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  1. I swear I read something like being "able to create your own game mode" and/or being "able to establish victory/defeat conditions". If those are true it'll be a huge boon for sandbox lovers everywhere! But how does Battlefield AI hold up in terms of just plopping some units down in an editor and pressing "go" to start simple missions, etc? Will we have fine control of respawn/death and camera while dead? (Will we be able to prevent insta-respawn?) Will it have the equivalent of selectPlayer? If it somehow ticks all these boxes, will be a tremendously exciting thing (even if you're not particularly into BF), b/c logically more AAA game creators will follow suit! Kind of like when Unity or Unreal went free (for initial use, etc), the other quickly followed suit. Also, any word on how mod-able it'll be? (like equivalent of Arma addons) Probably all wishful thinking, but a guy can dream.
  2. Great thread! Regarding getOut vs getOutMan, I very prominently recall during dev of my dynamic mission, that getOut fires in pretty much all cases (of man exiting a vehicle in pretty much any manner), whereas getOutMan misses at least one important case. I recall having to abandon getOutMan and instead exclusively use getOut because of this. Wish I recalled the specifics for you guys (perhaps getOutMan misses it when you teleport the man out? Although, I think it was more than just that, b/c I wasn't really teleporting men out of vehics, so some other super important case too). Anyhow slept too much since then. If you want to catch the greatest number of vehicle exiting cases, stick with getOut. Bummer too, because getOutMan seemed promising & definitely would have been easier to use in most situations.
  3. madrussian

    AI Animation

    First you could check whether your 4 desired animations are already "connected" with the normal movement states in the config (and each other). In your "init.sqf", try something like this: sleep 1; systemChat "Anim 1"; a5 playMove "Acts_AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_warmup_3_loop"; sleep 5; systemChat "Anim 2"; a5 playMove "Acts_AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_warmup_3_out"; sleep 5; systemChat "Anim 3"; a5 playMove "Acts_ShowingTheRightWay_in"; sleep 5; systemChat "Anim 4"; a5 playMove "Acts_ShowingTheRightWay_loop"; Run that and see if your man plays all the desired animations. If he does, that's great & means they are already "connected". If not, you'll probably need to make an addon.
  4. madrussian

    AI Animation

    If you want smooth transitions, use playMove and/or playAction. Using switchMove skips any transitions. Also, for playMove and playAction to work as expected (with smooth transitions), the animation states must be linked together in the config. Certain animation states are not linked in this way and thus you must use switchMove for unit to perform them, and thus there will be no transition in these cases.
  5. madrussian

    JBOY Boat Waypoints script

    J-boy strikes again! Wow, this is incredibly useful. I love the flotilla at the end, boat on boat combat generally, the beached boat backing into the water ready for action, the ease of setup... the list goes on and on. All scenarios you gloriosly present here would definitely be total clown shows with vanilla AI helming all these boats. Time to populate the waterways of the armaverse with confidence, well done man.
  6. ^ Dear KingN, I'm always a fan of group respawn & would like this also. 🙂
  7. Good points guys, all makes sense now. 🙂
  8. Thanks for the response. Respectfully, again lineIntersectsSurfaces seems to consider man and his weapon as separate. Also, when a unit dies (and thus drops his weapon), his weapon is definitely separated then (perhaps technically contained in weapon holder or similar). Sounds like for living unit holding a weapon though, maybe there is no direct command to get at this weapon "object" that is apparent to lineIntersectsSurfaces?
  9. Apparently (based on some quick tests in the editor) a unit and his weapon are different objects. On VR map, I shot a bunch of rays though a Loon using lineIntersectsSurfaces and examined the results, which looked like this: In this case (per lineIntersectsSurfaces), the man is Loon and his weapon is "NOID cup_famas_f1_rail.pd3". (Again as far as I can tell, separate & distinct objects.) The question is: How can we get this weapon object? (without using raycast commands like lineIntersectsSurfaces)?
  10. madrussian

