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  1. All that sounds good. Just to clarify, by revive I mean that upon wounded player lies there incapacitated, waiting to be healed by another player or friendly AI, etc. If our mission isn't using revive, for example if we have description.ext set up like this: or like this: And then we play our mission with your "All-in-one Command Menu" and "Super AI" components, incapacitation/revive (or some form of it) won't suddenly start happening, correct?
  2. @Leopard20 Good talking with you over PM regarding building path-finding, etc. What you are doing is incredibly inspiring, albeit kinda crazy. I'm totally pulling for you and eagerly await your Super AI. Quick questions. Will it be possible to completely disable whatever you are doing medical and/or revive system wise? My dynamic mission is not at all compatible with revive or similar (as I have my own custom "group linked respawn" in place). Also while I know revive has many fans, imo the vanilla way of simple healing via health pack is important and has it's place too. For instance as a basis for building one's own respawn system on top of, or for people who simply don't care for revive, etc. Also, really hoping we can turn Super AI on and back off (reverting to vanilla AI) for any desired set of units (friendly or enemy) on-the-fly via script command in a clean way. Like without any unfortunate unforeseen consequences (for example them getting stuck), etc. Will this be possible? (^ Having said that, I realize if we enabled Super AI on them and sent them into a building, we would no doubt will need to get them back outside again before switching them back to vanilla AI.)
  3. Quick update, I'll be away from my gaming PC for next 1.5 weeks. Will run those US tank sound muting tests when I get back... Also for those following along, Dedmen responded (today) via PM about my latest 2 SP crashes. First was "checking ammo while reloading a magazine", same as before. Second was in audio processing. Thanks @Dedmen. 👍 Now I'm really wondering, if the "bad US tank sounds" are causing the audio processing crashing.
  4. Well done, very nice update. ^ This one in particular much needed / appreciated.
  5. Awesome, how about I start with muting the actual sounds only, and go from there.
  6. @Dedmen Good detective work! I do know my dad has onboard sound (not USB sound). Not at his place currently, but I'll check khz next time I'm over there. About unplugging/plugging in audio while playing... Are you saying this can sometimes cause immediate crash? Or rather set the stage for a subsequent crash? Also based on your analysis, do you suspect my dad's audio pipeline crashes in this case were related to the "IFA3 US tank sounds crashing" people are reporting? Let's pursue this! If you make a special version "to be able to see which magazine/ammo caused the crash" like you did for him, I'll run it and we can be sure. In the mean time I have two new crashes, these both in SP: Machine A in SP, running arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02 (renamed as arma3_x64.exe), launched from Launcher with BattleEye, running IFA3_LITE -> Crashed Machine A in SP, running arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02 (renamed as arma3_x64.exe), launched from Launcher with BattleEye, running mod of IFA3_LITE where I kept all IFA3 PBOs except a single PBO "ww2_core_f_rds_system_boltaction_f.pbo" (to see if this affected crashing on reload, per your description). -> No dice, still Crashed! ^ @Dedmen Can you check these latest two crashes and let us know if they are magazine reload related too? I'll PM you the link. I simply play my mission with certain IFA3 factions selected, and it virtually always crashes with 0xC0000005 STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION. Sometimes the sound freaks out just prior to crashing (like kju mentioned). Sometimes sound goes out completely 1st, then play like that for a while, then it crashes. Sometimes it simply crashes out of the blue without any noticeable interruption to sound. My crashing always involves IFA3. When I play with CUP, RHS, Unsung, OPTRE, vanilla, etc, I don't get the crash. (For the record my mission does require CBA, so that's always running in my tests.) Heavens yes! Happens virtually every time I play (with those IFA3 factions). My mission seems to be the key and a great asset for reproducing this. Seems like if we think outside the box enough, we should be able to solve it. I wish I could pin it down to a single command or similar, or otherwise simplify the procedure. Anyone can probably make it crash, by simply playing my mission with IFA3 and selecting the factions mentioned in 1st post. The tough part is they have to survive long enough for game to crash. Mission can be a bit difficult (or so I hear). I'm starting to wonder if the sound freakout is the crash actually happening or simply a symptom of the actual underlying crash mechanism. Again, repro approach is pretty simply. Play my mission with those IFA3 factions selected, survive long enough, and whammo it crashes (almost every time). In a way this is very good news, as we (finally?) have a way to reliably reproduce this crash. The bad news is my mission has many diverse systems and subsystems and uses hundreds and hundreds of unique commands. Here are the most promising things I think we should try next: Analyze latest two crashes and see if the are mag reload related as well. We may well be onto something there! If latest crashes are mag reload related, run special build which will reveal the crashing mag type, to see if it matches @Asmodeuz's mag type. I'm guessing "LIB_5Rnd_792x57" is the ammo for Germans' K98s, correct? (That's the only IFA3 5 round ammo I can think of.) Create a test addon that mutes all US tank weapon sounds and try running my mission with that addon (see if this eliminates crashing). [Recall that nickjoonyeonkim claimed that muting the tank cannon sounds completely resolved his crashing.] Create a test addon that mutes all US tank non-weapon sounds (engine, etc) and try running my mission with that addon (see if this eliminates crashing). @.kju Can you advise on which PBOs to look inside to mute these tank weapons & tanks themselves?
