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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Ok so I checked and the drivers and stuff are up to date, but problem remains. What should I do next? And you haven’t heard of this issue before? Should I ask this on discord to see if anyone else is having this issue?
  2. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes however when doing so I am no longer able to remap any of the buttons.
  3. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes the bottom right trigger. I have that assigned to fire a weapon, and the left bottom trigger to aim. I had seen a few reports of this awhile back when searching for a solution so I figured it was known. To explain it with better detail I will link a post that someone created on the steam forums. The OP did a good job on explaining what exactly happens. https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/5/360671352688331679/
  4. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Does the new input controller command fix the issues with the Xbox one controller, where the right trigger couldn’t be assigned to fire a weapon?
  5. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    Project RACS

    Looking great! Love that PRAC’s is still going strong after all these years.
  6. soldier2390@hotmail.com


    Yes, thank you! Also I’m sure I’m not the only one thankful that you now work for BI! At least we all get to look forward to your work being included into vanilla terrains for whatever Arma game that may come in the future.
  7. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lamubia

    Sounds interesting what’s the cell size?
  8. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    What are the ARMA 2 Delta Vests/Chest Rigs?

    I believe it’s a type of vest associated with the ranger battalions as my cousin had something similar at one point, and a lot of delta comes from the rangers. Though I have seen some security force airman wear something like that too but my experience in the Air Force/military was limited and I’ve never really been those gear nut type of dudes, so I never cared enough to ask. However a lot of people on these forums know much more then I ever would so I’m sure someone will answer your question!
  9. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Wow thanks reyhard! Anyway you could add the neat little feature of ducking down on turrets as you did with the RHS turrets?
  10. That's a neat little trick. Didn’t know there was a Garrison waypoint though? When was that added to the base game?
  11. soldier2390@hotmail.com


    @Jezuro is there any chance in the future you could make the Garrison function more customizable? So that mission maker's can for example choose how many units will garrison a specific sector? Or specify what type of units will garrison that sector? Like how with the old Site Module's one can choose if that site will be a "Base" or a "Outpost", which alters the type and amount of units to spawn! Also, is there any chance you can make the Garrison script into a Stand-alone Module that could be used independently of the other Warlords Module's? Or update the old faulty Site Module's to the standards of your outstanding custom Warlords Module's? After all...you are a god of mission/mode making, so i was hoping for a Christmas miracle ;)
  12. soldier2390@hotmail.com


    @Jezuro Any chance you could make the Garrison function into a stand-alone Module? That way a simple editor placed Garrison Module can be used with other game modes/type of Missions without the need for third-party scripts? Currently any functionality of the various garrison scripts in game (i.e. ones used in several other modes and even the Site Module's) are ineffective and require other scripts or parts of other game modes to run properly.
  13. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @oukej I have a few questions In regards to this: First question is, will there be any a possibility of doing the same with other gear? Including a lot of content from the early Alpha release. Specially the MultiCam gear and uniform stuff that looks like it's made from different camo swatches/colors! For example a lot of the MultiCam stuff is too bright and looks bleached and faded. Second question, would it be possible to get a proper MultCam textured Helmet and Light Vest for the NATO Mediterranean units? Since the NATO Pacific units have proper Tropical MultCam patterns for their Helmets and Vests! Last question, can we get the extra textures in the game files to be usable in game without mods or setObjecttexture? Especially since Vests and Helmets can't use setObjecttexture. Plus I'd love to have NATO Vests in the Tan Colors that exists within the games files!
  14. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    After searching config files and in-game tests lastnight, I don't think so! However myself and many others are still waiting for hidden selections to be usable on helmets and vests. And what I remember from a year or so ago one of the devs said it was unlikely to happen. But considering we got a few completely unexpected fixes since then, I was wondering if any devs @oukej can elaborate on the issue or give us a answer as to whether or not it may ever be possible in A3's life time?
  15. I was wondering how one could go about using a Trigger to Spawn a Function once a player enters a Trigger's area. Then delete the Function once the player leaves the Trigger? While having that process repeatable. So far I have tried using the Trigger's Activation field to call the Function (BIS_fnc_Crows), and then the Trigger's Deativation field to delete that Function. However that's where my problem is. As everything I have tired..including searching the internet and using script commands such as deleteVehicle and other similar commands has all failed! I know it's possible as I have done similar things in the past but it dont help that I have not scripted anything since early A2 days, and A3 is seemingly more complex.
  16. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    How to Spawn and Delete Functions from Trigger Init's?