    Questions: SOG Prairie Fire

    Now that it's out, curious about OP's big question. How does foot & vehicle AI path-finding perform on the terrains? (Specifically in the big cities.) More like Altis (A3 standard, for better or worse)? Or more like Tanoa (with big dead zones all over the place, etc)?
  11. Seems I just figured this out. Added a keyframe at frame 0. Now it works, he moves! 😁
  12. OK, I'm chipping away at this but not quite there yet. My goal is to get a unit to move in-game using my special RTM via "RTM Motion Vector" alone. In other words, without using setVelocity command (or similar). I managed to create RTM with "RTM Motion Vector" (thx again!). My config looks like this: The trouble is, when I open game and playMove/switchMove my animation ("MRU_Forward") on my unit in-game, he assumes the pose but he does not move. Which of course, I need him to move. When creating my RTM, in Blender in "Arma Object Properties", I didn't mess with the "RTM Keyframes" section at all (left it blank), and as far as I know I pretty much just made a static animation. Btw - He doesn't need to be "animated" per say, visually. Looking static is fine, he just needs to move. (Also I used [0,3,0] as the "RTM Motion Vector".) So, what's the trick to get him actually moving in-game?
  13. Awesome, that got it! Sounds like although I selected everything (per my step 13) by sweep-selecting, that doesn't give primary selection (or similar) to the rig? Thus "RTM Motion Vector" was failing to come up, etc. Anyway, selecting single bone got it working so thanks again. 😄
  14. @Alwarren Again, thanks for this handy tool and for your support. I'm still having difficulty (tried on 2 different PCs now), not seeing proper "Arma Object Properties" panel. I'm convinced I'm missing an important step. Hoping you can cue me in. Here's my exact process (absolutely everything, inc screenshots): 1. To ensure a clean install, first I uninstall Blender (via Windows Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features). 2. To ensure a completely clean install, next I navigate to “%APPDATA%” (for me that’s C:\Users\Rune\AppData\Roaming\), and delete the “Blender Foundation” folder. 3. On www.blender.org, I download Blender 2.92.0 (file is “blender-2.92.0-windows64.msi”). I install Blender (from this file) with all defaults. 4. Using OP of this thread, I go to GitHub (https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox), and download what I believe to be the absolute latest Arma Toolbox for Blender, like this: 5. I open the resulting download “ArmAToolbox-master.zip” (in File Explorer) and have a look. One level down, I see the ArmaToolbox folder, which I extract. In File Explorer, I right click in empty space and select New → Compressed Zipped Folder, and name this new file “ArmaToolbox.zip”. I add (previously extracted) ArmaToolbox folder to my new “ArmaToolbox.zip”. I now have a zip file that Blender can use as an addon. 6. I open Blender 2.92, select Edit→Preferences. In resulting Blender Preferences window, I click “Install…” button. I navigate to my newly created “ArmaToolbox.zip” file and select it. Back on Blender Preferences window, I confirm “3D View: Arma: Toolbox” is an option, and I check box to select. 7. I open Blender Console (via Window → Toggle System Console), have a look and everything seems ok?: 8. I search for Macser’s ArmaRig for Blender, the latest of which appears to be v6.3. On https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24137, I download “ArmaRig-for-Blender-version-6.3.7z”. 9. In Blender using File → Open , I open “ArmaRigV6_3.blend” (from step 8 ) and observe Macser’s rig. 10. In Blender (after ensuring “3D View: Arma: Toolbox” is selected in Preferences), I select Animation tab, and expand the “properties” panel (not sure what to call it): 11. The panel pops up, and I see side-tabs for “Arma 3” and “Arma 3 Tools”. 12. I select “Arma 3” tab and now see “Arma Object Properties”. Good so far, based on my understanding I don’t expect to see “RTM Motion Vector” until I check that box. 13. I select everything associated with the rig (by sweeping everything I see in the picture including the man and all the controls), and then click the checkbox by “Arma Object Properties”. (Btw – I’m somewhat unclear as to what exactly I should select before clicking the checkbox by “Arma Object Properties”?) Here’s the problem: My “Arma Object Properties” panel is missing “RTM Motion Vector” field, and looks like this instead: 14. I recheck Blender Console (via Window → Toggle System Console), and it looks like this... seems ok?: Surely I'm missing something important. Anyway, I'm bound and determined to get this working. And I appreciate all your help, thanks again!
  15. Thanks for the heads up, will try this. Quick questions, hopefully I should be able to get up and running: 1. Where can I find latest Arma Toolbox for Blender manual? (Looks like http://friedenhq.org/?page_id=236 is down.) 2. Does seeing correct panel (with "RTM Motion Vector") depend on what armature I open? 3. Generally what armature should I start with? I found an older Arma Toolbox for Blender manual (v1.5) and it suggests the following: ^ Is this still current? Thanks again!