  7. @VariousArtist Welcome back, good to see you gave it another go. 🙂 Sounds like maybe you like the concept, but are still finding things far too challenging. Based on everything you're saying, maybe set up your difficulty settings like this: Overall Enemy Power: Classic Enemy Soldier Deployment: Extra Relaxed Enemy Attack Vehicle Deployment: Extra Relaxed Enemy Minimum Power Timer: Extra Relaxed (70 min) Allow Enemy Armed Transports: Off Extra Lives Awarded: 2 Enlist Fighters Awarded: 1 scaling upward to 2 Allow Player Targeted Bombing: On ^ In the next update I plan on adding relaxed setting(s) for "Overall Enemy Power" too. ^ Please note, the "Allow Enemy Armed Transports" option is a bit bugged currently. Picking "Off" should turn armed transports off completely but currently only delays them by 15 minutes. Sorry for that! I fixed this in the upcoming update. Also added options to delay armed transports by up to 40 minutes (up from 15). Trust me, play with CUP or better yet RHS units first. I developed this mostly using CUP, RHS, and IFA3. I hardly ever play vanilla, mostly just because I like playing with these mods. But I'm keenly aware of just how much more difficult playing this mission with vanilla is. And again trust me, vanilla is far tougher! Like night and day tougher. Plus this may also be exacerbated by "Allow Enemy Armed Transports" OFF option being bugged currently (see above) (as it probably disproportionately affects vanilla vehicles). Vanilla vehicles are particularly super vicious, and unfortunately I didn't really balance the mission difficulty with vanilla vehicles in mind. I recommend only taking the men you can fit in your given vehicle. Release the other guys into their own group and order them via map control from there. <- This is actually a great strategy, as it keeps you super mobile (and eliminates distraction from those extra guys yelling "where are you?" as you drive off, etc). More importantly, if your squad gets wiped out you've got some fall-back guys. Old hints about this (previously inside a spoiler): ^ And yes, you will have to hustle no matter what. 🙃 To win, most of the time you will have to complete at least 4 of the 5 Major Objectives, simply because you'll need that much man-power to succeed. Sometimes if I'm playing like a mad banshee, I can win only completing 2 or 3, but that's usually pretty tough. The good news is, you have direct control over when the base defense will trigger. As long as your side controls at least one flag, your base will remain hidden. A good strategy is to alternate between completing Major Objectives and taking back flags. This will keep the enemy off balance as they traipse back across the map towards the flags you just took. Meanwhile you have moved on and wiped a bunch of them out somewhere else & taken another flag. Make sure you order your Green groups into key positions as soon as you get them. <- Not doing this will put you way way behind! Quite often, I order the Green guys to advance on more than one enemy controlled flag (in sequence), so they help tie up the enemy and again hopefully put enemy off balance by taking a flag or two. At the end of their WP sequence (after the flags they are suppose to take) I make their last WP somewhere safe (as opposed to guarding a flag), so they will be ready for more orders should they survive. Only leave them guarding a flag if it's surrounded with buildings or similar. Is this mission hard? You bet! Anyhow, think of this as the ultimate squad control trainer, and use the provided MRU Squad commands. Keep at it and you will become a cool calculating squad controlling enemy killing machine.
