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  1. I'm trying to get a song to play in game from a radio trigger. I can get it to play but only I can hear it. Other players can't even with music turned up. Setup as follows.... Description.ext is ..... class cfgMusic { tracks[]={song1}; class track1 { name="song1"; sound[] = {\music\songname1.ogg, db+5, 1.0}; }; class track2 { name="song2"; sound[] = {\music\songname2.ogg, db+5, 1.0}; }; }; Called by a triggers radio alpha..... nul=execVM "scripts\songname1.sqf"; nul=execVM "scripts\songname2.sqf"; Songname1.sqf......... PlayMusic "track1"; Songname2.sqf......... PlayMusic "track2"; As I said, plays for just me and not the whole server. Thanks Ps I have the real song names in instead of songname1 etc and its a dedicated server if that changes anything.
  2. stu81


    Is there anyway to use your zombie spawner module but have it spawn Ryan zombies instead? I like how simple your spawners are (ambient zombies and hordes etc) but I like the options available in the other zombie mod. Could there be a drop-down option maybe to choose the different types available etc? Thanks Ps also is there anyway to add a few other items to the loot pool? I'm trying to find a way to loot wooden planks, hammer and nails etc for boarding up windows etc. Anyone got this working already?
  3. Moving prone is exhausting with gear on so I think it's fine.
  4. Are there any plans to add more axis rotate options for objects? Would love to rotate vertically as well as horizontally. Thx
  5. stu81

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hell yeah, bring it on :)
  6. stu81

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Is there a 60mm mortar in your MOD? Everytime I search google 3cb is mentioned but I don't see it anywhere. Thanks
  7. Is there any way or any plans to have the mk6 mortar fire when the ammo guy hangs/drops the round?
  8. Yeah, remove the bomb suit pbo from EODS to fix the instant death. There is a conflict in the suit event handlers somewhere.
  9. stu81

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    No works out of the box. The armour values have not been updated so don't use in a pvp environment but if they are your AI enemy work away. They die just like everyone else. Also you can add RDS config to swap out the weapons for RHS weapons if that's something you would want. Not sure if the latest RHS update has affected the config but I guess you could just try it.
  10. Prob not high on the to-do list but the war effects post processing modules could do with re-tuning if you wish for them to remain usable. I used them before 1.60 but they are very intense and don't give the intended effect anymore. I'm trying to pinpoint the sound probs that jsoc is reporting but it's hard to nail it down. If you try every weapon they sound loud enough in your hand (maybe some are too loud) but when being shot at there are some weapons that we can only hear the arma3 cracks when we know we should be hearing the weapon due to how close they are. Will keep trying and see exactly which weapon/vehicles are effected.
  11. stu81

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Any other download links other than armaholic? 2hrs :/
  12. Anyone else having issues with AI heli pilots just gaining altitude and mot moving anywhere? Trying to set it up in ALiVE as i had it in alpha by just using the support modules so we can have helis etc but they dont follow orders. They just fly upwards. Thanks
  13. Use mcc sandbox. It adds exactly what you are looking for. You can double click an item in Zeus and you will see execute code option were you can type or use the built in 3d editor that comes with it and you will have some default codes to run on unit or again type your own.
  14. Any plans to release as standalone to so we can use in Vietnam also :)
  15. Kju, I got a question :) With the static mg's etc do you think it would be possible to alter the area the gun can move to? What I mean is, if you place the static weapons in the concrete bunkers on Omaha beach the AI do not fire as they cannot move their weapons below horizontal to aim onto the beach. Am I being silly or is there a workaround? Also while on the subject of Omaha beach does anyone know how to get mg gunners to just suppress the beach to make it a bit more terrifying. Or really just ambient incoming rounds aimed at particular points down the beach etc. Thanks
  16. No skip dinner, drug her instead. Keep her in the dungeon. Now we got a messed up in the head whining shadow of a woman......... too far? Just reiterating the importance of time we'll spent will be rewarded :)
  17. Awesome news :) Boooooooooooo!:) Na seriously though, I'd be happy with just the uniforms being compatible with ace medical. The rest of ace interaction prob aren't needed that much if it's too much work. Currently every uniform is a 1 hit kill with any caliber if you use ace without increasing player damage settings. I'll be waiting :)
  18. I love the fact that 2035 assets are disabled. I wish I could do it with every MOD I run.
  19. Pressure plates :) awesome. I use alive, ace, RHS, leights opfor, caf ag, spider add-ons, rds civ cars, all with eods and I have no problems as far as I can tell. (Apart from the conflict that forces me to remove suit pbo). All works brill, Thanks
  20. Hey Burnes, I've downloaded new version and I've narrowed down where the issue is coming from in regards to ACE3 Basic medical conflicts and dieing instantly etc. Its is definitely tied to the suit PBO. If I remove that PBO to get rid of the text in bottom left corner it also fixes ace 3 medical and we go unconscious again :) Must be something in how the suit handles damage etc that stops us going into revive state. I have a suggestion/question about your incoming pressure plate ieds etc. Do you know if it would be possible to add the new ieds to the 3d editor minefield options from the site tab to use in fields for some randomness. I have a feeling a random ied module that works away from roads would be pretty difficult to make or control. I use the mine sites pretty often on a smaller scale ie, 100m, 1 random mine, then I choose the anti personnel mine as it is detected by your detectors and small :) Copy and paste the module over areas I want random mines. Would be cool if I could choose one of your pressure plate ieds from the options available :) Thanks for all your efforts so far. Love it!!
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    Please tell me you can fit these with the female burkas from arma 2 :)
  22. stu81

    Advanced AI Command

    Thanks, I will try new version later and report if JIP is working :)
  23. stu81

    (WIP) JTD Blood

    Any multi-player/ dedicated server plans? This will look awesome on Omaha beach :/