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  1. indiCam - independent camera mod

    New version v1.2 with the significant update being a new GUI as a new main method for controlling the script. I have yet to figure out why the mod version looks different from the script version. It has probably something to do with my usage of #include, but I'll get to that eventually. Se the first post for links to download package, steam links and so on. Version 1.2 published 2018-12-27 //ADDED- Automatic switching between players or AI depending on what the current actor is. Cycles intervals ON-10min/ON-5min/ON-2,5min/ON-1min/OFF //ADDED- A GUI as a new main way for controlling the script. The keystrokes stays - to help with easy access over remote desktop during gameplay. //TWEAKED- Key F1 will now start GUI during camera operation. //ADDED- Added abilitiy to override scripted scene duration with a fixed timer in the GUI. //ADDED- Added "Hold switching of scene" checkbox. It makes a sense to use in conjunction with "force next scene"
  2. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    Speakeasy 2.0 is now ready for download. Find the link in the first post. You will find the new training scenario in the download package. Those of you who subscribed to the old scenario on the Steam Workshop are kindly asked to subscribe again. We took down the old Workshop page and replaced it with a new one for the current version of our scenario. All existing subscriptions have been lost in the process.
  3. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    You are quite right. It all happens within the profile though. You first have to assign a specific unit to a role at the beginning of a mission using voice. That stores the correct unit number in a variable. The code is more or less: [Two] [assign mg] - stores 2 in {mg_variable}, the machine gunner class. [Mg] - presses F{mg_variable} So any unit can be a machine gunner in speakeasy and a single unit can have several roles. Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    We can start by establishing that the reason you get the _keycode192 not set error is because F_init isn't run properly. The keycodes are in fact set up in F_init. I get the "focus lost" error a little now and then when I start VA while something else (like Arma) is running. Especially if I keep tabbing between other programs while VA is starting up. It doesn't really have anything to do with the actual profile, but with VA itself as far as I have been able to tell. But you are saying you get this everytime you start VA with the profile? What happens when you switch to another profile and back to Speakeasy without closing the program while the "Target" drop-down list is set to "Active Window"?
  5. indiCam - independent camera mod

    New version: V1.11 - General changes and updates for smoother development workflow. See OP for links. //ADDED- Keypress: F9 - Press during running camera to get the current scene ID name printed on screen. Good for debug and bug reports. //ADDED- Dev switch: Set {indiCam_devMode = true} to run everything uncompiled which will facilitate script and scene development on the fly. //ADDED- Camera logic: randomLinear - Plan is to use for random camera panning movement or as camera shake. //ADDED- New scene: nonStabilizedCam - Simulated unstable binocular movement using randomLinear logic on foot mobiles and vics //FIXED- Some of the top-down scenes have been lowered somewhat and given more zoom (tip by Kremator and Tankbuster). //ADDED- New Scene: shakyChasePerson - A hectic third person sene for high action level //FIXED- The cameraman is now invisible to all unts and can't take damage while the camera is running (tip by Tankbuster) //FIXED- Scene selection now differentiates between helicopters and planes //FIXED- Scenes divided into separate files for each vehicle category to give better overview. //ADDED- Possibility to state conditions in a scene to disqualify it. For example if a scene should only be used for a specific vehicle. //FIXED- Scene will now switch directly upon actor mounting or dismounting a vehicle instead of waiting for the scene timer to run out //FIXED- Situation check eventhandlers no longer gets stacked from previous actors, but transfers to each new actor //ADDED- Serverkey added to release package
  6. indiCam - independent camera mod

    Thanks @Tankbuster! That is a lot of valuable info. Yay! First time I did that stuff, so glad it worked out. Very weird. Any particular game mode or scenario going on? I guess cheat mode is already on since it's possible to see all units on the map. I could make the cameraman invincible, captive or something along those lines while the script is running. I need a lot of personal tastes to be able to arrive at a good middle ground. I try and keep track of it, so it's appreciated. I hadn't thought about detecting weapon switching, only actual firing of weapons. I'll look into that for sure. This is not expected behaviour. I'll have to add that to the list of things to investigate.
  7. indiCam - independent camera mod

