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    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Used this map about a month ago on a dedicated server with about 20 people, had no issues on anyones end so any issue I'd say is on the user end.
  2. Hey all, I’m looking for some guidance in developing a few different fire support modules that could be placed in either the editor or in Zeus. Does anyone have any links to previous work completed by people, or any idea the path to find the BI versions?
  3. CPT J. Shaw

    [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Cannot wait for this terrain!
  4. CPT J. Shaw

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Do you plan to release PSD or XCF for items when you’ve started releasing so people can do their own retextures?
  5. How’d it turn it? Anything I should be worried about in using it?
  6. Has anyone used the STABO Rig on a dedicated server?
  7. CPT J. Shaw

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    How does this mod behave in dedicated multiplayer?
  8. CPT J. Shaw

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I use it in conjunction with [this disableai "move";] and [this disableai "path";] though so that might be of some use to solve your problem.
  9. CPT J. Shaw

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Its just you, I've been doing this in missions for a long time and have never had an issue.
  10. Really excited to check this out!
  11. CPT J. Shaw

    Parachute MC1/MC4/T11/ W.I.P

    DEGA Parachutes does still work
  12. CPT J. Shaw

    Community Texture Templates.

    Looks like the Mechanic Clothes in the Orange DLC are EBO files so they can't be opened which is somewhat disappointing. Essentially what I'm looking for is a baggyish looking T-shirt with jeans to retexture. Anyone have anything like that?
  13. CPT J. Shaw

    Community Texture Templates.

    Anyone have the template for some of the civilian clothing? Mainly the Mechanic Clothes released in the Laws of War DLC
  14. CPT J. Shaw

    ARCTech Accessories

    Really cool stuff, any chance the QB Wrist could have Hidden selections so we could put in our own info in there?
  15. DOWNLOAD LINK (3mb - Updated 28JAN2018) This is a simple retexture of the Airframe and Opscore helmet from the Military Gear Pack created by Adacas. He graciously provided me permission and source files to retexture his helmets with Multicam Alpine Camouflage to fit into Winter Terrains such as Winter 2035 and Winter Chernarus With this being a retexture it requires Military Gear Pack version 1.7.1. This is my first retexture that I am posting for public download, I'm open to suggestions for improvement for my future work. Thanks to Adacas for allowing me to put this together and post it for others to use! Please do not upload this to Steam Workshop.
  16. CPT J. Shaw

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    For an initial release this map is really well put together. The ground texture does need some pretty substantial work to it, especially on the Eastern side. The towns on the Western side though are very nice and I think could create a great atmosphere. I look forward to the work that will come to this map in coming updates.
  17. CPT J. Shaw

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    CUP Terrains isn’t really a surprising dependency for a map. Especially one that is Middle Eastern.
  18. CPT J. Shaw

    Formula Arma

    Do you plan to release the mission file with that circuit as well?
  19. CPT J. Shaw

    New York City

    Although very useful, it won't make player FPS any better since the map is still loading the objects even though they are hidden. Hopefully work on this map is still underway as it does have much potential and is incomplete in its current state.
  20. CPT J. Shaw

    Naval Expansion Mod

    Best of luck, as we all know Arma is seriously lacking in the naval department. Do you think that once this mod is finished you could create some Zeus Fire Support Modules similar to the 155mm Artillery Shell that is similar to the ordinance that the ships will fire against land targets such as a 5 inch gun round (133mm) Tomahawk missile, etc?
  21. Where can the ANG Skin pack be downloaded from?
  22. Can someone explain how to use the CBA Settings for a mission on a dedicated server?
  23. CPT J. Shaw

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Every time I see this thread get updated it’s exciting. Keep up the hard work, the entire community is eagerly awaiting this release.
  24. Somalia??? You really know how to make a man weak in the knees