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  1. madrussian

    [Please Help] Port Forwarding Dilemma

    Turns out... Rebooting my new modem/router combo made the port forwarding work. I totally should have thought of this. So my DS is up and running again, visible remotely, etc. Thanks kju for the tips & help. Everything is good to go (again)!
  2. For a long while I had my A3 Dedicated Server working, visible & accessible to the world. To make that work originally had to set up port forwarding on my router, which I figured out based on this helpful video. Fast forward months to today. I just got a new cable modem, which came with a built-in router. To get my DS up and running again with the new modem/router combo, I knew I'd need to set up port forwarding again. So I logged into my new modem/router via browser, and the interface is a bit different, which is to be expected. The original router port forwarding interface had one field for IP address, which (according to that video), I get from ipconfig's "IPv4 Address". Again this worked and my game was visible to the world, and I was very happy. However... The new modem/router combo's port forwarding interface, asks for two ip addresses: "Server IP" and "Server IPv6". So for "Server IP", I enter ipconfig's IPv4 Address. And for "Server IPv6", I wasn't sure what to enter so I left it blank. And unfortunately my game is not visible to the world. At this point, I watched a bunch of videos about Port Forwarding and turns out, all of the router interfaces showcased (in those videos) were wildly different, but all of them just have that one IP field. Which is the field that gets the ipconfig's IPv4 Address. None of the videos have a second IP field, named "Server IPv6" or anything else. Surely I'm missing something. So I rewatched that original video, and turns out it's the only one of the bunch of videos I watched where the router interface port forwarding asks for two IP addresses! In this case his port forwarding interface asks for "External IP Address" (with ports) and "Local IP Address" (with ports). Again this video (the video that helped me get DS working last time), has user input ipconfig's IPv4 Address into the "Local IP Address". And for the "External IP Address" field, has user input And apparently that worked for him. So now I'm thinking, that my current interface's port forwarding "Server IP" field is probably equivalent to his "Local IP Address". And I'm also thinking my current interface's port forwarding "Server IPv6" is probably equivalent to his "External IP Address". <- Hoping I'm not way out in left field here? Anyhow per the video, for my "Server IP" I enter my ipconfig's IPv4 Address. And for my "Server IPv6", I enter (as it seems he did), only my interface won't take, and instructs to enter a valid IPv6 address! My interface will however allow me to leave my "Server IP" field blank. In any event, please help... I'm stuck! Quick summary: Creating a Port Forward entry with "Server IP" set to my ipconfig's IPv4 Address, and with "Server IPv6" left blank, does not seem to work... as I don't see my game. What's this 2nd port forwarding IP field all about, and is it necessary?
  3. Agree, I first noticed this messing around in the editor. I had to do a double-take. A stuck AI vehicle was actually moving almost imperceptibly backwards. On a whim, I wheeled my vehicle around to the back of his and (ages later) the moment that AI finally finished backing into my vehic (his vehic touched mine which completely stopped his), wallah he was instantly free! So now I have automatic countermeasure in my mission for when vehicles start doing this slow-reverse thing & would otherwise simply be stuck. Btw - This slow-backing problem (as far as I could ever tell) was not present when A3 released. Seems they mucked something up along the way. Also in my experience it happens with wheeled vehicles too (not just tanks). I know A3 dev has basically halted, but... Seems like an easy fix perhaps?
  4. madrussian

    Respawn as group unit

    Good deal, more or less yes all that makes sense. So you want an automatic "takeover" style respawn that upon player death, transfers player control to another living unit within the player's group. And specifically, when you die you want this takeover to happen automatically, without having to view or interact with any User Interface. And you're looking at using the selectPlayer command as part of the overall solution. Does that all sound right? Btw also - Sounds like you are trying to do this in MP (multi-player)... Just to clarify, would you like this to work in SP (single player), MP, or both?
  5. Thanks that sounds promising, will check it out. I was thinking something script-only & simple (as it can be, considering the difficulty involved), likely not module-based, nor ambient (if you mean with ambient troops being created or something like that). First I was just checking about whether Hermes was capable of AI-only transport. Then was briefly fishing, seeing if anyone knew of a good AI-only transport script. Also sorta hoping Rydygier & Gunter might add this to Hermes (not outright requesting it, more hinting how potentially useful it could prove to be). Then finally mentioned my brief troubles trying to get AI-only heli transport working in A2 (falling suiciders, etc), and how I might eventually try my hand at this for A3 (crediting everyone/anyone as appropriate), if one of these heli pros don't happen to get to it first. Hope that clarifies. Btw - Sorry for all the off-topic!
  6. Sounds a lot like the problems I was having back in A2 trying to transport AIs with choppers. Only I had guys "disembarking" from up in the air and falling to their deaths. It was more like suicide. Thanks, I'll have a look. If I manage to get some coherent AI-only helicopter transport running, I'll definitely share it (pending permissions for any borrowed code, etc, of course).
  7. madrussian