    Aaw, crap. You got me there. I'll make sure it's all properly signed with a working key that is included on the next release which is in the works. This is all very new to me. In the meantime I put the woofer.bikey in the google drive release folder, but I'm not sure the pbo was properly signed this last time. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I-KFyO14lZEOLeFDJ5X5CMSGL62FviFl
  8. indiCam - independent camera mod

    New version. See main post for links and such. Version 1.1 published 2018-05-02: Some new significant functionality, thus the jump directly to v1.1. //ADDED- F3 to switch to another random unit that is of the same side and within a certain distance of the current actor. //ADDED- A very rudimentary Manual camera mode. Access with F4. For a proper manual camera, see the gCam mod. //FIXED- Map selection completely rewritten from scratch and works better now. //ADDED- It's now possible to differentiate between units within some vehicles while selecting actor on the map. //FIXED- Selecting a unit that is in a vehicle as actor no longer makes the actual vehicle the actor //FIXED- Keypresses no longer stack between restarts of the camera //FIXED- Camera no longer resets vision mode when restarted //FIXED- Camera controls stay on the player between remoting with the "Advanced AI command" mod. //FIXED- Some diary entries corrected //ADDED- New scene: Medium and high altitude, medium far, front view with randomization
  9. indiCam - independent camera mod

    Thanks @kremator! To be perfectly honest, you shouldn't have to read the actual manual in order to be able to close the camera. That's just bad design on my part. Maybe a very quick notification when you start the camera back up? I could also give a hint when any "wrong key" is pressed, but I really want to keep clutter away from the screen as much as possible. I'd prefer the close key to be something that isn't pressed by mistake to easily so I opted out of the any-key solution. Escape key is also something that I shy away from since that gives access to the debug console in the main menu. Is there some sort of key that is common in other mods that people to some extent take for granted?
  10. indiCam - independent camera This is a script that I built to help me with recording Arma 3 cinematics. The core idea for indiCam is to use a separate computer to record secondary gameplay footage around a player on a multiplayer server without the need to manually move the camera around. That stems from me wanting a secondary perspective to mix with my regular first-person footage in a video editor. No actual recording is done by the script. For that you will have to use screen recording software like OBS, nVidia Shadowplay or Radeon ReLive on the machine that is running indiCam. So it turns the game into an automatic camera robot. Once it has been started, it will follow your selected unit around while automatically switching between camera angles depending on situation and visibility of the target. The target unit can be a player or AI as well as of any faction. The camera will completely take up the screen. The computer running it will not be able to participate in regular gameplay. indiCam is short for independent camera. It needs to run independently on a separate copy of Arma, preferably on another machine entirely. Examples of usage: Observe players on a multiplayer server (and record it) to get all the juicy details Let AI duke it out in epic single player scenarios and use as screensaver, cause the Arma must go on. Record your own gameplay in a multiplayer scenario from another client, since it can never be too much Arma. Record the trials and tribulations from the perspective of the opposing force so that you can watch that after the fact and bask in your own shock and awe. Technical description Definition: actor - the technical name for the current unit that the camera is tracking Definition: scene - the complete set of variables that defines how the camera should behave at any given situation such as camera position, zoom, target object or things like that. The script is built in a modular fashion and picks a scene type depending on the current situation. Each scene can be tweaked and optimized to suit by editing the code. The main factor that the script takes into account is for vehicle type. If the actor is on foot - which is considered a vehicle type - the scenes will look different from when the actor is in a helicopter for example. Depending on vehicle type, the script will then adjust for level of action around the target and speed/altitude of vehicles. Currently you select an actor on the battlefield using a map selection functionality through the scroll wheel menu. If the actor dies, the script will automatically switch to the nearest unit of the same side. If it was a specific player that died and you want the camera to keep following that person around, you’ll have to manually assign that player as an actor again. Each scene has an individual duration time defined. After that time has run out, the script will do a line of sight check and pick a new scene where the actor is visible from the camera position. Currently that means that the actor might not necessarily be in frame, but below or behind the camera. There is also a possibility of making the scene ignore the line of sight check so that it will be applied anyway. Many scenes randomizes the camera position in space and zoom level. So each time they are applied they will not look exactly the same. This makes the footage more varied. It also helps with finding a camera position that works within a confined space like a house as well as open areas by placing those far away camera angles