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    AAF voice acting

    Ok i don't won't to offend anyone here but the voice acting for the AAF faction sounds a bit peculiar for me, actually when I first heard them back in the Alpha I thought it was a Joke BI playing on us as they kinda sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in an English kind of way? What accent do they represent? Probably I'm on my own if I was ever hoping they would ever replace or update them but in my opinion they sound really amateur like they got someone too do it in-house with an exaggerated fake German accent, or I'd be happier if I knew who it's supposed to represent. It's a shame as I like playing this side the most.
  2. I just brought Contact and its replaced the loading screen when i do not choose to play Contact, how do i access MP or better still get back to the default screen? i only want to use the assets
  3. katipo66

    Contact home screen cannot access MP

    Just bad england, thats what i meant, unload the DLC from launch, why not have both available once the game has loaded... anyway im over it, how bout you?
  4. katipo66

    Contact home screen cannot access MP

    Hai, got it... but seems a poor design decision to have to go through the process? whay not just have as an option to play from the normal Arma 3 screen as it is a DLC for Arma and not the other way around? anyway i figured it out and its all good, thanks.
  5. katipo66

    Contact home screen cannot access MP

    I have to uninstall a DLC to access multiplayer!! thats ridiculous.. i didn't research the part where there would be no access to multiplayer if i buy the DLC, where did they stipulate that?, actually on the store page for Contact on steam they have this.. . Look man im just old and grumpy and hate it when people move my stuff around, im set in my ways... thanks for the heads up 🙂 Ok i found this, ill calm down and take my vitamins, i still think they could have implemented it better but hey, thats the way it always is.. i only wanted the assets 🙂
  6. katipo66

    Contact home screen cannot access MP

    So i have to install a mod (hack the game) to access part of the game because a DLC i brought does not support it so they just remove the option altogether? No, i must be wrong, thats why they have 2 launch buttons on the dashboard, if i want to play Contact (which i fkn dont, i just want the assets) i press the "Play Contact" button, if i want my normal happy Arma 3 i press the nice blue button below it? Is this some tail wagging the dog shit? i cant believe they did that.
  7. Hi, i seem to have an issue with my map in game when using this mod, the ability to scroll in or out, click and drag or select items such as sector voting in the WARLORDS game is erratic, actually its mostly non responsive, after uninstalling all mods i played vanilla + Alive with CBA and the issue persists, uninstalling Alive resolves the issue, i have all DLC installed except for Global Mobilization and the sound track, anyone else having the same issue?
  8. Im making a mission that has a jet on a guard waypoint for ambience, this works really good, but i was wondering if its possible to make better? eg Russian Air Force better! Currently i have this in the jets init: nul = this spawn { while {alive _this} do { _this setFuel 1; sleep 60 } }; nul = this spawn { while {alive _this} do { (vehicle _this) setvehicleammo 1; sleep 50} }; allowing it endless fuel and ammunition... this works really good and the jet comes and goes when needed, but for impact i would like it to also attack infantry with missile and bombs, even if infantry are in buildings and are known about. Currently the jet does attack infantry out in the open with 20mm shells and thats awesome but this mission has units spawn in (random) buildings also.. I have used this along with the above in the planes init this removeMagazines "300Rnd_20mm_shells"; but jet will just ignore infantry altogether. I use no other mods than CBA and im on stable.
  9. katipo66

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Go away for a month and this shit happens, lol... Really nice BI :) should be AAA in another year?
  10. @hoverguy Hey man, thanks a lot, very much appreciated!
  11. katipo66

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    Yeah that "feature" was essentially game over in Sp, very annoying, I'm glad they took it out for A3, I do like the new injured animation and would love to see that fleshed out fully. For example in A2 when your legs were gone you were able to still crawl forever but there was no incentive or enjoyment to continue, but with a wounded animation and the ability to still walk creates a great visual survival aspect.. at least that's what I felt when I first saw it, and I believe from memory the unit clutches his leg if no weapon in hand, looks awesome! It's frustrating to think how awesome this game could be, I mean I love it for what we have now but I'd love to see some AAA polish applied, using mods like lax"s immersion or bb"s enhanced vision for example lift and carry the game dramatically for me.. I can't play it without them.
  12. Hey bro check this out https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/187814-release-simple-weapon-shop-system/ It may not behave how you have seen on servers but its a buying system for guns and cars etc.. there is a demo mission so you can see the basics on how its setup.
  13. katipo66

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    Would be nice to have some of those features in Arma, especially climbing over obstacles, they looked sweet. Also i wouldn't cry If they added the option to carry two primaries, I don't always make or play military milsim missions.
  14. Hey you might also want to look at this if you want to spawn in any troop unit movement later, its good for saving units and waypoints, unfortunately not unit inits... im using it quite a bit and its good for placing down many units + vehicles for a mission and then deleting them and calling again when needed via trigger for example... imo its one of the better ones as it actually removes units of the map as opposed to hiding them, it cannot do objects (statics or compositions) though.
  15. Wow time flies, this script could have won some sort of prize... i been half assed reading and searching through this thread but its tooo loong, i was wondering if there was a way to 'reset/restart' a zone once all units that were spawned by the zone have died, or when zone turns green... i.e. i dont want the party to stop.
  16. katipo66

    Big Compass

    Nice to find this... I could not read the bearings anymore, fading man, fading...
  17. katipo66

    Winter 2035

    So is the ocean!! anyway one day ill have to brave it, the wifeys home town is one of those 10 below zero places in winter, and shes adamant im going there one day in winter to try that silly snowboarding stuff lol :((
  18. katipo66

    Winter 2035

    I've never touched snow in my life and never been bothered with snow maps as such but that looks pretty convincing, nice work!
  19. Its a great system with many options, if you look at Savages sig in the post above yours you will see a link to his Dac configs, its a simple copy and paste if thats not too hard, configs are great and DAC has lots of them.... they let you easily customise and shape a mission.
  20. Try this it has a sp version or you can setup a session on LAN, I haven't played it in years but from memory it was a bit of fun, fairly fast paced.
  21. Arigatou!! :) lots of floating things i havent seen yet fixed.. [thumbsUp]
  22. I finally had a chance to check this out and for the most part it works really well, awesome work! but the blood curdling slow death gargling is unfortunately not really doing it for me, it feels like a horror game/movie, or sounds like one of those zombie mods which i guess would work really well in those environments but i think personally i would tire of it quickly, but then thats just me, i hate the default injured heavy breathing from the players character, i think maybe if it were more subtle with focus on the unit being hit initially and gasping or screaming from the pain caused rather than the slow drawn out death throws... anyway ive only tested quickly running around killing NPCs, ill just leave it installed and see how it feels in a drawn out mission. Anyway thats just my humble opinion and understand its just you doing the voice acting which i discovered isnt easy... i was sitting here in front of the PC practicing some death screams and my missus thinks ive finally lost it with this game haha.
  23. katipo66

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If you need a complete faction list for units and vehicles just throw them all in VR and save unbinarized, you can then open the mission.sqm in Poeseidon and grab them there, its easier than one at a time.
  24. katipo66

    Adding timer

    Maybe your Google is broken :)
  25. katipo66

    Adding timer

    Search Google for "countdown timer Arma 3"