    Respawn as group unit

    Curious what are you trying to accomplish, more broadly? Btw - Have you tried the game's built-in group respawn?
  8. madrussian

    Respawn as group unit

    Not in my experience. Yeah, you'll need that "killed" EH on each new selectPlayered guy. Btw - If I read between the lines, what it sounds like you are trying to do is super complicated (having spent many moons on something similar myself). Have you tried simply using the game's built-in group respawn mechanics? ^ Of course, that will only work in MP (multi-player). And only works for your own group. If you want group respawn in SP (single player), check out my mission... in my signature. My Group Linked Respawn (GLR) system is pretty easy to break out and insert into your own mission. You can span group respawn across multiple friendly groups, add new units on-the-fly, give yourself limited lives that show up as little soldier icons that fade out every time you get killed, and more. Lots of options.
  9. That sounds quite awesome! I may give this a shot, and if so might have a question or two while navigating through it. Btw - Thanks for all your hard work on these missions & scripts. You really put out some high quality stuff. 🙂 (Btw - Seems to me a simplified AI-only helicopter transport script would come in super-handy for a lot of mission creators. If anyone was so inclined.)
  10. madrussian

    Respawn as group unit

    Just from a quick look, I think I see what the problem is. You are adding "killed" event handler to the original player unit. <- Good Then upon death, you call selectPlayer to new unit, and player is now controlling that new unit. <- Good But you never add "killed" event handler to the new unit. <- Bad So when that new player unit dies, there is no "killed" event handler (on that new unit) to take effect.
  11. Roger all that. Sounds like to get AI-only transport working (for personal use, etc), likely all the parts are within Hermes code, I'd just need to... (re)assemble them. Plus you guys have no doubt overcome many obstacles making this all this work. I recall encountering many gotchas trying get helis transporting AIs & player in A2, so again I greatly appreciate your efforts here! OK, before I dive in and try to re-cobble Hermes to perform player-less AI-only transport... curious @Rydygier do you or anyone know of a good A3 AI-only helicopter transport script, that requires no player interaction?
  12. Just finally checking this out. Looks awesome & like it was an absolutely huge undertaking. 🙂 I quick read through the features list & watched a couple of the intro videos. Can't quite tell though, is this well suited to transporting AI-only squads? Also if so, would assume fast-rope is optional?
  13. Hi Elgin675, just noticed your latest post. Not sure I completely follow, but please note the formulas do work both ways. Specifically: If you know your desired Final Skill value, and wish to know the setSkill value which you'll need to use (by calling setSkill) to obtain that Final Skill value, you'll want to use MRU_FSC_GetSetSkill. Conversely if you are starting with a setSkill value, and wish to know the Final Skill value which will result (by calling setSkill), you'll want to use MRU_FSC_GetFinalSkill. Hope that clarifies it? 🙂
  14. Thanks, I just checked and "Land_Hut01" (... to 06) use different models than our "house.p3d" hut. Which is fine, but the "house.p3d" huts in Melana Resort are special, because they offer 360 degree defense (via the windows & door on all sides). My AI system uses buildings, and every building needs a type in order to be used. And I was trying to make sure all 360 degree defense buildings can be used. I suppose I could re-write a good bit of my code so it can handle "terrain object" (aka type-less) buildings too. But probably not worth it for a silly wooden hut. On the other hand, if I start finding a whole bunch of these "terrain object" buildings then will have to rethink it. And btw - There are a ton of panelaks on Dingor, so this "terrain object building" phenomenon might be more prevalent than we might otherwise suspect. In the mean time, will do a quick query sooner or later and see if any cfgVehicles buildings use that "house.p3d" hut model (again for it's nice 360 degree defense), and if possible auto-replace like with those panelaks. Thanks for info & ideas guys!
  15. Wow thanks, that's quite a detailed response! Looks like it will probably work. Btw- Not necessarily going for speed for this building replacement routine. It's more for the demo mission, just to get the right buildings in place (and only happening in a smaller area). But yes, definitely nice to know which is quicker. 🙂