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  1. mortars have been like this for a very long time :( I also reported this
  2. 0xc0000005-status_access_violation still with 1.84 patch :( this error started for me just after the Tank DLC. Pain in the backside
  3. devilspawn

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Dissension has a bright future :D Great work Genesis <3 If you haven't yet tried Dissension you should, server details first post
  4. devilspawn

    My profile won't load. I really could use some help

    did a clean install help? I am having the same problem, my files are going to my game directory not my documents folder
  5. Fantastic mod 10/10 :D I tried running Athena on the same box but notice a massive drop in fps, manage to get this working on my ipad :D Good Job :P
  6. devilspawn

    Random Crash in arma 3

    Error message which keeps popping up since the tank DLC dropped, recent hotfix problem still there. GPU / OS up to date "windows 10 1803" no mods enabled
  7. good job :D bring on the HQ version
  8. devilspawn

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    played a few hours on the test server last night :D loving the directions this is going good job. the only major issues I was facing was every 20 seconds I would freeze for a micro second. Heads up for people jumping on the test server don't use @Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application it chews fps Enabled: 23 Disabled: 45/60
  9. Thanks buddy notice I was also getting group errors will give this a go :D :D also edit this line in your post DAC_Group_Soldier.sqf - line "26"
  10. is support modules broken? place a virtual CAS support module down - vehicle type ["LIB_Pe2"] place a requester down sync up modules Call in support 0-8 choose, click on map "location drop" watch plane nose dive into ground over and over worked before latest patch Tests Vanilla A3: works IFA3_AIO_LITE: not working
  11. devilspawn

    Drongo's Air Support

    hey buddy :D will it be able to do supply drops in the near future?
  12. if (isServer) then {[1000,-1,false,100,1000,1000]execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf"}; true = enabled false - disable thanks to Tajin on discord he helped me :D
  13. devilspawn

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    I see IFA3 AI running around now :D on spawning you get a vanilla vehicle, reason why I thought IF was not executing properly. Any way to customize this option? file? wicked :P