  8. Many thanks Dedmen for the analysis so far. 🙂 We played one more session tonight with a similar setup, and both clients crashed (first my main PC, then my dad's perhaps 8-10 minutes later). Mind checking these too? Again had 3 machines running. Two Clients, one DS. Ran the clients from launcher and used BatteEye this time to try to make crash happen faster, and seems it did. Details: Machine A = Client, running arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02 (renamed as arma3_x64.exe), launched from Launcher with BattleEye Machine B = Client, running arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02 (renamed as arma3_x64.exe), launched from Launcher with BattleEye Machine C = DS, running arma3server_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02.exe (renamed as arma3server_x64.exe), launched from bat file (no launcher) with BattleEye turned on (via BattlEye = 1; in server.cfg) OK, I uploaded both new sets of crash files. I'll send you the new crash link info via PM again. Hoping we can get to the bottom of this!
  9. OK, it took a bit but got a good crash for you on arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02. Was having a bit of trouble getting it to crash in SP, so my dad and I fired up MP game and it crashed fairly quickly. Here's specifically what I did (so hopefully there won't be any confusion): Had 3 machines running. Two Clients, one DS: Machine A = Client, running arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02 (renamed as arma3_x64.exe), launched from bat file (no launcher) & no BattleEye Machine B = Client, running arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02 (renamed as arma3_x64.exe), launched from bat file (no launcher) & no BattleEye Machine C = DS, running arma3server_x64_profiling_194_145986_v02.exe (renamed as arma3server_x64.exe), launched from bat file (no launcher) & no BattleEye We played a couple times and lost, then on 3rd run Machine B (in this case my dad's PC) crashed with 0xC0000005 STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION (per status quo). (Note- I noticed that when game crashes after being launched from bat file, you don't get the windows pop-up error upon crash saying "0xC0000005 STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION". I had to look inside the rpt to verify the type of crash, which was indeed "C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION". Also note time of the 3 crash files matched the time of the crash.) @Dedmen, I uploaded the latest crash file set (per description above). Please check PM for link, hope you find something & please let us know what you uncover! @Dwarden, I hope to produce this crash on arma3client_x64_profiling_194_145999_v03 in the next few days. Please stay tuned. Thanks for looking into this guys. 🙂 Also noticed a few things while testing this: When launching from batch file, crash still happens but seems like you get to play for a lot longer before it does. (Hence I was having trouble getting it to crash quickly in SP.) When playing without BattleEye, everything seems way smoother & more responsive. Never tried this until very recently. I really like playing this way! Once it crashes, simply restarting A3 and playing again seems to result in fairly quick additional crashes on that particular PC. Only reboot of PC that crashed seems to reset the quick(er) crashing.
  10. Good deal, all that makes sense. Ok I'm willing to swap out exes or whatever is necessary. But before I try that (which I've never done before)... quick question: Assuming I'm looking to make it crash again in SP (which should be pretty easy at this point, as repeatable as this crash is)... I just changed back to the "profiling - Performance Profiling Build" option, and noticed for the first time a file called "arma3profiling_x64.exe" in my Arma 3 dir. It is dated with today's date and time, indicating it was just downloaded. Is this the latest "profiling" exe and can I simply run from here? -OR- Do I really need the exe from dropbox instead? [If so will need a bit of help knowing which file to choose from dropbox and which file to (temporarily) replace & run in Arma 3 dir, so we can avoid another disconnect.] Thanks again.
