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Oh wow. Great to hear you're still reading us.

Parenting is the most amazing thing, moreso given your circumstances. I hope you have a great time doing it.

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Welcome back! Missed you bud,

was getting worried there wasn't sure how your situation has been doing, as i did mention in my post i did recall you had something serious

going on and you dealt with it before, and since its been a while late last year i think i forget what you were dealing with.


     But it sounds like your doing ok, thats good news, sad about the situation but am happy too that your doing ok and things are moving on.

What a struggle and challenge it must have been to deal with all things like Cancer but you did it, i could give you some more insights on some things if your interested but best through pm

just something i do daily, anyways you must be monitoring the forums or something, unless im having one of my premonitions again about someone showing up

ya i get them all the time at work, me and my mom share it, pretty wild.

13 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

It was a bad experience

        Just something philosophical for you, nothing to deep here but and im sure most will get this, but good or bad, an experience

its a result, im sure you had learned something from it based on how you conducted your lifestyle with food, exercise, work, and whatever else

prior to dealing with the illness. Such situations should and can reveal to you the error or the answers to your ways, thats not a bad thing, again its just a result.

           Dont look at it in terms of "i failed" at this, or that, or "this was bad" its really what you make of it, but when something bad happens think of it like this

having an illness like you have experienced should make things more apparent and more revealing then just symptoms of something, a failure of something

no matter the context reveals to you at that moment that something isn't working as it should.


    You could translate this to code if you wanted to better associate, but essentially without failures, without loss, bad experiences, one cannot learn to move, and move forward

grow, adapt, become stronger, become more intelligent, evolve as a coder, a mission builder, a modeller, terrain maker, scripter, and as a human being, we all deal with this

if you put the "result" in the right light it will serve you if you pay attention to it, it will help you to accelerate in an area where you were stagnate, possibly ignorant to it or to parts of it.

       Builds character, anyways happy everything is going well for you, and you gotten past it, welcome back and look forward to more of your work,

virtual hugs my good man (no queer, lol) Cheers!

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9 hours ago, Gunter Severloh said:

an experience 

So far everything is going good and i really wish everything to stop there.

Every problem in our life if it has an end or can be solved , it's fine as long as everyone can handle it.

There is always something to learn and become a better person.

I just wanted to share it here and say to everyone to take care themselves as they can , after all we only live once.

I'm really happy with everything so far in my life and it's good to be able to carry on without having bad thoughts etc.

Life is good and after all we are still fine and being a parent is great !


Thank you @Gunter Severloh from my heart , take care of you and your family.


Thanks again everyone !





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