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  1. I would have to agree the repair/rearm/refuel dates back decades ago.. At least something close to Helis Support game mode feedback would be nice, so have my +1.
  2. ArmA 3 vehicle throttle option

    Although you can already bind analogue axis to the gas/brake of ground vehicles, a speed limiter or cruise control could be great. Reusing the same keys and display as zeroing for gunners should make design easy.
  3. O_O So glad to see you guys finally making this as native mechanic ! Here's an issue I encountered, with a simple repro (the missiles are prone to overshoot in top flight) : My guess : the projectile real-time velocity is not taken into account, the projectile "points" towards the target in hope it'll get there, so if the ammo class has bad side friction, it'll often miss. I also might be completely wrong.
  4. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Overall looks really nice ! Found a small issue with the commander hatch materials of the Gorgon, looks like it's transparent : Also, the commander MFD of the Marid has a typo : ОБУЛЕНИЕ (should be ОБНУЛЕНИЕ). Although this is a direct word-to-word translation, a more appropriate word for weapon zeroing in russian would be Range / ДАЛЬНОСТЬ (source) BTW, it is a bit weird to have a russian MFD on the right and RANGE and MODE : VIS/NV/TI on the weapon optronic in english.
  5. Finished Beyond Hope, really impressed by this first scenario and the scale of it. Mostly positive experience, and pleasantly surprised to see some objectives moved when replayed. Can't wait to test the rest !
  6. I would love to see a real-scale map of the Crimea (although it might be a sensitive subject..) : It has a very interesting landscape, mixes mountaneous and flat terrain, old sovietic and modern architecture, and has a lot of variety in vegetation.
  7. I've already tried that, but unfortunately this requires a script rework beyond my knowledge. Only 9 buttons on the right side can be shown, the 10th and above are unclickable. This makes large jets like the A-164 unusable with this system, only presets can be selected. Proof of concept : https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2b5w5r2zspz32s/%40GOS_TEST_Garage.rar?dl=0 Is this limit intentional, @pettka ? Is there a way to remove it ?
  8. I approve. Dunno if it has been reported but it's here since 2013. It's easy to reproduce, get in a helo, gain some speed then open the map and hear your helo getting away from the camera. Sounds like once the map is opened, the camera is unsnapped from the player (even if inside a vehicle - so that's why you hear the outside sounds instead of inside) and stays at the spot you opened the map from. I'm sure it's just a regression from A2, I don't remember this back then.
  9. Any more info about this change ? Tweaked: The USS Freedom prop was overhauled (all models reworked, configuration and model config updated to represent new model set, no changes to textures, geometries were updated) BTW, I noticed there's a projector white screen inside the briefing room, it would be awesome if it was retexturable :
  10. Looks good to me : Thanks, Hladik !
  11. On the fly means without switching units or reloading the game btw. It doesn't mean WHILE FLYING Let's use images since even simple words are hard to understand : Let me explain. In order to remove the pylons from the stealth vanilla planes, you need to switch from vehicle to vehicle, there's no user action to remove/add the animation source. I'm asking if it is possible to switch from an OH-6 to an AH-6/MH-6 or in any other order, while on the ground, engines shut off.
  12. Are you able to use a single model/unit (OH-6M), and attach animations/pods to transform it into the attack/transport variant ? Could be a useful for switching on the fly during the mission.
  13. @Karloff, sure, i'll get you a vid as soon as I get home, so far I only got a screenshot : http://hpics.li/a315aa0 (the bright thing above the target is the DAGR flying away) Repro : - Get yourself a Comanche, a AR-2 (both airborne) and some kind of target (a wreck in my case) - Edit the gunner so he has a drone terminal - Play as gunner - Connect to the drone - Paint the target, lock the turret - Switch to the gunner, lock the DAGR, fire The missile goes straight, although it seems to explode when near enough from the target. This makes me think it doesn't have any guidance, although the lock works fine.
  14. Anyone else having trouble with guided weapons since the 1.72 ? I feel like everytime a DAGR, GBU or any other guided weapon is fired (when locked), it just goes straight like a rocket without guidance. I'll post a vid if needed.
  15. Can we start peeling the Orange yet ? See what I did there ?