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  1. Very nice indeed. Cool, looks like there's lots of ways to skin this. I wish there was a way to store data on a WP too though (outside the condition and activation strings), like via setVariable or similar. In my particular use case, player is selecting group icons and/or icons of those groups' WPs on main map and then pressing KB shortcut buttons to Add WP, Delete WP, and/or Delete All WPs. Also drag/dropping the WPs. If all the WPs are essentially the same, likely many approaches (inc WaypointComplete EH) would potentially work. If some WPs are special for one reason or another, then it still seems important to be able to record specifics to each WP, in a string (like waypointName) or similar. That way when new WPs are added and/or deleted, the info on each remaining WP persists. Ok still curious then, anyone know if "waypoint name" can be made to show up in-game in A3? (or is otherwise unused?) Also regarding WaypointComplete EH, would be nice if we had events for new WP being added, deleted, or moved too.
  2. Hey all, for my AI system I'd like to store some (additional) info on a group's WP (see the P. S. below for why), and don't necessarily see a dedicated command for that. (I do see setWaypointStatements, which is for condition and activation so doesn't necessarily fit the bill.) Meanwhile, I had this idea to use setWaypointName / waypointName for this purpose, as I don't seem to recall ever seeing any "waypoint name" showing up in-game in A3. Wondering if "waypoint name" can be made to show up in-game in A3? Otherwise, perhaps "waypoint name" is basically an old concept that is now unused? I tried several things in editor to see and haven't managed to display "waypoint name" yet... which makes me think it may very well be unused. Perhaps I'm just missing a setting though, etc. Anyone know something about this? Thanks! P. S. My plan is to make a scripted solution so that user code triggers once as soon as a group starts working on a new WP. Again we have setWaypointStatements which covers condition (which gets checked repeatedly, and only once unit is in range) and statement (which runs upon condition being fulfilled) but no command that directly sets up code to run one time upon group starting work on a new WP (and regardless of range).
  3. madrussian

    Write to DS window?

    Thanks guys. Dang, oh well maybe I'll rig something up. I've running ~10 DSs in parallel, all launched from batch files. And my scanner uses callExtension already (to create the scan files), so maybe I can pipe some "progress" feed to the consoles the batches make.
  4. madrussian

    Write to DS window?

    Thanks, yeah unfortunately it seems systemChat does not write to the Dedicated Server window. I have a constant stream of systemChat going on in my mission (already), and don't see any of that on my DS window. I was wondering though if a different chat command or similar does though?
  5. Hi all, I looked and hopefully just missed this somehow. Is it possible to write a line of text to the small Dedicated Server window? (Not write to rpt file or any logs, instead write to that little DS window itself. Like where it says "Rune connected.", "Mission read.", "Game started.", etc) I'd like to add a "% done" or something like that to my terrain scanner. Thanks!
  6. madrussian

    Max useable integer in SQF?

    Awesome, makes perfect sense now. Very well said & many thanks! I'll put this to use immediately.
  7. Hi all, I read though https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Number and the only somewhat direct mention of this was, under Consequences (regarding Floating-point Precision): Anyone ever determine the actual largest integer that Arma 3 can handle as an integer (meaning + 1 or - 1 works)? I ran this little test: (and after narrowing things down a bit) //_num = 20000000; // Immediate Problem! //_num = 19000000; // Immediate Problem! //_num = 18000000; // Immediate Problem! //_num = 17000000; // Immediate Problem! _num = 16000000; // No (immediate) problem... ran for perhaps 1-2 minutes so far... can't wait around all day and watch this though... waitUntil { ["_num"] call MRU_Chat; _numX = _num; _num = _num + 1; if (_num == _numX) exitWith { systemChat "This _num was a problem! (for + 1)"; true }; false }; Seems the true limit is... somewhere between 16-17 million?
  8. Anyone try to get the AI to set up those bipods yet? Even if only possibly via modding, please devs let the AI do this!
  9. madrussian

    Ragdoll Idea - Is this possible?

