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  1. khaosmatical

    Spearpoint: Cold War UK (New Alpha)

    So glad to see you back man!
  2. Hi everyone, this seems like one of the best places to ask this question and someone here more than likely may have researched it themselves. I'm currently trying to find out the parts and build the chest rig/vest that the Delta operators from ARMA 2 and now CUP has. While I'm quite well versed in gear I'm completely stumped. At first I thought they were all Eagle Industries RRV's like the Razor Team guys but they aren't. I've found vests from Eagle Industries, LBT, Blackhawk! and even Arktis that are similar but not exact. I'm aware the models used may not be completely accurate but just by looking at them the BI artists definitely were working off of some real stuff. I'm looking to try recreate the setup exactly and the first hurdle is finding out the rig and the back panel that's with it. The mag pouch/molle panel on the first image interests me a lot too if it is based on something real. Very similar to LBT mag pouches. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. khaosmatical

    Cold War Rearmed III

    This is very exciting news, not sure how I missed this! I've got huge interest in this period and the gear that was used and I also own quite a bit of the US stuff! While it looks like you already have a lot of it, if you need any reference stuff for US gear I can do photos and measurements, etc of the stuff I have. Give me a shout if you are looking for anything in particular!
  4. khaosmatical

    RH Acc pack

    This is an extremely old and outdated mod, you wont find support for it anymore.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been trying to set up a Zeus sandbox almost exactly the same as the official zeus missions which is able to use mods as I haven't found any templates. I've got it working all besides the respawns. I have it set up in description.ext so that respawnOnStart = 1; is enabled so like the official zeus missions all players start waiting to spawn in on the custom spawn points and it looks like it's working all besides Zeus itself. This setting is causing Zeus to have to respawn but there are no respawns as he is suppose to place them so instead the player in the Zeus slot just gets a flickering respawn screen. Just wondering how to get around this? All the threads I seem to be finding online bar one all relate to setting up spawn points in the editor for zeus missions compared to placing them in the session. Any help appreciated as it's driving me insane! Just want to be able to use modded content in Zeus!
  6. Hi everyone I'm just getting back into scripting/configging after a really long break and my first objective is to make a config file to alter some armour values (which I've done) but also I'd like to remove or hide some items that are added from mods. For example we've got duplicate weapons (or there are 'worse' versions) which aren't needed but mainly a lot of clutter items from some mods that don't have a use for my group. The primary goal is to remove them from any form of arsenal but if it also removes them from the editor then it's also a plus, i.e. place-able items or weapon cargo. So is it possible and how would I go about it? I have tried to search it up on here, the wiki and google but the only results I can find all regard removing items from arsenal crates or removing items from units. I want to remove or hide items entirely if possible, especially from the main menu virtual arsenal. Any help or examples would be greatly appreciated! I apologise if this has been answered somewhere else, I must not be searching for the right thing! *edit* Scope=x was the command I was trying to remember, just now trying to work out how to apply it.
  7. khaosmatical

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    Hi there Jarhead hope you are doing well mate. Just noticed after getting back in and playing again that the attached spotting rifle rounds from RHS & CUP SMAW's make an explosive impact sound. Also on the RHS version the spotting rifle firing sound makes a sound almost akin to firing the launcher itself. Waaaaay back when someone made a fix for it on the RHS versions which I do have the file for however it doesn't function all too well anymore, it only changes the sound on the up close impacts not the distant ones (or maybe its got the wrong sound tail added on?) Just wondering if this is something you might be able to fix in the compatibility patches?
  8. Theres a mod that add's Pattern 58 gear?
  9. khaosmatical

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Junk!? ALICE gear is like terrible wine, it get's smellier and cheaper (normally) with age and that's why we love it! Also yay M5! I recently got one because of USM after searching a long time. I'm envious of how easy it is to get ALICE over in the US.
  10. Am I right in thinking this is in relation to hi-res textures or is this a final big update?
  11. khaosmatical

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Yay PASGTs, after wearing one I can now sympathise with my ARMA man! (And people who actually wore them in combat!) Also I thought I should mention Delta, the ARMA 2 mod and this one is what inspired me and a few others to start collecting and using this gear for airsoft (not a nerd I promise!) purposes. While I imagine you already have most of the gear we have, if there is a certain piece you need references photos give me a shout. Got some rarer/uncommon pieces. It's old school time again!
  12. khaosmatical

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I'm not talking about USM, I'm talking solely about this. I thought the plan was to rework/remake a lot of USM's content anyway for a new release. My point is the mod will be large with all of it having 4k textures.
  13. khaosmatical

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Higher textures are always nice but it's a question of how big the mod will get as you continue adding content such as armour, etc. I'm not a massive stickler for textures as to me they look good already especially in comparison to the rest of the game and feel like they don't look too out of place (being way higher quality) than vanilla assets. But definitely go with what you think is best, future proofing isn't a bad idea especially if the speculations of ARMA 4's development are true and porting is possible because YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OLD SCHOOL COOL!
  14. khaosmatical

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    With this new update and Toadie's new oldschool AR's there is going to be some awesome 90's action now!
  15. khaosmatical

    NIArms Release Thread

    ...Well the author probably. Besides wasn't the whole monetising servers thing strictly regulated/practically stopped or am I thinking of another game?