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  1. D_Donskoy

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Great addition, I was really looking forward to the desert. Would recommend for those who miss Takistan. A question and a request, can we get within the framework of this add-on, something like Takistan with access to the sea, that would be very cool!
  2. By the way, about interaction with squad members - there is still a good example besides SWAT 4, this is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2, I think if you implement this within the framework of the ARMA game, it will be very cool! 🙂
  3. Hello. By stealth, I mean: when you are the commander of a detachment and order your sniper to quietly eliminate the sentry, then he cannot do this (yes, the sniper has a silencer, etc.), because this will certainly be noticed by the rest of the detachment, even if the sentry is at a decent distance from his squad and commander. This must be played up with a script, trigger, or whatever. Covert elimination of the sentry works only in one case - this is when a hit in the head occurs, but unfortunately, even the sniper with the highest skill cannot fire a shot in the head or no matter where, in order to eliminate the sentry with one shot in 80% of cases. Maybe it’s not a headshot, but a headshot, and then everything will fall into place. I hope everything is clear) (Google translator) 🙂
  4. Hello BIS again. I almost forgot one of the most important things today: When you play as a squad consisting of Russian units, there is a very, very important detail for the squad commander that simply does not allow you to play calmly and is very annoying when playing! This thing is the voice acting of the command to get back in line - regroup. Instead of the command to "regroup" the Russian character commands to "retreat" - ... this is a very incorrect command and it becomes not at all comfortable to play. A wish: Please correct in the Russian voice acting - "retreat" to "regroup". Thank you for your attention, I hope for your understanding 🙂
  5. Hello BIS. A wish: 1. A civil traffic module and a module that would revive the islands - a social module :), let it be like in the Ghost Recon wildlands. 2. Female characters. 3. Implementation of stealth. 4. Implementation of the cleaning of buildings. 🙂 (Google translator) 🙂 5. Map of the desert. Possibly Takistan remastered. 6. Large map of the desert with access to the sea. 7. New company. 8. New missions. 9. Russian coloring of all cars, airplanes and helicopters OPFOR. 10. Russian voice acting for the support module (Headquarters). 11. Black fish - fully used all his weapons against ground targets. 12. Dinner Contact with the main game. 13. Add more interaction with the members of the squad - let it be like in SWAT 4. 14. Do not make a layout for photos from the game and stick to the army theme, for example, as in Arma 2. Ideas. 1. Finish the Tara helicopters and their containers so that an empty helicopter can load them fully. 2. To complete the A-164 so that it corresponds to the level of F / A -181, I mean its side lights. 3. Return the ACM module to the game. 4. Just copy and return the WARFARE module to the game. Sorry, but WARLORDS didn't come in as much as I tried. 5. I bought and will buy in the future add-ons from third-party developers, but ... please prohibit the release of add-ons that do not match your level. 6. Publish roadmap 2021 🙂
  6. D_Donskoy

    Contact DLC: Review and Tips

    Hello. Passed the Contact campaign. What I want to say: 1. Amazing !!! Just super !!! 2. The quality of the campaign, details, plot, dialogs, humor, politics, delight and enjoy the game. 3. Detailed levels - locations - the scenery is excellent. 4. The new content itself is cool. I want to say a lot - I’ll try to fit in a few words: "You are great, I want further campaigns and missions to take your work as a standard of quality (Law of War and Contact)." And of course, I would like to immediately like it))) - let the topic of radio signals, bearing and interception develop into an arm !!! This is very cool - operating radio frequencies, walkie-talkies, I wanted all this to go back to standard and be present in the game. Well, special thanks for the Russian dialogues and slang. I laughed at perfume!))) I really hope that Arma 3 will look into Takistan and I'm sorry did not remember the Administan or something like that !!! I apologize for bad English (Google translator is to blame). Keep it up, waiting for your new work.
  7. Please, can we get CSAT vehicles in Russian camo!?
  8. Hello. Russian voiceover: 1. When you command a group and order to regroup (~ / 1/1), the group commander says: "Retreat.". - this command is not entirely correct, more precisely, it is not true. Indeed, in the Russian localization in the context menu it is written: “Regroup”, and not “Retreat”. Please correct this. 2. Similarly - when you command a group and order to move crouching (~ / 7/7), the commander commands: "Do not lean out" - like the first one, this is not a correct translation. In both cases, the name of the item in the context menu is correct, and the voice acting is not correct.
  9. Hello.Again, a request to the developers. 1. A game about the military. 2. The game has a barracks. 3. But there are no beds in the barracks. Please add: 1. Beds. 2. Individual lockers. 3. Weapon cabinets and pyramids. The necessary equipment for the deployment of military units in the territory: Livonia, Altis, Stratis, Tanoa, virtual reality.
  10. D_Donskoy

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    And please fix this animation - And please fix this animation! Let the hand of the unit stop passing through the rifle magazine: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lowsk1llXD/screenshot/785231277224575523
  11. D_Donskoy

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    But I still hope the release will take place 07/25/2019 at 00:00 - time 00:00, corresponds to the subject!) Well, since you still have a whole month, I hope the support modules will start talking in Russian - if they are used by Russian specialists and the CSAT machines will receive Russian colors. (The tractor is certainly cool, but I would like the Russian intelligence officers to have their cars (the colors of the cars)). And the zone modules - I would like it to be completed for Livonia. (Google translator).
  12. D_Donskoy

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Wow!!!!!!!))))))) And I'm waiting in all seriousness))) Now I checked, really July! Thank you, otherwise I would be very upset!)))
  13. D_Donskoy

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I hope contact will be held tonight - 06/25/2019 at 00:00.
  14. Hello. When using modules of support by Russian special forces, the report of the headquarters on the readiness of the troops takes place in farsi. I hope this deficiency will be eliminated.
  15. It would be very cool to get along with the Russian special forces, the Russian coloring for Russian vehicles (CSAT). Well, it would be very cool!)))