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  1. We are scratching our heads just as you are. Latest change log adds to this: "We're also designing a method to run servers with mission rotation. For server admins out there, that basically means providing multiple mission headers inside the server config. This feature will be connected with mission reloading and both should be available in the upcoming months." _ https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/dev-report-7 This is not Arma 4 but tech demo as you said. Which gives you unique opportunity to give constructive criticism so that things may change in a future for the better. Slightly worried that console world might influence this decision.
  2. We shouldn't need to restart server and edit json file, in order to select different map or mission. That is step backward. I hope BI sees selection of mission or maps from selection screen as way to go.
  3. We do need mission Selection Screen. Its a cornerstone of many communities.
  4. I feel like it has more parts than just rendering. The animations and movement systems as well - you can jump while running, climb over obstacles stuff like that. Unable to have in Real virtuality engine.
  5. Came here to say the same thing. Rhino should be the fastest of all new DLC vehicles. It has wheels. Speed its biggest advantage of wheels over tracks. On the other hand tracks offer better offroad capabilities because they distribute weight more evenly on all sides. So yeah Rhino should NOT be the slowest out of all of them.
  6. Can confirm on the latest dev branch. Hoping it gets fixed.
  7. en3x

    Tank drivers interior

    Yeah I kept this in a back of my head but I never really used it until now. And I realize problems with "move head up/down" or Ctr + Page up/Page down. The difficulty is to drive and keep pressing 2 sets of key to constantly adjust your view. Its like adjusting your seat in a car while you are driving. It doesn't make sense because its too innaccurate and too sensitive and all that while you are already holding two to three keys for driving. Freelooking in my case don't adjust vertical view. I can look up or down but I will still not able to see ground for example for driving uphill. ----------------------------- One of the options perhaps post launch would be to think about system that lets you arc your view when you look with your mouse. Think of like track IR does but you would do that with mouse movement. The higher your mouse moves the higher your view angle is (the more ground you can see) and the lower it is the higher you see.
  8. en3x

    Tank drivers interior

    And BIS done have done it! After decade without interiors in Arma franchise we will be getting them and on all armored vehicles. Pretty ambitious! I wanted to do some constructive topic in terms of current periscopes and placement. Right now is really hard to see anything when you moving up the mountain. As far as we I know from my experience I tend to move upwards as much as moving on flat terrain so this is pretty important. So moving uphill I can't see ground, neither can I see front very well. One way to solve problem (at least in Slammer) is to implement forward looking PiP camera. The way I would imagine this technically is if vehicle is moving forward - show front camera PiP. When vehicle starts backing switch to back Picture in picture camera. This would partially help with the issue at hand.
  9. I think if this would be implemented the singleplayer mission showcasing and explaining this would be a must. Before courses I had no idea about navigation and I doubt average player does too! In regards of editing I think they changed the way topographic looks like. Its clearer and more readable but I forgot technical changes. As I mentioned its only 2 digit grid so you need to subdivide to get your location. I would have to find thread on the forum on UO (united operations) about it to tell you more. You can try to find it too ; )
  10. I wonder if that is possible since rotation point of roamer is on the circle cutout on the romer. (Is called romer not raomer. In another word Grid finder. I called it wrong name). So if you would align on the red line your rotation would not be precise. Interesting to hear that protractors work similarly. I tend to hear and see this tools (protractors) a lot more then romers. I agree on map reading skills. Bit unfortunate Arma 3 leadership deviated from older Arma 2 military simulator to a something called "sandbox". Their concept is to have giant playground for all different player types from RP to KotH to mil sim so they tend to simplicate some things. Still provided good gameplay value and challenge this is still doable if presented correctly to Bohemia. The functions that you saw are available in mod called ACE (advanced combat environment 3). Note that map grid system was editing by United Operations which is community (not like a clan or mil sim with mandatory training schedule or ranks) which play Arma 3 as close as possible to a real thing within reason. Why isn't in a game? I don't think people requested this to get noticed, it may be one the thing that is not noticable right away but adds depth with time spent learning it. There wasn't any good case or thread explaining pros and cons, how to implement in a game, why do it and what would it add to the game. But for sure interesting aspect of the game. The closest to Land nav from BiS is one really crude example of Locating area (triangulation?) in Arma 3 Singleplayer mode "BootCamp". Try playing it, I already forgot the details.
  11. Almost missed this thread. For now I will comment on the map tools first. So the first time I realized importance of MGRS system (military grid reference system) is with United Operations at Land Nav courses. Community used ACE as basis of advanced system and one of those are map tools. Here is example of "Roamer tool" How does that compare with protractor Pickles? Another interesting thing is subdividing grids. In this particular example we have map that have 2 digit grids labeled like real life counterpart. Essentially no simplified Arma auto labeled grids/6 digit grids. Video reference is over here. How could that tie in in Arma and does it make sense for current Vannila Arma sandbox concept?
  12. Functionality and interiors are 2 different topics and 2 different professions. Modeler who model interiors won't code C++ functionality of armor simulation. Lots of people supported and commented on driving phyX simulation that has dedicated thread and we have seen progress on that front. There it is functionality. But hold on to your hats, they are working on something interesting for sure, that wasn't revealed yet. Maybe that error simulation pop up that someone mentioned is a clue. We just have to wait.
  13. I had no idea before explanation. Curiosity comes out because we have been experiencing this logistical comments more then ever before. I'm sure that won't be the case for a long time thought after DLC Enfusion *wink* wink*
  14. yeah at this point they could he honest and say Not logistical issues haha. I wonder what is the reason for this funny remarks though.