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  1. TFAR 1.0 ? Where? give link pls
  2. topden

    RW TOW

    You can tow stationary SAMs & Radars. OPFOR - ZamAK towing truck. BLUFOR - HEMTT towing truck. Attach\dettach SHIFT+B (can change) STEAM https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471178806
  3. DLC CONTACT's Long Range radio small patch for NKEY's TFAR mod. The mod add LR Radio from TFAR to all radio backpacks from dlc Contact. All Radio backpacks have faction-appropriate radios. * works with TFAR (BETA!) too. See second video STEAM https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1815797130
  4. topden

    Authority 20 player coop.

    first start with rhs http://joxi.ru/krDRzKMHJdx6d2 cool!
  5. it is a pity that for most this hobby came down to a banal teleportation arma2😉
  6. if you would change all the vegetation to Livonian it would be much cooler ... we have been waiting for a year
  7. topden

    [CO@16] Maskirovka: Electronic Warfare

    23:33:59 Error in expression <(entities "HeadlessClient_F" isEqualTo [HC1,HC2,HC3]) then { {_veh = createVehic> 23:33:59 Error position: <HC1,HC2,HC3]) then { {_veh = createVehic> 23:33:59 Error Неопределенная переменная в выражении: hc1 23:33:59 File C:\Users\ddd\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\[ATP]%20TopDen\mpmissions\CO@16_maskirovka.ruha\initServer.sqf..., line 2
  8. topden

    3den Enhanced

    22:19:06 File 3denEnhanced\GUI\functionsViewer.hpp, line 24: '/Enh_FunctionsViewer/Controls/Header.h': Missing ';' at the end of line 22:19:06 File 3denEnhanced\GUI\extraction.hpp, line 164: '/Enh_Extraction/Controls/VehicleImage.h': Missing ';' at the end of line
  9. topden

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    The best map! Thank you! Livonia is sh*t!
  10. can you make such a function so that AI exit \ do not exit it when vehicles is damaged (in settings)?
  11. sometimes in rpt Server: Object 2:75363 not found (message Type_120) Error in expression <p getVariable "TCL_Watch"); if (time > _time) then { [_group] spawn (TCL_Watch_> Error position: <_time) then { [_group] spawn (TCL_Watch_> Error Undefined variable in expression: _time File TCL_System\TCL\TCL_ExecVM\TCL_KnowsAbout.sqf..., line 45 soldier[rhsusf_army_ucp_crewman]:Some of magazines weren't stored in soldier Vest or Uniform?
  12. could you make it like in a vi-com so that ai with static weapons can lay it out and shoot it? (mortar, machine gunners, UAV operators). or make it an option in userconfig.
  13. topden

    co10 Escape

    fun promo video ESCAPE Hard Edition Thank you for mission!
  14. cool. are you planning mod-version?
  15. 1. Wintera small bug. http://joxi.ru/bmoJENgH3EKoDr when you drive at speed or go AI, the wheels break. can you raise this part of the bridge a little? http://joxi.ru/RmzoE6ZHYJywR2 http://joxi.ru/82QLB8KcwqOpgm 2. Please, dear IceBreakr, change these bushes for something else. they do not shoot at all, and often the vehicles breaks about them. they are like stone)) http://joxi.ru/RmzoE6ZHYJydR2