with a high level of zoom. So creating new scenes of your own should be pretty straightforward, just copy a similar existing one and put it in the situation where you want it. In the scene selection script there is a code block that can force a scene to execute. This is where new scenes can be trimmed in properly before being put into the randomizing loop. On the more advanced side of things, the script uses hidden proxy objects for camera placement and orientation. They’re called “game logic” in code, but maybe should have been called proxies instead. These proxies allow for producing movement of the camera that is decoupled from the unit it is tracking. It makes for much more smooth camera movement and tracking. Resources The mod version and script version are contained in a single package and can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pvVD-zwCXnvWj5zHwPgXfgkvo4MEJ9FL Steam mod download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1372800247 On my youtube channel there are already videos containing footage from indiCam. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi3gV_w80QkjgOd7H4Zu46w Test the script directly in an example scenario from the Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1372803729 There is a Discord on the subject where you can get in touch and download future beta versions. https://discord.gg/gM4RyTd Future plans Between work and family life I just cannot reliably commit much time to projects like these. That is the main reason it was released in it’s initial not-really-perfect state. If you want something changed, please report it but don’t expect too much in way of fixes or releases quickly. I’ll try to stay on top of things, but it never seems to work out entirely as I hoped. With that said, I have a bucket full of ideas that I want to implement as soon(TM) as I can manage. Stuff like more types of camera movement with camera shake, panoramics, vehicle weapon cameras and so on. Then there is always the weapon cam that I wanted to make work. The other way to have things changed, by the way, is to do it yourself. Feel free to modify the script, it was written with that purpose in mind. If you create any new scenes that are especially cool, consider posting them on the BI forum thread so that others can get those killer camera shots. Contributors Many thanks to Reggaeman, Ripppe and Mad_Cheese that helped me test and come up with ideas as I built this from just being my own little helper to something that is polished enough for others to use. Special thanks goes out to Reggaeman for condensing hours and hours of gameplay into shorter videos with the little gold nuggets where indiCam did something interesting or just plain weird. It has been incredibly helpful and I wouldn't have been able to spend that kind of time myself. You’ll find his videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDmtot-tNsTJMmdk-soeHA That is it! love, woofer
  11. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    It would seem that your profile isn't executing the initialization command "F_init" and/or the keyboard language layout handler "F_keyboardLayout" properly. The "Execute a command each time this profile is loaded" in the profile options window needs to be ticked and have F_init selected in the drop-down menu. This is already done if the profile is imported with the basic "Import profile" on the main screen as opposed to "import commands" from the "edit a profile" window. It might be that you imported the profile into an empty already existing profile using the latter. Your fix will work fine, but some other stuff might get wonky on you. Though that is based on the guess I made on what the cause might be.
  12. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    I'm afraid not. In our testing the entries on command menu 6 don't seem to reliably end up on the same position because of context sensitivity. That's why we decided to leave it out. So basically that is a perfect example of the weakness in using something that sends keystrokes to the game rather than actual Arma commands.
  13. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    Here's the Discord link for anyone interested: https://discord.gg/MF7TAzU
  14. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    This is exactly what I was hoping for. I hit the wall at the exact same place. I don't know how to technically build mods, but I do think a mod coupled with a VA plugin is the way to go. But since you're proficient with .NET @SGCommand , then you're way further on than I could hope to be.
  15. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    Yep, VAICOM 2.5 seems to be all that I would want for Arma as well. I haven't been able to get to working on something similar for Speakeasy yet, though. The short and curly of it is that it's simply over my current skill level as a programmer. So I've been focusing on trying to get Speakeasy as far as I can take it with the basic VA techniques before tackling that problem. As you pointed out @xon2, there were some progress on fluid commands. I made a short video on that for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mww4GzKujU I thought the method would be extremely taxing on the system as it generates around over 300 000 dynamic commands instead of 1000 in the original release. But I've been testing it for a while now and it actually seems to work just fine. Hopefully it can be included in Speakeasy, but proper testing will have to tell. Anyway, I'll take a closer look, so thanks for the tip on Hollywoods' stuff. The holy grail would be that two way communication between Arma and VA where VA could send script commands to Arma and read variables from the game.