    @Schatten Ah right...now that you mentioned that it brought back memories. Plus that makes sense as awhile ago I tried to use a Trigger to Spawn a Trigger, that once spawned would activate a script that I wrote. And that script called functions that once I deleted the Trigger still remained running/and or caused errors! Thanks very much for your response, I'm sure I will be back with more questions. But for the moment you fixed my current problem.
  17. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    This is a treat to see! I miss them old things...i may just have to bust out my old M923 Tractor-Trailer series! I have lost a lot of the more progressed/updated source files of the M923 Trucks, but whatever I have left you are welcome to have? You may be able to see some old pics in one of my old threads if they still exist on these forums!
  18. I have noticed in one of the missions that the enemy shouts profanity when shot or in some cases upon spotting the player? I have not experienced this until now and I tried to replicate that in the editor with no success. Is that something scripted for the campaign? And if so how can I use it for my own missions?
  19. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    A thanks for trying indeed! However if I may ask could that prototype be added anyways? Just not used or visible in the arsenal so those of us who wish to configure it ourselves can do so? I figured this could be valid as last time I had checked through the game files there were models unused in the game, also stuff hidden in the config. By the way, why has most of that stuff remained included with the games files despite not being used? (I.e textures for models that don't exist, or have any other parts used for other models) Now back on topic.. I do feel that this DLC, especially the campaign was a good step in a direction that I personally like and have been hoping for. And the atmosphere was a much better improvement compared to previous campaigns in my opinion! I hope you dev's take the feedback from this campaign/DLC and incorporate that style and sense of atmosphere into what's to become of that Tac-Ops DLC. Other then that most other issues I know of have already been reported, so thank you all for this outstanding DLC!
  20. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    @Aebian and others whom are experiencing issues with the disableAI "MOVE" command, try adding..this disableAI "PATH"
  21. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    Jet DLC?

    I think despite all the things we wished for that won't happen, whether do to time constraints or limitations elsewhere that what we will get in the end will be rewarding enough. I am already impressed with the improvements thus far and those still to come. It's very good to see that those of us who play actually have our suggestions and ideas heard, let alone implemented into the game! Besides many things can happen post release, even if due to the community's efforts. I am very appreciative of everything we get...thanks!
  22. soldier2390@hotmail.com


    Has there been any information regarding some form of civilian sites module? Like fixing the old civilian settlements module and reintroducing it back into the game? Or even less thought about things such as tents, beds or other types of props? Hell even a few new camo nets designs would be useful. I hope atleast civilIan modules will make it in the apex expansion, it would be a damn shame otherwise, I was quite fond of the arma2 civilian modules. But I would like to see a more complex system involving some atleast rudimentary form of vbs2's type of occupational module/functions. But basic as in how arma2's modules tried to simulate a populated world around the player in the form of civilians walking/driving around. But with some added functionality in terms of giving a little personality to specific AI depending on their roles/identity such as fishermen, businessman/shopkeeper and so on. I like the tpw set of scripts but something already built in would be nice.
  23. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    OPX2/Middle Eastern Style Structures

    Your back yet again and with beautiful work as always! This makes it difficult To resist attempting terrain making once more. Now my apologys if this has been asked or touched on before, but do you have plans for more military type buildings such as hardened aircraft shelters, barracks or even a decent medium/large GP Tent? But none the less thank you for your hard work.. many appreciate this.​
  24. soldier2390@hotmail.com

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    It is certainly nice to see you back and yes work is most important. And what a great looking helo you have there can't wait for it's grand debut, but good luck with work!
  25. Hello community, First a little disclaimer: it has been a very long time since I last was into addon making so I forgot most of the correct terminology and with that most everything else, plus I did try to look this up but due to not even being sure what its called that I am trying to do and loss of my knowledge of this stuff I would not have known the answer if it reached out and slapped me so I need some guidance to atleast figure out exactly what I am looking to do because I am sure many wont understand what I am getting at. Oh and I am typing this off my small phone with my big fingers so I am sure I aciaccidentally misspelled things or other issues due to using a phone in which I can't even read the screen. So to start off, I finally have a bit of time to get back into addon making, however I am trying to re-learn how to do all of this stuff again but have ran into a problem, so my issue is I figured out how to port the arma2 hmmwv's but some of the hmmwv models are of different quality (i.e. the SOF variant has a more detailed suspension system opposed to say the standard M1115) so I choose to use the SOF variant as a base then build off that. However most of the textures for the SOF and Terminal versions are linked to a single texture(called hmmwv_mlod_co.paa) instead of how the rest of the OA-sample hmmwv's are linked to about 4 textures (basicly that hmmwv_mlod_co texture but separated into 4 single textures) so my question is without re-uvmapping the entire vehicle how can I re-link the p3d to load the 4 separate textures? But without having to guess which faces of the p3d corresponded to its specific single texture and repeating that for every LOD? Because its very difficult to figure out if say the windshied belongs to this texture or that texture(though thats an obvious one by looking at the exsisting textures but most of the little things including most of the ssuspension system are hard to pinpoint. Now I have tried stuff I knew wouldn't work like renaming the texture from that old mlod texture to one of the single textures using the object builders materials and renaming tool (I believe thats what its still called?) But as I already knew it would just force the whole p3d to use that one single texture stretched across the entire model destorting it.