  11. OK let's get it sorted out. So I ran this on Aug 7, 2019. "RemoteDS" tells me I was running a DS game on two different machines. In this case, one machine was the client and the other was the server. (I have a number of other crash file sets I marked "LocalDS". In those cases, one machine ran both client and server.) For this particular crash (080719_1_RemoteDS_ServerCrash, the one you have before you): To get to profiling branch, on both client and server machines, I did this: Opened Steam, right clicked on Arma 3, selected Properties. In resulting "Arma 3 Properties" window, opened BETAs tab, and entered beta access code "CautionSpecialProfilingAndTestingBranchArma3" (which I got on here on Arma 3 "Steam Branches" page). This resulted in new "profiling - Performance Profiling Build" option, which I selected. Watched Steam do it's downloading of new Arma 3 version. Waited until the downloading was complete. Left BETAS tab, then checked BETAS tab again and verified "profiling - Performance Profiling Build" was selected. To launch Arma 3 on Server machine, I did this: (Note I have several copies of Arma 3 on several different Steam accounts.) Opened Arma 3 Launcher. On Launcher's Parameters tab, selected "Server" option. Pressed the Play button. On Server Window (the small DS window), verified game version (in window's title bar). It appeared to match what Dwarden had asked for. To launch Arma 3 on Client machine (a separate machine & Steam account), I did this: Opened Arma 3 Launcher. On Launcher's Parameters tab, deselected "Server" option. Pressed the Play button. On main game screen, verified game version (in lower right-hand corner). It appeared to match what Dwarden had asked for. ^ This is always how I run my DS (again possible b/c I have multiple copies of the game). Then on client machine, I joined server machine's game, played my mission, and got the crash. This time the Server crashed. Then on server machine, I collected the crash files and zipped them up for you. Hoping that explains things. Do you have a usable "profiling" set of crash files? Anything else I can do to help? Again, I would genuinely like to solve this (and not just for my own sake, as others are affected as well). Thanks again @Dedmen and company for your help. 🙂 Edit: Also if it will help to simplify things, I can easily just run the "profiling - Performance Profiling Build" in SP, get the crash, and submit those crash files.
  12. Good deal, very curious what you find. 🙏 I added the Profiling Branch crash files to the same folder at the link I provided originally (back when Dwarden requested). Look for "Crashes_Machine_2_Profiling_1.94.145986.7z". OK, sending you the link via PM again just in case. If you guys need any more sets of crash files, they are very easy to whip up. Just ask and you shall receive. 🙂
  13. Thanks for the reports of this crash. It's encouraging to hear people are experiencing IFA3 tank sound related crashes, though I feel for you guys. I'm familiar with JSRS, but I've not tried it personally. My mission however does use radioChannelCreate and customChat (both on a regular basis) to mimic sideChat and groupChat, so that IFA3 units can receive these messages too (IFA3 units being radio-less).
  14. Hi all, still getting this crash and I've tried everything I can think of. At this point I've generated probably over 100-150 crashes trying different things. Good deal. Yes, I've come to this conclusion as well. The crash only happens when playing with IFA3 vehicles. Thankfully, it's super repeatable when playing my mission though. We should be able to get to the bottom of this! For me, it happens on all 4 PCs I have access to (my 3 PCs plus my dad's), and all these PCs have updated drivers (inc video, sound, chipset, etc). (Even re-installed Windows, Steam, and A3 on one of these machines and crash still happens. And btw - All these PCs have unique hardware, as I built each one years apart.) Game crashes virtually every time, whether I'm playing in SP, HS, or DS. In MP games, sometimes it's a client (or more than one clients crashing closely together), and sometimes it's the server. Often the sound freaks out (1980s modem-style) or goes out completely shortly before the crash. Only crashes when I have IFA3 US armored vehicles selected. <- 99% sure of this aspect. This includes variants of these US vehicles, including the Shermans found on the Russian side. Good find, ok here's the claim from that thread: I would like to test this in two ways: 1. Create a test mission with a bunch of US tanks. Without moving any tanks, fire the main cannons a bunch and see if it crashes. I'll try this and report back. 2. Create an addon that replaces these cannon sounds with vanilla sounds. Play my mission and see if it crashes. @.kju Would you kindly point me to which addon I should look in to modify/eliminate these sounds? Btw - Kju has been super helpful via PM and IFA3 discord trying to help sort this out. Many thanks! @Dedmen and @Dwarden Thanks for looking into this. @Dwarden Per your PM request, I made it crash using the Profiling Branch (1.94.145986) and uploaded those crash files too, and sent you the link (some time ago). Curious what you guys found? I'm 100% sure there is a bug to be found/fixed here. Really hoping we can solve it (because it's greatly affecting my game experience atm, starting to moderately sap my A3 creativity, etc), thanks! 🙂
  15. Roger that, I uploaded a whopping 36 sets of crash files to my Google Drive (all caused by this same issue as far as I can tell). Sent you the link via PM. (Btw - I don't see where to create report in Arma Launcher, but regardless some of my crash files were from before I reinstalled Windows and A3, so I uploaded all of them.) Thanks, hope you guys can fix it. 🙂