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  1. ------------------ Found a problem. If the server config is -autoinit , then there is no menu 0-8. or sometimes the menu may still appear (if the mission is restarted several times), but the script will not work. strange. because even if this mission is not placed first on the server list with autoinit, it will still not work if you put it on with your hands or the third, fifth one. but the script is very convenient. I have been waiting for this for a long time. thanks for the work P.S. damn magic)) on Linux still does not want to work (( I do not know why. without autoinit and with an empty server config. on linux only one error on client rpt " 2:55:05 Setting invalid pitch 0.0000 for RYD_HAS_Base"
  2. not working on dedic server. rpt error 15:50:55 User menu description 'BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem_menu' not defined. you can check your demo-mission in archive (script version). HAS_1_7_demo_scriptVersion.Altis not working too
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    chk github pls
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    co10 Escape

    easy and relaxed
  5. error on dedic server. http://joxi.ru/MAjBEkqCjRjaxA
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    co10 Escape

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    co10 Escape

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    co10 Escape

    ok. i send u to gitlub later
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    co10 Escape

    Yes, its big. for those who can and will want to insert it into the mission, and for you there is a smaller option).
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    co10 Escape

    New ComCenter (offer)
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    co10 Escape

    new hardcore russian escape trailer
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    co10 Escape

    not. for example, we just stopped playing on Linux. Yes, this problem is always only on Linux
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    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    thanks for fix. works
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    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    http://joxi.ru/L21G6woh8E4Rqr if you turn on your “test” mission and respawn, the AI will no longer appear according to your scripts, but will remain “tied” to the place where you were before the death. I waited 10 minutes, but everything remained as on the screen. test on a dedicated server.
  15. http://joxi.ru/a2Xnz0Xi1X69Lr http://joxi.ru/KAxJBQLHM7apGm Think maybe it's time to abandon the CUP trash and change bridges and trees and houses for vanilla? on some islands you started doing this and it will work out great. And most importantly, there will be no bugs that the CUP curve brings with it. Take for example the island Tembelan, elegantly made without reference to the arma2 content. and it is pleasant to play, and the AI move normally, and the eyes do not hurt from these poisonous bushes and other garbage)