    Nice, the ole "can in the belly" trick. This could indeed be part of the solution, thanks. Still working to get the various transitions (moment of unit killed, live ragdoll to dead ragdoll, etc) looking smooth. Struggling with "HandleDamage" EH atm, but found a couple handy links. I've been using that EH for ages, but apparently not quite correctly (and in some cases, no where near correctly).
  10. I've got a pretty simple idea. I'd like to wake up dead units that are done ragdolling and send them flying on new ragdoll with each new shot. Seems possible with a combination of setConscious, addForce, awake, isAwake, lifeState, incapacitatedState commands, etc. Especially reading though the notes on awake. But I'm also facing some unique constraints. Basically, I likely need to keep all AI units alive (as ‘alive _unit’ reports) all the time, including the "dead" ones. What on Earth am I up to? If interested, please read on: So currently AIs “die” (by getting shot, etc), I keep them alive and ragdoll them, then once their ragdoll settles, I “disable simulation” on them (via ‘enableSimulation false’), and then I discretely kill them ‘via setDamage 1’. And then they are actually dead. Again I’m doing this only because I have to… for the death from forced movement to look correct. (Btw – This special death comes with a caveat already: His rifle never separates from his body as he ragdolls and settles, because he’s technically alive during that part.) My hope is now, once they are ragdolled and settled, to re-enable ragdoll on them when they are hit with bullets, explosions, etc. Because of course that would be mega-cool! Unfortunately, because they died this way (using my special method), nothing I’m trying (to achieve re-ragdolling) is working. In most permutations (combinations of relevant commands), when I addForce to the dead body, it (the body) ends up teleported into the ground (still moving, at a seemingly random depth). My alternate idea (to achieve re-ragdolling) is to simply never let AI unit actually die (as in never use ‘via setDamage 1’ and allow ‘alive _unit’ to return true forever), and again simply ‘enableSimulation false’ him upon ragdoll settling, and flag him (with a variable) as "dead". Unfortunately, having big problems making this (re-ragdolling with unit always alive) work too (him teleporting still into the ground, etc). I’ve spent a couple days solid on this now and I’m about to give up and just leave the dead bodies in ‘enableSimulation false’ state indefinitely, and give up on rag-doll re-animation (at least for now). My question for you guys: Has anyone created a working system of any kind that re-ragdolls a unit (dead or alive) -and- manages to also completely disable all revive-related animations? And does this while remaining completely visually glitch free (like no animation snapping like with switchMove)? I know, it’s a tall order. Also, for those that have tried and failed (or succeeded at something similar), I’d love to hear about lessons learned, etc. 🙂
  11. Many thanks! I fired it up (SP only for now)... Still seems to work great. Thanks, I tried that too. Finally got them standing back up. (Btw - Interestingly, whether I make them unconscious via setUnconscious or addForce, it doesn't seem to change much in terms of issues I'm experiencing or overcoming them. Surely, I didn't try everything though.)
  12. Old thread but directly on point. After calling 'Loon setUnconscious true' on AI guy, unit ragdolls and settles and ~1 sec later, he flips onto his back with arms to the side. At this point I would expect 'Loon setUnconscious false' to rejuvenate and get him standing again, but instead does nothing, and AI keeps laying there. Which command(s) might I be missing? That looks super helpful, but unfortunately link (to your test mission) is dead. @Larrow - Do you (or anyone) still happen to have this test mission? Or otherwise recall how to get an AI back up standing and moving after '_unit setUnconscious true' called on him? Many thanks.
  13. Hi all, you know how when you doMove a player's squad AI unit, that unit's indicator will show "MOVE" while he moves? (And then if you poll via currentCommand, it returns "MOVE".) And how, when you doStop a player's squad AI unit, that unit's indicator will show "STOP" while he's stopped? (And then if you poll via currentCommand, it returns "STOP".) And same for "HEAL", etc? In this case, I need player subordinate indicator to show "ACTION". I know one way to accomplish this (AI's icon to display "ACTION") is for player himself to order that AI to repair a vehicle (or similar). But importantly, I need to have AI's icon display "ACTION" without that AI doing anything particular (like Repairing, etc), and importantly I need to do this 100% via script, as in without in-game player commands, etc. Theoretically, we should be able to get player squad AI's icons to display any of the following: "WAIT" "ATTACK" "HIDE" "MOVE" "HEAL" "REPAIR" "REFUEL" "REARM" "SUPPORT" "JOIN" "GET IN" "FIRE" "GET OUT" "STOP" "EXPECT" "ACTION" "ATTACKFIRE" "Suppress" as described in currentCommand. Via script commands or via commanding AI personally in-game. Now I swear I saw some script command saying it would result in unit icon displaying "ACTION" indefinitely (until some other thing happened)... but now I can't seem to find it. Anyone know how to get player squad's AI icon text to show "ACTION" (via script only)? Btw - I ran experiments with the action command (lots of different combos), and didn't have any luck getting AI icon text to change... at all. Which rather surprised me.
  14. Yes, I'm using playActionNow for most of what I'm doing. It's way more user friendly (than playMove/playMoveNow), not having to worry about weapon/stance, etc. The playAction reaching animation is "PutDown", and it's a very exaggerated long reach that includes motion of unit's hand to his belt area (after the reach), like he's taking something. And when you use "PutDown" on him while he's kneeling, he reaches all the way to the ground, which again looks strange for a door. "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_gear" (and the other 3), which as noted need playMove (/ playMoveNow), play out much quicker and imo look much more like someone opening a door. Unfortunately these 4 have some pretty funky transitions. I spent the morning looking though these animations in the config, and it sure looks like InterpolateTo & ConnectTo are single-directional. Mostly because InterpolateFrom & ConnectFrom also exist, which would imply using To would go one way, and using From would go the other way. I do recall though, that one of the config entries for at least one Arma title, created transitions that went both ways. It's quite a fuzzy recollection though, admittedly. Anyhow, I'm going to take a crack at fixing these transitions with InterpolateTo, along with fiddling with various anim costs, and see what happens. Cool, looks like some brand new animations!
  15. I'm trying to get AI to reach out to open doors (for crazy AI mod), using these animations (via playMoveNow) : "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_gear" "AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon_gear" "AmovPercMstpSrasWpstDnon_gear" "AmovPknlMstpSrasWpstDnon_gear" It's working fairly well generally & the units reach out as expected, except that standing units end up kneeling prior to ending up the desired gear animation (bad), and also the unit ends up going through a broken animation transition (as if switchMove was used instead, also bad). I've fixed broken animation transition like these before in CfgMovesMaleSdr. But it's been a long time, and I've slept a bunch of times since then. If I knew one particular thing, it would greatly speed up my efforts here: In CfgMovesMaleSdr, are InterpolateTo and ConnectTo uni-directional, or bi-directional? ^ Meaning, for a given animation listed in CfgMovesMaleSdr: If its InterpolateTo or ConnectTo contains a particular animation, does that make the given animation just connect forwards to that other animation? Or does that make the connection work both ways?