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    Compass + Watch Enlarger

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    TFAR not working..

    install plugin tfar?
  3. Tell me please: in some combat helicopters, when the player is the pilot, and the AI is the gunner, you aim it at the target, and the AI turns the camera and looks at the target, and the pilot (player) can switch and look at the shooter's camera. In some helicopters, the shooter does not look towards the target. Is there some parameter in the config that enables this feature, or does it depend on how the 3d model of the helicopter is drawn?
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    Polish Armed Forces Mod

  5. Please tell me, I inserted your script into init.skf. But I have not one player slot in the mission, but several. and if the player remains in his slot, then the script works, and if he takes another slot, it does not work, and he appears in the default place. How or where to fix it?
  6. tell me how to make a player laying a weapon on the ground (box, car) can no longer pick it up?
  7. f it writes to you in the game that you are playing a modified version, then the mods are connected DEFINITELY! Reinstalling arma won't disable them. Remove mod dependencies and mods themselves.
  8. buddy, but without a f** Zeus, is it the same with you or have you tried it? Zeus is a script in the mission or you connect it with a mod?
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    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    bring back the old thermal vision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    RWR Mod

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    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    gold words! real crappy
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    Arma3 Videos

  13. tell pls, it is possible in the cockpit to move the pilot's camera up with LCTRL + PageUP\Down . and which command in the config is responsible for putting the cameras at the right height right away? so that you don’t have to constantly raise it when sitting in a helicopter, for example. (namely setting by height, and not by viewing angles or other parameters) http://joxi.ru/gmvlpEWTezWqNA
  14. I'm not saying that it happened after the last update) I just reminded that I'm waiting for a fix. because unfortunately we can't play with your boats because players can't kill bots in them... we can't play with your helicopters for the same reason. and we would like to play and test your mod. in any case, we will wait for fixes) thank you.
  15. after last update: - weapon information is not transmitted http://joxi.ru/gmvlpEWTez3J6A -apache - the animation of the killed pilot is not suitable. legs sticking out of the cockpit. no dynamic system change of pylons. - kiowa - side windows are shot through, but the windshield is not. no dynamic system change of pylons on АТ version. no broken glass animation. - cb90 - neither an open shooter nor the crew can be killed on this boat http://joxi.ru/DmBZ8dPUqBwPDm It would be great if you can fix this. Thank you for your hard work!
  16. I already wrote to you about a large number of bugs in your mod related to impenetrable glass or vice versa, where they should be armored. For example: - neither an open shooter nor the crew can be killed on this boat http://joxi.ru/DmBZ8dPUqBwPDm - on this helicopter, the front glass is not shot through. only side http://joxi.ru/Vm64Zwoi3qD0aA - there should be armored glass, and they are shot from one bullet http://joxi.ru/52aBgKlClx4ZMA - here the glass is shot through, but not destroyed http://joxi.ru/p274awPiLpoxWA It would be great if you can fix this. Thank you for your hard work!
  17. https://github.com/aussie-battler/GEORGE-FLOROS-GR-Arma3-Scripts/issues/1
  18. I was not talking about new objects, but about how you can make islands without mod trash. see for example the islands of tembelan https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1252091296&searchtext=tembelan Hellanmaa https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1291778160 I've been a fan of yours since arma2, but it's a pity that no one plays on your gorgeous islands, although you put a lot of time and effort into creating them. Therefore, do not take it as criticism, on the contrary, it was just a wish. Those terrible trees from the cup-terrain, non-entrance houses, crooked windows - spoiled a lot of work of modders. Yes, they get likes on steam, but this is not an indicator of quality ... Also, many authors of the islands do not think about how missions with bots will be played on them, when there are a lot of rivers and stones around, where bots get stuck, and vehicles cannot move normally. And yes, it turns out the island is beautiful, but only for playing without bots.... In any case, I always look forward to your work, in the hope that the next island will be more suitable for different game modes... (take Malden - a chic island, but neither "domination by xeno", nor "evolution", nor even "escape from..." are unplayable on it .. stones, like fleas on a dog) thanks to BIS).
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    it is impossible to kill these two passengers. see the screen please http://joxi.ru/eAOWzydh64BRwA
  20. topden

    Simple Crew Info

    u can take script from mod)
  21. This mod shows a list of players inside any vehicle, except for static ones. Shows the total number, names and roles of the players. If the player is alive - the nickname is yellow. If the player is unconscious - the nickname is red. If the player is dead - the nickname is gray. Suitable for playing in any mode (one life, revive, etc.). Compatible with SP and MP. Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2469178745 Need @CBA mod
  22. topden

    TOH Cessna 172 Skyhawk

    - the equipment menu does not open on planes - glass is not shot PLEASE FIX) Thanks
  23. dear Dap. its not fixed "Fixed: Water resistance parameters for Land Cruiser HZJ79 SC".