a few different Aus/NZ groups combined into one. We accept new recruits from all backgrounds and experience levels, so if you're looking to play ARMA 3 with an organised group for the first time, or you're an old hand looking for a new home, you're welcome to apply on our forums. Important notes The Undesirables are an Australian based unit, and we play at Australian times. Official mission nights are every Tuesday night at 19:30 AEST (UTC+10). We also play unofficial sessions throughout the week if numbers allow it. Must have teamspeak We have a minimum age limit of 16. We require the Apex Expansion and a custom mod set is required to play including some in house mods (Ace, Tfar, RHS, IF etc.. We don't bar new members from specific roles, but we do require that you demonstrate proficiency before taking it on a mission night. Get in contact. UDS Forums look for the JOIN UDS tab at the top of the page. UDS Discord We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield
  5. all looking pretty good guys, keep up the good work
  6. diabolical

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    apology's for the confusion. I know what its like having assets stolen also. coming outta the gate with insinuations is a little harsh but understandable when you have people in certain parts of the community that do rip legitimate modders shit. I could have phrased it more like "here is a thing I made, uses RHS as a dependancy". I'am currently one of the asset creators for the IFA3 mod and have been working on WW2 era stuff for so long that I just wanted to do something different and RHS gave me the inspiration todo so. So I will say again, great job guys and keep it up.
  7. diabolical

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    @R0adki11 @PuFu well, I made the model, did the textures and got it ingame. used rhs as a dependency for the attachments. and sorry @zagor64bz thats just arma not knowing what wrists are, hents the wakkyness. here are the renders from quixel
  8. diabolical

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    nice job on the prank guys. I've been waiting for an RPK release for a while, a couple or releases has been and gone but instead of whinging I just made my own using all the rhs goodies. keep up the good work guys.
  9. Hey guys I'am trying my hardest to get this working but have failed todo so as far(Surface painter). So I can paint pixels on the map no issues and its reading all of the colours from my layers.cfg but when I export it gives me the failed to export msg. is there anyway of diagnosing why this is the case? using win10, 64bit, 4096 size images at 2.5 pixel/mtr (10240)
  10. diabolical

    Dedicated Server Crash after #missions

    Also having the same issue
  11. Nice work guys, cant wait for some airborne action
  12. diabolical

    [WIP] Final Front Weapons pack

    It was a bastard, that was my 3rd revision of it. so many weird shapes.
  13. diabolical

    [WIP] Final Front Weapons pack

    Haven't been around much, dont mean I haven't been busy
  14. diabolical

    [WIP] Final Front Weapons pack

    Guy . And yes, quixel just cuts down time on my pipeline quite significantly. before it was a mass of layers and masks that seemed to have no end.
  15. diabolical

    [WIP] Final Front Weapons pack

    Softwares, Blender, Photoshop, Quixel, X-normal for all the visual stuff