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  1. Very sorry. Thanks. I hope Amsterdam will not let you down with new things. https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-roadmap-2018-november-update#.W-VsG2Rn00M
  2. Hi everyone. Tell me please "warlords" is like a "warfare"?
  3. Do people still play?

    Arma 2 forever!
  4. Awesome! That's why we love Arma too, why we love our community and why so many of us come from the community too or feel as a part of it. Feel free to share your solution with us! It does not cancel what should be included in the module to call a missile strike. I'm not talking about ballistic computing, I'm just talking about the possibility of calling this hit in the direction of the target that the player or unit will highlight laser designator. And it will all be voiced and look as it should. If I can do that and the developers all the more can do it, because you guys "gramotnej" me in this matter and do everything as it should. Can leave with this unmanned version no one against will not) hope for you!!! No. I really hope for you!!! And the question is still relevant: What about the women and the surrounding life on the island? Will not be? I apologize for the bad English (Google Translator is all to blame).
  5. or for laser designator. west ReportRemoteTarget [laserTarget player, 50000]; laserTarget player confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; MK41_VLS fireAtTarget [laserTarget player, "weapon_vls_01"];
  6. As a result, thank you for the free DLC. The destroyer really did not suffice, radar and all new things tricks very cool - thank you. You are the best BI and B01! But please don't make a future like 2075 or 3000! And of course no Zeus will replace the Warfare mode. The game has everything that was missing before and it has become very cool, but the feeling that it is underdone haunts me and not only me. I'm already cool and trying to fix the code for new missiles to shoot them without the UAV terminal!)))) That's why I love arma)))
  7. It's not that this is not an artillery gun, but that now to request a local strike, the operator controls an unmanned missile launcher located on the ship! After all, you could add a line in the module and call it a missile strike or whatever. And all this would be accompanied by a voice acting and would look as it should. But it did not happen... Why? Because it's not a rocket launcher, it's an unmanned missile launcher (UAV). As a result-it is not interesting to target a laser marker, and then switch to the rocket launcher and shoot it in its TV and then switch back to the operator. It looks like... Fake. Or you were too hasty to let it out. The game has so many gaps that the developers themselves also add! What for? Because the rocket is not an artillery shell! Please include the missile strike request in the support module. I apologize for such an emotional response. I've been closing a lot of eyes in this game, but that's too much for me. And the question to Oukej - I know that it is none of my business, but why the game is not: 1. Women? Trying to create a population in the city, and it turns like gay parade and not the population. 2. Traffic module? Even in the second part of the game he was and many people used it. 3. Warfare Module? This was the most interesting mode of the game. I apologize for the bad English (Google Translator is all to blame). Whatever the disadvantages, Arma is my favorite and only game:)
  8. Of course! The main thing is realistic and balanced! Sorry guys (BI) - but this … funny.
  9. I know, thank you. USS Destroyer - BIG UAV! You need to do the same type, all the artillery in the game. Сool.
  10. Thank you. It's terrible! 5 years of development and goodbye support module and hello artillery ARMA 2!!! Sometimes I just do not understand the developers))))))))
  11. Ok. How do I request fire on location? Or a laser marker? Does this work only on the code now?!! No way! ...
  12. "Я живу в России и тут все сложно" - не позорься ты. Ты думаешь у них ситуация не сложная?) Везде есть бедные и богатые и те кто между ними. Дружище не вали все на страну))) Я живу в России и у меня ПК за 95000 руб (~1500$) специально для Армы (фанат с 2004 года). И заработал я его себе сам и в России и с 3 детьми + жена))).
  13. What kind of ammunition is this? Where to get them? :)
  14. To BI and B01, can we get NAVY skin to helicopters? Please. And something like that https://www.google.ru/search?q=Awaks&oq=Awaks&aqs=chrome..69i57.5096j0j7&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=Pip26XOpxLb-3M:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_Grumman_E-2_Hawkeye O... and can we get AI Radar turned around! Please.