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  1. Since I am kind of the origin of this little drama I would like to try to end it by apologizing to the people I could have possibly offended. Maybe my way to see this topic is too sharp.
  2. George was asking how to ban someone from reacting to his public content, I don't find this properly adequate. My answer can look rude, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm just giving my opinion as you give yours.
  3. Well I think it's a polite and discreet way from him to say "can you do better content or stop posting?" and I must say that I agree with him. You basically send us your screenshots of the day, it's not the purpose of this topic.
  4. We don't know what this designer is saying to people since he left, but we don't wash our dirty linen in public. The studio has got precise guidelines on models permissions and finished products permissions that are signed the day someone is recruited. We are active for more than 15 years and this is the first time a former 3D artist from the project is trying to do public damage by telling stuff to people. Maybe it means that the problem is not coming from us. Feel free to ask more by PM.
  5. Calden

    Arma3 Videos

  6. Hello, I've got something which is for me an issue and a question at the same time. You removed the vanilla "right click zoom" in Argo and I think it was a very good idea. But I also think that the way you wanted to compensate this feature removal by having the same "right click zoom" always on when you shoulder your weapon (which also implies a FOV reduction), even without any optic, make CQB movement a bit tricky to me when you are used for years to play "shouldered" in CQB. Like everyone here I guess, I'm getting used to shoulder only when firing, or to hip fire when needed. But I wanted to simply ask if it was something you wanted, or maybe you didn't realized that ? Thank you for your answer.
  7. Calden

    Ghost Missions

    Maybe it's just because their server is potentially set on Mercenary difficulty setting ?
  8. Calden


    This is a nice product, we tested it and there's a lot of interesting and creative features. However, the fact that R3F assets are mandatory can be blocking. I understand you need french looking assets, definitely. But I hope not being the only one who would be hardly seduced by a potential "R3F free version" with Vanilla units then most of french teams can use their personal team assets, and also upcoming OFrP ArmA III ressources :) Mais sinon, c'est vraiment top, bravo ! PS : I saw Lythium will be the next map for OPEX. This is a very good choice, thank you in advance and good luck for that.
  9. Calden

    Ghost Missions

    It's not a bug Last update is nice btw Ghost ! Thx
  10. Excellent release ! This will be a reference terrain for meeting engagement combat. And maybe for some machinima as well ;) Makhno, t'es le meilleur.
  11. Daily routine of Special Forces operators. Mods : ACE, VSM, SMA, TRYK, MELB
  12. Calden

    Ghost Missions

    Thanks again Ghost !
  13. Calden

    Ghost Missions

    Ghost I was wondering if it is technically possible to add a variable including NO reinforcements IF the communication system is down BEFORE we got spotted. Right now we are including this in the game master tasks to remove all the reinforcements manually so it's working for us but as I said, was just wondering ;)
  14. Addons : GSRI Uniforms, GPNVG-18, RHS USA, TRYK, TFAR, CUP Terrains (Takistan Mountains), Esseker.
  15. Calden

    African Factions for CUP

    Very nice addition to CUP, thanks !
  16. Briefing on an aircraft carrier. Addons : VSM, SMA, FFAA, Operation Frenchpoint, Nimitz, TRYK.
  17. Agree with you on some points but speaking about roleplay / armaverse consistency, it's very strange for me that british and american CTRG, and american regular forces got Pacific uniforms and ready to use equipment for a flash intervention in Horizon Islands just after a Tsunami. For me, you create an uniform for your army when you are engaged on a planned conflict and your endowment is not adapted to the terrain (and sometimes, you just don't have the money for it, like the french army which has got modern multi purpose uniforms and equipment only for special forces). CSAT got totally adapted stuff for the area because hey, this is China CTRG and looks like it's their standard purpose stuff. Again, agree with you on some points but NATO got in APEX : new HK 416 and HK 417, with multiple color patterns, Blackfish which is the perfect 2035 Osprey, new "pacific CTRG" patterns for some vechicles, new "pacific CTRG" uniform with full stealth technology (even if the helmet is a vanilla helmet with chin protection), "pacific US army" uniform, new Prowler vehicle, ... From my point of view, that's not bad for a DLC (and I didn't talked about the other stuff for other factions). The small failure of APEX for me is more the campaign ep. which is not enough ArmA style and trying to add too much mainstream games mechanics (omg scripted gameplay and respawn in ArmA). But it's maybe a good tool to bring new people in the game, so I'm ok with that.
  18. Calden

    Audio Help Pls

    Could not directly help you since we all got damn french accents in the team but you should directly ask another english speaking team to help you. Other option that we use in our videos is to directly buy the voice over on a website where you can buy things for 5 dollars, the big + is that most of the voice over actors got studio equipment, which is not the case for most players.
  19. Calden

    Standing AI units

    You can also put some BIS_fnc_ambientAnim on them, like STAND 1 2 , STAND_U 1 2 3 (unarmed) or WATCH 1 2 Since you must add specific command for the IA to leave the anim to enter a combat when they are attacked, they will be "careless" by default during the loop animations (and also, they will be in a more immersive stance).
  20. Calden

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    This is tremendous work, we are more coop oriented but this can be a good workshop for recruits training on some aspects. Good luck for the next releases !
  21. Calden

    Ghost Missions

    Yeah we saw that some of the WIP maps are configured with RHS included, which requires us to modify the source since we prefer to play with SMA + VSM. Good luck for your next publications then ! Don't hesitate to ask us if you need some testing in addition to the tests with your group. Currently playing on Tanoa version, which is very very very well optimized, good job Ghost.
  22. We also are waiting for some stability improvements before switching from TFAR to ACRE for good (or getting back to ACRE since we were on it on ArmA II). For most of the problems I can read here, old tip to solve : put the radio on the ground and put it back in your inventory, works like a charm 90% of time (except the speaker issue and some erratic transmissions close distance).
  23. Calden

    Ghost Missions

    Hello Ghost, Thanks for your mission which is always the best CQB option in Coop. I had a question about the Takistan WIP variant : is it still stable post-APEX ? What about ACE compatibility ? Should we remove BTC and add ACE module in the mission ? If so, do you authorize us to unpack the pbo to do so ? Thanks again, Calden.
  24. Calden

    ARMAnet Podcast

    Thank you for the new Episode on Unsung !